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Buitoni's new Pasta Generation

The dry pasta market has doubled in value over the last six years, so is one of the fastest growing food sectors.

To encourage this maturing market along still further, Buitoni have introduced a new dry pasta range that combines speed of preparation with quality - Buitoni Express.

Unlike other quick-cook pastas, Buitoni Express shapes are the same size as standard products. A special manufacturing process grooves both the insides and outsides of these shapes, which allows boiling water to permeate the pasta quicker when cooking.

Four Buitoni Express shapes are being launched - Cellentani (twirls), Sedanini (tubes), Tortiglioncini and Pennette Rigate (diagonally cut tubes) - all in 500g bags.

New from Pritchitts

Specialist coffee ready in seconds is the latest idea from Prichitt Foods.

They can now offer a choice of Irish cream, Hazelnut, Amaretto and Vanilla Over and Out flavours for coffees. These products come as four portion packs that have been designed so they can be dispensed straight into a cup of black coffee as each pack makes use of their Over and Out dispense system.

As readers will appreciate, these flavours can be quickly and easily added to coffee, prior to serving, by the simple technique of just turning the pack over and squeezing the contents into the stirred coffee.

Prichitts reckon that iced coffee will be the big seller this year. To that end they have developed Millac Iced Coffee. This new product is packed in 1 litre Tetra Pak cartons that come in 12s. To use this product, one merely opens the pack and pours the contents over ice before serving.

Millac Iced Coffee can be stored at ambient temperature for up to six months but should be held between 4 [degrees] and 8 [degrees] C, as in a refrigerator, prior to serving.

Major Relaunch for Chewits

Leaf United Kingdom are currently relauching their Chewits brand, which is the first major relaunch in the brand's 30 year life.

New packaging for the five-flavour stick-pack range adopts a livelier, up-to-the-minute treatment, with brighter colours, stronger branding and more enticing fruit graphics. This relaunched range also now utilizes only natural colourings.

After considerable research, the redesigned packs, whilst being completely new, are close enough to their predecessors to ensure instant recognition. The new design features a brand logo that is larger in size, with a jaunty twist to the lettering, to inject more life and bring it up-to-the-minute. Colourways are brighter for stronger 'stand-out' and 'fruitier' illustrations now emphasize Chewits' real fruit juice content.

Crosse and Blackwells' new Food Category

Crosse and Blackwell are targeting consumers looking for simple meal solutions with the introduction of their One Pan Mealmakers, which offer a tasty meal for two.

This product combines the versatility of one-pan cook meals with the flexibility and the choice of three recipe ideas on the back of each pack.

Each of the five varieties includes both a sauce mix and pasta or noodles in one pack. Meat, fish or vegetables are all that are needed to create a quick meal using just one pan. The varieties are Neopolitan, Sweet and sour, Chow mein, Bolognese, and Supreme.

The product's easy-to-open carton has been designed to differentiate the product from both recipe mixes and jar sauces. Cooking instructions and ingredients for the three recipe suggestions in the back of the carton are communicated in three steps, together with the Crosse and Blackwell Careline number.

Orchard Fruits Added to Five Alive

A new quality juice drink, named Orchard Fruits, is currently being launched as an extension to the successful Five Alive range from Refreshment Spectrum Ltd, which is part of the Coco-Cola Co in the UK.

This drink is available in Tetra Brik Aseptic 250ml ready-to-drink cartons with straws and in Slim one litre cartons fitted with ReCap for easy opening and closing in singles and multi-packs.

This new Orchard Fruits drink is a taste-appealing blend Of berry fruits and apple, to complement the three existing varieties in their Five Alive range. There is a multi-pack of nine 250ml cartons with an introductory extra three packs!

Scottish Pride's Cheese for Connoisseurs

A completely new range of connoisseur cheese has been launched by Scotland's largest dairy company, Scottish Pride.

Their new Highlands and Islands range comprises five cheese designed to boost speciality cheese sales in the major multiples and delicatessen outlets. These cheeses are all attractively packed to ensure a strong visual impact in-store.

Highland is the most mature cheese in the range, being allowed to mature for at least 12, and maybe 18 months, at the Campbeltown Creamery. The Mull of Kintyre cheese owes its rounded taste and pleasant aroma to the whisky fumes that still hover within the Campbeltown creamery from its days as a whisky distillery. Arran Cheddar is made using traditional Scottish cheesemaking methods, the cheese being turned by hand in the Arran Creamery. Isle of Bute medium cheddar is a hard cheese with a close texture that comes from the Rothesay Creamery where it is allowed to mature for between five and eight months. Drumleish cheese has an individual taste of luxury, with 120gal. of double cream being added to each batch. It is allowed to mature for just three months, to give a mild cheese with a flaky uneven texture and sharp buttery flavour.

