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Products and packs.


Puccino is the name of a milk-based product made with real coffee. It comes from Scottish Farm Quality Dairy Foods and enables cappuccino to be served at home. All that needs to be done is to prepare the drink in a saucepan or microwave.

Puccino is sold in 180ml Tetra Brik Aseptic slim cartons that incorporate a convenient pull-tab opening. Each carton comes complete with a sachet of cocoa powder for sprinkling on the coffee as a finishing touch.

New Packaging for BG Yogurts

To emphasize the importance of living cultures in yogurt, BG Foods have revamped the packaging for both their 4 and 12 packs of 125g Live Real French Set Yogurt.

The word 'live' has been flashed on all facings of the package and text explains that the low fat products contain live, health-giving cultures.

Scottish Farm Dairy Food's Three new Products

Recently, Scottish Farm introduced three products. Fresh'N'Lo now comes in a 250ml pack with a straw, to provide a snack size pack. Whitelite is a 14ml jigger of smooth milk whitener made from skimmed milk and non milk fat, that is suitable for use with either tea or coffee. The company has also brought out a softserve Yogurt Ice Cream mix in ambient packaging. This low fat dessert is being marketed in units of 12 by 1 litre cartons.

'Child Appeal' for Cadbury's Packs

Cadbury's added extra 'child appeal' to their special treat-size Christmas bumper packs this year.

As well as a large selection of chocolates, the range was packed in a re-usable rigid plastics containers. The tall four litre polypropylene packs were selected from DRG Plastics stock range of containers. In fact, blue containers were used for general distribution and red ones exclusively for sale in Asda Stores. The tubs themselves are injection moulded and side wall-labelled in line.

Stir-Fry Oil

Because the technique of stir-frying has become so popular, J A Sharwood & Co Ltd have begun marketing their one Stir-Fry Oil. Their oil is based on the Chinese idea of flavouring a cooking oil with spices. The particular oil they use is a blend of sunflower and sesame oil containing a blend of garlic, ginger and black pepper. The oil is seen on the shelves in 300ml bottles.

Whilst launching the oil, Sharwoods have taken the opportunity of adding to their Stir-Fry sauce range. the latest addition is Chop Suey. This product comes in a 160g container.

Bottled Fresh Chocolate Milk

Associated Dairies recently launched bottled fresh chocolate milk. The company introduced this product into their doorstep delivery system initially by providing free samples to customers. Now, the trade has begun to grow and they are currently delivering more than 12,000 pints a week.

Branded under their Doorstep Fresh label, with this branding embossed on each bottle neck, the product is made and bottled at their Newcastle dairy where new equipment had to be installed to melt the real chocolate that is added to the fresh milk.

Bite Size Bagel Chips

Authentic New York-style bagel chips and pita chips have now arrived in the UK.

Bite-size bagels are available in five different flavours: garlic, plain, rye with caraway, hot'n'spicy and cinnamon raisin. These chips are made by hand from fresh bagels, sliced and twice baked for added crispness and flavour. They are being marketed in 42g packs through Exclusive Foods of Bordon, Hampshire, who are the UK distributors.

Bagel Chips are made by The New York Style Bagel Chip Co, who also make pita chips. These come in 140g packs in several flavours including toasted garlic, onion and poppyseed, plain and low salt, sesame and oatbran.

Tin for a Hamper

CMB Promotional Packaging of Mansfield were recently commissioned to produce a tin for use as a Christmas hamper. The enquiry came from Grossekathofer GmbH of Germany.

The pack developed was in the shape of a round slip-lid tin with floral graphics on the lid. To ensure a more distinctive appearance, CMB embossed the lid to emphasize the floral pattern.

Inside the tin, recipients would have found a variety of festive items including gin, schnapps or wine and a selection of delicatessen products. To complete the pack, the tin was wrapped in clear film and tied with a bow.

Medium Size for Debonair

Debonair Real Dairy Cream is now available in a new size. Craigmillar have brought out the product in a 500ml aerosol pack to join their other two pack sizes.

A special nozzle is used to allow the control and professional touch of the traditional piping bag, without the usual waste. We understand this 500ml aerosol has a shelf-life of 16 weeks.

Pizza Box - Make Your Own Pizza

Dansco Tolona Ltd have launched a new concept in fast and simple pizza preparation.

The product, known as Pizza Box - Make your Own Pizza, contains ten 9in. diameter individually pan-baked, quick frozen pizza crusts and ten sachets of pizza sauce, pure mozzarella cheese and pizza spice.

The catering user is encouraged to use his or her own meat and vegetable toppings but, if preferred, suitable IQF toppings can be obtained from Dansco Tolona.

Holograms Help Oat Cereal

A series of holograms are being used as an in-pack promotion to help launch a new instant breakfast cereal for children in the Irish Republic.

