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Selling Dietary Supplements or CBD Products? Why You Need the Right Broker to Manage Your Product Liability: Striking the right balance will require a bit of homework, commitment, and a strong focus on your goals. Morey, Chris May 1, 2022 815
Elevating the Argument for Consolidation: Look to past successful petitions for consolidation in federal court to understand what to include in yours - and what questions to be ready to answer in oral argument. Raso, Ashleigh May 1, 2022 2867
Build Your OSI Evidence Foundation. Bailey, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2022 1313
The SAGA of SIKKELEE: Although SCOTUS passed on Sikkelee v. Precision Airmotive last year, here's what you can take away from that case to counter preemption defenses to aviation product defect claims. Mahoney, Kevin Feb 1, 2022 3166
Where Might Ford Take Us? Here's a snapshot of how courts have applied SCOTUS' unanimous 2021 ruling in Ford Motor Co. v. Montana - and the collective impact on personal jurisdiction. Smith, Todd A.; Cox, Allyson C. Feb 1, 2022 3432
Will Products Liability Litigation Help Protect IoT Users from Cyber-Physical Attacks? Fichtner, J. Royce; Strader, Troy J. Report Jan 1, 2022 6793
Taking a "Hard Look" at Expert Witness Testimony Under Rule 702. Sahu, Munjot; Drake, Geoffrey; Canaan, Eva; Harris, TaCara; Bosso, Luke Jan 1, 2022 2941
Hidden Dangers. Dec 1, 2021 4065
Giant Eagle settles opioid lawsuits. Nov 22, 2021 503
THE ENDURING PROBLEM OF ERIE GUESSES. Richards, R. Jason Nov 1, 2021 3564
Turning the Tables: Non-Retained Experts for Defendants. Oct 1, 2021 3002
Post-Tiara: Contracts Are Still King. Palermo, Anthony J.; Buchholz, Daniel L. Jul 1, 2021 9160
A Stream of Liability: As online commerce continues to dominate, holding internet retailers accountable for dangerous products is crucial to protecting consumers. Chaffin, Eric; Cohn, Steven Jul 1, 2021 2737
Untangling Personal Jurisdiction: Here's an overview of how some lower courts have interpreted the U.S. Supreme Court's Bristol-Myers opinion - and what that means for obtaining personal jurisdiction. Rheingold, Paul D. Jul 1, 2021 2034
Responsible Gunmakers: How a New Theory of Firearm Industry Liability Could Offer Justice for Mass Shooting Victims. Matthew, Bret Jun 22, 2021 12339
For Whom the Statute Tolls: An Analytical Look at the Tolling Provision in Florida's Product Liability Statute of Repose. Blackwell, Donald A.; Simm, Stephanie M. May 1, 2021 6151
NUTS AND BOLTS OF INTAKE AND OF INTAKE AND INVESTIGATION: Know what steps to take during the presuit phase of a drug or device case. Mulligan, Edward, V May 1, 2021 2851
The PREP Act: Defending Product Liability and Professional Liability Litigation Involving COVID-19 Countermeasures. Lipp, Jordan Apr 1, 2021 8467
Hip Implant Verdict Sends Message to Industry. Halloran, Kate Apr 1, 2021 993
23 and Me: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Federal Class Actions & the Non-Party Approach. Saunders, Bryce Mar 22, 2021 10049
Insurer to pay Assertio $5 million in opioid settlement. Feb 5, 2021 167
Amazon Marketplace and Third-Party Sellers: The Battle over Strict Product Liability. Gillies, Zoe Jan 1, 2021 12556
OPIOID LITIGATION: WELCOME TO THE NUISANCE JUNGLE. Fitzmaurice, Jonathan Jan 1, 2021 11186
Artificial Intelligence and Liability in Health Care. Griffin, Frank Jan 1, 2021 16541
Defending the Producers: Examining Product Liability Protection for Compelled Manufacturing Under the Defense Production Act. Greenspoon, Lauren R.; Class, Ryan D. Jul 1, 2020 6939
Losing Weight with Charles and Dan: Examining Potential Liability for Endorser Claims in Weight Loss Advertisements. Brison, Natasha T.; Pickett, Andrew C.; Brown, Katie M. Report Jun 1, 2020 9909
3D Printing: Product Liability, Professional Liability and Other Tort Aspects of the Burgeoning Industry. Lipp, Jordan; Michalek, Steven Apr 1, 2020 3119
Fight for the Forum. Lasker, Eric; Covington, Brett Apr 1, 2020 1467
Product Liability Cases in Civil Law Countries: A Pro-Plaintiff Approach. Gallage-Alwis, Sylvie Apr 1, 2020 7063
