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Products & packs.

Fountain's Gold Cheese

Fountain's Gold is the name of a new cheese that is currently being introduced. It comes from Fountains Dairy Products Ltd. This dairy company, situated in the Yorkshire Dales, hand-makes the cheese with full cream milk from Jersey and Guernsey cattle which gives it a golden honey colour. A dressing of toasted wheat flour on the outer coating gives this cheese its unusual appearance.

It is being marketed in 2kg wheels and 6-8oz prepack wedge portions.

Castle Garden Coated Vegetable

The new Castle Garden range of coated vegetable products is being launched into the UK market through Wm Low's stores. The varieties concerned are Garlic breaded mushrooms and Breaded cauliflower cheese florets.

Lion's new Exotic Range

Lion Foods Ltd has added a new Exotic range to its portfolio. These evocative dressings are Honey and dill, Honey and mustard, Orange and coriander, and Apple and nutmeg.

Schulstad Pastries Through Country Choice

Schulstad's authentic Danish pastries are now available to the bakery trade from Country Choice Foods Plc. This exclusive distributorship means that their preproved and ready-to-bake products can now provide a quick way to produce the required goods. These frozen products are ready for baking in just 18 minutes and come in four different varieties.

One of these is the new Apple coronet that is produced to the Danish 'Bear's Paw' recipe.

Heinz's new Canned Pudding

The H J Heinz Co Ltd have added a new apple and cinnamon variety to their canned sponge pudding range. Whilst this type of pudding seems to fly in the face of current trends towards healthier eating, we understand that Heinz traditional desserts has grown in volume by 13 percent over the last 3 years.

This new pudding carries the flash 'suitable for microwaves', like the others in the range.

DPP's Lite Launch

Leading cheesemaker Dairy Produce Packers Ltd has brought out Coleraine Lite. This low fat product uses skimmed milk to retain the traditional flavour of Coleraine cheese. However, the use of skimmed milk also reduces the fat and calorie content.

This new range comes in two formats - Individually wrapped cheese slices in packs of 10 or 20 and Cheese spread in 85g tubs and 200g portion packs that contain six cheese triangles.

Batchelors Pasta'n'Sauce Relaunched

Following the redesign for Batchelors instant soups range, Siebert/Head have designed the packaging for the relaunch of their Pasta'n'Sauce, the brand leader in the dried savoury pasta market.

The packaging features a new logo that has been designed to communicate the authority of Pasta'n'Sauce as the brand leader. New photography has been used to project the food and appetite appeal of the product, and the quality of the product.

Moorland Introduces Foodservice

Moorland Foods has chosen the Fast Food Fair to launch its Moorland Foodservice. This organisation will act as the catering/foodservice division of Moorland Foods Ltd.

The new division is extending its range of products to include items that fall into different market sectors. These are breaded finger foods, burgers and grills, adult entrees, en croutes, and precooked products. Each of these groups will comprise a range of Moorland's chicken and turkey-based products.

Cartoon Cartons for Robinsons

Robinsons ready-drink product range is being relaunched in aseptic Combibloc cartons from Bowater PKL.

Six flavours from the current range have been given 'child appeal' designs based on fun characters. The new 250ml cartons feature a bold Robinsons logo which has been redesigned to ensure increased on-shelf impact.

Toffypops Improved

The latest line to receive a 'boost' in quality are their toffypops, say Burton's Biscuits. At the same time a new 10-pack of biscuits has been introduced in place of the 125g pack containing 8 pieces.

This product's packaging has also been redesigned to ensure greater adult-appeal. Brighter colours in metallised inks have been have been used to ensure greater impact at the sales outlet.

Old English Unsliced Brown

Following the success of their white version, Warburton's Bakery have now introduced an Old English Unsliced Brown Loaf. This soft-eating product is a 400g loaf that uses an overnight sponge and dough fermentation process to give it its distinctive flavour. This method also enhances the keeping qualities of the bread.