Called O'tees, this cereal is produced by Flahavans, a leading Irish manufacturer of porridge oats. Each packet contains one of a series of full colour registered two channel holograms. Designed and produced by Applied Holographics Plc, they feature a cartoon character, O'tee Bear, engaged in various pursuits, like playing football, fishing and riding a bicycle.

Each hologram is surrounded by a reflector band and incorporates self- adhesive backing so they may be affixed to clothing, satchels or bicycles as safety devices. They were commissioned by London-based Innovation Management International who also developed the cereal for Flahavans.

Lea and Perrins Tomato Ketchup

HP Foods is developing a new value-added sector in the UK sauce market. Lea and Perrins Tomato Ketchup is a product with the spicy 'kick' of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. It has been introduced initially in 250 and 450g bottles.

Campbells Extends Burger Range

Building on their success in the frozen microwaveable snack market, Campbell Frozen Foods have brought out two new varieties to add to their Burger-in-a-Bun range. They are Mexican and Chicken burgers. The former are made hot and spicy with relish and cheese, whilst the latter are made with lemon mayonnaise.

Readers will be interested to learn that the Mexican version has been 'anglicised' to make it more readily acceptable by the UK public.

More Asda Work for Double S Labels

Bradford-based Double S Labels were chosen by Asda to produce labels for the five different eye-catching pictorial headers for traditional pork dishes. The different headers were embellished by the use of a serving suggestion and cooking instructions, and a photographic image of the product.

UV varnish coats the label surfaces as a protective shield, and helps to create added shelf appeal.

Double Stell us they were recently the proud recipients of the accreditation BS 5750.

Pictorial Cartons from LMG Mardon

High quality pictorial Christmas cartons were produced by LMG Mardon on behalf of United Biscuits for a range of retailers. These cartons were specified by the retailers as a more economic alternative to the conventional tin. All the packs were printed on polyethylene-backed board or on Greaseback to provide good barrier protection. Printing by offset litho used six colours plus varnish with one additional colour inside.

LMG Mardon's latest press offers the benefit of inline coating and perfecting in one pass, so that carton contents, 'money-off' coupons, receipts or other special information can be printed on the inside of a carton.

Amoy Dimsum now Through Pullmans

The range of Dimsum produced by Amoy Foods Europe is now available through Pullman Foods' network of distribution depots.

As readers may know, the Dimsum are manufactured in Hong Kong. Pullmans are stocking a mixed case containing 36 pieces each of prawn wonton, seafood shaomai, vegetable spring roll and spicy prawn samosa. These finger-size pastry parcels are intended for deep frying.

Bigger Multi-Pack for Mini-Cheddars

Welton Packaging Ltd of Bath have produced a new larger multi-pack for McVitie's Mini-Cheddar snack biscuits. This mixed multi-pack contains 15 bags in three popular flavours.

The 80gsm clay coated pack with internal heatseal is printed in seven colours with a final coat of UV lacquer.

Prawn Burger

Royal Greenland of Cheadle Hulme is now offering Prawn Burgers to the catering industry. Each 3oz burger contains a mixture of coldwater prawns and whiting, all coated in a light and naturally crunchy breadcrumb. Presented in cases of 48, these burgers can be shallow fried or grilled.

Also from the same source come Prawn Nuggets. Made to a similar recipe, they are nugget shaped and can be quickly prepared from the frozen state by deep frying. They are packed in 1lb bags and dispatched 10 to a case.

Shearway's Colourful Melon Balls

Frozen melon balls in either 1 or 2lb packs are now available from Shearway Foods. The full colour printed small polybags come packed 24 to the case and the larger size in 12s. Each pack comprises a 50/50 mixture of orange cantaloupe and green honeydew melon balls.

McCain Southern Fries

Inspired by an idea from the USA, McCain Foods (GB) Ltd have introduced a new frozen product - fresh potato with a crisp coating. Known as McCain Southern Fries, they come in several varieties. For instance, the potatoes can be Straight, Lattice or Spiral cuts. Straight and Spiral cuts have a crisp savoury coating that is blended with black pepper, salt and a hint of American garlic. Lattices are fresh potato with a crisp light spicy coating that is blended with jalapino pepper, ginger and a hint of lemon oil.

All these products are being marketed in 1lb polybags.

New Premium Egg Brand

Thames Valley Eggs Ltd have introduced another premium brand of fresh eggs. These are from hens whose diet is free from all types of animal protein; it is corn-enriched.

The name of the new brand is Church Lane Farm and maximum freshness is ensured by the use of on-farm cooling and a guaranteed delivery time of less than 48hr to the retail outlet. The different types of production are identified by full colour graphics that are applied as labels to recycled and recyclable fibre cartons. To ensure full recognition on the shelf, the full colour designs are repeated on both the internal and external surfaces of the outers, which carry the legends Free Range Eggs, Fresh Farm Eggs or Fresh Barn Eggs to denote the free-range, cage-produced and barn/perchery types.

