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The Visual Space, Capital Park, Fulbourn

Cambridge, CB1 5XH UK

PH: 011.44.1223.703995

FAX: 011.44.1223.728601

anacubis is changing the way people work with information, providing solutions that enable rapid discovery of business intelligence within large amounts of structured or semistructured information. Through an intuitive visual interface, users of anacubis products can quickly retrieve, consolidate and analyze information from business information vendors, websites, databases and spreadsheets.


The anacubis Desktop is a research and analysis software product for corporate researchers, analysts and information professionals. It enables visual discovery and analysis of intelligence within online and enterprise information. Users of the Desktop can import, create, analyze and distribute visual representations of their research and analysis in the form of easy-to-navigate charts.

The anacubis Visualization Deployment Kit (VDK) enables organizations to extract relevant data from a wealth of in-house information sources, visualize it within a browser-based viewer and instantly discover important connections or intelligence. The VDK increases the value of structured in-house data and empowers users to make better business decisions.

The anacubis View Manager is a freely downloadable desktop application that enables users to manage, manipulate, and distribute charts--called anacubis Views--created using online information providers who have deployed the anacubis Viewer. The anacubis View Manager can be down-loaded from

* anacubis Desktop

* anacubis View Manager

* anacubis Viewer

* anacubis Desktop IP Analysis Add-in

* anacubis VDK

Arbortext, Inc.

1000 Victors Way

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

PH: 734.997.0200

FAX: 734.997.0201

Arbortext is the leading provider of enterprise publishing software for creating and automatically publishing information to multiple types of media--Web, print, CD-ROM, wireless. Arbortext's XML-based software enables enterprises to slash authoring and publishing costs while providing more accurate and timely information for technical, reference and business publishing applications.

Arbortext's Enterprise E-Content Engine (E3) provides server-based publishing to multiple types of media, including Web, print, PDF, HTML Help and wireless devices. E3 allows you to:

* Deliver fresher, more accurate, more consistent and more complete content;

* Dynamically deliver information that is customized to the needs of each user;

* Capture content from many sources including suppliers and various departments within your organization;

* Quickly deploy new/changed content accurately across your target media;

* Automatically publish on demand to multiple types of media: Web, print, PDF, HTML Help and wireless devices; and

* Manage links and other relationships among content components.

Epic Editor provides powerful, XML-based authoring capabilities for business, technical and reference documents in a familiar word processing interface. With Epic Editor, authors can build compound documents out of reusable components, attach audience information to content for customized publications, and embed data from databases, business systems and other data sources.

* E3 (Enterprise E-Content Engine)

* Epic Editor

* Styler

* DCAM (Dynamic Content Assembly Manager)

* Extend

Canon U.S.A.

One Canon Plaza

Lake Success, NY 11042

PH: 516.328.5000

FAX: 516.328.5559

Canon U.S.A., Inc. is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions and a top patent-holder of imaging technologies. The company's comprehensive product line includes networked multifunction devices and integrated software solutions as well as digital and analog copiers; printers, scanners, optical filing systems, and facsimile machines; camcorders, cameras and lenses; and semiconductor, broadcast and medical equipment.

imageWARE Scan Manager

The imageWARE Scan Manager is a production-level, TWAIN and ISIS scanning and indexing front-end that includes advanced imaging functions, such as zone OCR, barcode and forms recognition, input masks, and pre/post indexing. Scan Manager is used for processing a large volume of documents for digital records management or transaction processing applications in industries ranging from healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing to finance, legal, and banking. Scan Manager provides a direct connection to the imageWARE Document Manager database for digital storage, retrieval, and distribution.

imageWARE Document Manager

The imageWARE Document Manager is a powerful, but easy-to-use, client-server document management system that enables users to manage scanned files and application files (ex: Word, Excel, PDF) using a centralized database server. Document Manager is integrated with Outside in Viewing Technology that supports over 250 file formats and includes document-level security, drill-down searching, annotations, and document binding features. Users can distribute documents directly from the Document Manager via e-mail, fax, PDF, or print. Document Manager provides seamless integration with Canon imageRUNNER multifunction devices.

Document Manager Workgroup Edition

The Workgroup Edition is an entry-level document management system that is capable of supporting small office and corporate workgroup installations. The Workgroup Edition ships standard with its own database and the ability to run the software concurrently on up to 10 client PCs.

Document Manager Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is designed for departmental and enterprise-level installations and shares common functionality and licensing options with the Workgroup Edition. In addition, the Enterprise Edition ships standard with database support for Microsoft SQL Server and includes modules that can be scaled across an enterprise. The Enterprise Edition also includes Windows Active Directory authentication, versioning, audit trails, expiration, and Web viewing.

imageWARE Web Document Server

The imageWARE Web Document Server is a robust Web-based workspace that allows Web clients to search the Document Manager databases, view, upload, download, and annotate documents, and print. Web Document Server is designed for businesses that have branch offices or traveling personnel or customers, partners, and suppliers that need access to sensitive information via an Extranet.

Additional Document Manager Licenses available in 15, 50, and 100 client access license packs.

* imageWARE Web Document Server

* imageWARE Scan Manager

* imageWARE Document Manager


15 East 26th Street, Suite 1711

New York, NY 10010

PH: 212.432.1515

FAX: 212.432.1929

ClearForest is the leader in transforming massive amounts of information into actionable insights.

Our solutions deliver complete, industry-proven, accurate content extraction and analysis applications enabling research-intensive organizations to create new opportunities, shorten time to market, increase productivity and gain competitive advantage. ClearForest's products use rapid data processing, intelligent hybrid tagging and advanced semantic technology to read thousands of documents, extract critical information, and deliver it to users in visual, interactive formats.

ClearForest's Industry Solutions enable leading organizations to gain maximum value in the shortest time. Chemical companies like Dow Chemical are choosing ClearResearch to quickly analyze critical intellectual property and competitive information from multiple sources, enabling them to streamline business decision processes and optimize licensing opportunities. Publishing companies like Thomson choose ClearForest products to track and measure critical business information by automating the information gathering process and enabling robust value-added content analysis. In government, ClearResearch is being used in the war on terrorism for counter-intelligence and other critical homeland security activities by agencies like the FBI and US Joint Forces Command.


ClearResearch[TM] is a sophisticated research application that delivers powerful insights from unstructured content. The product reads large amounts of text and identifies and links key entities, facts, and events through advanced semantic analysis. ClearResearch delivers insight through multiple summaries and data visualization maps, which help users to query, understand and navigate unstructured information more effectively. Only ClearForest has the ability to uncover relationships not readily apparent and offers a powerful link analysis tool to show the indirect connections between entities across documents.

ClearTags[TM] is a hybrid intelligent tagging platform for precisely identifying and tagging relevant entities, facts and events buried within unstructured content (or textual) repositories. ClearTags[TM] produces documents that are richly tagged with XML, which can be easily searched and re-used.

