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Professional development for legislative staff 2005 calendar.

As a legislative staffer, you are automatically a member of NCSL. Take advantage of our research and information services, as well as our learning opportunities whether it's your first or 25th session.

National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO) Fiscal Analysts Seminar September 6-8, 2005 Chicago, Illinois NALFO serves those of you involved in fiscal research, budget review and tax policy analysis.

National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA) September 19-24, 2005 New Orleans, Louisiana Sergeants-at-arms, security personnel and services and administrative staff come together through NLSSA.

Legal Services Staff Section (LSSS) September 21-24, 2005 Chicago, Illinois If you draft bills or work on code revision, legal research, litigation, administration and enforcement of ethics codes, and administrative rules review, become involved with LSSS.

Legislative Research Librarians (LRL) September 21-24, 2005 Chicago, Illinois Librarians and information specialists in legislative agencies are welcome in LRL.

Research and Committee Staff Section (RACSS) September 21-24, 2005 Chicago, Illinois Staff from legislative research offices, caucuses and committee exchange ideas and participate in professional development opportunities through RACSS.

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) September 21-26, 2005 Springfield, Illinois ASLCS serves chief parliamentary officers and staff involved with the lawmaking and administrative process.

National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES) September 28-0ct 1, 2005 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania NLPES is for you if you are involved in program evaluation or performance auditing.

National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) October 5-8, 2005 Rapid City, South Dakota If you are involved in information systems and computer services, NALIT is tire organization for you.

Leadership Staff Section (LSS) October 25-29, 2005 Biltmore, Rhode Island LSS is for those of you who work directly for legislative leaders or for party caucuses in policy research, constituent services, public information and administration.

Legislative Information and Communications Staff (LINCS) October 25-29, 2005 Biltmore, Rhode Island LINCS is the only national association dedicated to state legislative staff with responsibilities in public information, civic education and media relations.
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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