Savoury Huggy Bears

Burton's Biscuits has made a savoury addition to its children's 'snackpack' range. Savoury Huggy Bears are probably the first children's line to offer shaped biscuits in the savoury biscuit market.

Bear-shaped and bite-sized, Savoury Huggy Bears come in 3 flavours - Cheese, Spicy tomato, and Salt and vinegar. They are being marketed in multi-packs containing six 25g mini bags. These feature the Huggy Bear characters in a range of new activities and the brightly coloured graphics ensure these multi-packs have a strong on-shelf presence.

Sauces for Chicken

Four Sauces for Chicken are currently being introduced to the market by Colman's of Norwich. At the same time they have added a new variety to their range of curry sauces in jars.

The Sauces for Chicken range comprises Coq au vin, Sweet and sour, Italienne and Mexican, whilst the additional curry sauce is Tikka masala.

Both these ranges take advantage of a unique jar shape and label design. The bright Colman's yellow colour that is used for both the lid and the label, and the unusual jar shape, have been designed to ensure good on-shelf impact.

Campbell's Latest Premium Soup

A new variety has been added to Campbell's Tastes of the World range of premium soups. French chicken with garlic offers the benefits of one of the most popular soup recipes - cream of chicken - with the addition of garlic. This soup comes in a 425g can.

Their American clam chowder has been relaunched with an improved flavour and they have also introduced a smaller can, the 295g size, for this range of soups, to capitalize on the market for lunchtime snacks.

Relaunch for Batchelors Instant Soups

The entire Batchelors instant soup range has been relaunched in new packaging designed by Siebert/Head, the London international package design specialists.

Although the Cup-a-soup range was redesigned only a year ago, Batchelors felt it was not moving the brand far enough in its own area, particularly with own label brands. The problem was that the design was perceived as being a little stale and was not adequately communicating the fact that each pack contains for four servings.

Whereas with Slim-a-Soup the packs needed to be made more colourful and appetizing to ensure sufficient product differentiation, the packaging for the Snack-a-Soup range has changed from a carton to a stand-alone sachet.

We understand there are no fewer than 48 products within these three ranges.

Warburton's Golden Toast

Warburton's Bread has introduced a premium-end toasting bread product that uses a specially developed recipe to give even crisper results. Known as Golden Toast, the 800g product comes in distinctive packaging. It offers slices that are 12.5 percent thicker than those from their Toastie range. In fact, Golden Toast is being produced in a longer tin to give the same number of square-shaped slices as the Toastie range. Its 'classic' packaging features an appealing on-pack graphic.

Penguin Ice Cream Cartons

The Penguin biscuit bar is now being made into an ice cream sandwich bar by Frederick Dairies on behalf of United Biscuits.

Marchmont Packaging is producing the multi-pack cartons for this new product, currently as a 4-pack and a 20-pack. Five colour printing on 550 micron hard-sized board with UV inks and varnish is used to achieve the high gloss finish required.

Thaw and Serve Country Choice Products

A new range of thaw and serve products is now available from Country Choice Foods Plc. For bakers and caterers they offer maximum convenience, as the products only need to be defrosted when required.

Heading the new Mill House range is a Derby scone. Made to the traditional English recipe, this product is flow-wrapped and packed in acetate trays of 10, with 4 trays per carton. These scones are supplied fully frozen in a fully finished format. Country Choice is also offering a Spicy bun and a ready-finished American cake ring donut.

New C and B Products

Crosse and Blackwell has targeted young and adventurous purchasers with the addition of New Orleans chicken and Microwave chilli pork to its recipe dish mix range.

The chicken product is based on a traditional Creole cuisine and carries a 'hot and spicy' flash on its pack. This product brings the number of varieties in their casserole range to 17. The new dehydrated pork product is a dish specially created for microwave cooking.

