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'Fruits of the World' from Elsenham

Elsenham Quality Foods are currently introducing a range of preserves they have branded as Fruits of the World. Capitalising on the sourcing capabilities of its American parent company, The J R Smucker Co, Elsenham have created the new range using fruits from around the world and selecting them for their flavour and jam-making properties. In harnessing this fruit procurement expertise, Elsenham's softer-set preserves combine traditional English jam-making methods with the finest fruits they can find.

Nine new products make up the range, all having the luxurious texture of whole pieces of fruit and a less sweet taste. They are California apricot, California strawberry, Florida pink grapefruit, Florida sweet orange, Hawaiian pineapple, Irish blackcurrant and New Zealand boysenberry, all are presented in 340g jars that are complemented by gold caps. The labels depict each variety of fruit in rich primary colours and state the country of origin.

Tropicana Christmas Pack

Tropicana UK have introduced a 1.75 litre Christmas pack as an extension to their range of Pure Premium orange juices. This larger Christmas pack is highlighted with seasonal graphics and contains pure squeezed orange juice.

The producers believe this is the first time a special seasonal pack of orange juice has been produced in the UK and it is currently available through several of the major supermarket chains.

Pan-European Logo for Saupiquet

A major relaunch has been undertaken by Saupiquet for its tuna salads and tuna-in-sauces. New names, new recipes, new packaging and a new pan-European logo have all been introduced.

The modern, eye-catching packs feature clear illustrations of the product inside on a lilac 'washed' background for salads and a salmon pink background for the in-sauce range and yellow and blue 'washes' on their tuna-in-oil and tuna-in-brine ranges. Colour co-ordinated labelling across the packs distinguishes each variety, retains the corporate image and gives more prominence to the word 'tuna'. A sleeve design is being used for their tuna salads because it allows the size of the tin to be seen and saves on cartoning, whilst the tuna-in-sauces are now being presented in a box format. Both the cans and the packaging board are made from recycled material.

As regards the actual recipes, they have all been adjusted so as to use less oil and vinegar and they use improved marinades. Their Mexican tuna salad now contains more spice and chilli, the French tuna has added garlic and herbs but all remain in 225g cans. Even the names of the salads have been altered to reflect the new styles.

Third RPC Container for Colmans

RPC Containers Rushden is now producing a custom-moulded 3 litre PVC bottle for Colmans of Norwich Ltd to use for their Robinson's Whole Fruit Drink and Special R ranges.

This 3 litre size joins the existing 1 and 2 litre bottles, in OPVC and PVC, respectively, which RPC is already supplying for the Robinson's brand, and emphasizes Colman's commitment to PVC for its dilute-to-taste ranges. The new 3 litre size has an integral handle for easier handling and pouring, and features a 38mm tamper-evident cap supplied by Massmould.

Campbell's Premium Pasta Sauce

Following its success in the soup market, Campbell's have now launched Cianto, a premium quality pasta sauce. They claim this product combines the convenience of a sauce in a can with the quality and taste of a sauce in a jar.

Cianto comes in one of two varieties - Traditional and Onion and Garlic. It is also packed in the very latest can style, the Quantum ring-pull. In fact, Cianto is the first product to be packed in the new Quantum can that has been developed by CarnaudMetalbox, Foodcan Group. Not only does the new can have a distinctive appearance but as its body is lithographed, no printed label is necessary,

Findus Yorkshire's new Variety

Whilst this product range has done well since it was launched a couple of years back, consumers have expressed a demand for traditional meat-based variety.

In response to this demand, they have now brought out 'Serves Two' Sausage and Onion Gravy. This traditional Yorkshire Pudding is filled with two sausages in a rich onion gravy.

Old Fashioned Puddings

A selection of six chilled Old Fashioned Puddings, in single or double portions, has been launched under its Kool brand by BG Foods Ltd.

With a shelf-life of eight days into store, all these products are suitable for vegetarians and agreements over listings have been reached with the many of the major retail chains. The selection comprises chocolate sponge, syrup sponge, sticky toffee pudding, Delaware pudding, hot cherry pudding and St Clements pudding.

Colourful packaging provides cooking instructions for both microwave and conventional ovens.

Annapurna from Tillery

Tillery Valley Foods have developed a new range of vegetarian meals under the Annapurna branding. This new product range was developed with the needs of hospital and local authority customers in mind.

Whilst the company has considerable experience in the development of chilled and frozen recipe dishes, it sought advice and guidance from Aruna Thaker, a dietitian at Tooting hospital. This range comprises 24 different recipes - half being vegetable-based and the remainder pulse-based. The authentic Asian cooking used for the Annapurna range utilises fresh herbs and spices and traditional Asian ingredients to give a range of dishes that require only the addition of rice to provide balanced meals.

