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Professional Time and Billing Plus Report Writer.

Professional Time & Billing Plus Report Writer, Unilink, P.O. Box 1087,jackson Hole, WY 83001, $495.

This software package was designed to integrate with Unilink's TB*Plus to get the most out of it reporting capabilities. The new module provides more than eighty standard reports to use or redesign, allowing the accountant to create custom formats to meet the specific needs of his firm. Standard TB*Plus reports can sort information on two levels. For instance, the "Employee Service Code Analysis by Client" uses two levels of sorting (employee and client). Report Writer can expand this to employee by client by series code by service code by transaction-a five-level report-and beyond. Accountants also can perform mathematical functions with the key words by indicating formulas that define new key words (i.e., Key 3 = Key 1 + Key 2). Similarly, users can prioritize sort levels by employing other types of key words that tell the system to look at one field before others, such as the client first, then the employee, then the service code, etc. The program is stored on two floppy diskettes (either 3 1/2 or 5 1/4-inch) and comes with a user's guide and quick reference card, and UniLink will apply a 20% discount towards the purchase of additional modules of equal or lesser value. The firm also provides toll-free telephone support.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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