Ash Manor Cheese Slices

Natural cheddar cheese slices are now being introduced to the catering trade by Clwyd-based Ash Manor Cheese Co, the specialist cheese supplier.

These natural cheese slices are interleaved with blue laminated film for easy peeling and packed on trays in a wide choice of sizes. The trays are vacuum packed and have an eight week shelf-life under chill conditions.

Silver Springs' new Value for Money

The Silver Spring Mineral Water Co has introduced Silver Spring Sparkling table water. Drawn from deep wells within Kent's North Downs, this new product is packaged in blue tinted PET bottles. Its 250ml multi-pack comes in 8s, and there are also 2 litre bottles.

Chicken Cruncheez

Readers may recognise the name of this product because not so long ago Fribo Foods Ltd introduced Golden Cruncheez.

This new product takes their 2oz chicken burger, tops it with mild cheese and coats it in a light crunchy golden crumb. Sold frozen, these Cruncheez can be deep or shallow fried. They are packed 24 to a box, with 4 boxes to the outer.

Bacon Bites and Hoops

Tulip International has launched Bacon Bites and Bacon Hoops under its leading brand name - Danepak.

Their Bites are festively shaped fine minced bacon encased in a crispy breadcrumb. The stars, crackers and Christmas trees are intended as a finger food. Their Hoops product is a snack and party nibble. The chilled two bite-sized rings comprise minced bacon with cheese in golden breadcrumbs.

Both these products can be baked, grilled or deep fried and come in 12oz (16 Bites) and 9oz (18 Hoops) controlled atmosphere trays, which are available 12 packs to a case.

Improved Chicksticks

Birds Eye Chicksticks were launched just three years ago, and now they have been improved.

Their new Chicksticks have a chunkier, more crunchy crumb with quality meat. The packaging has been made more impactful and features a 'New - Best Ever Recipe' flash.

Ski Bio Split Yogurt

Eden Vale's Ski brand has now added Ski Bio Split to its portfolio -- the first branded split yogurt in the UK.

Ski Bio Split comprises 135g of vanilla flavoured bio yogurt with a separate helping of fruit compote, which can be blackcurrant, strawberry or raspberry and blackcurrant.

The two-compartment pack is sealed with a top membrane that is fully printed, featuring the fruit items the variety contains.

New Stuffings for Boned Trout

Three new stuffings are now available from Royal Greenland. Their Boned pink trout comes in 3 more varieties -- Celery and walnut, Salmon and spinach, and Salmon and broccoli.

These boned stuffed trout are packed 20 by 250g and each pack is complemented with a 50g pack of stuffing.

Two More Bonne Cuisine sauces

Crosse and Blackwell are currently introducing two more packet soups to add to their existing Bonne Cuisine range. The new varieties are Apple and sage, and Sweet and sour. As with others in the range, these soups are packed in pouches that are fully printed in full colour.

Northumbrian Fine Foods new Cookie Treats

American style packaging was required by Northumbrian Fine Foods to launch their new range of cookie treats. The Paper Division of Welton Packaging Ltd supplied them with exactly the right pack.

The brightly patterned SOS single-ply bags are flexographically printed in five colours, in three different designs, and secured by a heat-seal strip. These cookies have been launched under the well known Scottish brand name J J Lees.

Integrasol Marketing Fonds de Cuisine

The fonds de cuisine range of fresh stocks is now being marketed by Re,ploy Ltd Integrasol. It includes chicken, beef, lamb, vegetable and fish at 'full strength', and veal stock is also available half reduced for use as a sauce.

These stocks were produced under contract by Integrasol and they have taken over the product range from the now defunct company Fonds de Cuisine. Already these stocks are being produced as an own brand product for one of the major supermarket chains.

More Products from Moorland

Moorland Foods Ltd, the turkey products company, have extended their range to include a wide selection of frozen added-value chicken lines.