These products are going to be supplied chilled in 8 and 2-portion packs or frozen an individual meals in 3-compartment microwavable and ovenable trays.

Thunderbirds Baked Beans

Crosse and Blackwell is now creating a thematic sector for baked beans by using the Thunderbirds television cartoon association. They have introduced Thunderbirds Baked Beans 'Are Go' in 440g cans and the baked beans and sausages version comes in 425g can.

More from Cadbury's Cakes

To further extend their sales success, Manor Bakeries have unveiled three additions for the Autumn; they are Cadbury's cream liqueur chocolate gateau, Cadbury's mini rolls and Cadbury's creamy-white button cakes.

A new small size cake has been developed for the Button cakes which are packed in cartons of five. The chocolate flavoured sponge, with white chocolate buttercream filling, covered in Cadbury's milk chocolate, is decorated with their creamy-white buttons. Packaging for this product features both the gold Cadbury's logo and their Creamy-white buttons logo.

The other two new varieties are similarly luxurious in both production and presentation.

BG's Real French Creme Caramel

BG Foods has introduced real French creme caramel into the UK market. Kool creme caramel is made in France and comes packaged in a see-through pot that carries a full colour printed lid. In multi-packs of 4 by 100g, they are packed either 12 or six to an outer and have a shelf-life of 21 days.

Convenient Cheddar Cartons

Cheese cartons that open into merchandising trays and reduce the time needed to create a display are now being offered by Wyke Farms of Bruton in Somerset.

Their farm-made cheddar comes in a carton of 20 by 8oz packs; the lid simply folds back to give an eye-catching display.

ChocoNut Spread

As a natural extension for R and W Scott's range of chocolate spreads and products, the company has now introduced ChocoNut, a chocolate hazelnut spread.

They say it is unique. It is produced from fresh ground hazelnuts in a creamy textured chocolate, and has a high proportion of cocoa solids to give it a good chocolate flavour.

This product is packed in their 'waisted' jar and the label features an original animal character, Scotty the Squirrel, to encourage its attraction for children.

Another Colman's Sauce

Colman's of Norwich have just introduced Cranberry and orange sauce with port to their extensive range of condiments. This jar pack is aimed squarely at the UK Christmas trade.

New Pack for Calavo Guacamole

Discovery Foods Ltd of High Wycombe have now introduced their 12oz frozen Calavo Guacamole in a plastics tub with a ring-pull top and resealable lid to provide greater convenience and superior presentation.

Once defrosted, the guacamole can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 14 days without discoloration as long as the seal is unbroken. When the seal has been broken, the resealable lid allows the product to remain in good condition for three days under chilled conditions.

Seasonal Sausages

With Christmas just around the corner, Mr Lazenby's of North Yorkshire has introduced a range of seasonal sausages. Traditional turkey trimmings include chipolata sausages and Mr Lazenby's festive stuffing.

The sausages come in two flavours -- traditional pork and special pork with herbs - in 8oz packs. The stuffing comes in 8oz and 1lb sleeves.

New Size Schwan Pizza

Schwan's Europe of Preston has introduced a new size of pizza with a tender crisp crust. The manufacturer of Chicago Town Pizza brand has added a 7.25in. diameter pizza to its range.

Their latest frozen product comes in a special receptor tray that ensures the purchaser gets a good result when using this product in a microwave.

Plumtree Ham Packs for Caterers

Plumtree have brought out three new 'handy' packs of ham for the catering market. They are available in fresh-chilled or frozen form.

The picnic shoulder products are vacuum-packed and sliced ready for use, in round, square or D-shaped format, the 1oz slices being accurately portion-controlled.

The round product comes in 2lb packs, the others in 1lb, the square variety being sized to fit standard sandwich loaves.

New Seafood Crepe

Royal Greenland have brought out a new variety of seafood crepe. This is smoked haddock and prawns in a cheese sauce, the whole being wrapped in a light and tasty pancake. These 125g frozen crepes are packed 40 to the case.

New Sauces from Sharwood's

Although Sharwood's are well known for their Indian, Chinese and Oriental products, they are now launching a further range of four sauces - Indian tikka masala, Singapore sweet and sour, Mexican salsa and Caribbean creole.

We are told these new sauces can be cooked on a hob, in the oven, microwaved or stir-fried with equal ease. The 230g tamper-evident glass jars provide 2 to 3 servings.

Gourmet Royal Pizzas Cheaper

A 12-strong range of family size frozen pizzas is being introduced by Scotfresh at prices currently unmatched on the UK markets. The 5-strong selection on standard bases is up to 70p cheaper than existing competitive products and the prices of laminated stone oven and top of the range stone oven bases are equally competitive.

