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Products and packs.

Evedale Relaunches Hammonds

Evedale Foods, an Albert Fisher Europe company, is relaunching its Hammond retail brand with new packaging that is designed to reinforce the product's heritage and tradition.

This new packaging will introduce modern, clear graphics in an open layout. The Chop Sauce label will also sport the distinctive red, yellow and black colouring that became the product's trade mark, when it was first launched. As readers will know, their portfolio includes a barbecue sauce.

Yoplait Dessert Islands

Yoplait Dairy Crest have launched an Islands range of desserts, targeted at families with children.

Yoplait L'Ile au Caramel and L'Ile au Chocolate are islands of dessert that float in a rich caramel or chocolate sauce. These chilled desserts are being marketed in packaging that incorporates a fun-serving device on the base of each pot, which children can open themselves to produce a perfectly formed island.

The packaging retains the original French names but has been specifically designed for the UK market. These desserts come in multi-packs of 4 by 100g pots.

Welton's new Style Bread Pack

Lovers of garlic bread will like the new style of pack created for Land Food Products. Welton Packaging Ltd have produced a new style oven-proof pack for their garlic half-baguette that is cooked in a conventional domestic oven.

Land Food wanted to raise the image of this garlic product and commissioned a new design from Innovative Design of Hull. They then asked Welton to print and convert the pack.

The new pack not only had to satisfy the standards of the food packaging industry but also withstand the extremes of temperature involved in freezing the product and the consumer baking it prior to serving. The foil pack acts as a very effective odour barrier and the pack has been treated with a special lamination to prevent cross-tainting when the pack is heated. This means that just one wrapping can be used for the product rather than the two usually used.

The block-bottomed pack is printed in seven colours, half-tone flexo on a foil and paper lamination and closed with a tamper-evident heat seal.

Asda Uses RPC Rectangular Bottles

Asda is currently repackaging its range of dilute-to-taste fruit squashes in rectangular OPVC bottles from RPC Containers Rushden.

The 1, 2 and 3 litre size bottles come from RPC's standard stock range and replace a range of round OPVC designs that were also supplied by RPC.

We understand the Asda is considering the introduction of as fourth size - the 750 ml.

Two Firsts for Country Choice

Country Choice Foods have introduced two more 'firsts' to the UK market. They are now marketing Premier preproved all-butter Croissant and Dutch deluxe cheese souffle slice. Both these products are on offer to bakers, retailers and caterers.

The all-butter croissant claims to be the first that can be baked from the frozen state with no preparation required; the 60g product takes just 18 minutes to bake. The souffle is a puff pastry savoury filled with a light cheese souffle made from Edam and Gouda cheeses. This 95g souffle needs heating for 20 minutes from the frozen state.

Red Box Microwaveable Lasagnes

Back in 1973 Findus produced the first branded frozen lasagne and, such has been the success of this product range, that they have just brought out two more varieties - Chicken lasagne and Vegetable lasagne. Both products come as a 330g serving.

Findus have developed these two recipes for 'cooking' in microwaves as well as in an oven, for added convenience.

Center Parcs' Sweet Packaging

A range of sweets has been launched in novel spiral wound drums from Robinson Special Packaging. These drums incorporate a clear thermoformed dome to replicate Center Parcs' swimming pool complex.

The dome fits into a foil lined 100mm diameter spirally wound drum that is sealed with a plastics base. The drums' four colour graphics feature a scene from the holiday complex.

These packs, containing a range of jellies and chocolate beans, are supplied by Stanleys Confectionery of Harrogate.

Big Chunks in Smaller Cartons

The increasing number of one person households in Germany has encouraged Carl Kuhne KG of Hamburg to relaunch its Tomato Italiano brand of sauces in smaller cartons.

The company's standard 500ml pack has been replaced by 370ml Combibloc cartons. Use of this new carton did not require any modification to the Combibloc Series 6 filler, which was designed to fill cartons in the 300 to 500.

The Italiano sauces come in five varieties, all with chunky tomato pieces in a viscous sauce.

In the UK Combibloc cartons are supplied by Bowater PKL Ltd of Houghton-le-Spring.

Uncle Ben's Salsa Dips

Master Foods has brought out two salsa dip sauces under their Uncle Ben's brand. The new products are Salsa spicy dip and Salsa hot and spicy dip.

Made from tomatoes, chillies, red and green peppers, with a combination of sauces, both sauces are available in 320g clear glass jars.