* ClearResearch

* ClearTags[TM]

Connotate Technologies

303 George Street, Suite 210

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

PH: 732.296.8844

FAX: 732.296.0330

Breakthrough machine intelligence that solves the Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck

* Years of experience in Web Data Extraction;

* Expansion beyond 'merely searching' to provide entirely new classes of applications that access the Web like a database;

* Hosting/ASP solutions or on-site license; and

* Application in key verticals: Financial, News, Pharma, Supply Chain, Homeland Security, etc.

Access to the 500 Billion 'deep web' pages not covered by Google or Yahoo

* Relentless automation of web extraction with user-controllable monitoring to only show changes or items of interest;

* Integration of private-access databases such as supplier, CRM, Human Resources, news, or other sources that can be integrated through existing web interfaces without programming; and

* Automated feeds to KM engines.

Simple point-and-click interface to add and describe new data sources without programming

* Machine intelligence for recognition of web site content, layout, and link following;

* Direct support for a wide variety of interfaces, from real-time Web Services SOAP calls, to email, to populating a local database in off-hours extractions;

* Direct support for a variety of target devices (PDA, text cell phones, high-alert emails, RSS feeds, KM engines); and

* Robust, scaleable platform.

* Connotate Agent Suite[TM]

* Connotate Web Mining Server[TM]

* Connotate Agent Library & Server

* Connotate AlertMonitor[TM]


1921 Gallows Road

Ste. 200

Vienna, VA 22182

PH: 800.788.7758 or 703.761.3700

FAX: 703.761.1990

Convera has a 20-year history of providing sophisticated search and categorization solutions to over 800 customers worldwide. It is dedicated to making its customers better equipped to make the right decisions. Convera recognizes the need to deliver a clear return on investment from enterprise information and to have instant access to the most highly relevant results, whenever and wherever they're needed. Convera's RetrievalWare solution reduces risk, improves efficiency and boosts financial results.

RetrievalWare 8

RetrievalWare 8 enterprise search and discovery solution provides fast, accurate and secure searches enabling true knowledge discovery. It lets users view results in a manner that is meaningful to them, resulting in exceptionally high productivity and unequaled decision-making. RetrievalWare 8 powers organizations that need to uncover information through research and discovery, portal and Web site deployment, knowledge management, fraud detection and customer relationship management. Regardless of the source--unstructured or structured text, images, video and audio files, in over 200 formats and over 45 languages--RetrievalWare delivers the information users need and presents it in an exceptionally clear, useful manner.


RetrievalWare 8 Cartridge & Classification Workbench

Convera's Cartridge & Classification Workbench is a suite of tools that streamlines taxonomy and classification creation, benchmarking, and deployment. These tools reduce taxonomy development time and maintenance costs, and increase the reuse of intellectual capital to ensure rapid return on investment from information resources. They enable you to import and deploy industry-standard taxonomies, and develop, customize, benchmark and monitor all taxonomies and classifications.

* RetrievalWare 8

* RetrievalWare 8 Cartridge & Classification Workbench

Copernic Business Solutions

360 Franquet, Suite 60

Sainte-Foy, QC G1P 4N3

PH: 418.527.0528

FAX: 418.527.1751

Copernic Business Solutions has developed a uniquely secure and powerful search engine. Our implementation of award winning user interfaces combined with our concept and summarization technologies has allowed over 1,800 organizations in the last year to maximize their information assets. Our only focus is to provide the most powerful, secure and standards based search engine to businesses ranging from small-to-midsized to the Fortune 500. Our unique implementation and industry best Total Cost of Ownership is why Copernic Business Solutions' customer and partner portfolio includes AMN Healthcare Services, AAA, ASAP, CGI Group, Credit Lyonnais, France Telecom, GTSI, Harris Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, InfoSpace.

Copernic Enterprise Search offers simple and quick access to all information hidden inside a business network--and online information--that employees depend on. Copernic Enterprise Search indexes and organizes content found in multiple sources, regardless of where the information resides. It also provides employees with a single unified interface to efficiently access information, and reduces the time spent searching, enabling them to be more productive in their ongoing projects.

Key Benefits

Enables searching within an enterprise's Word, Excel, PDF files, emails, etc.

Rapidly and securely access information scattered throughout file servers, intranets, Exchange public folders, and Web sites.

Respects existing file security permissions

Enforce existing network file/Microsoft Exchange Server access permissions down to the document level automatically, and extend this protection to results lists and summaries. This ensures you can enforce your existing security model without changing user behavior or your IT infrastructure.

Automatically indexes new and updated documents on-the-fly

Ensure result freshness with real-time updates of your documents via our unique file level system monitoring.


Delivers highly accurate search results in a flash

Benefit from superior result relevance thanks to Copernic's unique, patent pending and advanced summarization and concept extraction technologies which consistently outperform our competition.


Increases employees' efficiency and productivity

Save knowledge workers' time and save your company money by providing quick and precise access to relevant information.

Easy to use, deploy and manage

Our award winning administration interface and usability expertise gives you a consumer-like installation while providing enterprise-level functionality.

Risk-free offer

A free, fully functional version for up to 5,000 documents is available online.

* Copernic Enterprise Search

Docucorp International

5910 N Central Expwy, Ste 800

Dallas, TX 75206

PH: 214.891.6500

FAX: 214.987.8187

Docucorp International provides a suite of end-to-end enterprise management solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting information from bills, insurance policies and scanned forms to e-mail, customer correspondence and more. Platform independent and fully scalable, our information application software provides maximum flexibility, enabling companies to fully leverage existing technology investments.

* Docucreate

* Documanage

* Documaker

* Docupresentment

* Docuflex

DST Technologies

330 W. 9th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105


FAX: 816.843.8197

AWD (Automated Work Distributor) is a comprehensive business process management solution from DST Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc. AWD streamlines complex processes, integrates multiple systems, and reduces operating costs for clients in a variety of industries, including banking, brokerage, healthcare, insurance, mortgage, mutual funds, and video/broadband.

* AWD (Automated Work Distributor)

EasyAsk, Inc.

290 Donald J. Lynch Blvd.

Marlborough, MA 01752

PH: 508.624.8500 or 800.425.8200

FAX: 508.624.8501

EasyAsk's search and information-retrieval platform empowers your customers, partners and employees to quickly find and retrieve critical business information with scalable, secure, single-point access. Powered by a deep linguistic capability, EasyAsk's Synchronized Search and Navigation[TM] platform accesses both structured and unstructured data, intelligently interpreting users' queries to find fast, accurate and complete results.

* EasyAsk for the Enterprise

* EasyAsk for Commerce

* EasyAsk for ISVs

eiStream, Inc.

2911 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 1100

Dallas, TX 75219

PH: 214.520.1660

FAX: 214.219.0476

eiStream, Inc. is a leading provider of Business Process Management solutions that integrate four critical elements--people, processes, systems and information--into workflow and imaging technologies, improving efficiency, enhancing profitability and protecting business process investments. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, eiStream serves more than 5,000 customer sites in 134 countries.