The new product line-up now includes all the convenience poultry lines under both the Buxted and Butterball brand names. Falling into six market sectors, their new range comprises: Finger foods - fast, Southern-fried chicken family favourites, Fast food family favourites, Adult entrees, Marinades, Weekend and mid-week roasts.

Bluecrest at Sial

Bluecrest Foods Ltd had on display their revamped range of products at the Sial exhibition in France. The products they had on show included Cod francaise, skinless and boneless coated cod in herb and garlic flavoured breadcrumbs, Plaice kiev with prawns, Plaice with prawns and mushroom, and Lemon sole with crabmeat.

New Labelling for Lion

Lion Foods Ltd has introduced new labelling to underline its strong branded presence. Based on a seal of quality, their new design provides a common identity and eye-catching packaging.

The well known Lion logo has been enlarged to capitalise on product recall and, in addition to quality illustrations, each pack now carries recipe hints, best before information and a customer assistance offer. Their glass jars also carry the message 'use a bottle bank, keep Britain healthy'.

New Pizzas from Scotfresh

Scotfresh Frozen Foods has increased its range of pizzas with the introduction of two well priced products on bases of French bread. The varieties are Pepperoni and Pineapple and ham. Both come in 250g packs of two, which is in direct contrast to the dominance of the single 5oz packs of French bread pizza that sell at about the same price.

These new pizzas are manufactured by Freiburger of Germany.

Shearway's latest Stir Fry

Shearway Foods Ltd have packed 8 different vegetables into their new Oriental stir fry. The mix is made with beansprouts, onion, green beans, red peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.

This stir fry comes packed in a brightly printed 450g polybag.

Another Member of the Birds Eye Potato Family

Southern fried potato nuggets are the latest product from Birds Eye. They comprise nuggets of real mashed potato in a light crisp golden coating seasoned with a blend of eight herbs and spices. These nuggets come in a fully printed 1 lb packs.

New Colas from Wells

Wells Soft Drinks are bringing out two cola variants for the carbonates sector of the soft drinks market. A clear citrus flavoured cola and a light amber coloured spicy flavoured cola have been developed.

The brand names chosen are Sheer Diamond for the clear citrus flavoured cola and Sheer Gold for the amber spicy one. These cola variants are being marketed in 2 litre packs.

Bar-Coding for Flapjacks

The Handmade Flapjack Co has introduced bar-coding for all its flapjack cakes and the caramel slice range.

The company has also increased the number of varieties yet again. The latest version is Mandarin and chocolate chip flapjack cake, weighing 90g and presented in boxes of 30.

Weigh-Out Jellies from Meltis

A quality assortment of real fruit jellies has been introduced by Meltis Plc to meet the demand for weigh-out and pick'n'mix jellies. These jellies are available in 2 by 7lb bags. They contain real fruit juice and are gelatine-free.

These jellies are a natural extension to the range currently produced by the company that is well known for its New Berry Fruits.

Sara Lee's Lites

Sara Lee Bakery have brought out two new reduced calorie cheesecakes. Known as Lites, they assure us these products have lost none of their essential indulgence factor.

Sara Lee Lites contain less than 200 calories per 100g and they come in two flavours - Blackcurrant and Strawberry.

Millway's new Cheeses

Millway Foods Ltd have extended their range of speciality cheeses. Along with White stilton with stem ginger, which they originally produced for Waitrose, they have now brought out White cheddar with mango chutney. This latter cheese is particularly suitable for use as a sandwich filling or a snack. It has a shelf-life up to 10 weeks and is available in 4kg wheels, 2kg half wheels or 1kg quarter wheels or half moons.

Award for Shearway's Metallised Pack

The quality of the metallised film packaging used by Shearway Foods for their range of premium frozen fruit mixes has received major recognition. At the European Flexographic Technical Association, the 1kg pack for fruit salad received a Highly Commended award in the category Flexible Opaque Substrates, Half Tone Process Inks, Wide Web.
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