The Next Wave of Global Litigation. Pulido, Marco; Sullivan, James; Sungaila, Mary-Christine Apr 1, 2020 2087
This Internet Thing is Great, Isn't it, Hal? Product Liability in the Next 100 Years. Rippee, Stephanie M. Apr 1, 2020 2717
Warning: Additional Warnings May Be Required. Zeigler, Jessie; Miller, Sarah; Seraphim, Olivia Apr 1, 2020 3301
Where Are We Headed, Hal? Product Liability in the Next 100 Years. Anderson, William L. Apr 1, 2020 1451
Pandemic Response Sparks Product Liability, Other Concerns: Risk Alerts. Mar 27, 2020 762
ESTIMATION EVIDENCE. Gelbach, Jonah B. Feb 1, 2020 39339
Admissibility Hurdles for 510(k) Evidence in Medical Device Litigation. Simpson, Robert R.; Hampton, Caycee D. Jan 1, 2020 4074
Principles of Products Liability, 3rd Edition. Book review Jan 1, 2020 142
In the Wake of Devries: Revisiting the Extension of Maritime Jurisdiction Over Asbestos Claims. Schneider, Brian J. Jul 1, 2019 6199
Safety and Efficacy of Orthopaedic Surgical Devices Under the FDA's Updated Premarket Notification Program. Griffin, Frank Jun 22, 2019 21789
Navistar takes $159M charge for class action settlement over engines marketing. May 29, 2019 264
4th Circuit calls Amazon fulfiller, not seller, in Md. product liability case. May 22, 2019 739
To the "Victim" Go the Spoils: The Evolution and Operation of Spoliation of Evidence Law in Florida Product Liability Cases. Blackwell, Donald A.; Simm, Stephanie M. May 1, 2019 7639
Duty to Warn Product Liability. Apr 24, 2019 410
Socialist tricksters of tort reform. Lauck, Frederick W. Mar 29, 2019 495
Bayer signs litigation settlement agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Mar 27, 2019 174
Bayer signs litigation settlement agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Mar 27, 2019 170
An Update on CBD Product Liability Insurance: Passage of the Farm Bill has had a positive effect on availability and premium cost. Doherty, Greg Mar 1, 2019 803
The IPSLP Association Announces the Date for Its 15th Annual Product Safety & Product Liability Conference. Conference news Feb 21, 2019 160
Significant federal, state product liability holdings in 2018. Benjamin, David M. Feb 21, 2019 1514
Randall Goodden International Announces New Product Safety & Product Liability Seminars for Manufacturing Executives. Feb 20, 2019 241
German manufacturer must defend products suit in Massachusetts. Berkman, Eric T. Feb 14, 2019 1454
Products liability - HVAC - Warranty. Feb 12, 2019 751
Jurisdiction - Personal - Foreign manufacturer. Feb 5, 2019 807
Rhode Island law applies in Davol/Bard mesh suit. Bridges, Barry Jan 10, 2019 1269
Judge awards fees and costs in remanding medical case. Vieth, Peter Jan 7, 2019 1209
Jury finds tobacco co. liable for man's fatal lung cancer. Nov 15, 2018 427
Retailer can be liable for selling defective gas cans. Chaney, Matt Nov 14, 2018 690
Johnson v. Monsanto: Roundup and product liability. Tan, S.Y. Oct 1, 2018 1220
Entering the U.S. Market: Legal Hurdles That Manufacturers Must Overcome. Del Mauro, Steven; Meyer, Kenneth R.; Patterson, Jean Oct 1, 2018 5634
The More Things Change: Bankruptcy Trust Reform and the Status Quo in Asbestos Litigation. Hare, John J.; Ryan, Daniel J., Jr. Oct 1, 2018 3337
Monsanto Loses Landmark Glyphosate Case. Sep 3, 2018 347
Toppling a giant. Vieth, Peter Aug 27, 2018 1045
Breaking the Ice: Product liability defense fulfills intellectual curiosity. Aug 16, 2018 720
Woman injured when she's catapulted from wheelchair. Aug 16, 2018 386
Tips & Tricks for Walking the Insurance Application Minefield: Product liability insurance applications can be challenging to complete, so companies ncod to be diligent. Jul 1, 2018 955
Product Liability in Latin America. Bragaglia, Maria Helena Ortiz; Castelli, Leandro M.; Jimeno, Cristobal; Mendez, Lina; Reis, Domingo Jul 1, 2018 8815
Court won't seal trial records containing proprietary info. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 18, 2018 1505
Endo executes master settlement pact over testosterone replacement therapy. Jun 11, 2018 197
