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Profiles in food manufacturing.

Armstrong international

816 Maple Street

Three Rivers, MI 49093 USA

(269) 273-1415

Fax: (269) 278-6555


Some food utility plants tie up as much as 40 percent of their operating costs in energy. By optimizing steam, air and hot water systems, you can dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Most food processors find our experience and expertise in these areas to be most valuable:

* Steam systems---overall design, heat and flash steam recovery, true best-practice system testing and monitoring with Armstrong's exclusive SteamEye[R] and SteamStar[TM] software

* Condensate improvement--removal, retrieval, dealing with contaminants and safety issues

* Compressed air systems--overall design and efficiency

* Hot water systems--heating and temperature control of process, sanitary and safety water

* Process air systems--optimizing temperature output from process air dryers

* Service solutions--including energy audits/engineering studies, turnkey installation, operation and maintenance, financing, system assessments

* Insect heat treatment--providing a cost-effective alternative to chemical treatment

To learn more about Armstrong International, or to find your local representative, please visit

Premier Pneumatics, Inc,

606 North Front Street / P. O.

Box 17, Salina, Kansas

67402-0017, USA

(785) 826-9302

Fax: (785) 825-8759


Company Profile

SALINA, KS--For over 52 years in the bulk material handling industry, Premier has built a tradition of excellence on delivering superior products and services. Designing and manufacturing reliable systems and components for difficult materials has become our specialty and earned us the trust of our customers.

Our list of customers range from the food industry to the powder, chemical, mineral and plastics industries, to mention a few. Whether your material handling application requires a single component or a complete system, Premier stands ready to be your sole source for pneumatic conveying.

Products and Services

We design, manufacture, and test complete pneumatic conveying systems, individual system components, and manually-operated or PLC-controlled system controls.

We offer a full product line from our rotary valves, diverter valves, vacuum loaders and receivers, in-plant transfer systems, separators and receivers, blower packages, bulk and railcar unloading systems, feeders, mixers, dryers, drying hoppers and storage tanks.

For more information contact Shari Lake at or (785) 825-1611.

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.

Box 31, 115 Commercial Dr.

(920) 623-4152

Fax: (920) 623-3780

Company Overview

Lyco Manufacturing is a food machinery manufacturer whose focus is on improving their customer's ROI (Return on Investment) through innovative designs. Our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge in the food processing industry. Lyco was founded in 1980 by the owner and Chairman of the Board David R. Zittel.

Leaders in Food Processing Innovation

Lyco Manufacturing out of Columbus, WI. has just developed a NEW BLANCHER called Clean Flow[TM]. This revolutionary new blancher is perfect for running pasta, rice, potatoes, dry beans, and vegetables. Lyco developed Clean Flow[TM] to meet customers ever demanding needs for shorter lead times, faster product changeovers, and continuous high quality products.

Clean Flow[TM] benefits include:

* Continuous operation versus Batch

* Higher recovery (5-15%)

* Space Savings

* Sanitation Benefits

* Improved Product Handling with higher yield.

One of its greatest features is the ability to quickly clean the machine in preparation of the next product run. This is achieved through cover mounted CIP system that cleans the screen as it rotates around the screw. For more information please contact Lyco at

Technifab Products, Inc,

P.O. Box 315

10339 N. Industrial Park Dr.

Brazil, IN 47834

(812) 442-0520

Fax: (812) 442-0891


Company Overview

Technifab Products specializes in the design and manufacture of transfer and storage equipment for cryogenic liquids. Equipment includes dewars, liquid helium and nitrogen transfer equipment, vacuum jacketed piping, flexible vacuum insulated transfer lines, phase separators, ASME code pressure vessels, custom dewars and other specialty cryogenic equipment. The company produces both rigid and flexible piping for a wide variety of processing applications using liquid nitrogen.


Technifab's standard rigid, static vacuum insulated piping systems are manufactured in easy-to-assemble sections with high-efficiency, low heat-leak bayonet connections. These systems are easy to install, and are guaranteed to be maintenance-free for a minimum of 10 years. Custom vacuum insulated pipe sizes and configurations are also available.