Additional Liqueur Chocolates

Thomas Lowndes & Co have renewed their partnership with Leaf UK to produce a new selection of luxury liqueur chocolates for Christmas under their Famous Names brand.

The Famous Names Classic Collection includes 20 extra large chocolates containing one of the three premium wine and spirit brands - Courvoisier VS cognac, Teacher's Scotch whisky and Cockburn's Special Reserve port, all supplied by Thomas Lowndes.

The launch marks a first for Courvoisier, new to Lowndes portfolio and never before available as a food ingredient.

This 240g Classic Collection packs will be on the shelves in September, in time for the festive rush!

Delicious Donut's Triple Decker

The Delicious Donut Co have brought out Fudge Crunch Cakes. These comprise a laver of chewy caramel sandwiched between a crunchy biscuit base and a sweet topping of either chocolate or vanilla.

This triple decker product weighs 90g and it is presented in bar-coded packaging units of 40.

New Ken Hom Dishes

Early last month a new range of Chinese ready-meals and snacks, developed by Ken Horn, the TV chef, in partnership with the ethnic food manufacturers S and A Foods Ltd, was launched.

This Ken Hom Cuisine includes some of the chef's favourite Chinese recipes, and they are now available in convenient, ready-to-eat form. There are five meat dishes and a vegetarian alternative, all complete with rice or noodles, in the range, which comprises Sweet and sour chicken, Sichuan chicken, Balinese chicken, Hot and spicy chilli chicken, Cantonese style braised aubergines, and Cantonese style chicken in black bean sauce. All these dishes come in 375g packs.

As a complement to Ken Hom Cuisine, Ken Hom and S and A Foods have also recreated the popular Chinese tradition of xiao chi or 'small eats' and launched Hom's Oriental Snacks in 175g packs.

These freshly prepared tasty noodle dishes are intended for use as a snack or light meal at any time. They are available in the following varieties, Cantonese egg fried noodles, Chilli chicken noodles, Spicy vegetable and chicken chow mein, and Black bean chicken noodles.

Both these ranges of products are made without the use of monosodium glutamate and utilize only fresh ingredients, we are assured.

Seabay Fishburgers

Grimsby-based Seabay Ltd have added a new fish burger in battercrisp to their range of catering products. With a fat content of less than 10g per 100g, these products may be grilled, oven-baked or deep fried from the frozen state.

These new burgers come in two sizes, 60 and 100g, and they are packed 48 to the outer.

New from Assured Foods

Assured Foods launched a new microwaveable snack product at the recent Food and Drink Expo.

Their Tuna Melt and Dell Dog have been developed from conception to be microwaveable, unlike other microwaveable products on the market, they say. Existing products tend to have been developed for other forms of cooking or heating and, therefore, when heated in a microwave, they become inferior.

The tuna product comprises moist tuna, sweet peppers and herbs bound together in a creamy cheese melt, all enveloped in sundried tomato ciabatta bread. The second product is a combination of smoked sausage and crisp onion in a creamy cheese mustard flavoured melt, again in ciabatta bread.

The difference claimed for these products is that the creamy cheese only melts when microwaved and ciabatta bread does not absorb moisture from the filling.

Orchid Drinks' Developments

Orchid Drinks have revamped their Jive range of all-natural, high juice drinks by entering the still juice drinks sector.

Their new Jive range offers five single and combined fruit recipes: Fruit salad, Florida orange cocktail, Pink grapefruit and blood orange, Lemonade, and Lemonade with blackcurrant juice. These products are made from 80% pure fruit juice blended with spring water. They are sweetened with juice and contain around 35 calories per 100ml.

New look packaging has been designed to give the range maximum on-shelf impact. Vibrant new graphics underpin the brand's 'burst of juice' message, and the larger 330ml size is now a resealable bottle with a bright blue and yellow cap.

They have also introduced a new size pack for their Ame drink, which is a blend of fruit juices, herbs and spring water. A 330ml size pack has now replaced the former 200ml bottle.

Yakult Launches in Britain

Yakult, the fermented milk drink, is now being launched in the UK by Yakult UK Ltd. Already some 15 million bottles of this product are drunk daily around the world. This product has already been successfully launched in Holland and Belgium.

The parent company is Yakult Honsha Co Ltd, which has a [pounds]1bn. turnover in Japan through its five divisions - consumer nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, research and development, and chemical analyses. To cope with their expansion plans, last year they opened a [pounds]12m. production plant in The Netherlands.

The success of this product is rooted in a health message - a good balance of intestinal flora promotes a healthy body. This balance is created by a lactic acid bacterium, lacto-bacillus casei Shirota, that was isolated from the human intestine back in 1935. Today, every bottle contains at least 6.5 billion of these bacteria.

The refreshing citrus-tasting drink is sold in packs of seven 65ml bottles by Yakult UK Ltd, which was incorporated last year as a wholly owned subsidiary of Yakult Europe BV. The UK company will initially draw supplies from their sister company in The Netherlands but are likely to manufacture in the UK when their market expands.