Product Liability: Fundamental Questions in a Comparative Perspective. Brief article May 1, 2018 119
House OKs bills to rein in punitives, limit products liability. Apr 23, 2018 660
A high standard of proof. Vieth, Peter Apr 2, 2018 1005
Product redesign proposals must be safer overall. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 2, 2018 1494
Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow to Litigation Tourism in Bristol-Myers Squibb. Apr 1, 2018 2701
Va. Sup. Ct.: Plaintiffs must prove product redesigns are safer overall. Lightle, Rebecca M. Mar 23, 2018 1503
Judge's order sets 1,200 Xarelto product liability suits for separate trials. Mar 8, 2018 231
Judge orders 1,200 Xarelto product liability lawsuits for trial. Mar 8, 2018 232
Product Liability Insurance Rates Continue Steep Decline: With dangerous coverage exclusions still lurking, thorough coverage analysis remains important. Doherty, Greg Mar 1, 2018 977
Key federal, state court product liability holdings in 17. Ferrera, David L.; Holdway, Alison T.; Woodward, Melanie V. Feb 15, 2018 1602
Defective gun sights lead to class actions. Dec 26, 2017 480
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast Entitled: Post-Sale Duties: Best Practices & Strategies to Prevent & Defend Product Liability Litigation Live Webcast. Dec 23, 2017 358
Event provides overview of marijuana regulations. Franz, Thomas Oct 19, 2017 932
Big Retail's Trend Toward Higher Product Liability Insurance Requirements: Supplement companies struggle with higher premium costs to satisfy the giants of retail. Doherty, Greg Oct 1, 2017 934
The Era of the Internet of Things: Can Product Liability Laws Keep Up? Gorman, Leta Jul 1, 2017 3529
Product liability insurance challenges remain in sports nutrition: historical issues and concern over 'the next ephedra' diminish insurer confidence. Doherty, Greg Jul 1, 2017 1039
Talc, product liability insurance and recent class action lawsuits. Jun 28, 2017 1891
Product liability insurance: Challenges in a converging product market: blurring lines between health and wellness products makes pricing for insurance tricky. Doherty, Greg May 1, 2017 1054
The case for product liability reform--now. Fay, William D. Apr 10, 2017 1029
Product Line Liability Just Doesn't Fly. Campbell, Daniel R. Apr 1, 2017 5966
Divided by design: reconciling the AEMLD's "mixed" design-defect approach. Duplechin, Ryan J. Mar 22, 2017 9331
Duty to Warn and Third-Party Conduct: A Look at Two Recent New York Cases. Nov 23, 2016 3967
Products Liability in the Digital Age: Legal Issues Generated by Additive Manufacturing. Oct 17, 2016 1309
Products Liability in the Digital Age: Legal Issues Generated by Additive Manufacturing. Oct 17, 2016 1342
A brief overview of recent Supreme Court precedent - keeping foreign litigation at bay. Luck, David L.; Chumbley, Douglas J.; Rodriguez, Michael Oct 1, 2016 5790
Overseas Product Liability Claims. Sep 29, 2016 1241
Overseas Product Liability Claims. Sep 29, 2016 1202
Back to the future: renewing strict product liability in Florida. Stewart, Larry S. Jul 1, 2016 3795
Connecticut judge bars product liability claim after plaintiff's stair climber mishap. May 9, 2016 327
Product liability insurance for Internet supplement sales: transferring risk to an insurance company, at historically low costs, deserves serious consideration. Doherty, Greg May 1, 2016 958
Navigating product liability's complex regulatory landscape. Faglioni, Kelly L. Mar 1, 2016 2144
The uncertain products liability landscape of 3D printing. Feb 26, 2016 870
The uncertain products liability landscape of 3D printing. Feb 26, 2016 908
Drones create liability for property owners. Wolf, Allen R.; Aviles, Jorge Jan 1, 2016 630
Product liability insurance 101: the essentials: what's covered, what's not and what do you need to know? Doherty, Greg Dec 1, 2015 1224
Avoid 'claims made & reported' product liability insurance: steer clear of this pitfall with sharp-eyed insurance buying practices. Doherty, Greg Oct 1, 2015 1033
The products of tomorrow. Jul 1, 2015 1045
