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Products & packs.

Walsall Tags for Roses

Swing tags produced by Walsall Litho are being used by Cadbury's to add shelf-impact to presentation boxes of their Roses chocolates, to underline their suitability as gifts.

Around 500,000 tags have been produced as miniature greetings cards that are threaded with a red cord for attachment to the boxes. Redesigned to emphasize the brand's image by including a rose motif, they were printed in five colours on silver lined board and embossed. These tags are being used on 8oz and 1lb boxes. All three designs carry the words Greetings or Best Wishes.

Two new Big Soups

HJ Heinz Co Ltd have added tow more varieties to their Big Soup brand. Both are dual-meat varieties, which is a new development by the company.

The new products are Chicken and ham, and Beef and bacon hot pot.

C and D Adds Coffee Mandarin

Coffee mandarin gateau is the latest addition to the new Deep and Daunting range of 4-layer frozen gateau from C and D Continental Patisserie.

Made from coffee-flavoured dairy ice cream and mandarin oranges, the gateau is made to the regular formula with four layers of sponge and fillings in the 10.5in. diameter size.

It is being presented in an eye-catching pictorial box, alongside the earlier Black Forest variety.

Curry Club's new Indian Sauces

The Curry Club, G Costa's brand of authentic Indian foods, has developed three cooking sauces - Vindaloo, Madras and Korma.

These products are made from fresh ingredients, like onion, garlic and ginger, and no dehydrates are used in their manufacture, we are assured.

Each 283g can is decorated with a traditional Indian design and carries two recipe suggestions. They are being marketed in packs of 12.

More Healthy Options

Healthy Options, the range of healthy ready-meals made by Birds Eye Wall's Ltd, has been extended. The company now has on offer three new recipes.

Frozen Beef stroganoff, along with Chicken and broccoli and Tuna italienne are the new products and they are all being marketed in packs weighing 12oz.

UCP Bottle for Sodastream

New PET bottles with a modern appearance are now being used with Sodastream's recently introduced Gemini carbonating machine. These bottles, made by Bridge of Allan-based United Closures and Plastics replace an earlier bottle that was also made by UCP.

The new bottles are being supplied in three sizes - 1/4, 1/2 and 1 litre. Moulded in an improved grade of PET, they are more durable and clearer, and have a more rounded shoulder.

Each size has the Sodastream logo and filling and care instructions printed in red on it, as well as the fill height level mark.

Oakham Containers for Maxim Product

Maxim Pure Energy Fuel is the name of a product designed to provide performance-enhancing energy for athletes. Produced by AMS Ltd, this product is a long chain natural glucose polymer that comes in neutral-tasting powder form, which can be incorporated in a wide variety of sweet and savoury foods and drinks to provide high quality carbohydrate energy.

The product was first launched this Summer in time for the Barcelona Olympic Games and the packaging used comes from RPC Containers Ltd of Oakham, Rutland. RPC's S range of polypropylene containers is used and the sizes involved are 1, 2.5 and 4 litres.

During the run-up to the launch, RPC were able to supply small numbers of these containers so that the market could be assessed. Once build-up had occurred, the order was easy to increase and RPC also carries out the multi-colour decoration of the containers.

Outspan Fruit Juice

Gerber Foods International have launched a range long-life pure fruit juices under the Outspan brand exclusively in the UK for the first time.

The range consists of Juicy Outspan orange, Juicy Outspan grapefruit and Good morning Outspan. The first mentioned orange product comes in 1 litre packs and multi-packs of 4 by 1 litre, together with ready-to-drink 200ml singles and tri-packs. The grapefruit variety is only available in 1 litre cartons, whilst the third product, a blend of orange and grapefruit, also comes in 1 litre cartons.

All these 1 litre packs are Tetra Brik Aseptic cartons that incorporate the latest easy-open pull-tab. The package design itself has been extensively researched to give it a visual 'premium' appearance on the shelf to match the quality perception of the Outspan brand.

New Look for Buxton Mineral Waters

Buxton Natural Mineral Waters have been given a fresh overall design. They have also introduced a new size to their range - 50cl PET bottles.

Subtle colour backgrounds and bandings for the new labels reflect the nature of the product flavour - the four varieties are Still, Sparkling, Orange flavour and Lemon and lime flavour. These labels, printed by Waddingtons of Gateshead, are complemented by the matching colours of the Duet two-piece closures made by MCG Closures Ltd of West Bromwich. These Duet closures are top-printed with the distinguished Buxton B monogram to improve the pack presentation even further. The subtle development of the elegant labels includes more prominence for the name Buxton yet they still reflect the Derbyshire Peak District with their colourful wood-cut illustrations of traditional scenes.