Fruity Additions to Tropicana

As part of their new product development campaign, Tropicana have launched two new chilled 'not from concentrate' juices: Tropicana Pure premium apple and Pure premium pink grapefruit.

As readers may appreciate, chilled juices are the fastest growing cold beverages by value and chalked up a 74% increase last year, we are told.

This new apple juice is pressed from fresh orchard apples to capture that 'just picked' natural flavour. Likewise their new grapefruit juice is squeezed from sweet-tasting Florida grapefruit and therefore has that fresh citrus flavour.

Processed to Tropicana's high standards, these juices contain no added water, sugar or colour. They are flash pasteurised then immediately chilled. The product will then retain its maximum flavour, if unopened, for up to 30 days but should be consumed within 5 days once opened.

Both these new juices are being retailed in 1 litre cartons.

Lion Cooked Poultry

Lion Speciality Foods, the chilled foods division of the Lion Foods group of companies, have brought out a new range of flavoured turkey crowns for the retail sector. These crowns are made with breast meat and are available in Caribbean, Latin, Korma, Tikka and Oriental flavours.

This new range has been developed using fine ingredients and the expertise of their herbs, spices and seasonings division, Lion Foods Ltd. Curry sauces, Chinese seasonings, Caribbean and Mediterranean ingredients are added to the crowns prior to cooking, to create the distinctive flavours.

St Ivel's new Half Wheel

St Ivel Provisions have launched a new half wheel cheese - Cheddar with smoked ham and wholegrain mustard.

This product, which has been available in a 150g semi rigid pack format, now also comes in 1.35kg half wheels that are attractively packed, with clear labelling.

Chinese from Golden Crown

The ethnic food specialists, Golden Crown Foods Ltd have brought out a 'mix and match' range, to make it easy for consumers to cook authentic Chinese-style cuisine at home.

Their range includes ten products that can be used, in various combinations, to create different Chinese meals. It centres around packs of 100% lean beef, pork and chicken, that are already sliced into bite-sized strips to eliminate tricky and time-consuming preparation.

The products include oyster, curry, and sweet and sour sauce, egg fried or special fried rice, or ready-made sweet and sour chicken, or sweet and sour pork, in batter. We are assured that each of these Golden Crown packs is sufficient for four and no special cooking equipment is needed.

Lady Nugent

Lady Nugent is a new range of authentic Caribbean sauces and salsas, seasonings and marinades from Trustin the Foodfinders.

These products include All-spice seasoning, Fruity Jamaican jerk sauce, Jamaican jerk marinade, and Caribbean jalapeno salsa, both hot and cold varieties.

Their hot pepper seasonings are also on the market, in 85ml bottles with a dropper top. The varieties are Caribbean jalapeno pepper sauce, Caribbean sauce for fish, Caribbean hot mustard sauce, Classic Jamaican sauce for steaks, Classic Scotch bonnet pepper sauce, Jamaican country pepper sauce, Tamarind chilli sauce, Caribbean fruity table sauce, and Soy and ginger sauce.

Sovereign's Chicken Burgers

Sovereign Food Group's new Chicken Burgers provide a useful alternative to beef-burgers. Made only from Grade A chicken thigh with onion flavour and seasoning, they were introduced on the company's stand at the recent Food and Drink Expo.

These chicken burgers contain neither red meat nor pork ingredients and yet have a minimum 80% meat content. We understand there is very little shrinkage from freezer to plate and they are lower in fat than beefburgers with a comparable meat content.

This new product can be cooked from the frozen state, either by grilling in 10 to 12 minutes, griddling for 5 to 6 minutes or oven-baking for 12 to 14 minutes.

These burgers each weigh 56g and come frozen and packed 48 to a case.

New from Del Monte

Del Monte Foods International Ltd have just introduced several products across their range of beverages.

Last month they relaunched their Pure juice 200ml range in new tall/slim cartons. At the same time, the range of three flavours has now been made available in a variety 9-pack, which contains three each of their orange, apple and pineapple varieties.

They have also launched their Extra product in a new pack. This vitamin-enriched pure orange or apple juice is now also available in the new 200ml tall/slim cartons.

Fruit Burst, their juice drink range, is being relaunched in the same tall/slim carton style. This product's new pack design carries lively fruity images for maximum on-shelf appeal. An apple and blackcurrant Fruit Burst flavour has been added to the range, and there are new triple packs of three 250ml cartons and variety packs consisting of 9 by 250ml packs.

Cherry Valley's Chinese Chicken

Cherry Valley Farms, who have connections with Chinese communities all over the world, have just brought out Aromatic Chicken.