Part-Baked Ciabatta Now Available

Part-baked authentic Ciabatta bread loaves, made in Lombardy, are now available from Continental Bakehouse. Produced to the traditional recipe with Extra Virgin olive oil added to give the special Italian taste, Panitalian Ciabatta bread can be baked from the frozen state in 12 minutes.

The 250g loaves are packed 24 to a case.

Bag-in-Box for Ambrosia

CPC (UK) Ltd is the first company to take advantage of the benefits of flexible bag-in-box packaging for ready-to-use milk dessert products with a year's shelf-life. The company's Caterplan Division is supplying Ambrosia Devon Custard and Creamed Rice Pudding to major catering outlets in 5 litre bag-in-box containers manufactured by SCA Packaging Ltd and Coloreed Liquid Packaging.

Following the acquisition of the Ambrosia Creamery, there was an opportunity to utilize and extend the plant's known UHT technology and experience by launching these retail products as a branded range to the catering trade. Freshly made with full cream milk, they are ready for use as they are poured out. The Intasept aseptic particulate filling system was chosen as its double membrane system isolates products from potential contamination at all stages of the filling cycle.

To co-ordinate the graphics used on the pack with those used on the 1 litre Tetra Brik cartons, a litho-laminated corrugated fibreboard container, manufactured by SCA Promotion, a division of SCA Packaging Ltd, was chosen. Fine flute board was selected to provide the strength necessary to withstand the large amount of handling to which these packs are subjected and to ensure there is no bulging of the pack walls.

Heinz Revamps Baby Foods

H J Heinz Co Ltd have revamped their entire baby food range. The gold packaging has gone, as have some of the less popular recipes. In their place the company has brought in 33 new recipes with improved flavours, products with new textures using modern ingredients, and they are all in new pack sizes that are packed in cases of 12.

We understand that more vegetables have been used across the range of fourteen 128g cans and eleven 128g jars to give a thicker pureed texture. The new recipes include Carrot and lamb with rosemary, Vegetable bake with coriander and Vegetable and lentil bake that carries the Vegetarian Society's symbol. Across all their savoury varieties a minimum of 3.6g of protein per 100 calories is delivered and added iron and vitamin C further improve this group, and sodium levels have been fixed at 200mg per 100g.

A striking blue label design completes the Strained savouries range and enhances the white polymer laminated format with the ring-pull ends introduced last year. The jars feature a similar label design and incorporate the pop-up lid button and red safety ring that provides tamper-evidence.

In addition to the established 163g for Junior savouries, Heinz are marketing a new 200g jar. Amongst the new recipes in this range are Fruity vegetable and chicken risotto and Minted vegetables with lamb. In their desserts sector the two new Pure Fruits are complimented by a Just apple Pure Fruit variety in 128g ring-pull cans and all the jar varieties are now in the larger 163g size. An attractive new label design in green is used for this range.

Scottish Pates

Deedplan Ltd has launched a range of Scottish pates under the brand name Lomond County.

This new Lomond County brand and logo is also being used a range of chilled vacuum packed cooked meats and delicatessen products that are being produced by the company at their Fife Food Centre premises.

Phoenix's new Better Value Packs

Phoenix Foods have launched two 'better value packs', to compliment their existing range of retail powdered products. The latest products are a 2kg hot chocolate and 1.5kg custard powder; both are being sold through Morrisons outlets.

The packs are larger versions of their existing product lines and there are immediate savings on packaging costs. Consumers enerally perceive larger packs to be better value.

The packs used are 603 by 170mm Sesame composite containers manufactured by CMB Sonoco Composites of Manchester. The labels are both litho printed in 6 colours on 95gsm Clan paper with a high gloss varnish by Buckleys of Stockport, and plastics overcaps are being supplied from a North American source.

New Flavours from Baskin-Robbins

The European Division of Baskin-Robbins International Co have just introduced new products intended for purchase during the Summer months. Their new products are Red raspberry sorbet, Passion fruit sherbert, Whipped fruit pineapple and Peach melba.

They are also launching two new flavours and a range of frozen yogurts. Fat-free vanilla and Chocolate twist ice cream and sugar-free berries. At the same time they have redeveloped three American-style frozen yogurts. These latter yogurts come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. Also new for the summer is Blend 'o' berries shebert. This is a refreshing mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and they are relaunching Sevilla, a refreshment lolly on a stick.

