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Professional boundaries breached.


Enrolled nurse Jo-Anne Scull has been found guilty of professional misconduct, after borrowing money from residents and the daughter of a resident in the rest-home where she was employed, and failing to pay it back until repayment was demanded. Scull did not appear at the hearing, which was held in August Last year.

Scull was found guilty of failing to respect the relationship of trust implicit in the professional nursing relationship by borrowing money in this way and has had her registration cancelled. She borrowed $4000 from the daughter of one resident and failed to repay, until it was suggested the matter go to the Small Claims Tribunal. She also borrowed smaller sums from two other elderly patients who, when the money wasn't returned in a timely manner, felt as if they had been "conned."

When the matter was raised by the rest-home, Scull acknowledged it was inappropriate to borrow money from patients and she was dismissed. She repaid the money owing.

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal found her behaviour was a serious breach of professional boundaries, particularly as she had borrowed money from vulnerable people.

The Tribunal ordered cancellation of Scull's registration and that she pay $10,000 in costs. The Tribunal also imposed conditions Scull must complete before applying for re-registration.

Further ethics training

She must undertake further training, approved by the Nursing Council, in ethics and the appropriate codes of conduct. Scull was also censured. The Tribunal also recommended that, if Scull was re-registered, the Council would require her to undertake a competence assessment.

The full decision can be found on the Tribunal's website, reference Nur10/1479P.

The Health Practitioners' Disciplinary Tribunal has the power to discipline all nurses and order publication of its rulings in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand and other relevant publications. The full decisions are on the Tribunal's website. It should be noted that the notices appearing on this page do not necessarily involve HZNO members. NZNO provides legal advice and representation only to its members.

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Date:Feb 1, 2011
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