With this new product, Cherry Valley have extended the concept of Chinese finger food - wafer-thin pancakes filled with seasoned meat, sauce and fresh crunchy vegetables. Each 500g pack contains a marinated cooked half chicken, ten Chinese pancakes and a sachet of Hoisin sauce. The purchaser provides the fresh vegetables and the dish will then serve four as a starter or two as a main course.

They tell us the chicken is marinated in a well-rounded combination of genuine Chinese ingredients, honey and soy sauce then steamed and finally roasted. The hoisin sauce has been further developed to take account of the subtle flavour of the marinated chicken and is somewhat sweeter.

Countrywide's Latest Products

A new selection of soups is now available under the Country Range label, from Countrywide Catering Distributors Ltd. There are thirteen varieties whose recipes have been improved - Tomato, Chicken, Minestrone, Mushroom, Asparagus, Spring vegetable, Thick vegetable, Oxtail, Scotch broth, French onion, Celery and Leek, and they have added Tomato and beef to the range.

The entire range has also been repackaged in stackable 2.25kg resealable drums as well as in the six by 25 individual portion packs.

Countrywide have also added New Country Range Baked Beans with Reduced Salt and Sugar to their portfolio. To line up with current dietary thinking, these beans are high in fibre and low in fat.

New from Long Clawson

The blended cheese specialists Long Clawson Dairy are currently launching a series of new blends.

Innkeeper's Choice is a combination of Mature Cheddar with Pickled Onion. Like others in their range, it is presented in their distinctive half-ring format.

Another new blend is White Stilton and lemon peel. This product comes in their distinctive log format.

Treats new Children's Products

Treats have launched two new products for the children's market. Called 5-Ice and Screwdriver, these new products have been developed following on from the introduction of new production equipment at their premises.

5-Ice is a five-fruit flavoured 100g lolly with a twist. This brightly coloured water ice is made with real fruit juice and is soft to eat. The five flavours are blackcurrant, orange, lime, raspberry and pineapple.

Screwdriver is a multi-textured and multi-flavoured product made with water ice and ice cream. Like the 5-ice product, it has a twist and comes in the 100ml size.

Strika Strawberry is another new addition to the range for this year. It is an extension to their Strika range of water ices in tubes.

More from Dawnfresh

There is now more core in and a better crumb on a King's Choice scampi, say Dawnfresh Seafoods, whose brand this is.

The new lighter crumb has more eye appeal than its predecessor - turning golden when cooked -and it has been formulated with fewer additives. This product comes in 400 and 454g and in 1.8kg packs.

Dawnfresh have also introduced two new starters, which they have added to their Gourmet Collection. Mediterranean mussels in shell are complemented with a mid-Mediterranean sauce infused with basil and tarragon. The other product is Garlic mussels. These are presented in a creamy garlic sauce.

Both are packed in 250g single-serve portions, and they come in packs of six. These products will bake in the oven in around 40 minutes or microwave from the frozen state in ten minutes, or from ambient in five.

Gluten-Free Rusk

A newcomer to Farley's Rusks range is their Reduced-Sugar Gluten-free Rusk.

We are told that half one of the new rusks is nutritionally equivalent to a whole standard rusk. The new rusks comes in packs of nine, with each rusk scored for easy breaking, to provide 18 'servings'.

These gluten-free rusks come in attractive packaging which provides clear instructions for use and mirrors the bright 'teddies' motif of their standard rusks.

New Stock from Nestle

Nestle are currently launching two new Maggi ranges.

Maggi Classic French stock is a powder product that provides the quality and delicacy of restaurant stock without the time-consuming preparation. Their Reduced fat and salt cubes range are intended to exploit the continuing trend towards healthier eating, and the reduced fat stock cube are currently the fastest growing category in Europe.

The French stock, in the chicken and beef varieties comes containing 10g tubs, whilst the fish variety is in a 80g tub. The tubs themselves are decorated in three different bold colours, to aid instant recognition, and all carry their distinctive red Maggi logo. A recipe leaflet is inserted under the resealable lid.

The reduced fat variety is apparently being marketed with a 25% reduction of both fat and salt.

Heinz new light Salad Cream

H J Heinz Co Ltd have extended their range of light salad creams. Heinz Light Salad Cream is now available in a new plastics 640g family size squeezy format.

At the same time the Weight Watchers from Heinz range now incorporates two new varieties in the brand's Low Fat Dressing Range - Caesar and Blue cheese. These two replace Vinaigrette, and Yogurt and mixed herb dressings in the WWFH portfolio. Each 250ml of the new varieties is formulated so as to contain just 6 calories per 10ml spoonful; these products come conveniently packed in a 2 by 2 by 3 case configuration.

New Packaging for Ridleys

Ridleys Bagels Ltd produce the only mass produced traditional bagel available in the UK.

To emphasize that their bagels are the only traditional bagel available, they are changing their packaging to highlight the fact that it is The Traditional bagel.
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