Under the sub-brand Gourmet Royal, these pizzas, presented in multi-language packaging, are already selling successfully on the continent.

The new Laminated Stone 300g oven pizzas are Champignons, Speciale and Tre Formaggi, whilst the Stone oven pizzas are 400g Proscuitto, 360g Fanatastica, 350g Tre Formaggi and 430g Quattro. All these packs carry an appetizing colour photograph of the cooked product on a white background on the front with an international product title and a brief description in six languages. The reverse carries detailed cooking and storing instructions, again in six languages, plus a bar-code.

Enhanced Tamper-Evidence for Heinz Baby Foods

The H J Heinz Co Ltd have introduced a new concept in tamper-evident packaging. Known as PT Plus, this latest development in tamper-evident technology brings added re-assurance for the 44-strong range of baby foods in jars.

With the PT Plus system, a red plastics ring around the jar neck drops down the moment the seal is broken. This system replaces the earlier film sleeve. The jar remains airtight and the safety 'button' on the jar lid, which pops up when the seal is broken, has been retained as a further measure of tamper-evidence.

Heinz Sandwich Fillers

The H J Heinz Co Ltd is complementing its position in the sandwich spread market with a new concept - Sandwich Fillers. These combine for the first time meat and salad vegetables in a light mayonnaise dressing. There are three new recipes in the range - Ham, Curried chicken and Tuna, and each variety contains at least 20 percent of meat or fish.

The three new products come in jars that carry a full colour label and matching screw-top cap.

Sloppy Joe in the UK

Steak Express, the hand-held frozen snack specialists, have looked to America for inspiration for their latest product.

Sloppy Joe is currently being launched throughout the UK. It comes in two versions - a vegetarian or a pure beef version. Both come with a sloppy sauce made from onions, tomatoes and green peppers. These frozen products are available in either twin or single packs and can be cooked from the frozen state in under a couple of minutes.

Premium Prawns

Bulk packs of Norwegian and Icelandic cooked and peeled cold water prawns are now available from Starfish of Uddingston, Lanarkshire. These 5lb packs come in two sizes, the larger ones having a count per lb of 150/250 and the smaller ones with a count of 250/350.

Cox's Apple Juice from County Dairies

County Dairies has just launched 1st Choice freshly pressed Cox's Apple Juice. They aim to produce quality seasonal juices to stimulate the chilled juice market.

As with other freshly pressed fruit, the apples are pressed then the juice is chilled and bottled immediately, although vitamin C is added to prevent discolouration in the 500ml bottles.

Relaunch for Tendafrost

Tendafrost Frozen Foods have relaunched their range in new packs and introduced Scottish Harvest as a brand alongside Tendafrost.

The company now plan to concentrate exclusively on the development of these two brands, which means the Smedley's, St Nicholas and Scotfresh brands are being phased out in the vegetable sector, although the latter is being retained for products like pizza.

All Tendafrost polybags will have a creamy hessian background on which will be seen high quality illustrations of plated processed product and, where possible, fresh vegetables, to provide a 'before and after' effect for purchasers. Key elements include a new logo and the words 'specially selected' in a design which follows a common theme for all forty products.

This whole project, which has cost more than |pounds~100,000, is intended to increase the Tendafrost market share by growing the total business in the UK for frozen vegetables. It is anticipated that by Christmas virtually all the 44 core lines of 1, 2 and 4lb packs will be seen in their new livery.

In tandem with the Tendafrost label will be Scottish Harvest that is being carefully positioned between the market leader and private labels. Its opaque packaging features a new logo and artists' colour illustrations of products rather than photographic quality illustrations on a fresh green background.

Scott's Porage Oats Relaunched

Scott's Porage Oats have been relaunched in a distinctive new packaging design that emphasizes the new 'lasting energy' positioning. With the trend towards larger sizes, they are introducing a new 1.5kg carton.

As readers will remember, these oats come in three varieties - Scott's Original in 1.5kg, 750 and 375g packs, Scott's Old Fashioned, made with thick rolled oats, in 750g packs and Scott's Piper Oatmeal, made with unrolled pieces of oats, known as pinhead, in 500g packs.

New McCain Pizza Products

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd of Scarborough have brought out two pizza products - Pizza Snaps and Healthy Pizza Slices.

The former is a new concept aimed specifically at children. The pizza has a light, cheesy flavoured base that has been specially perforated for 'snapping', to allow portion control. These Pizza Snaps are available in two varieties - Cheese, ham and tomato, and Cheese and tomato. They are packaged in distinctive red and green cartons, respectively. Each carton contains two 8.5 by 4.25in. rectangular pizzas.