The company also manufactures liquid nitrogen dewars with exceptional thermal performance. Six standard dewar sizes are available: 2L, 5L, 10L, 25L, 35L and 50L. Dewars may be purchased direct from the factory via the internet at: For more information about vacuum insulated piping systems visit or call 812-442-0520.

Remco Products

4735 W. 106th St.

Zionsville, IN 46077

317- 876-9856

Fax: 317-876-9858


Company Overview

A family-owned business since 1985, Remco is a trusted supplier to the food processing industry and provides a full range of color-coded quality plastic products. With today's attention on hygiene and cross-contamination, Remco has approached product development proactively to help meet stringent HACCP guidelines. Remco supplies the highest quality products while maintaining personal integrity and continues to increase customer loyalty by expanding inventories and maintaining excellent customer service. Remco is recognized as a world leader and continues to provide innovative products.


Remco's selection of products includes polypropylene shovels, scoops, scrapers, tubs, and mixing paddles, in addition to the complete Vikan hygiene system[R] of brushes and squeegees.

In addition to the Total Color Brush Line, Remco is pleased to offer a line of color-coded Metal Detectable tools. These scoops, scrapers, shovels, and mixing paddles provide yet another enhancement to your quality assurance and food safety programs. Produced with specially formulated resin and available in four colors, these products can be easily identified by standard metal detection equipment.

Material Transfer & Storage Inc.

1214 Lincoln Rd. * P.O. Box 218

Allegan, MI 49010-0218

Tel: 269-673-2125

Fax: 269-673-4883

Company Overview

Material Transfer is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment and systems for dry bulk food ingredients. Our combination of application focused engineering, award winning designs and exclusive features result in equipment that offers class leading quality, value, performance, durability, ease of use, and cleanability.

We form a responsive partnership with our customers, and then apply our extensive experience, technology, and flexibility to provide custom designed solutions to each customer's specific material handling challenge.


Many Fortune 500 companies rely on our equipment to introduce product to their process, or package their finished product. Our product line includes custom designed Container and Drum Discharging Systems, Bulk Bag Discharging Systems, Bulk Bag Conditioning Systems, Bulk Bag Filling Systems, Box Filling Systems, and Drum Filling Systems.

Our custom designed Lift & Seal[TM] Container and Drum Discharging units and modular Bulk Bag Dischargers provide a sealed, dust-tight, and contaminant-free transfer of your product into your existing process equipment.

Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

95 Goodwin Street

East Hartford, CT 06108


Fax: 860-528-2802


Company Overview

At Dur-A-Flex, the quality of its people is the foundation of its success. With over 40 years of experience and innovation in commercial/industrial food processing flooring systems, Dur-A-Flex products set the benchmark for performance. The company continues to introduce new advances that improve the look and function of industrial and commercial flooring in the food processing industry.


Food processing and manufacturing facilities need flooring systems that are formulated to withstand hot cooking oil, grease, food, and mineral acids. Dur-A-Flex products are designed to meet the demands that are unique to each area. There is an ideal system for each area within your food processing facility, and Dur-A-Flex offers a complete line of tested and proven flooring that meet or exceed those requirements.

Worker protection and food safety are critical concerns in this highly regulated market, and that is why Dur-A-Flex polymer floor and wall systems are the first choice for many top food processors and manufacturers. Products meet USDA, OSHA, and FDA requirements and are applied by a network of installers who share the commitment to excellence.


6002 East Kilgore Road

Kalamazoo, MI 49048 USA

Tel: 269-343-1675

Toll-free: 800-427-6260


Company Overview

Hapman a division of Prab, Inc., founded in 1950, is head-quartered-in Kalamazoo Michigan and has representatives around the world.

Hapman's product line is used extensively in the handling of powders and bulk solids for the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics and other industrial processors. Hapman provides complete engineered support for batch weighing, dust collection, bulk bag unloading and filling, along with made to order systems.