Waffles from Danepak

Whilst breakfast waffles are well known in the USA, Tulip International is currently launching its own version for the UK market. Sold under the Danepak label, their waffles are a convenient chilled product for eating at times other than breakfast. They consist of minced bacon, potato and cheddar cheese, all coated in crisp breadcrumbs.

Danepak's Bacon waffles are being marketed four to a 7oz modified atmosphere pack and these come 12 to a case. The product can be grilled or oven-baked in less than 15 minutes.

Marchmont Provide Pack for Winning Product

Marchmont Packaging Ltd of Dublin has produced the carton for Iceland's Mexican Vegetable Bake. This product was the winner of the BBC Food and Drink Programme's competition to create a new frozen ready-meal. The recipe, created by Mary Wilberforce, is being produced for Iceland by Top Hat Foods of Dundee.

Top Hat had to commercialize the product, carry out production trials and make sure this product would perform as a frozen meal in a 12oz pack. The packaging comprises a carton printed in 5 colours with high gloss plus UV finish. We understand the initial run was for 25,000 cartons and Marchmont took just three days to produce the carton!

New Look for Dog Foods

The Nutri-Foods Reward range of complete dog foods now has a new look. The Chicken'n rice, Lamb'n rice and Original varieties now come in 2kg bags featuring a Red Setter.

As readers may know, at Flintwell the company uses a dry and extrusion process to produce this range of products.

Two More from Steak Express

At the recent IFE exhibition, held in London, Steak Express Ltd introduced two more ready-meals.

These value-for-money meals in PET trays are a departure from the company's hand-held frozen snack range. The first new item is a beef steaklet with chips, peas and gravy and the second a sausage with chips, beans and gravy. Both products can be cooked from the frozen state.

Profiterole Improved

Sara Lee Bakery have further developed their Profiterole dessert. The improved chocolate profiterole dessert now has a richer, smoother chocolate sauce with real milk chocolate and a rich, all-butter shortbread base.

These profiteroles are available in two sizes - the standard 295g one or the larger party size 575g product.

Cup a Noodle

Batchelors has unveiled a new instant soup - Cup a Noodle. This is said to be the first instant noodle-based soup in single serve sachets. The combination of noodles and pieces of chicken comes in a sachet that provides a half pint serving. In fact, the serving size is larger than that used for many other instant soup.

New Drink Products in Singapore

Two drink products have been launched by Asia Dairies in Singapore.

Viva yogurt drink is a cultured product made by inoculating fresh milk with cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The resulting yogurt is then mixed with fruit juices to give a low fat drink that comes in peach, strawberry and orange flavours. These drinks are being marketed in Tetra Brik Aseptic Slim 180ml cartons.

Diet Daisy Chocolate has also been introduced by this same company. It contains one 1 percent of fat - half the fat of ordinary milk chocolate. It is packed in similar cartons to the first mentioned product, but the more conventional 250ml size.

Truckledown at IFE

At the London IFE exhibition Truckledown was launched by the 1920 Cheese Makers. This trading company of Singleton's Dairy Ltd makes the semi hard cow's milk cheese with vegetarian rennet.

We understand that such was the success of the launch that Truckledown is already being stocked by several retail and supermarket outlets.

Vegetable Nuggets from Kitchen Range

Kitchen Range Foods Ltd have launched their first vegetable nuggets.

Suitable for vegetarians, the nuggets are initially being made in two varieties - mixed vegetable, and cheese and tomato pizza. Both varieties can be 3-way cooked from frozen.

Presented in four different shapes, these nuggets come in cases of 4 by 2lb polybags.

New from Tay Valley Patisserie

At the IFE exhibition Tay Valley Patisserie unveiled new retail frozen desserts. Apple crumble, Rhubarb crumble and Black forest trifle have now joined their range.

The crumbles are hand-made and can be oven-baked straight from the frozen state, and the trifle can be served straight from the bowl after defrosting. Whilst the crumbles provide four portions, the trifle could be stretched to six.

White Crumb for Scampi

A classic white crumb has been chosen by Dawnfresh Seafoods for four packs of genuine whole tail scampi. These breaded products are only suitable for frying.

The scampi are being marketed with count sizes of 30 to 40 and 40 to 60 per pound and there are larger count sizes - 25-35 and 18-22 per pound but they need not contain more than one tail. All units come in 454g packs in 10s.

Peter Hunt's Cheese and Onion Savouries

Now available to caterers from Peter Hunt's Bakery Foods are two individual savouries that combines the popular flavours cheese and onion.

