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Professional education - IFS Applications, version 8.0 (ProfesnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] - IFS Aplikace, verze 8.0).

Project Status : Active

Project Phase : Execution

Project Location : Czech Republic

Registration number : CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00277

Amount: 1 313 006,77 CZK (6481983.546 US Dollar)

Duration of the project: the first January 2014 to 31 December 2014

Region : Hradec Kralove Region

Project Description : ALTEC as in the Czech Republic is the only implementation partner IFS AB a Swedish company and its software products. It is primarily a system of IFS Applications, intended for enterprise business processes, advanced management and production planning (ERP systems and MES). ALTEC offers a service providing its services to IFS products in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland and Nemecku.V now been launched worldwide distribution of the latest version of IFS Applications 8.0 on the market in the Czech Republic. This release contained a number of entirely new functionality, especially designed for project management (IFS Project Management), advanced production planning (IFS Advanced Planning Board, IFS Constraint Based Scheduling), applications in the field of Business Intelligence (IFS Business Analytics), scheduling service (IFS Maintenance and Service) are integrated maps and web services directly into the user interface. To ALTEC able to support its customers - users IFS software products in the Czech Republic and other countries and provide them with quality service for the newly introduced software components of IFS Applications, you need to make training a specialized team of programmers, system staff and expert consultants.

Objectives of the project

The main objectives of the project are intended to provide the necessary increase in the qualifications, specific skills and knowledge in key areas of business ALTEC, which is the implementation and support of software product IFS Applications. Currently, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive retraining teams of programmers, consultants and employees of system support for IFS Applications in conjunction with an entirely new, globally distributed version 8.0. Implementation of training and the aforementioned increase in the skill levels will be achieved by increasing the competitiveness of the company ALTEC the demanding market with ERP systems. Another goal of the project is to stabilize employment in the company and the opportunity to offer new jobs in the region.

Target groups

The target group is made ??up of employees who perform activities associated with the installation and administration IFS applications, providing consultations to end customers ( implementation and operation support) and last but not least by creating custom fit.

entire target group has 29 people, and the project will involve two levels.

The first level consists of internal trainers (8 persons) who will be trained by professional trainers manufacturer of the product (Czech branch) and others gain self-knowledge. For lecturers are chosen by experts, who are the guarantors for a certain area (m

country :Czech Republic

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Publication:Mena Report
Geographic Code:4EXCZ
Date:Jun 12, 2014
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