Taking the "product" out of product liability: litigation risks and business implications of innovator and co-promoter liability. Lasker, Eric G.; Klein, Stephen A.; Barago, Tamara Fishman Jul 1, 2015 7395
Self-driving technology and autonomous vehicles: a whole new world for potential product liability discussion. Cohen, Roy Alan Jul 1, 2015 3237
The not so "sweet surprise": lawsuits blaming big sugar for obesity-related health conditions face an uphill battle. Wicker, Catherine Srithong Jun 22, 2015 23080
Preventing the next blockbuster case. Jun 17, 2015 863
Dr.Shane Rooney, Executive Director, Internet of Things, GSMA to Speak at the Knowledge Group's The Internet of Things (IoT) and Product Liability: Hot Buttons in 2015. Jun 9, 2015 479
Is your industry under fire? Targeting entire industries through enterprise liability. Jun 3, 2015 683
Strict liability for individuals? The impact of 3-D printing on products liability law. Berkowitz, Nicole D. Jun 1, 2015 18406
Argument. Ricci, William I.; Finarelli, Thomas; Toomey, Scott; O'Neil, Joseph E. Apr 1, 2015 3777
Proving the negative: on the admissibility of the lack of prior accidents in a products liability case. Johnson, Gary L. Apr 1, 2015 6062
Alternative approaches to alternative design: understanding the reasonable alternative design requirement and its different applications. Purvis, Alex; Bailey, Simon Apr 1, 2015 3088
Legal Series: Product Liability for 2015 Live Webcast. Mar 20, 2015 274
Jayme C. Long, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP. Feb 23, 2015 316
Protect yourself! 5 steps to ensure smart product liability coverage. Feb 6, 2015 629
Health law - question remains whether drug manufacturer immunity state statute applies to Fentanyl transdermal patches. Cielinski, Daniel Case note Jan 1, 2015 11282
Too good to last? Will the FDA's proposed rule put an end to generic drug preemption under Mensing and Bartlett? Diab, Tony M. Jan 1, 2015 6799
An overview of the legal standard regarding product liability design defect claims and a fifty state survey on the applicable law in each jurisdiction. McWilliams, Mike; Smith, Margaret Jan 1, 2015 4324
Maximizing success of dispositive defenses in multi-jurisdictional product liability and mass tort litigation. Nov 25, 2014 1039
The contours of the parallel claim exception: the Supreme Court's opportunity to define the ill-defined. Sena, Jarett Nov 1, 2014 7801
The contours of the parallel claim exception: the supreme court's opportunity to define the ill-defined. Sena, Jarett Nov 1, 2014 18706
Becoming masters of the universe: the how to's of multi-jurisdictional product liability litigation. Hughes, Annette Oct 1, 2014 5684
A domestic proposal to revive the Hague Judgments Convention: how to stop worrying about streams, trickles, asymmetry, and a lack of reciprocity. Porterfield, Eric Sep 22, 2014 20018
Dr. Stephanie Plancich, Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting to Speak at the Knowledge Group's Legal Series: Product Liability for 2014 and Beyond Live Webcast. Sep 2, 2014 544
To win a product liability claim, pick the right litigator. Quinley, Kevin M. Jul 1, 2014 1837
To win a product liability claim, pick the right litigator. Quinley, Kevin M. Jul 1, 2014 1837
French product liability law: towards a pro-plaintiff system. Rouhette, Thomas; Gallage-Alwis, Sylvie Jul 1, 2014 7214
Overcoming tensions between drug/device defendants and treating physicians. Yates, Pamela; Anziska, Evan; Bates, Walter William; Adams, Allison Reprint Jul 1, 2014 3924
Snow drift. Brief article Jun 9, 2014 233
Epidemiological uncertainty, causation, and drug product liability. Goldberg, Richard Jun 1, 2014 19379
Portrait of development risk as a young defence. Arbour, Marie-Eve Jun 1, 2014 13875
AERs: insurance implications: an increase in adverse event reports raises product liability insurance disclosure requirements for supplement companies. Doherty, Greg May 1, 2014 1093
Product liability: Sanctions and recalls in the UAE. Apr 20, 2014 1234
Canadian product liability Law - 2013 in review. Love, Robert L. Apr 1, 2014 4229
Amendments to jury instructions in Civil Cases (products liability). Apr 1, 2014 6348