* eiStream WMS

* eiStream ViewStar

* eiStream Enterprise Solutions

* eiStream Services

* eiStream Technologies

eiStream Identitech, Inc.

780 Apollo Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32901

PH: 321.951.9503

FAX: 321.951.9505

eiStream Identitech's e-Government Division provides solutions addressing the Paperwork Reduction Act, Electronic Signatures, and Section 508 legislation. Its award winning BPM enterprise solution delivers on-line forms and documents, automates processes, and easily integrates legacy applications, streamlining business objectives for maximum efficiency and increased ROI. For more information visit us at

Ektron, Inc.

5 Northern Blvd, Bldg. 6

Amherst, NH 03031

PH: 603.594.0249

FAX: 603.594.0258

Ektron's content management solutions and eWebEditPro editors empower business users and developers to create, manage and publish HTML and XML content for Web sites, intranets and Web applications. Founded in 1998, Ektron has over 10,500 product integrations in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, financial services, hospitality and government.

Ektron CMS400.NET is a new XML content management solution built on the Microsoft .NET framework. The solution streamlines site management, automates internal processes and supports workgroup collaboration. CMS400.NET delivers a browser-based, Word-like authoring environment, workflow and approval processes, content versioning, audit trails, content comparison, task management, HTML and XML forms support and Web calendar control.

Ektron CMS300 is an XML content management solution that empowers users to take an active role in managing Web content and optimizing online strategies. Business users can author, manage and publish Web content, build and deploy Web forms, and collect and leverage visitor information. Our browser-based editor, eWebEditPro+XML, supports the industry's best in-context editing environment.


Ektron eWebEditPro+XML is a browser-based content editor that enables anyone, regardless of technical skill, to author, capture and use XML documents and data. eWebEditPro+XML integrates with content management systems and other Web-based applications. And it empowers organizations to use, share and extend that data across Web sites, applications and other organizations.

* Ektron CMS400.NET

* Ektron CMS300

* Ektron eWebEditPro+XML

EMC Corporation

176 South Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

PH: 888.853.4286

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world leader in products, services and solutions for information storage and management that help organizations extract the maximum value from their information, at the lowest total cost, across every point in the information lifecycle. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at

* EMC ApplicationXtender Solutions

* EMC EmailXtender Solutions

* EMC LEGATO NetWorker Solutions

* EMC Automated Availability Solutions

* Consulting and Education Services

Entopia, Inc.

3200 Bridge Parkway, Suite 101

Redwood City, CA 94065

PH: 866.ENTOPIA or 650.632.0101

FAX: 650.802.6709

Entopia delivers information solutions in context for the individual, workgroup and enterprise. Entopia's solutions include:

* enterprise search;

* content management;

* expertise location and social networks analysis;

* collaboration;

* knowledge visualization;

* classification; and

* storage resource management.

Entopia's solutions--whether working as stand-alone applications or integrated directly into business critical applications, intranets or portals--enable organizations to leverage existing information to maximize business performance.

Information Solutions in Context

Entopia Knowledge Locator to search for experts & documents across the enterprise.

Entopia Knowledge Locator[TM] is a powerful enterprise search engine that simultaneously locates content and experts across disconnected information repositories in the enterprise. It locates relevant information based on its semantic content, on user activity surrounding such information, and on expertise related to the query. This multi-dimensional approach to locating and accessing information is the best solution to locating enterprise knowledge and resources. Entopia Knowledge Locator is the winner of the "Best Search Engine" award by the Software & Information Industry Association.

Entopia Social Network Analysis to optimize information flow.

Entopia Enterprise Social Network Analysis software is a diagnostic tool that enables managers to optimize information flow. It identifies topic-based networks created by community leaders, subject matter experts and peers, and enables managers to build better project teams, remove information bottlenecks and link disconnected communities.


Entopia Quantum for content management and collaboration.

Coupled tightly with other enterprise applications and business processes, Entopia Quantum is a bottom-up knowledge management solution that empowers individuals, workgroups, and the enterprise with content, information, document management, collaboration and search capabilities in one, holistic solution.

* Entopia Knowledge Locator

* Entopia Quantum

* Entopia Social Networks Analysis

Exact Software North America

300 Brickstone Square

Andover, MA 01810

PH: 978.474.4900

FAX: 978.474.9317

Exact Software is a leading provider of solutions that unify the people, business processes, and knowledge essential to an organization. Exact provides workflow, document, and project management, along with business monitoring, financial, reporting, manufacturing/distribution, and compliance solutions that enable businesses to maximize productivity and increase access to critical information.

Exact Software's e-Synergy is a business process management (BPM) solution that maximizes productivity by unifying an organization's access to the very latest information, anytime, anywhere. e-Synergy's Internet technology makes it possible to unify everything within a business--people, documents, tasks, assets and more--in a single database.

Exact Rental unifies all aspects of a rental organization, providing a solution that lowers the overall cost of operating a rental organization through improved workflow, higher equipment utilization, and reduced paperwork. Exact's Web-based technology allows multiple users and remote locations to share information in real-time, enabling greater productivity and maximizing profitability.

* e-Synergy

* Macola ES

* Event Manager

* Exact Rental

Extensis, Inc.

1800 SW First Avenue

Portland, OR 97201

PH: 503.274.2020

FAX: 503.274.0530

Extensis provides world-class solutions for managing your organization's digital assets and fonts. Extensis solutions empower your digital assets, making them available at a moments notice to content creators, content editors, even customers or business partners. Our customer base consists of over 5,000 server installations worldwide, including Sony, Nike, MTV, Federal Express, Young & Rubicam and several other of The Global 1000. For more information, please visit

* Portfolio

* Suitcase

* Font Reserve

* Creative Tools

Fast Search & Transfer [FAST]

Cutler Lake Corporate Group

117 Kendrick Street

Needham, MA 02492

PH: 888.871.3839 or 781.304.2400

FAX: 781.304.2410

FAST creates the real-time search and filter technology solutions that are behind the scenes at the world's best known companies with the most demanding search problems. FAST's flexible and scalable integrated technology platform elevates the search capabilities of enterprise customers and connects people to the relevant information they seek regardless of medium. This drives revenues and reduces total cost of ownership by effectively leveraging IT infrastructure.

FAST's powerful enterprise search technology solutions are used by a wide range of global customers and partners, including AT & T, Cardinal Health,, Chordiant, CIGNA, CNET, Dell, Fidelity Investments, (GSA), IBM, Knight Ridder, LexisNexis, Overture, Rakuten, Reed Elsevier, Reuters, Tenet Healthcare, Thomas Industrial Networks, T-Online, US Army, Virgilio (Telecom Italia), Vodafone, and Wanadoo.

