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Proginet Expands Product Line to Provide Complete Integration of Microsoft BackOffice and IBM Enterprise Platforms.

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 25, 1996--

Company to Complete Asset Purchase of Multiplatform Connectivity Software Leader KnowledgeNet Inc.

Proginet Corp. today announced that it has competed the purchase of operating assets, customer base and other assets of Palantine, Ill. based KnowledgeNet(R) Inc. for an undisclosed sum of cash and other considerations.

The transaction provides Proginet with additional best-of-breed products and technologies that broaden its existing Host to BackOffice integration products, Fusion FTMS(TM) and SecurPass(TM). Fusion FTMS provides high speed, reliable and automated data transfer between IBM mainframes and Windows Networks; SecurPass integrates Windows Networks and IBM mainframe security systems. With the addition of KnowledgeNet's Net/Wrk(R) database replication and data transfer product line, Proginet expands its existing product support for Windows NT, Windows 95, NetWare, DOS, MAC and OS/390 (MVS/ESA) to now include OS/400, UNIX, OS/2 and VMS operating environments.

Proginet has been working closely with Microsoft Corp. to jointly develop solutions for seamless integration of IBM System/390 mainframes with Windows NT and other BackOffice server applications. The combined products of Proginet and KnowledgeNet represent the most advanced multiplatform, multiprotocol solution for integrating applications across dissimilar platforms, addressing the integration needs of large enterprise customers with investments in IBM S/390, AS/400, RS/6000 and Microsoft 32-bit Windows platforms.

"The addition of KnowledgeNet products allows Proginet to further enhance its position in providing best-of-breed integration technologies to IBM and Microsoft customers. KnowledgeNet products truly complement Proginet's existing product offering in the mainframe and Windows NT environments," said Kevin M. Kelly, president and CEO of Proginet. "We are especially pleased to add the highly qualified KnowledgeNet team to Proginet."

"We are very pleased to be part of the Proginet team," said Joe Harris, president and CEO of KnowledgeNet Inc. who will join Proginet's executive management team. "Proginet has had an outstanding track record in developing integration solutions for distributed networks and its focused product strategy is a perfect fit for some key products and technologies already developed by KnowledgeNet."

In order to expand its presence and provide better support for its growing customer base, Proginet will maintain KnowledgeNet's present headquarters and staff outside Chicago as the new Proginet Midwest regional office. In addition to assuming full support responsibilities for KnowledgeNet customers, Proginet will gain significant presence in the Asian countries where KnowledgeNet products are used extensively by some large government and commercial organizations.

In 1986, Proginet originally developed the XCOM(R) (CA-XCOM(R)) data transfer product line which is now owned by Computer Associates International Inc. In 1994, Proginet acquired Network Navigator(R) for MVS host software distribution product and industry standard IND$FILE(R) Plus PC-to-mainframe data exchange utility from Novell Inc. In 1995, Proginet introduced Fusion FTMS industrial-strength data mover for Windows NT and MVS/ESA in collaboration with Microsoft and in 1996, Proginet and Microsoft together introduced SecurPass with support for Microsoft SNA Server 3.0. SecurPass is the first and only native Windows NT host security integration product and is the result of a joint development effort between Microsoft and Proginet.

Customer Support Via World Wide Web

Proginet has developed a web-based customer support system called Proginet Oasis(TM) based on Microsoft's Internet technology. The system allows customers to communicate with Proginet's technical support team, log problems, check the status of inquiries or request software updates from anywhere in the world, at any time. Technical support will be available via the World Wide Web starting on January 1, 1997.

By mid 1997 both companies' product lines will be integrated to provide a superset of functionality to all Proginet customers. At the same time Proginet Oasis(TM) will be enabled for electronic fulfillment of software orders to customers over the internet.

For more information on this announcement, please see the Proginet web site at:

Founded in 1986, Proginet (VSE:PRF.U) provides its customers with software solutions that integrate the information on host computers with Microsoft and Novell client/server networks. Many of the world's largest corporation and government agencies are currently employing industry-leading software developed or owned by Proginet Corp.

The Vancouver Stock has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this New Release, which has been prepared by the Company.

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IBM, AS/400, OS/400, RS/6000, OS/2, MVS and System 390 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp.

CA-XCOM and XCOM are registered trademarks of Computer Associates International Inc.

NetWare and Network Navigator for MVS host are registered trademarks of Novell Inc.

Net/Wrk, KnowledgeNet and IND$FILE are registered trademarks of Proginet Corp.

Fusion FTMS, SecurPass, Proginet Oasis and Proginet are trademarks of Proginet Corp.

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Meyar Sheik, 516/248-3366
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 25, 1996
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