The two are Potato, cheese and onion pasty and Cheese and onion pie. Both these savoury products are 5.5oz in weight and they are marketed frozen in packs of 24; there is a choice of unbaked or ready-baked varieties. These products are also available ready-baked and chilled.

More Gateaux from C and D

C and D Continental Patisserie have brought out two more catering gateaux. Chocolate roules supreme and Chocolotta cheesecake both include alternating layers of different shades of chocolate colour to create an eye-catching effect.

The Roules supreme brings together chocolate, fresh cream and Grand Marnier, whilst the cheesecake starts with a dark chocolate sponge base that is surmounted by a lighter layer of chocolate flavour cheesecake.

Fribo's New Products

Fribo Foods Ltd is currently launching a range of frozen savoury meat balls for the catering industry. Precooked and available in a 1kg bag, these meat balls combine beef and pork with flavoursome seasonings. Each savoury ball weighs around 10g and can be microwaved, oven-baked or grilled.

Also at the recent IFE exhibition Fribo had on display the new retail boxes of vegetable Super nuggets. Each 500g bag contains approximately 25 nuggets that are a combination of rice, carrots, onions, beans, potato flakes, sesame seeds, herbs and spices. They are formed into three different shapes and can be deep or shallow fried, or over-baked.

Aaron Completes 2000th Line for Somerfield

Aaron Associates, the Slough-based packaging origination specialists, have completed their 2000th line for Somerfield, which underlines the successful working relationship with Gateway Foodmarkets.

The latest line is a new Somerfield range of frozen sausages, available in five varieties and packed in quantities of 16 and 32 in eye-catching bunch-wrapped, polyethylene bags. This concept, created by Elmwood Design, presents an everyday product in an attractive pack that underlines its quality and value.

For Aaron, the origination, which was to be printed process flexo, involved some complex colour separation work. The background features a checked table cloth supplied as a black and white illustration, which was required to vignette from two colours at the bottom to one at the top of the pack.

Working from one illustration and transparencies of product and cutlery, Aaron produced five sets of colour separations for each of the five product varieties. Then, in order to ensure the printers, Venus Packaging, could achieve the required colour balance between separations, the design was adjusted on system by colour areas in order to minimize potential registration problems and remove dot areas below a minimum screen size.

Packsmiths Agents for IDAG

Packsmiths of Chalfont St Peter have been appointed as agents for the UK and Eire by IDAG of Messina in Sicily for the sale of their products. The range comprises fruit juices, pulps and shells but primarily sorbet and ice cream-filled fruit shells, speciality ice cream and frozen desserts. Included in this range are lemon, orange, mandarin, peach, pineapple, coconut and melon, all individually sealed in printed polyethylene bags.

Frutezi is the brand name that been devised to give this range of products suitable identification.

Pilferproof Packaging for Schwartz Seasonings

The range of seasonings in the familiar Schwartz jars is currently being relaunched with their new burgundy coloured caps. For these McCormick Foods have just chosen tamper-evident seals made by Viscose Closures of Crawley.

This method of protection was chosen, after consumer tests, in preference to a foil seal under the lid, which would not indicate tampering until the jar had been opened. Material for this launch was supplied in the form of reeled tubing.

Three More Cooking Sauces from Sharwood's

J A Sharwood & Co Ltd are following on the successful launch of their cooking sauces last Autumn by adding three new varieties. They are Indonesian satay, Indian jal-frezi and Mediterranean nicoise.

These sauces contain a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices, and can be added to stir fry meat to produce a complete dishes in under 20 minutes. They come in 340g jars and provide 2 to 3 servings.

McCain Cheesebread Feast

Cheesebread Feast is the name given to a new product from McCain Foods (GB) Ltd. This frozen pizza is said to be the only pizza to boast an individually hand-made base.

Its base is made using traditional methods to give an aerated base that has a light, crisp texture on the outside and a moist, bread-like texture on the inside. The base is enriched with parmesan cheese and olive oil with a hint of garlic then sprinkled with mozzarella cheese before being baked.

Topped with other ingredients, it comes in two varieties - Continental meats and Cheese and tomato.

Tillery's Quorn Casserole

Tillery Valley Foods Ltd have added a new recipe dish to their Quorn-based meals. Creamy Quorn Casserole combines mustard, white wine and mushrooms in a sauce. This product is supplied as part of the company's 21-day chilled menu or from their frozen recipe dish selection.
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