Should courts front-load the damages inquiry in products liability class actions? Mar 20, 2014 1133
Should courts front-load the damages inquiry in products liability class actions? Mar 20, 2014 1097
Comparative fault as a defense in products liability subrogation. Rowlett, Andy Feb 1, 2014 2511
Comparative Fault as a Defense in Products Liability Subrogation. Jan 17, 2014 2473
Product liability insurance exclusions: what's in your policy: each carrier has its own unique exclusionary wording, which is constantly changing, so it's important to examine your exclusion list each year. Doherty, Greg Dec 1, 2013 1459
A First Amendment approach to generic drug manufacturer tort liability. Sullivan, Connor Nov 1, 2013 6782
The exclusion of other incident evidence in product liability litigation. Dorn, Elbert S.; Williams, Burl F. Oct 1, 2013 3419
Understanding products liability law, 2d ed. Book review Oct 1, 2013 181
Product liability insurance basics: an update: here are some important tips to ensuring your company gets the best coverage. Doherty, Greg Oct 1, 2013 1135
R2DFORD: autonomous vehicles and the legal implications of varying liability structures. Herd, Alexander Sep 22, 2013 12866
Fla. SC on economic loss: brokers can be sued for negligence when damages are limited to economic loss. Zalma, Barry Jul 1, 2013 1007
Malfunction theory as a triple threat for the defense. Raymond, Bruce H.; Allen, Lanell H. Jul 1, 2013 5119
High Court Ruling on Generic Drug-Manufacturer Liability Unfazes Insurers. Jun 27, 2013 479
Products liability law; cases, commentary, and conundra. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 149
The law and economics of products liability. Hylton, Keith N. Jun 1, 2013 10127
The law and economics of products liability. Hylton, Keith N. Jun 1, 2013 18237
Product liability and property claims: maximizing subrogation recoveries. Bramlet, Christina Interview May 1, 2013 1432
Prescription drug products liability litigation and punitive damages preemption. Lasker, Eric; Womeldorf, Rebecca Apr 1, 2013 7161
Mehr Law Group Launches New Campaign to Help Victims of Blood Thinner Pradaxa[R]. Feb 21, 2013 434
Preemption as inverse negligence per se. Moreland, Michael P. Feb 1, 2013 17187
Purpose and intent: seeking a more consistent approach to stream of commerce personal jurisdiction. Yeargan, Shane Feb 1, 2013 16043
The stream of commerce flows on. Jeffrey, Jessica Feb 1, 2013 12043
Products liability litigation since the passage of NAFTA and the unintended consequences. Robertson, Catherine Jan 1, 2013 14623
Safe measures: recommendations for navigating two new regulatory measures aimed at improving safety. Maleske, Melissa Jan 1, 2013 2260
Recent decisions on the FRCP Rule 26 amendments pertaining to experts in products liability cases. Zeigler, Jessalyn H.; Geer, J. Dustin Jan 1, 2013 7256
3 Steps to Help Prevent and Manage Cosmetics Product Liability Claims. Dec 26, 2012 911
States launch investigation into sales of Boston Scientific surgical mesh. Nov 12, 2012 296
WebShark360 Launches New Bond & Taylor Personal Injury and Product Liability Law Website. Website overview Nov 11, 2012 276
Re-examining non-insurance contractual transfers. Quinley, Kevin Nov 1, 2012 1722
Re-examining non-insurance contractual transfers. Quinley, Kevin M. Nov 1, 2012 1733
Wright & McGurk Issues Product Advisory Regarding Sally Hansen Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit. Oct 25, 2012 330
Aerospace Product Liability Litigation: Are You Ready? Oct 9, 2012 821
An August decision by H&P Industries Inc. and sister company Triad Group Inc. to voluntarily file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection could doom or significantly reduce the amount of damages awarded to plaintiffs suing the affiliated firms. Oct 1, 2012 225
Product safety excellence; the seven elements essential for product liability prevention. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 171
The robotic arm went crazy! The problem of establishing liability in a monopolized field. Goldberg, Margo Sep 22, 2012 10227