Benoist's Sous Vide Dishes

V Benoist Ltd of London NW10 are now in a position to supply a range of single portion chilled meals produced in France by using the sous vide process. These meat and fish-based recipe dishes have a 22-day chilled shelf-life, in addition Benoists offer ready--to-serve chilled pasta sauces.

The range runs to 21 items and comes from Le Petit Cuisinier, part of the Auchan group in France. The dishes, which are free from preservatives, can be microwaved with vegetables in around a minute or reheated in a bain-marie or combination oven.

Warn Water Prawns from Dawnfresh

Two sizes of warm water prawn are now available from Dawnfresh Seafoods.

Counting 200 to 300 per pound, Supreme come in 12oz defrosted weight packs in units of 10. The smaller tropical prawns come as a count of 300 to 500 and are similarly packed in full colour polybags.

Wensleydale with Ginger

Long Clawson Dairy have followed the development of their long line of special cheeses with yet another addition to the range. Following on from Wensleydale with apricots, they have now developed Wensleydale with ginger.

New Packaging for Sunbird Range

Crown Foods Ltd have introduced new packaging for their Sunbird range of 'frozen fresh' quality chickens. Initially, the Sunbird whole frozen chicken with giblets carried the new design. It conforms to the latest legislation and not only states the product is healthy, nutritious and low fat but qualifies this with an easy-to-read guide to nutritional values on the reverse of the pack.

Being consumer-friendly, the nutritional information is given per 100g and per 250g portion with skin on and skin off. Overall the clean, crisp design gives the pack a fresh, bright appearance.

New Packaging for Patak

To help communicate its authentic Indian heritage and to generate a greater brand awareness and range differentiation, Patak (Spices) Ltd have introduced eye-catching new packaging for their canned sauce range. This includes updated can labelling and printed can ends.

The extensive changes to the labelling include the introduction of full nutritional information, recipe suggestions, colour coding to improve range identification and full colour illustrations of the various dishes. All the can ends are now printed and cans are supplied packed in a 2 by 6 format.

New Corn Beef Products from John West

John West Foods has introduced to the marketplace three new corned beef products. They are John West corned beef with onions, John West corned beef with mixed peppers and John West curried corn beef.

Striking packaging has been developed for this range. Presented in a clean, modern design, the new packaging illustrates the quality of the ingredients used and clearly differentiates the added-value products from the standard corned beef packs. They come in 340g trapezoidal cans, in cases of 6 and 24.

Berrydales and Gerber

Berrydales, the soya ice cream makers, have joined with Gerber Foods, the manufacturers of fruit juice, canned fruit and vegetables and frozen ready-meals, to launch a range of vegetarian frozen ready-meals.

The Berrydales range comprises Pasta primavera, Mediterranean bean ratatouille, Vegetable couscous, Leeks and mushrooms in a wholegrain mustard sauce, Basmati and wild rice pilaf and Parsnips and spinach in a ginger apple sauce. These dishes will be available in both retail and catering format, the former with 340g portions.

CMB Packs Boost KTC Product

We hear that packs and packaging from CMB Performance Plastics are helping Britain's largest privately owned oils and fats company to expand production by extending its existing customer base to major supermarkets.

This change has been spearheaded by the relaunch of KTC's Golden Spread soft margarine, which is now being packed in CMB Performance Plastics' tubs on equipment that CMB specially modified to take them. A 250g pack has joined the 500g and 2kg sizes that were previously available. The two smaller sizes are now being produced as round tubs. Both have skirted lids that allow plenty of room for the five-colour graphics which show a rural scene bathed in sunshine.

McLaren's Marinated Dishes

McLaren Foods Ltd of Ashford, Kent have brought out a new range of ready-prepared marinated fresh meat dishes. Intended for the catering market, these products are vacuum packed.

The new range includes Minted British lamb chops - 10 to a pack, Chicken tandoori - packed 10 chicken supremes or legs per pack, also British beef stirfry and British pork stirfry, both in vacuum packed 5lb packs.

Reduced Calorie Cooking Sauces

Weight Watchers from Heinz have added to their range of products by bringing out four reduced calorie cooking sauces. These are Italian tomato and onion, French white wine and dill, Oriental sweet and sour, and Indian korma. All of them are being marketed in easy-to-open cans with ring-pull ends.

We understand these sauces have 25 percent fewer calories than their standard equivalents.

The Mosimann Christmas Pudding

This product has been created by the well known chef Anton Mosimann. It is a low fat, high fibre product with a calorie content is only 227 per portion.