* FAST Data Search[TM] for Site Search

* FAST Data Search[TM] for eCommerce

* FAST Data Search[TM] for Compliance

* FAST Data Search[TM] for Intranets

* FAST Data Search[TM] 360

* FAST Marketrac[TM]

FileNet Corporation

3565 Harbor Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

PH: 800.FileNet or 714.327.3400

Outside the U.S.: 512.434.5935

FAX: 714.327.3490

FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ: FILE) helps organizations make better decisions by managing the content and processes that drive their business. FileNet's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions allow customers to build and sustain competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organizations, automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full-spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify their critical and everyday decision making.

Since the company's founding in 1982, 4,000 organizations, including 81 of the Fortune 100, have taken advantage of FileNet solutions to manage their missioncritical content and processes.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., the company markets its innovative ECM solutions in more than 90 countries through its own global sales, professional services and support organizations, as well as via its ValueNet[R] Partner network of resellers, system integrators and application developers.

Built on open standards, FileNet's P8 architecture is the ECM industry's first integrated framework that combines best-of-breed content, process and connectivity capabilities in a single unified solution. FileNet P8 features development tools, including solution templates, that enable companies to quickly and easily develop customized ECM solutions.

FileNet P8 features solution suites that offer capabilities optimized for content type and complexity of business processes:

Business Process Manager -- designed to allow organizations to optimize business processes by automating, streamlining and quickly deploying and/or modifying business processes.

Content Manager -- provides organizations with content management and document approval workflow so they can control, share, manipulate, and quickly access any form of content in a secure and highly scalable environment.

Web Content Manager -- delivers comprehensive content management and integrated process management for Web initiatives.

Image Manager -- provides organizations with the ability to manage paper documents, faxes, e-mail, and rich media, and is unrivaled in its power, scalability, and performance.

Forms Manager -- provides everything needed to easily design, deploy and process electronic forms (eForms) across the enterprise to speed business decisions.

Records Manager -- provides capabilities to administer the lifecycle of critical records, enforce processes for records management, respond to audits and inquiries, and demonstrate proof of compliance.

* FileNet P8

* Business Process Manager

* Content Manager

* Web Content Manager

* Image Manager

* Forms Manager

* Records Manager


1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

Mountain View, CA 94043

PH: 650.623.4370

Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. The Google Search Appliance provides corporations, universities and government agencies with a powerful search solution to connect employees and citizens to content on intranets and public websites. For more information, visit

* The Google Search Appliance

Hummingbird Ltd.

1 Sparks Avenue

Toronto, ON M2H 2W1

PH: 877.FLY HUMM (877-359-4866)

FAX: 416.496.2207

Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM) is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions. Our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions enable organizations to manage the lifecycle of enterprise content from creation to disposition. Hummingbird Enterprise solutions enable organizations to address critical business needs, such as information management, business continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Founded in 1984, Hummingbird employs approximately 1450 people and serves more than 33,000 customers, including 90% of Fortune 100. Hummingbird solutions are sold directly from 40 offices worldwide and through our Alliance Network of partners and resellers. For more information, visit

Hummingbird Enterprise[TM] -- provides an integrated platform for enterprise content management that provides global organizations with solutions to manage business interaction information such as documents, records, virtual deal room exchanges, discussions, email or financial data--linking business processes, information and people. Hummingbird's solutions are designed as modular applications that are fully interoperable with each other, enabling customers to incrementally build an enterprise content management solution to meet their evolving information needs in a cost effective manner. Hummingbird Enterprise features content management capabilities for: Document Management, E-mail Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Workflow, Collaboration, Instant Messaging, Mobility, Query & Reporting, Data Integration, Portal Framework.

Document Management -- delivers an enterprise-ready platform that facilitates the capture, manipulation, and distribution of document-based knowledge assets. Its comprehensive, flexible functionality harnesses these assets, empowering workers to react in rapidly changing business environments to leverage not just their own experiences, but the collective expertise contained in Hummingbird DM repositories. Extensible components simplify users' tasks and seamlessly connect the integration dots on their behalf so that content is also accessible from key corporate systems such as portals and enterprise resource planning tools.

E-mail Management -- Hummingbird Enterprise captures, manages, preserves and leverages corporate e-mail through integration with all major e-mail systems, Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Notes. Both incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and attachments are managed as mission-critical corporate assets within the unified repository.

Records Management -- Records management enables the automatic creation, retention and final disposition of records at any stage of the content lifecycle. From product specifications to test protocols to e-mail, records management provides long-term access, audit and retention control of all content in compliance with regulations such as U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2, UK Public Records Office (UK PRO). European Union MoReq Specification, and FDA 21CFR11.

Knowledge Management -- Users can conduct single, unified searches across multiple information sources including Lotus Notes. Microsoft Exchange Server, Web sites, file repositories, document management systems, multimedia libraries, databases and enterprise operating systems. Hummingbird Enterprise also offers a comprehensive toolkit for building, supervising, and managing organizational taxonomies.

Collaboration -- Integrating collaboration with ECM enables global teams to work on projects while capturing and managing the content produced during virtual meetings and discussions. Real-time collaboration through instant messaging enables teams to stay in touch, capture and manage content in real time, and preserve thought processes that led to certain decisions.

Data Integration -- The data integration capability provides connectivity between data sources and target systems for migrating repositories without programming or data staging.

Portal Framework -- The portal framework integrates all components of Hummingbird Enterprise to deliver personalized content, applications and collaboration capabilities within "dynamic views" or virtual workspaces, based on the role of the user in the business process. The framework provides a Web Services interface for easy integration of third-party applications.

* Hummingbird Enterprise[TM]

* Hummingbird BI[TM]

* Hummingbird Integration Suite[TM]

* Hummingbird Connectivity[TM]

* Hummingbird SearchServer[TM]

Hyland Software, Inc.

28500 Clemens Road

Westlake, OH 44145

PH: 440.788.5000

FAX: 440.788.5100

Hyland Software is a leading provider of rapidly deployable enterprise content management solutions. Hyland develops OnBase, enterprise-class software that combines integrated document management, business process management and records management in a single web-enabled application. OnBase is used by thousands of commercial organizations and government agencies to streamline operations, reduce costs and share information with employees, partners and customers.

* OnBase[R] integrated document management solutions

Infodata Systems Inc.

13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 500

Herndon, VA 20171

PH: 800.336.4939 or 703.934.5205

FAX: 703.934.7154

Do you have deep pains around managing content and complying with regulations? Turn to Infodata.

We deliver open solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) via a Content Management Services Layer (CMSL) that works within your environment to give you the functionality to specifically address how content is managed across its lifecycle according to business processes and compliance regulations. Our solutions promote effective and efficient workflow processing.

INFD Annotation Suite, based on AnnoDoc[R] technology, gives the enterprise tight control over internal content review processes by enabling multiple people to simultaneously annotate a document to comment, request changes, or approve content. Audit trails and a security model solve compliance requirements. AnnoDoc Compliance Edition offers expanded support for annotation of MS documents and access to multiple repositories.