Health care law - Resolving disputed diagnoses prior to applying the Althen test in claims brought pursuant to the National Childhood Vaccine Act - Lombardi v. Sec'y of Health & Human Services. Regan, Michael Sep 22, 2012 9103
Applying economic loss doctrine to Article 2 transactions: a doctrine at a loss. Martin, Jennifer S. Sep 22, 2012 11089
Generic drug manufacturer liability: achieving a balance between consumer affordability and safety. James, Sarah S. Sep 22, 2012 9104
Standardizing the stream of commerce theory: a method to the madness after J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro. Duncan, Amy Sep 22, 2012 14604
Product liability insurers to exclude DMAA from coverage. Sep 1, 2012 151
Can "apology programs" work for medical device product liability claims? Quinley, Kevin M. Sep 1, 2012 1544
Products liability law. Book review Aug 1, 2012 121
1-800 bad drug. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Jul 1, 2012 793
Stabilization of product liability law by statute: Mississippi as a case study. Rippee, Stephanie M.; White, Everett E. Jul 1, 2012 9282
From the editor ... Sagall, Richard J. Editorial Jul 1, 2012 718
Cautionary Tales: Nine Recent Recalls Highlight Need for Product Liability Coverage. Jun 20, 2012 497
Court releases product liability opinion. Jones, Annie Butterworth Jun 15, 2012 650
Failure-to-warn claims preempted in Texas unless the FDA finds fraud. Beck, Julie May 1, 2012 1000
Three steps to more effective product liability claim investigations. Quinley, Kevin May 1, 2012 1267
The pharma-water syndrome: a product liability disaster: the unintended consequences of the massive production and use of hormone-based drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Brodsky, Matthew Apr 1, 2012 1615
The Presidential Elbow. Perry, William J. President's page Apr 1, 2012 1890
The enhanced injury doctrine: how the theory of liability is addressed in a comparative fault world. Reynolds, Charles E.; Costello, Shane T. Apr 1, 2012 5342
A legal guessing game: does U.S. common law require manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products to warn in languages other than English? Luck, David L.; Chumbley, Douglas J. Apr 1, 2012 5950
Money talks: exposing bias using expert witness fee arrangements. Kuppens, John F.; Goodfellow, Jessica Peters Apr 1, 2012 2692
Does product liability make us safer? Adverse consequences arise from problems with the judicial system and jurors' judgment biases. Viscusi, W. Kip Mar 22, 2012 6576
Immunizing against bad science: the vaccine court and the autism test cases. Haertlein, Lauren L. Mar 22, 2012 10840
Against liability for private risk-exposure. Scheuerman, Sheila B. Mar 22, 2012 30872
The cure for what ails: a realistic remedy for the medical malpractice "crisis". Williams, Alan G. Mar 22, 2012 22862
Damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress in products liability cases involving strict liability and negligence. Hunter, Richard J., Jr.; Amoroso, Henry Mar 22, 2012 12148
Chinese assault rifles, giant pandas, and perpetual litigation: the "rights without remedies" dead-end of the FSIA. Hulston, J.F. Mar 22, 2012 13861
A silver bullet: under the proper circumstances, a favorable workers' compensation ruling can be the solution to end a plaintiff's product liability suit. Jones, Dan; Gray, Mike Mar 1, 2012 1651
Foreseeable risk; minimizing cost and maximizing outcomes in products liability litigation. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 140
Kawasaki Heavy ordered to pay 234 mil. yen in damages for chopper crash. Jan 30, 2012 179
Merck reaches settlement over Vioxx in Canada. Jan 20, 2012 160
Products liability. Tan, S.Y. Interview Jan 1, 2012 1034
Do device suppliers and distributors need their own product liability insurance coverage? Quinley, Kevin M. Jan 1, 2012 1240
Do device suppliers and distributors need their own product liability insurance coverage? Quinley, Kevin M. Jan 1, 2012 1162
The frog of war: when biologist Tyrone B. Hayes discovered that a top-selling herbicide messes with sex hormones, its manufacturer went into battle mode. Thus began one of the weirdest feuds in the history of science. Slater, Dashka Jan 1, 2012 4207