These puddings, weighing 737g, are individually boxed and supplied in outers of 12. Marketed by the Jenks Group, the product carries the Mosimann red and gold logo.

Baskin-Robbins Take-Home Packs

The European Division of Baskin-Robbins International Co is now making it easier for customers to take home their favourite flavours by introducing a prepacked take-home range.

They have launched half litre packs of Chocolate chip, Very berry strawberry and Dairy vanilla flavours, together with 100ml single serving tubs of Sugar-free strawberry, Vanilla, Pink bubblegum and Chopped chocolate. Their orange and grape juice refreshment stick, Sevilla, is also included in the take-home range, as is their Sundae bar. Customers can purchase hand-packed ice cream in all other flavours in 340, 680 and 1360g tubs.

Tins for Ahmad Tea

The Ahmad Tea Co has chosen Lawson Mardon Decorated Containers of Sutton-in-Ashfield to produce a range of tins for its five different blends of tea.

The tin caddies are irregular built-up-containers with round plug-type lids. They are printed on a composite sheet, with five body designs and five lid designs per sheet.

The five varieties concerned are English breakfast, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Earl Grey and English afternoon tea. Each design features a different illustration of a famous London scene. The ends of each tin are bar-coded and the finish on all components is a gloss varnish.

Mexican Product from Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Farms have developed Chicken Fajitas, a chilled ready-meal that is similar in concept to their Crispy Peking duck.

Chicken Fajitas consist of strips of chicken breast and leg meat marinated in lime juice and hot spices. These are packed ready-to-heat with sliced red, green and yellow peppers and onion. Also in the pack are four flour tortillas and one tub each of salsa, guacamole and soured cream. Total pack weight is g.

Fisher's Prefried Onions

Fisher Frozen Foods - Vegetable Division has launched individually quick frozen prefried onion for the UK market. Made from fresh onion, prefried in soya oil and frozen, the product is designed to be more convenient than using fresh onion for caterers.

Benefits include no waste, a 2 minute cooking time with a microwave, no frying loss and no strong onion smell. This product comes in two formats - an 8 by 8mm dice or 3 by 5mm slices - and there is a choice of brown or light brown.

New Fish Range from Birds Eye

Fish Cuisine is the name of a new range from Captain's Table, the well known Birds Eye branding. Fish cuisine consists of three recipes, which form a new generation of fish products.

The new products are Vegetable Tuscany bake, Brodelaise crumb bake and Italian bake. Each product comes in a 14oz pack, which is blue to set is apart from other products.

Weight Watchers from Heinz Wholesome Soups

The above is the name of the new subrange being launched by Heinz into the reduced calorie soup market.

This subrange covers three varieties - Winter vegetable, Spicy bean and vegetable, and Curried vegetable. All are endorsed by the Vegetarian Society and carry its symbol on the label.

New Initiative from Mr Kipling

Manor Bakeries is launching Mr Kipling Chocolate Fondant Fancies into the fancies sector of the small cakes market. This represents the company's ongoing strategy to stimulate incremental growth within the cake market.

Their Chocolate fondant fancies comprise a selection of eight individual sponge cakes with white, plain, and milk chocolate fondant coatings containing real chocolate. In fact, they tell us this launch presents the first white chocolate fondant cake.

To coincide with this launch, their French Fancies are being relaunched in a new pack that has been designed to improve product visibility on the retail shelf. They come in a bright pink box, whilst the Chocolate Fondant Fancies are in a deep blue carton. The Mr Kipling logo has also been updated to give it a more contemporary design and stronger impact on the pack.

Flavours of the World from Pork Farms

The Pork Farms pasties range has been given an international appeal with the launch of Flavours of the World, five slice recipes that reflect the increasing demand for ethnic recipes.

Three new recipes have been developed - Chinese sweet and sour, Mexican chilli con carne and Indian tikka - whilst Italian pizza and American brunch slices are already doing well in the marketplace. These complement their established Traditional range and new packaging across the entire pasties range has been designed to ensure maximum impact on the shelf.

More from Lean Cuisine

The Nestle Food Division has added to its Findus Lean Cuisine brand range. There are three new products. Lasagne verdi and Country cottage pie have been added to the bigger portion 'for Healthy Appetites' range and Barbecue chicken has been added to their standard Lean Cuisine range.

La Bomboniera from Wall's

Birds Eye Wall's have entered the one-bite confectionery market by bringing out their La Bomboniera product, an Italian ice cream bon bon.

Marketed in packs of 20, each La Bomboniera comprises real Italian vanilla ice cream with a dark crisp chocolate flavour coating.