Multi-Pack for Classics

The New England Food Co has introduced a Classic multi-pack which contains four of its most popular luxury dairy ice creams. The flavours - Luxury vanilla, Dutch chocolate, Vermont maple pecan and Strawberries and cream - are being retailed in 120ml tubs.

To solve the problem of displaying small ice cream packs safely, New England use a secure box that carries their usual eye-catching blue livery.

Shearway's Mushroom Choice

A choice of sliced or button mushrooms has been introduced by Shearway Foods. Carefully size-graded for consistent quality, both varieties are packaged in printed polybags. The 1lb bags feature the Shearway logo and an appealing product photograph. They are packed 24 to a case.

C and D Improving Desserts

A programme to progressively improve the recipes of their best-selling lines has been introduced by C and D Continental Patisserie of Radcliffe.

The first of their products to be enhanced is the Dairy strawberry gateau. A new formula has been introduced for the strawberry gel that covers the whole strawberries overlaying the top of the gateau. A lighter clearer gel is now used to give better visibility to the strawberries which are carefully arranged pointed end uppermost. The whole effect is rounded off by the use of more cream in the hand-piped rosettes that garnish the edge of the gateau.

Multi-Portion Ratatouille

Emile Tissot's ratatouille is now available in a multi-portion size. The recipe used contains a minimum of six vegetables including courgettes, red and green peppers, tomatoes and carrots in a blend of Mediterranean herbs with a touch of garlic, all in a tomato-based sauce. Only fresh ingredients are used and no artificial flavours or colours.

Ravenous Raspberry Romance

Kaysen's latest dessert is known as Ravenous Raspberry Romance. This hand- made dessert consists of a gateau bedecked with ribbons of pink and white cream.

The first layer is a moist chocolate sponge topped with fresh cream. This is followed by a crisp meringue filled with a white chocolate fudge that supports a raspberry mousse flavoured and coloured with raspberry conserve. The sides are covered with cream and milk chocolate flakes and the top is beribboned.

Eden Vale's Simpsons Desserts

Simpsons, the carton characters, are being used to market a new range of dairy desserts. Simpsons, Eden Vale's latest character brand, are being used to promote a range of desserts aimed at children.

This range comprises fromage frais dessert in a four-pack format. The 100g pots are in four flavours - strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and banana. There is also a creamy dessert in a four-pack format, and this one comes in a 125g pot.

Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Soft-serve frozen yogurt is currently being introduced to the UK by DairyDen who are serving it through their newly opened parlour in Dudley's Merry Hill Centre.

They tell us DairyDen yogurt is almost indistinguishable from ice cream, is fat-free and contains only 77 calories per ounce. Like ice cream, it is comes in a range of flavours and there are some 30 currently available.

After their initial sales success, DairyDen propose to expand throughout the country and have already opened an outlet in Coventry and another will be opened in London shortly.

Sauces from New Covent Garden

The New Covent Garden Soup Co has now launched a range of fresh chilled fresh sauces that can be used for pasta, fish, poultry, vegetables or rice.

Four flavours are currently available: Florentine, Mediterranean, Parmigiana and provencal. All are packed in 320ml microwaveable cartons that carry the company's distinctive branding. Like their soups, these sauces are made from fresh natural ingredients with no additives, colourings or preservatives. All of them have a 16-day shelf-life from manufacture.

Lucky Charms from Cereal Partners

Cereal Partners UK, the partnership between Nestle and General Mills, has brought out Lucky Charms. Aimed at the children's breakfast cereal sector, Lucky Charms have a good track record in the USA.

This frosted oat cereal is the first branded product in the UK to feature coloured shaped pieces of crispy mallow. Lucky Charms contain only natural colours and they are fortified with six vitamins and iron.

This product is packaged in a bright red and yellow design with a strong focus on its brand character, Lucky the Leprechaun. The actual pack size is 375g.

Hero Drinks through Single Service

Single Service Ltd, the leading portion packers, have augmented their portfolio by adding the 250ml range of Hero sparkling fruit juice drinks. Flavours available through Single Service are orange, cassis, pina, cherry, lemon and bitter lemon. They are packed in cases of 24 and presented in slimline cans with a retainable ring-pull. Full nutritional information is provided on each steel can.

These drinks, made with a minimum 10 percent fruit juice content, do not contain artificial flavourings or colours.

Plumtree's Quarter-Pounder Vegetable Grills

Plumtree Farms have brought out 4oz versions of their Cheese and Vegetable tikka Grills. They are being sold under their Healthy Eating range of vegetable products and like the earlier product, are based on six vegetables, whole egg and sesame seeds.

The Grills are being sold frozen in 6lb outers and are suitable for deep- frying, grilling, oven-baking or shallow-frying.

