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Professional Development of Teacher Educators: A Cross Border Story.

ERIC Descriptors: Preservice Teacher Education; Teacher Education Programs; Active Learning; Foreign Countries; Professional Development; Teacher Educators; Models; Cooperative Planning; Workshops; Program Effectiveness; Teacher Competencies; Cultural Differences; Cross Cultural Studies; Skill Development; Knowledge Level; Educational Change; Interpersonal Relationship; Collegiality; Teacher Collaboration; Trust (Psychology); Partnerships in Education

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This paper presents the results of a collaborative project between the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Australia, and the School of Education at Can Tho University, Vietnam. The project aimed to develop a model for the professional development of teacher educators in the context of educational innovations in Vietnam. Sixteen participants (2 from University of Sydney and 14 from Can Tho University) were permanently involved in the project. In addition, 10 other staff members from University of Sydney provided input. The study followed a qualitative approach in which workshops and training sessions on re-forming initial teacher education programs at Can Tho, in addition to presentations, written documents and formal evaluations were main sources of data collected and analysed. The project was a big success: Models of good teacher education programs and good teachers in the Vietnam context were developed; and participants developed their knowledge and skills in redesigning their teacher education programs as a response to educational reforms in Vietnam. In addition to the success determined through the achievement of measureable outcomes, this project illustrates the importance of human relationships and mutual understanding. This paper will exclusively focus on the emergence of collaborative, collegial partnerships, active learning and trust, respect and reciprocity between the partners as important outcomes which led to the successful development a model for professional development of teacher educators.

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Author:Laws, Kevin; Harbon, Lesley; Nguyen, Nam; Trinh, Lap
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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