Fribo's Pizza Toppings

A range of pizza toppings has been introduced by Fribo Foods Ltd. Made by Primera Foods, these toppings are being marketed to the catering sector by Fribo.

The toppings are packed in outers of 10 and the 1kg bags carry full nutritional and preparation instructions. Spicy beef, Spicy pork and Spicy chicken toppings have an 80 percent meat content, are precooked and presented frozen IQF fashion in polybags.

Translation for Cherry Valley Product

Cherry Valley Farms have renamed their Confit de Canard, French Style Duckling to increase the product's recognition in a wider market.

As readers may know, this product is based on a classic dish from South West France, and it consists of two duckling legs marinated in garlic, salt and black pepper then sealed and cooked in their own juices.

New Design for Boboli Pizzas

Striking new pack design is a key marketing initiative for the West Midlands pizza manufacturer, Boboli.

Gravure printed by Sudpack of Germany on high quality barrier paper, the packaging is vacuum sealed on a Multivac unit to retain extra freshness. The red and green ribbon effect for the logo and product description reflect the Italian influence, while illustrations of topping varieties, together with recipe tips on the reverse of the pack fulfil the educational requirements.

Campbell's Improved Main Course Products

Campbell's have been rationalising and improving their Main Course soup range. These soups now benefit from better product quality, the introduction of a new variety and a new pack design.

The soups are now more chunky, and have a thicker consistency and improved flavour. The new variety is Chicken and mushroom with chunky vegetable. Not only does this bring together two of their most popular varieties but it also means there is a cream-based soup in the meal soup sector for the first time.

The improved packaging combines a contemporary design with the easily recognisable red background and brand imagery.

Overseas Representation for Dayvilles

Dayvilles Original American Ice Cream is to be represented in overseas markets by Ross Young's International Ltd.

Cartoned Glenlivet Water

The Celedonian Glenlivet Water Co began production not so long ago by taking natural mineral water from two springs in the Braes of Glenlivet, an area famed for the purity of its water.

Their 1200sq m packaging plant, built to comply with the latest European standards, was completed in the early part of this year at a cost of |pounds~1.4m. Water runs from the springs without the aid of pumps and is packaged in its original state.

This product is available in both carbonated and still forms. The former is packaged in glass under the Secret Spring brand name. Carnmoor Spring is the brand name used for the still product and this is packaged in Tetra Brik Aseptic cartons. This latter product is being marketed as a six-pack unit complete with carrying handle.

Mr Kipling Apricot Crumble Crunchies

Mr Kipling first brought slices on to the small cakes market more than a decade ago. Since then the market has grown enormously and more Mr Killing products have appeared.

Their latest launch, Mr Killing apricot crumble crunchies, is their eleventh. This new concept comprises crisp pastry base, an apricot filling and a crumble-style topping. The slices are packed six to an attractive full colour rectangular carton.

Pink Grapefruit Cocktail Drink

County Dairies have launched 1st Choice Florida Style Pink Grapefruit Cocktail drink. The popularity of pink grapefruit is explained by its sweeter taste, when compared with the traditional grapefruit.

We understand this sweeter and more delicate flavour has been captured in County Dairies' new chilled drink.

More Catering Products from Royal Greenland

Four new added-value cod products have been launched by Royal Greenland. This selection includes 30g cod nuggets, 85g cod burgers, 110g cod tails and 85 or 140g cod fillets. All these products are suitable for three-way cook techniques.

International Recipes from Tissots

Emile Tissot Foods are launching four frozen prepared meals at the upcoming Fast Food Fair. Supplied as individual meals, the dishes are Chicken paprika, Macaroni con cabanos, Texan beef casserole and Chicken balinese. All can be heated in either a microwave on a conventional oven.

More Campbell's Condensed Soups

Campbell's are adding two more varieties to their range of condensed soups. The newcomers are Creamy vegetable soup, and Chicken and mushroom soup with cream, the former being an addition to their standard range, whilst the latter adds to their mid range.

New Cappuccino in CMB Sonoco Packs

Premier Beverage Products have introduced an addition to their Cadburys Chocolate Break brand. Cappuccino can be made using hot water to make a rich drink; it comes in a 750g pack and they tell us such a volume will produce 60 single servings.

This product fits into their existing catering range and Premier have chosen CMB's Sonoco 603 Sesame composite to pack it. The body walls are manufactured by using 100 percent recycled board, to which a barrier lining is applied. The convolute label is printed in six colours and has a high gloss varnish applied to enhance its appearance. To ensure the correct shelf-life, and aluminium diaphragm closes the container and a resealable plastics cap, supplied by RPC of Swindon, completes the pack.
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