Product liability ruling may be far-reaching. Dec 19, 2011 286
Reconciling punitive damages with tort law's normative framework. Nezar, Amir Dec 1, 2011 19646
House passes expanded product liability risk act; measure sent to conference committee. Conference news Oct 10, 2011 374
Tort, not contract: an argument for reevaluating the economic loss rule and classifying building damage as "other property" when it is caused by defective construction materials. Sieg, J. Brandon Oct 1, 2011 10375
Five steps to building your claim management toolbox. Quinley, Kevin M. Oct 1, 2011 1261
Looking backward to move forward with your defense: using history to overcome jurors' misunderstandings about science. Parker, Bruce R.; Gray, David S. Oct 1, 2011 10834
Out of your jurisdiction: why FDA recalls and courts do not mix. Benedict, Mollie F.; Dean, Richard A.; Love, Avril G. Oct 1, 2011 2784
Foreign sovereign immunity. Case overview Oct 1, 2011 997
$60 million Trasylol[R] settlement reached. Finkel, J. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 195
Seven traits that will sink your risk management program. Quinley, Kevin M. Sep 1, 2011 1473
Bench press. Mitchell, Teresa Sep 1, 2011 1059
Aircraft Parts Maker Fatally Cut Corners. Davenport, Courtney L. Aug 1, 2011 792
Finding fault with Ault - why the exclusion of subsequent design change evidence in product liability cases makes sense, even in California. Livingston, Craig A.; Hentschel, John C. Jul 1, 2011 5173
Supreme Court to readdress stream of commerce theory of personal jurisdiction. Berkelhammer, Jonathan A. Jul 1, 2011 2239
What's in a name? Possibly, strict liability as an apparent manufacturer. Higgins, Erin K. Jul 1, 2011 3031
Seven traits that will sink your risk management program. Quinley, Kevin M. Jul 1, 2011 1469
New Jersey big "I" agents endorse legislation designed to ease liability insurance crunch. Jun 20, 2011 503
The new consumer guarantee law and the reasons for replacing the regime of statutory implied terms in consumer transactions. Paterson, Jeannie Marie Apr 1, 2011 14217
Despite metal-shearing machine accident occurring in New Jersey and extensive business dealings in the U.S., where foreign company's only contact in state was presence of the one machine, U.S. Supreme Court denies jurisdiction as company's actions, not expectations, indicate less than purposeful availment of privilege of conducting business in state. Apr 1, 2011 585
U.S. Supreme Court holds in-state contacts of foreign manufacturer Goodyear France, whose tires are implicated in fatal accident abroad, insufficiently 'continuous and systematic' to justify exercise of general jurisdiction, despite small percentage of its tires distributed within state by other Goodyear USA affiliates. Apr 1, 2011 733
Canada's new consumer product legislation: a shield or a sword? Pliszka, Peter J.; Butler, Richard D. Apr 1, 2011 1958
Did we settle this case or not? Don't risk letting the court decide. Rippee, Stephanie M. Apr 1, 2011 2004
Product liability desk reference; a fifty-state compendium, 2011 ed. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 111
Products liability; problems and process, 7th ed. Book review Apr 1, 2011 149
A portal of uncertainty: answering four big questions about the CPSC's new product safety database. Deal, Jill B.; Parker, Bruce Mar 1, 2011 1034
Flight risk: the complex world of aircraft products liability. Calhoun, Michael S.; Fitzpatrick, Garrett J.; Roberts, Richard J. Mar 1, 2011 1908
Grifcon Enterprises, Inc. Mar 1, 2011 1119
Nondebtor releases in Chapter 11 reorganizations: a limited power. Gamble, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2011 17040
Prescription for fairness: a new approach to tort liability of brand-name and generic drug manufacturers. Rostron, Allen Feb 1, 2011 30757
Federalism in the twenty-first century: preemption in the field of air. Holland, Michael J. Jan 1, 2011 9065
