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Products available free on the Internet.

SOI's Internet site offers a combination of files presenting SOI tables, articles about SOI data, and information about SOI products and services, as well as non-SOI products, including annual IRS Dam Book tables, Compliance Research projections, and nonprofit Master File microdata records. At present, over 5,391 files reside there.

Web site:

There is also a direct link to our Web site from FedStats, the gateway to official statistics from the Federal Government:

Tax Stats

On the Tax Stats Home Page you will find the following list of topics that will lead you to a wide range of tables, articles, and data that describe and measure elements of the U.S. tax system. There is also a link to check out What's New.

Business Tax Statistics

Corporations * International * Partnerships Nonfarm Sole Proprietorships S Corporations * All Topics

Charitable and Exempt Organization Statistics

Charities * Exempt Organization Master File Private Foundations * Trusts Tax-Exempt Bonds * All Topics

Individual Tax Statistics

Filing Season Statistics * Estate and Gift Tax Individual Income Tax * International Personal Wealth * All Topics

Products, Publications, and Papers

SOI Bulletins * IRS Data Books Conference Papers All Topics

IRS Operations, Budget, and Compliance Issuing Refunds * Collecting Revenue Enforcing Laws * Assisting Taxpayers All Topics

Statistics by Form

706 * 709 * 990 * 990-PF * 990-T 1040 * 1041 * 1065 * 1118 * 1120 5471 * 5472 * 8038 * All Forms

Statistics of Income (SOI)

About SOI * Careers With SOI SOI Services * SOI Studies All Topics

Additional Information

Tax Statistics at a Glance Join SOI Tax Stats E-Mail List Questions On Tax Statistics'?
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