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Articles from Professional Engineering Magazine (September 23, 2009)

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"The fruit and veg barrow analogy of the market economy is too simplistic by far". Pullin, John Editorial 358
600 group brings home the jobs on three businesses. Brief article 256
A greener shade of black or red. Curtis-Thomas, Claire; Curtis-Tansley, Carla Letter to the editor 152
Air compressor system recovers 100% of input electrical energy. Brief article 221
Articulated commuter train in competition for Thameslink. Brief article 223
Autodesk launches linked 3D software package for process plant. 453
BAE axes 1,100 jobs at four factories: Woodford to close after Nimrod project and three other plants hit as firm copes with orders and work drying up. 431
BAE system gives ships early warning of pirates at sea. Brief article 306
Ben Hargreaves visits an exhibition on Benjamin Baker. Hargreaves, Ben Brief article 294
Ben Sampson watches the history of coal mining on film. Sampson, Ben Brief article 299
Biomass could provide a third of all airliner fuel by 2030. Brief article 294
Bumpy road to freedom: the deal that will bring Opel independence from GM could yet face opposition from EU regulators and workers fearing for their jobs. Eisenstein, Paul 689
Cabin air steriliser goes on the market: BAE to fit 10% of world's commercial aircraft with close coupled field anti-pathogen device. 541
Car scrappage doesn't add up. O'Connor, Lawrie Letter to the editor 141
Carbon capture could earn UK 5bn [pounds sterling] a year: but UK risks losing the technology lead to competitors, warn Edinburgh researchers. 405
Carbon fibre hits the right note: composite material could be used to make good-sounding violins quickly and cheaply. Brief article 252
Carbon-conscious workers join stick-and-carrot scheme. Brief article 249
Cleaner and meaner: carmakers exhibiting at Frankfurt Motor Show are trying to make electric cars sexy. Boosting their performance is a step in the right direction. Eisenstein, Paul 797
Diary. Calendar 2325
Driving a hard bargain: as harsh economic realities begin to bite even Formula 1, companies are coming up with cheaper engineering alternatives to keep the show on the road. Will the teams listen? Hargreaves, Ben 1314
Explosive potential: National Grid is working hard to ensure that a safety culture exists throughout the organisation and that staff never become blase about risks. Sampson, Ben 836
Extruded tube fittings are stronger than forged version. Brief article 213
Factory order books down for 15th month. Brief article 187
Fens flood control backup agreed: Finning to supply generators to UK's largest pumping station to protect 25,000 homes. Brief article 345
Ford's American engineers look to British colleagues for guidance: US pickup truck team visit Dunton for expertise on compacted graphite iron machining. 450
Fuelling up: plans are afoot that could secure fuel supplies for Britain's next generation of nuclear power stations. But is the supply chain geared up to build them? Hargreaves, Ben 757
Fully automatic dual-clutch developed for big-engine bikes. Brief article 248
Germ of an idea: a single-cell bacterium is proving a valuable aid for converting a wide range of biomass to high-grade ethanol. Lee Hibbert reports on second-generation biofuel technology. Hibbert, Lee Cover story 1387
Health research group eyes better building design and infrastructure. Brief article 182
Interchangeable patrol vehicle safer and more versatile. 405
Japan's on the right track. Fielding, Roger Letter to the editor 206
Let the sunshine in: after years of being the poor cousin of the renewables sector, solar power is being treated seriously in the UK. Pullin, John 801
Liquid scanner could lead to easing of security restrictions at airports: UK-developed scanner shows whether liquid in bottles is harmless or poses terror threat. 331
Lotus engine extends range of hybrid vehicles: aluminium monoblock blends cylinder head and block together to enhance performance. 326
Lotus takes on 150 workers to meet demand for Evora. Brief article 295
Many ways to cut journey times. Bush, Andy Letter to the editor 187
Newcastle honours local hero Robert Stephenson. Brief article 121
Overpopulation is the root cause. Marshallsay, Tony Letter to the editor 147
Q&A ... asks PE readers their views on: the recession. 953
Quick on the draw: the huge leaps made by computer design tools over the last decade are coming to an end. Ben Sampson meets a company aiming to transform the work of engineering designers. Sampson, Ben 1538
Racing start: with the downturn in the fortunes of motorsport, businesses in the sector are being forced to diversify. Lee Hibbert meets one firm that's ahead of the game. Hibbert, Lee Company overview 771
Screen mouse cuts the clicks on regular tasks: DS Solidworks' Mouse Gestures groups common commands made by designers. Brief article 277
Shipworkers vote for strike over terms. Brief article 255
Sound bites ... where PE readers offer their views on issues of the day. 867
Sound waves gather in the algae harvest. Brief article 251
Tech transfer for Artemis. Brief article 162
TUC calls on National Grid to secure jobs. Brief article 257
Two-line plan for high-speed rail: Greengauge 21's 'double-spine' north-south link promises benefits for country as a whole. 440
Unions back deal on power station walkout. Brief article 255
University challenge: BAE has joined forces with academic researchers to come up with a raft of energy management ideas that will help the defence sector--and industry as a whole--save money. Reidy, Heath 695
Vauxhall jobs could go to Russia. Mortimer, John Letter to the editor 195
Vauxhall plants could shut within six years--union: sale of Opel/Vauxhall to Magna and Sberbank could see UK jobs transferred to Germany. 351
Weather measurement and forecasting. Philpot, Fenella 323
Where the car is king in UK. Brief article 199
World-beating turbine blades for UK factories: grants approved for three firms boost investment in wind energy. Brief article 221

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