Vegan Ice Cream

Berrydales, the manufacturers of organic no-cream ice creams, have now brought out a vegan version of their Bitter Chocolate Ice. As they say, it tastes something like a cross between an ice cream and a sorbet but lighter and cleaner in taste than the former ice cream with more body than the latter.

Burton's Gain Monde Selection Awards

Burton's Biscuits achieved great success in the 1991 Monde Selection quality awards event. They won a total of eleven medals in the cereal products section. Their haul included a Grand Gold Medal and six Gold Medals. This result is the best they have achieved in the competition whose awards are made annually by the International Institute for Quality Selections, which is based in Brussels.

The Grand Gold medal was awarded for their Royal Edinburgh Petticoat Tails shortbread and Gold medals for their Jaffa Cakes, Rich Tea, Royal Tea, Country Snapjacks, Homeblest and Mary Queen of Scots biscuits.

Vegetable Feasts from Birds Eye

Birds Eye Wall's Ltd has added Vegetable Feasts to its Country Club Cuisine range of frozen vegetable products. Following from the success of Mushroom Feasts, Vegetable Feasts incorporates pockets of shredded potato with a cheese and vegetable filling of broccoli, sweetcorn and carrots.

Superwhip Relaunched

Birds Eye Wall's Ltd have relaunched Superwhip. As readers will know, this ow fat whipped topping is made without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It now contains only half the fat of double cream and is packaged in a more attractive and robust 700ml tub.

We understand it can be stored frozen for a year and doesn't shrink when kept chilled, which is a problem with some aerosol toppings.

Weight Watchers French Bread Pizzas

Weight Watchers form Heinz has introduced frozen French bread pizzas. They tell us their product incorporates a tasty wholemeal base, and at 150g and less than 250 calories per serving offers reduced calories rather than reduced weight.

There are four varieties - Ham and mushroom, Cheese and tomato, Pepperoni and Ham and pineapple - and they are being marketed in a full colour printed carton depicting the product in a typical serving situation.

Single Mint Torten

The After Dinner Mint Torten made by C and D Continental Patisserie of Radcliffe is now available singly in highly pictorial packaging. Each one is presented on a silver tray, in a protective card collar and wrapped in a polybag, all contained in a full colour printed carton that carries a tempting product photograph.

More Indulgence Desserts

As sales of the single pot Kool Indulgence Desserts have outstripped their forecast sales, BG foods have added two flavours to the range.

Raspberry Trifle and Strawberry Trifle are multi-layer 114g products sold in transparent pots to show the layers of fresh cream, sponge, custard, fruit and jelly. These come in packs of six and have a ten day life from the date of manufacture.

Weight Watchers Frozen Ready-Meals

Five frozen ready-meals have been launched by Weight Watchers from Heinz. They are Beef cannelloni, Mushroom pasta bake and Chicken and broccoli spiral pasta bake, and they have been added to the brand's Pasta Plus range. At the same time they have increased the Vegetable Plus range by adding Vegetable risotto and Cauliflower cheese with potato.

All these products are being marketed in attractive full colour cartons.

New Drink from Maxpax

Maxpax International, the makers of incup beverages, have brought to the market a new drink. Orange Flavoured Chocolate is now on offer from the company which is part of Kraft General Foods.

This premium chocolate drink, with a hint of orange, is being marketed in cases of 375 cups.

Vegetable Lasagne from Top Hat

Vegetable Lasagne is the latest addition to the Freezer Chef range of frozen ready-meals from Top Hat Foods Ltd of Dundee.

This product, which is available nationwide, combines nine vegetables in a rich tomato sauce with layers of verdi pasta, all topped with a cheesy bechamel sauce. Manufactured using vegetarian cheddar cheese, with a rating of only 282kcal per pack, this product is presented in a 340g foil tray. It may be heated from the frozen state by a conventional oven or in a microwave.

New Look for Steakhouse

Birds Eye Wall's Ltd have introduced a new pack design for their Steakhouse range of frozen burgers and grills.

Michael Peters Ltd, the London corporate and brand identity consultants, were given the task of completely redesigning the packaging for 1992.

Saupiquet's Tuna now in Oil

Saupiquet UK Ltd have extended their range of basic product with Tuna Chunks in Oil. Like the brine version, this product is made using skipjack tuna and it is packed in 185g cans. Attractive labelling gives a full nutritional breakdown and carries the company's dolphin friendly logo.

Edd the Duck Milk Shakes

Express Dairy recently brought out Edd the Duck flavoured milk shakes. Packed in 250ml Tetra Brik Aseptic cartons, this range is available in three flavours - 'Chillin' chocolate, 'slurpin' strawberry and 'Trific' toffee.

It is interesting to note that the volume of product in each carton is only 180ml to allow it to be thoroughly shaken before use.
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