INFD DocPublishing Suite, based on Compose[R] technology, automates publishing by offering granular control of content. It streamlines activities such as correcting document links, building fully-formatted composite documents, applying overlays or watermarks, changing headers and footers, and specifying security options. Users can efficiently produce compliance documents and publish thousands of documents to CD-Rom.

INFD Digital Rights Management Suite gives users a high-degree of control over documents by allowing them to determine who is able to view the document, how many times, the machines on which the content can be viewed, and when the document will expire. Signet is ideal for publishers selling information on CD-ROMs and the Internet.

* INFD Annotation Suite

* INFD DocPublishing Suite

* INFD Digital Rights Management Suite

InSystems Technologies

19 Allstate Parkway #400

Markham, ON L3R 5A4 Canada

PH: 905.513.1400

FAX: 905.513.1419

InSystems specializes in complex document and compliance automation for insurance and financial services. Its software solutions allow organizations to achieve operational excellence by automating the creation, management and multi-channel distribution of customized documents, and streamlining product development and regulatory filing processes. InSystems, a Standard Register subsidiary, has more than 350 insurance customers.

* InSystems Calligo Doc Services

* InSystems Calligo Enterprise

* InSystems Correspondence

* InSystems Tracker

* InSystems FastForms

Integrated Digital Systems/ScanAmerica, Inc.

10126 Residency Road

Manassas, VA 20110

PH: 800.283.0999 or 703.368.2887

FAX: 703.368.2393

IDSS, a VOSB, provides commercial and government correspondence management systems, business process consulting, form design services, HIPAA/SOX-compliant products and services, and security products, 508C integration, backfile conversion services, technical support, third party product integration, IDSS products plus document management, workflow, custom imaging, secure collaboration and incident management solutions.

* Edge 2004[TM]

* EdgeVault[TM]

* Edge WorkFlow[TM]

* DigitalEDocs[TM]

* Edge Web Link[TM]

Inxight Software, Inc

500 Marcara Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94085

PH: 888.414.4949 or 408.738.6200

FAX: 408.738.6203

Inxight is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery. Using Inxight solutions companies can better discover, retrieve and connect with the estimated 85 percent of corporate information not housed in a database or other structured format. Inxight is the only company that provides a complete, scalable solution to enable information discovery in all major languages.


Based on more than 20 years of research at world-renowned Xerox PARC, Inxight solutions are used by more than 300 companies globally, including: Air Products, DaimlerChrysler, Factiva, IBM, Purdue Pharma, Reuters, SAP, SAS, Thomson and multiple U.S. government agencies.

Inxight's flagship solution, Smart Discovery provides the most comprehensive and advanced set of text analysis and retrieval tools on the market, including search, entity and fact extraction, categorization and taxonomy management. Inxight's unique under-standing of the information inside of text, while being sensitive to the language it's written in, powers accurate search and comprehensive metadata creation capabilities for applications ranging from information retrieval to data mining to trend analysis. SmartDiscovery integrates and interacts with existing enterprise environments such as portals, intranets, content management systems and email applications, providing easy deployment and a compelling return on previous information technology investments.

* Inxight SmartDiscovery[TM]

* Inxight VizServer[TM]

ISYS Search Software

8775 E. Orchard Road, #811

Englewood, CO 80111

PH: 800.992.4797

FAX: 303.689.9997

Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of search solutions for desktops, networks, websites and intranets. ISYS has helped thousands of businesses and government organizations derive measurable benefit from search software, thanks to feature-rich technology that's easy to deploy and maintain, and priced for the real world.


* ISYS: desktop

* ISYS: web

* ISYS: web.asp

* ISYS: sdk

JPMorgan Chase Bank

2 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 14th floor

New York, NY 10081

PH: 866.2iVault (248.2858)

FAX: 212.383.0722

i-VAULT![sm] is JPMorgan's enterprise content management service that provides secure Internet access to critical business information ... anytime, anywhere. Built to be "industrial strength" and cost-effective, i-VAULT! offers organizations the opportunity to outsource document storage and avoid the significant expense of building an in-house archive. i-VAULT!'s fully redundant architecture also ensures business continuity.

* i-VAULT![sm]

Liberty IMS

The Liberty Building

3158 Red Hill Ave., Ste 100

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

PH: 714.751.6900

FAX: 714.432.5335

Liberty Information Management Solutions (Liberty IMS) is a leading software provider for the electronic content management industry. Founded in 1987, the company's flagship product, LibertyNET[TM], offers document imaging, electronic document management, process automation, workflow, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, e-mail management and collaboration.

* LibertyNET

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Integrated Systems & Solutions

3201 Jermantown Road

Fairfax, VA 22030

PH: 703.293.4035

Management & Data Systems (, headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has been a leader in systems integration, systems engineering, software development and program management in support of vital national systems for more than 32 years. IS & S is a unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation with approximately 8,300 employees.

* AeroText Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

* AeroText Instance Based Run-time Engine

* AeroText Core Knowledge Base

Mark Logic Corporation

2000 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 100

San Mateo, CA 94403

PH: 650.655.2300

FAX: 650.655.2310

Mark Logic has developed the first enterprise-class database specifically for disparately structured content. This platform technology enables companies to rapidly build content-centric applications using information not easily stored in relational databases. Mark Logic enjoys broad application in many industries. Clients include Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Elsevier and U.S. Department of Defense.

Content Interaction Server unlocks enterprise information that is not easily stored in relational databases. It was built from the ground up to enable enterprises to analyze, synthesize and enhance business content that, until now, has remained trapped inside Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, e-mail, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint and HTML, SGML and XML documents. With Content Interaction Server, organizations can rapidly build mission-critical applications on these "unpredictable" document-types, just as relational databases enable them to build mission-critical applications on "predictable" content like numerical data.


Content Interaction Server treats each document as a database of information. Enterprises can reach deep inside documents, identify specific pieces of interest, and extract, combine, recreate, restructure and publish in various formats.

Content Interaction Server provides the platform for a new class of content-centric applications that extract value from existing content in order to create new products and services, streamline business processes and enhance existing revenue streams. Some business applications of this technology include:

* Content provisioning and publishing;

* Compliance, legal analysis and electronic discovery;

* Customer service and support;

* Financial analysis;

* Health communication;

* RFP and contract mining; and

* Customer-facing enterprise portals.

* Mark Logic Content Interaction Server

Nervana, Inc.

10838 Main Street

Bellevue, WA 98004

PH: 425.637.1105

FAX: 425.484.2026

Nervana is an innovative provider of semantic search and discovery solutions for enterprise knowledge workers. Nervana Intelligent Search and Discovery retrieves highly germane information that closely matches a user's search meaning and intent. Nervana's product enables knowledge workers to find the most relevant and timely information from internal and external data sources, enhancing their productivity and decision making power.

