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Prof. Dr Habil Konstantinas Jakovlevas-Mateckis Architecture of Urban Landscape.

Vol. II. Greenery and Principles of Its Composition Vilnius: Technika, 2011


In 2011, the Environmental Protection Institute of VilnThe monograph "Architecture of Urban Landscape" consists of three volumes: Volume I "Evolution and Theoretical Principles of Urban Landscape Architecture", Volume II "Greenery and Principles of Its Composition" and Volume III "Principles of Designing Objects of Urban Landscape Architecture". It is the first monograph reflecting in complex the issues of urban landscape architecture.

In Volume II "Greenery and Principles of its Composition" the author seeks to look at the problem from the architectural point of view, to evaluate the latest achievements in landscape architecture, as well as scientific research and best practices in dendrology.

Common knowledge about turned to wood plants, their spreading and usage not only in our country but also in the introductive regions of the Eastern Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Kaliningrad district of the Russian Federation) is given in this monograph. Architectural and decorative characteristics of trees, shrubs and climbing plants (exterior of plants, their size, structure of the trunk and branches, expressiveness of the crown form, decorativeness of leaves, thorns, blossoms, fruits and so on), longevity and rapidity of their growth are analysed in detail. Great attention is paid to composition of trees, shrubs and turned to wood climbing plants recommended for the green areas of the Eastern Baltic States. The tables, drawings, symbols and numbers given in the catalogue present biological, ecological, architectural and decorative characteristics of 96 plants, reflect their changes during the year and give recommendations how and where to use these plants, etc.

The monograph describes such important components of urban landscape architecture as lawns and their plants, decorative herbs, water plants and their composition. Great attention is paid to flowers and parterres. The book presents flower characteristics, principles of arrangement of various types of parterres, gives an illustrated original flower catalogue consisting of 162 kinds and sorts of flowers, which are recommended for green areas. The main morphological, decorative and bio-ecological characteristics important for arranging parterre compositions are revealed and graphically presented in the catalogue. Comprehensive description of roses and their compositions is given in this publication.

The catalogues of trees, shrubs, climbing plants and flowers selected for the formation of urban landscape, principles of their composition, examples, etc. are presented in the monograph. All this is a generalized experience of the author's scientific research and project activities of many years in the field of landscape architecture.

The monograph is written for researchers of architecture, landscape architecture and environmental design, it can be used as a source of scientific knowledge for master's and doctoral studies, it can also be useful for the work of designers and practitioners.


Konstantinas Jakovlevas-Mateckis, Professor of the Departments of Urban Engineering and Fundamentals and Theory of Architecture of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Academician of International Informatization Academy. He worked as a visiting professor at the Rome University "La Sapienza", Bialystok Polytechnical University, Kaunas Technological University, Kaunas Institute of Arts, etc. Professor delivers lectures on architectural design, urban planning, landscape architecture subjects, guides final works of doctoral and master students, takes an active part in scientific and projecting works of the department. He was a member of a Scientific Councils in St. Petersburg University Building and Architecture and Moscow Academy of Architecture.

Professor is the founder of the original school of urban and industrial environmental architecture and industrial surroundings design, the creator of its theoretical principles. He accomplished 37 scientific research works in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and environmental design, prepared about 100 projects, wrote 29 monographs and books (some of them with co-authors), over 150 scientific articles, some Standard Norms, which were confirmed by Ministries, etc.

Prof. Dr Marija Burinskiene

Head of Urban Engineering Department
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Author:Burinskiene, Marija
Publication:Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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