Hapman's "Ideas That Move" consists of Tubular Drag, Helix[TM] Flexible Screw, MiniVac[TM] Pneumatic conveyors and PosiPortionTM Feeders; along with complete engineered systems, featuring batch weighing, dust collection, bulk bag unloading and filling and made to order units. Hapman provides its customers with more than a single "end-all solution", especially in extreme material handling situations.

Equipment can be Sanitary, USDA/FDA approved and 3-A Dairy Accepted. Complete lab testing is available.

Kason Corporation

67-71 East Willow Street

Millburn, New Jersey 07041-1416 USA

Tel: 973-467-8140, Fax: 973-258-9533


Circular Vibratory Screeners, Centrifugal Screeners and Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers/ Moisturizers

Founded in 1967, Kason is a leading international producer of circular vibratory screeners, centrifugal sifters, static sieves and circular fluid processors for classifying, scalping, de-dusting, de-lumping, dewatering, drying, cooling or moisturizing of bulk foods.

Early innovations that significantly increased screening capacity and efficiency included a "Kascade" screener with a 360[degrees] peripheral discharge, and an Auxiliary Discharge Classifier that combined conventional screening with peripheral discharge and an inclined conveying deck. Kason also developed the first self-screening bag dump station, and recently introduced various devices for opening screeners, allowing faster, easier and more thorough cleaning, screen changing and inspection.

Also introduced, was the Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer and Cooler--a breakthrough design that dramatically reduces capital investment, operating costs and footprint. Custom and standard equipment is available to meet food, 3-A dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial requirements, and is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality system standards.

K-Tron Process Group

Routes 55 and 553

Pitman, NJ 08071

(856) 589-0500; (800) 203-5718

Fax: (856) 589-8113



Company Overview

The K-Tron Process Group is a global leader in the gravimetric and volumetric feeder market, producing feeders, pneumatic conveying and related controls and engineered systems for the food and pet food industries as well other chemical process industries. Within the food industry, K-Tron has served numerous applications including pasta, snack food, cereal, candy, cookies and crackers, ice cream, pet food, tortillas, bread and cake mixes and more.


K-Tron offers volumetric and gravimetric feeders: single and twin screw, vibratory, weigh belt, liquid loss-in-weight, Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) Feeders, plus self-contained and central pneumatic conveying systems. 3A versions of a number of feeder models are available and K-Tron PCS "P" series vacuum receivers are 3A certified as well. Gain-in-weight batching systems plus complete material handling systems are also offered by K-Tron.

The K-Tron stainless steel Smart Weigh belt feeder serves many food applications and is the first weigh belt feeder to offer the continuous online auto care function, enabled by a second weighbridge. The K-Tron PCS Batch Weigh Receiver offers an elegant way to accurately convey raw ingredients to a mixer in a totally enclosed manner.

Tecnetics Industries, Inc.

Brand name: Tecweigh

Company Overview

Over thirty years ago, Tecnetics Industries Inc. started building the most rugged, reliable and the most accurate conveyor belt scale on the market. Today Tecnetics Industries has a variety of products for metering, unloading, mixing, batching and blending material with the utmost in reliability and accuracy. From our flexible-walled volumetric-feeder and bulk bag unloaders, to our variety of weigh-belt designs, control gates, and powder to liquid mixer systems; Tecweigh equipment meets the highest demands for quality, economy and prompt delivery. We customize the equipment to fit your specific application and couple it all with dependable service and the technical support you require.

Markets served:

Material handling applications in food manufacturing and processing, chemicals, plastics, and dry material handling. Tecweigh products are sold through a network of exclusive Representatives and Distributors.



1811 Buerkle Rd.,

St. Paul, MN 55110


Fax: 651-777-5582

Toll free: 800-536-4880


Key personnel:

Shane Kilpin, Industrial Sales Mgr. Kevin McGuire, Inside Sales
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