* Nervana Intelligent Search and Discovery


13997 S. Minuteman Dr.

Draper, UT 84020

PH: 801.748.4400

FAX: 801.748.4401

NextPage[R] knowledge management solutions enable service centers to capture and reuse knowledge, reduce call volume and decrease training costs, while improving customer service. NextPage publishing solutions enable rapid, secure and cost effective production and delivery of content on the Internet, inside corporate intranets and on CD-ROM/DVD.

* NextPage GetSmart Support KM

* NextPage GetSmart Self Service

* NextPage NXT 4 Publishing Suite

* NextPage Folio CD/DVD Publishing

Noetix Corporation

2229 112th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

PH: 866.4NOETIX or 425.372.2699

FAX: 425.372.2647

Noetix provides software that automatically generates metadata from Oracle Applications and Siebel CRM, enabling immediate access to business intelligence data. More than 1,200 customers world-wide use Noetix's proven technology, empowering users to quickly generate the ad hoc, operational reports needed for critical and timely business decisions.

* Noetix for Oracle Applications

* Noetix for Siebel CRM

Nstein Technologies, Inc.

75 Queen Street, Suite 4400

Montreal, QC H3C 2N6

PH: 877.nstein.1 or 514.908.5406

FAX: 514.908.5407

Nstein Technologies (TSX-V: EIN) is an innovative software company that provides its customers with comprehensive and scalable solutions to discover, organize, analyze, share, and disseminate timely actionable information from any unstructured and structured data source in all major languages. Nstein develops unrivalled Business Intelligence solutions that create real-time visibility across the entire organization and its sphere of influence.

* Nserver e-publisher suite

* News Nserver

* Work2gether

* Ntelligent Alerting Solution

* Ntelligent Marketing Solution

Open Text Corp.

185 Columbia St. West

Waterloo, ONT N2L 5Z5

PH: PH: 800.499.6544 or 519.888.7111

FAX: 519.888.0677

Open Text[TM] is the market leader in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that bring together people, processes and information in global organizations. Throughout its history, Open Text has matched its tradition of innovation with a track record of financial strength and growth. Today, the company supports more than 17 million seats across 13,000 deployments in 67 countries and 12 languages worldwide.

* Livelink Enterprise Suite

* Livelink MeetingZone

* Livelink Eloquent Media Server

* Livelink Portals

* FirstClass

Percussion Software

600 Unicorn Park Drive

Woburn, MA 01801

PH: 800.283.0800 or 781.438.9900

FAX: 781.438.9955

Percussion Software is the only Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor to provide cost-effective, multi-channel delivery of easily reusable content. Its flagship product, Rhythmyx 5, features the industry's only DeCoupled Delivery architecture for cost-effective scaling: true management of complex content relationships without programming; and GUI-based Active Assembly capabilities for easy content reuse. Percussion's unique approach shortens customers' time-to-value and makes delivery of multi-channel ECM a practical reality for the first time.

* Rhythmyx

Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

1601 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1900

Seattle, WA 98101

PH: 206.834.8100

FAX: 206.834.8125

Primus Knowledge Solutions (Nasdaq: PKSI) develops award-winning software solutions that power self-service to assisted service offerings for mid-market and Global 2000 organizations. Primus' industry-leading, next generation natural language processing search technology is used today in call centers, help desks, and Web self-service environments to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee efficiency, and lower operating costs. Primus helps companies achieve these benefits by allowing them to:

* Leverage the knowledge they already have, regardless of format, location or channel

* Easily identify and fill content gaps; monitor trends

* Successfully serve audiences of varying experience levels

* Optimize the customer experience


Primus continues to receive industry accolades for its robust product suite, including the 2004 Users Choice Award for Primus KnowledgeCenter. In 2003 alone, Primus received the STAR Award for "Best Support Technology Vendor" from the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), was recognized for its trend-setting products and named one of the "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" by KMWorld magazine, and received the 2003 CRM Excellence Award from the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. Global organizations such as 3Com, Airbus, The Boeing Company, CompuCom, EMC, Ericsson, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Inc., IBM, Eastman Kodak Co., Motorola, and T-Mobile rely on Primus technology to enhance their customer service and support initiatives. Visit for more information.

* Primus KnowledgeCenter for Customer Service

* Primus KnowledgeCenter for Help Desk

* Primus KnowledgeCenter for Self-Service

* Primus KnowledgeCenter for Field Service

* Primus Communications Center


26261 Evergreen Rd, Suite 200

Southfield, MI 48075

PH: 248.356.9775

FAX: 248.3569.025

Proforma provides software and services to optimize the performance of your business processes and systems. Our enterprise modeling software, ProVision, enables you to model, analyze and improve all aspects of your business--strategy, processes and systems. This makes it easy for the entire enterprise to clearly see and evaluate the impact of change and continually deliver improved performance.

* Pro Vision

ProFormics, Inc.

PO Box 2940

Laurel, MS 39442

PH: 800.453.4086

ProFormics, the innovator of Concurrent Process Improvement, has developed the next generation process and performance tracking solution to help companies capture, track and refine corporate best processes. This solution includes process definition and tracking, closed-loop learning technology, electronic workflow and forms, knowledge catalog, and notification engine.

* ProFormics Enterprise Connect

* ProFormics Group Connect

* ProFormics Reporting Engine

RedDot Solutions

One Battery Park Plaza, 24th Floor

New York, NY 10004

PH: 866.REDDOTS (866.733.3687)

FAX: 212.425.3987

RedDot Solutions provides software to create, manage and act upon the content that drives your business. Recognized throughout the industry as the fastest to implement and easiest to use, RedDot's web content management solution, Content Management Server (CMS), and its enterprise content management solution, Extended Content Management System (XCMS) are scalable and personalized solutions for Web content, document management, workflow and collaboration used by more than 1200 organizations worldwide.

RedDot Content Management Server (CMS)[TM], our flexible modular web content management solution, gives you the tools to communicate better over the web. It places the power to update content in the hands of those who know it best, while enforcing your content approval processes. With available modules for RedDot CMS, you can manage the design, localization, layout, images and integrity of your web site, intranet and extranet. With RedDot CMS everyone can change the web.

RedDot's Extended Content Management System (XCMS)[TM] helps you manage all of your information in a central and secure way. XCMS lets you introduce web content and document management, online collaboration and business process automation in a secure way that adds new value to your business. You select only the modules you need, and add others as your business evolves. With RedDot XCMS, you manage your content and are not ruled by it.

RedDot Live Server[TM] provides a rich set of modules designed to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of XCMS across multiple online channels with minimal involvement of IT resources. Available with RedDot Live Server are modules that can provide target and dynamic content delivery, powerful search capabilities, and several levels of integration.

* RedDot Content Management Server (CMS)

* RedDot Extended Content Management System (XCMS)

* RedDot Live Server

ServiceWare Technologies, Inc.