The controversial contradiction between traditional precedent and recent failure to warn jurisprudence in New York. Kern, Dwight A.; Kostus, David S. Jan 1, 2011 11604
The plaintiffs' bar cannot enforce the laws: individual reliance issues prevent consumer protection classes in the Eighth Circuit. Barnett, Michael B. Dec 22, 2010 9601
Can you avoid avoidance ... as a risk management tool? Quinley, Kevin M. Nov 1, 2010 1380
Product liability insurance guide. Nov 1, 2010 126
Settlement for Calif. deaths. Nov 1, 2010 185
California dreamin'? Generic drug users can sue brand name drug manufacturers. Martin, Anthony L., Jr. Oct 1, 2010 5125
Can you avoid avoidance ... as a risk management tool? Quinley, Kevin M. Oct 1, 2010 1361
What are the policy implications of use of epidemiological evidence in mass torts and public health litigation? Ogolla, Christopher Sep 22, 2010 12416
Decision augurs broad application of the economic loss doctrine broadly. Parlin, Timothy B. Sep 17, 2010 1566
AstraZeneca announces agreements in principle in SEROQUEL product liability litigation. Aug 9, 2010 211
FDA defeated in selenium health claims case. Aug 1, 2010 330
Rethinking the regulations: proposed federal legislation would increase the lines of business that risk retention groups could write. Panko, Ron Cover story Aug 1, 2010 2225
Chatter, clatter, and blinks: defective car alerts and the role of technological advances in design defect/failure to warn cases. McKell, James Forrest, Jr. Jul 15, 2010 5840
The Crown's Right of Recovery Act. Shelley, Jacob J. Jun 22, 2010 6094
Rational pleading in the modern world of civil litigation: the lessons and public policy benefits of Twombly and Iqbal. Schwartz, Victor E.; Appel, Christopher E. Jun 22, 2010 16897
Chevron's sliding scale in Wyeth v. Levine. Dickinson, Gregory M. Jun 22, 2010 5346
Zinc, Denture Creams, and Lawsuits. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 264
Investigating adverse medical device events: a three-step approach. Quinley, Kevin May 1, 2010 1247
The difference between defect and failure: resolving product liability claims through the life expectancy defense. Whitney, Daniel W. May 1, 2010 1870
On (cr)edibility: why food in the United States may never be safe. Stearns, Denis W. Mar 22, 2010 16224
Drug company pleads guilty to health fraud. Faloon, William Mar 1, 2010 1150
Drug company pleads guilty to health fraud. Faloon, William Mar 1, 2010 1083
Agency weighs crib refunds. Anderson, Jane Brief article Feb 1, 2010 151
The need for a national civil justice survey of incidence and claiming behavior. Eisenberg, Theodore Feb 1, 2010 6801
Risky business; Adam Moore and Devin Ross investigate the litigation implications of Risk evaluation and Mitigation strategies. Moore, Adam R.; Ross, Devin K. Jan 1, 2010 1667
Amended products liability jury instructions. Jan 1, 2010 634
The applicability of Twombly and Iqbal to pharmaceutical product liability litigation. Reeves, Archibald T., IV Jan 1, 2010 1629
Take two of these and sue me in the morning: efficacy of the learned intermediary doctrine in prescription drug failure to warn cases. Friedman, Robert J. Jan 1, 2010 9075
A movement, a lawsuit, and the integrity of sponsored law and economics research. McGarity, Thomas O. Jan 1, 2010 13803
Corporate manipulation of research: strategies are similar across five industries. White, Jenny; Bero, Lisa A. Jan 1, 2010 11689
The Medical Affirmative Claims program. Hartley, Melissa W. Jan 1, 2010 2355
Japanese court rules on link between cigarette smoking and disease. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 244
The uncertainty surrounding "design" in design defect cases. Meyer, Kenneth R.; Sharkey, Brian P.; Hallberg, Justin C. Oct 1, 2009 5160
Annoyancetech vigilante torts and policy. Blomquist, Robert F. Sep 22, 2009 10093
The mature product preemption doctrine: the unitary standard and the paradox of consumer protection. Eggen, Jean Macchiaroli Sep 22, 2009 27071
Processing product liability claims: savvy handling can lead to better outcomes. Winschel, Nancy R.; Kostelnik, Nathan A.; Barnett, Lisa Jul 1, 2009 1881
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