12 Federal Street, Ste 503

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

PH: 412.222.4450 or 800.572.5748

FAX: 412.222.4455

ServiceWare Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of knowledge-powered applications for customer service and IT support. ServiceWare's problem resolution software, ServiceWare Enterprise[TM] enables agents and end-users to quickly find answers to even the most complex problems--in the call center, help desk or via Web self-service. ServiceWare's patented self-learning search technology, the Cognitive Processor[R], allows agents to access both structured and unstructured knowledge sources and contribute new solutions in the workflow, ensuring a robust knowledge base solution.

* ServiceWare Enterprise[TM], includes: ServiceWare Architect[TM]

* ServiceWare Agent[TM]

* ServiceWare Professional[TM]

* ServiceWare Self-Service[TM]

SiteScape, Inc.

1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 310

Wilmington, NC 28403

PH: 910.256.5038

FAX: 910.256.5074

SiteScape enables distributed teams in business, government and military organizations to meet mission-critical requirements for sharing information and ideas across any boundary--organizational, geographic, temporal--through easy-to-use, web-based solutions. Offering an ideal combination of scalability, security, usability and customization, SiteScape solutions--from program management to communities of practice to custom workflow applications--can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively on existing infrastructure for unsurpassed return on investment.

SiteScape Enterprise Forum enables information-sharing via threaded discussions, group calendaring, workflow, document management, search, instant messaging and chat. Built on an open, scalable architecture, Forum is flexible, platformindependent, secure, proven and customizable. Corporate and government customers worldwide use Forum for communities of practice, knowledge management, project management and e-learning.

Forum eMeeting is real-time collaboration software that facilitates web meetings, virtual presentations, white board with mark up, application sharing, voiceover IP, and video Web conferencing. The combination of SiteScape Enterprise Forum and Forum eMeeting enables users to host real-time meetings within the context of their asynchronous collaboration environment, behind the firewall.

SiteScape Solution Modules for Communities of Practice, HR, RFP management, partner management and program management. Each module installs on top of SiteScape Enterprise Forum, and offers the following features:

* Graphically rich user interface;

* Dashboard with master calendar and links to best practices; and

* Custom workflows, commands, attributes and filters.

* SiteScape Enterprise Forum

* Forum eMeeting

* SiteScape Solution Modules

Smead Software

600 Smead Boulevard

Hastings, MN [dagger]55033

PH: 800.865.5147

FAX: 800.216.3837

Since 1906, Smead has been dedicated to providing high-quality records management solutions for business. Smead has led the way in the development of a broad spectrum of records management tools--from file folders to better manage paper, to robust software that merges paper with electronic information management.

* Smeadlink[R] Express--Paper Recordkeeping

* Smeadlink[R] Express--Electronic Recordkeeping

* Smeadlink[R] File Room

* ColorBar[R] Print

* ColorBar[R] Design

Softheon, Inc.

1393 Veterans Memorial Highway

Hauppauge, NY 11788

PH: 631.390.1100

FAX: 631.390.1101

Softheon is a leading provider of Business Process Software Solutions that drive bottom line benefits in financial services, insurance and health care firms. Softheon's Process Optimization Framework combines imaging, content management and customized process workflow into a single Web-enabled solution. Focusing on streamlining and automating exception handling of content-intensive, complex processes, Softheon, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York.

* IDM Studio

* Process Architect Studio

* Web Studio

* Measurement Studio

Spicer Corporation

221 McIntyre Dr.

Kitchener, ON N2R 1G1

PH: 519.748.2462

FAX: 519.748.9457

Spicer Universal Viewers provide robust and reliable document viewing, markup, and scanning tools that can be seamlessly integrated with online or networked content management systems. Intuitive and easy to use, Spicer Universal Viewers give anyone the means to quickly access and review virtually any electronic document regardless of the authoring tool used to create the file.

With Spicer's interoperable desktop and Web solutions. Imagenation[R], ViewCafe[R], Image a*X[TM] and DocuJet[TM], users can view, mark up, print and edit virtually any industry-standard file formats including 2D/3D CAD, raster, vector, hybrid, and office formats. To receive your free evaluation software visit us at, call 519.748.2462, or send an e-mail to

* Imagenation[R]

* View Cafe[R]

* DocuJet[TM]

* Image a *X[TM]

Stellent, Inc.

7777 Golden Triangle Drive

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

PH: 800.989.8774 or 952.903.2000

FAX: 952.829.5424

Stellent is a global provider of content management software solutions that drive rapid success by enabling fast implementations and generating broad user adoption. Customers easily deploy multiple line-of-business applications--such as accounts payable imaging. Web sites, call centers and compliance processes--and also scale the technology to support enterprise-wide needs.

* Stellent[R] Universal Content Management

* Stellent[R] Imaging and Business Process Management

* Stellent[R] Records Management

* Stellent[R] Web Content Management

* Stellent[R] Document Management

Stratify, Inc.

701 N. Shoreline Blvd., Suite A

Mountain View, CA 94043

PH: 800.988.2686 or 650.988.2000

FAX: 650.988.2159 or

Stratify Legal Discovery[TM] is the first electronic discovery solution that combines accelerated review and superior analysis to effectively control discovery costs for complex legal cases. Stratify Discovery System[TM] is a complete unstructured data management solution that organizes unstructured information using dynamic taxonomies and categorization coupled with advanced visual analytics and data mining capabilities.

* Stratify Legal Discovery[TM]

* Stratify Discovery System[TM]

* Stratify Classification Server[TM]


575 Broadway

Redwood City, CA 94063

PH: 650.556.9440

FAX: 650.556.1195

SupportSoft Real-Time Service Management software helps businesses automate support services for their customers, employees, and partners via self- or assisted service. Our software eases the creation, publishing and management of knowledge in real time, providing users with more precise, in-context answers to "how to" questions, and can also provide automated "one click fixes."

* Knowledge Center Suite

Teragram Corporation

10 Fawcett Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

PH: 617.576.6800

FAX: 617.576.6888

Teragram Corporation provides best-in-class solutions for fast and scalable language information retrieval technologies for all European, Middle-Eastern and Asian languages: automatic categorization, taxonomy management, entity extraction and search, crawling. Teragram is also an OEM provider of enabling linguistic technologies including stemming, tokenization, word segmentation, language identification and spelling correction.


Teragram Automatic Categorization

Teragram Automatic Categorization allows users to organize their content into industry-predefined taxonomy or into categories based on auto-categorization. Tightly integrating categorization with search allows users to effectively navigate. The intuitive development environment, coupled with its efficient run-time system and dynamic category browser, ensure fast delivery of high quality, precise results.

Teragram Entities and Events Extraction

Teragram Entities and Events Extractor automatically extracts information from documents. It extracts entities (people's names, companies, locations ...) and events (mergers, acquisition ...) to automatically identify relevant information and create documents metadata. It comes with a development environment which allows to tailor the entities and events to your business domain.

Teragram Real-Time Alerts

Teragram Real-Time Alerts personalizes your content for each of your users and provides alert notification services based on your users interest profiles. Alerts can be sent via email, SMS or other channels and methods. Used by the top news providers, it provides a complete alert and user profiling solution.

* Teragram Categorizer[TM]

* Teragram Entity Extraction[TM]

* Teragram Real-Time Alerts[TM]

TheBrain Technologies Corp.

2001 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310

Santa Monica, CA 90403

PH: 310.656.8484

FAX: 310.656.8488

Visual Search and Categorization[TM]

TheBrain Technologies Corporation is the leading provider of comprehensive knowledge applications. TheBrain's Enterprise Knowledge Platform. BrainEKP[TM], provides a seamless view of knowledge across disparate data sources so users can see related information and automate business processes. Customers include: Center Partners, California Casualty Insurance. Tyco, IntelliMark and the Department of Defense.


Connecting People, Processes and Information

BrainEKP is a Web-based knowledge management software that visualizes information relationships across multiple information sources. BrainEKP's next-generation user interface simulates the way that people naturally associate and think about information, providing a more meaningful context for information access and sharing. Features: visualization, data integration, advanced natural language search, automated categorization, real-time authoring, and collaboration.


BrainEKP for Customer Care:

Breaking Through Performance Barriers

BrainEKP for Customer Care enables contact center, customer service and sales agents to break through performance barriers. BrainEKP's relational display enables agents to see all related features of products and all contingent issues. Overall benefits include improvements in quality of response, such as increased cross selling, proactive customer education and increased first call resolution, along with significant reductions in call handling times and training costs.


Work the Way You Think

PersonalBrain enables users to create their own personalized view of information. Users can organize files. Web pages and applications the way they think about and use their information. Free download available at

* BrainEKP[TM]

* BrainEKP for Customer Care

* PersonalBrain[TM]

Thomson Elite

5100 West Goldleaf Circle, Suite 100

Los Angeles, CA 90056

PH: 323.642.5200

FAX: 323.642.5400

Thomson Elite, a business within The Thomson Corporation (NYSE: TOC; TSX: TOC), brings together integrated practice and financial management applications with authoritative information services. West km seamlessly combines a law firm's own work product and Westlaw research, delivering a powerful advantage to customers and a significant return on investment.

West km[TM] for knowledge management integrates a legal organization's information archive with Westlaw[R], the industry's premier online legal research service, and provides a full suite of knowledge management features. West km allows lawyers to work with a single, familiar interface to find authoritative legal information sources, while at the same time searching private documents such as briefs, opinion letters and memoranda.

Elite Billback[TM] is a powerful cost recovery and management solution that seamlessly captures and manages day-to-day operational costs associated with providing client service, such as photocopy, fax, network printing, telephone and mobile phone expenses.

Elite Apex[TM] is a cost-effective and intuitive client relationship management (CRM) system that meets the unique needs of professional services firms. Apex allows organizations to cultivate and maximize direct, personal relationships with clients. Apex bridges the gap between traditional, less personal CRM applications and an executive's private client dossier.

ProLaw[R] offers powerful practice and business function integration solutions for small to mid-size firms. ProLaw includes customized case management from WestWorks, Legalex Rules[R], flexible reports and automatic integration with existing applications, all on a completely scalable n-tier architecture.

Elite LawManager[R] is the legal community's number-one source for comprehensive information management solutions that enable corporate legal departments and government agencies to achieve peak performance. With unmatched customization capabilities. LawManager efficiently streamlines case and matter management processes and dramatically improves operational performance in corporate legal departments and government agencies.

* West km[TM]

* Elite Billback[TM]

* Elite Apex[TM]

* ProLaw[R]

* Elite LawManager[R]

TimeVision, Inc.

5215 N. O'Connor Blvd., #300

Irving, TX 75039

PH: 214.574.5020

FAX: 214.574.5014

TimeVision's OrgPublisher[TM] solutions suite employs state-of-the-art technology to address real business issues via easy-to-use, web-based org charts. Our fully web-enabled solutions are flexible and easily integrate into the enterprise. Fully-functional evaluation software is offered free of charge for a 30-day period to those interested in implementing an organizational structuring tool.

* OrgPublisher[TM]

* OrgPublisher powered by OrgBuilder[TM]

* OrgPublisher for SAP[TM] solutions

TOWER Software

12012 Sunset Hills Road

Two Discovery Square, Suite 510

Reston, VA 20190

PH: 800.255.9914 or 703.476.4203

FAX: 703.437.9006

Managing and Securing Your Vital Information Assets

TOWER Software is a leading enterprise content management provider, delivering electronic document and records management solutions. Our award-winning TRIM Context[R] solution is a single, integrated platform that manages business information throughout its complete lifecycle, empowering organizations to manage and secure vital information assets.

* TRIM Context[R]


15200 Weston Parkway, Suite 106

Cary, NC 27513

PH: 919.678.0900

FAX: 919.678.0901

A pioneer in business process management and workflow automation, Ultimus is a profitable, global software company that enables enterprises worldwide to increase their profits by modeling, automating, managing, and optimizing every business process. Ultimus has business operations and sales offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Through these offices and a network of more than 85 partners in 60 countries, more than 1000 customers, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Citizens Bank, McKessonHBOC, Microsoft, Newell Rubbermaid, Sony, and Siemens, have deployed the Ultimus Workflow Suite to address their business process management challenges. Ultimus and its partners use the Ultimus Workflow Development Methodology to standardize implementations, accelerate deployments, and enable continuous improvement. The company is a three-time recipient of the Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 Award and is listed among the Inc. 500 for the second year.

The Ultimus BPM Suite is a complete business process management system that is used to improve organizational productivity and responsiveness, reduce costs, and accelerate cycle times. It provides a collaborative, programming-free process modeling and development environment, flexible integration and workflow capabilities, powerful management tools, and easy to use Web interfaces for process participants, delivering the lowest cost of ownership available in the industry.

* The Ultimus BPM Suite

* Ultimus Process Designer

Verity, Inc.

894 Ross Dr.

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

PH: 408.541.1500

FAX: 408.541.1600

Classification, Taxonomies & You

You've heard the hype about taxonomies and you're ready to go. But where do you start? From analysis and definition to deployment and maintenance, this white paper provides an in-depth overview of using classification technologies and processes to lower costs and increase the value of your intellectual capital.

Go to to download your copy of this Verity white paper "Classification, Taxonomies and You."

* Verity K2 Enterprise

ZyLAB North America LLC

1600 Tysons Boulevard, 8th Floor

McLean, VA 22102

PH: 866.995.2262

FAX: 703.991.2508

ZyLAB's signature tool suite, ZyIMAGE 5.0, offers the most-comprehensive document archiving, searching, retrieving organizing and sharing solution for professionals in the legal, law enforcement, corporate governance and financial fields. Our open-storage technology (based on XML and TIFF) and "fuzzy" search capabilities make all of your electronic and scanned documents fully searchable.


* ZyIMAGE Webserver


* ZyCOLD Professional
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