Their new Healthy Pizza Slices contain only 3 percent fat. The soft grain base uses nibbed wheat and rye grains to increase its fibre content by 55 percent. To achieve the low fat content, they are made with a topping of low fat mozzarella cheese. They also come in a choice of varieties - Vegetable and pineapple and Garden vegetable - and are packed in distinctive triangular cartons.

II Risotto from Buitoni

Buitoni has brought out the II Risotto range.

It comprises three traditional recipes - Asparagi, Funghi and Gamberetti e funghi. Buitoni's Risotto dishes come as complete items; one just adds water before heating. These products are packed in fully printed cartons that have been designed to allow easy merchandising.

Buitoni Fresco Launched

A month ago Buitoni Fresco was introduced to the UK market by Tesco through its many retail outlets.

This range of products comprises five fresh pastas and three fresh pasta sauces. The pastas are Tagliolini, Tagliatelli, Cappelletti con prosciutto, Ravioli al brasato and Tortellini ricotta e spinaci, and the sauces are Pesto, 4 Formaggi and Funghi.

The fresh pasta products come in 250g packs to serve two and the labelling is in green and red. The Pesto sauce is in a 140g tub and both the cheese one and the mushroom one are in 200g tubs.

Vegetable Super Burger

Fribo Foods Ltd of Wrexham have now introduced a vegetable Super Burger. This product is made from rice, carrots, onions, green beans, potato flakes, sesame seeds, herbs and spices. The 4oz burgers are packed 30 to the box and can be shallow fried, grilled or gridled.

New Froqual Product

Fisher Frozen Foods is currently launching spicy potato wedges and ovenable potato scallops under their premium Froqual brand.

The spicy potato wedges have a strong cajun flavouring and can be oven cooked, grilled and deep or shallow fried. They come in 500g packs.

Their ovenable jacket potato scallops are prefried, ready for the oven and are golden in colour with a crisp texture. Again, they offer four cooking options for the 750g pack.

Mini Waffles

The latest addition to the range of value-added products from Kitchen Range Foods Ltd of Bar Hill, Cambridge is Mini potato waffles.

Like the larger product, these mini waffles are made from all-British freshly mashed potatoes, and can be grilled, baked or fried. They are packed in 1 lb polybags.

New Fish Products from Abacus

A new marketing strategy as Abacus Frozen Foods Ltd of Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire has resulted in the launch of two ranges of fish products.

These two are being marketed under the Abacus name, Abacus Frozen Foods brand consisting of fillet style Ovencrisp cod and Ovencrisp haddock along with Abacus Diners Club brand consisting of fillet-style Cod kiev, Cod cordon bleu, Cod mornay and Cod supreme.

After building a successful business around the production and supply of frozen fish blocks, Abacus have now diversified into value-added fish products. Both ranges feature new chunky skinned and boned fillet-style portions that enhance product presentation and retain the texture of the fish.

These products are presented in eye-catching packaging that creates a range identity. It also incorporates the new Abacus logo that has been designed to give the company a stronger identity. Both ranges come as two meal-sized portions per pack. The Ovencrisp packs are 227g and the Diners Club ones weigh 250g.

Crispier Coating on Findus' Pancakes

After 20 years Findus Crispy Pancakes are being altered to meet modern expectations. They now come with an improved crispier crumb coating and in new packaging. All seven varieties in the range are quick and easy to prepare and offer three cooking options - grilling, frying or oven cooking.

New style packaging makes it easier for consumers to identify the different varieties and the food illustrations are more appetizing and the product improvements clearly 'flashed' on the front of each pack of four.

Vegetarian Gourmet Meals

A new range of vegetarian gourmet meals for caterers is now being produced by Scheff Foods of Tyseley, Birmingham.

To-date, the company has been known for Indian cuisine but they have now diversified their range to include frozen vegetarian dishes. Using both traditional and new recipes, there are 13 different dishes which range from Mexican chilli through Moussaka with red wine sauce, Courgette and mushroom lasagne to Cashew nut paella and Broccoli and cream cheese pastry parcels.

Smaller Veg Packs from Shearway

About a year ago Shearway Foods Ltd introduced 2lb branded packs of garden peas and sweetcorn but such has been their success that 1lb sizes are now being introduced.

As readers will know, Shearway is one of the major suppliers of mainstream frozen vegetables under private label and speciality vegetables in both branded and own-label packs. They source their vegetables from around the world to obtain the quality they require.

Dairy Cream Sherry Trifle

C and D Continental Patisserie have brought out a dairy cream sherry trifle that has been formulated for adult tastes. To achieve a more authentic recipe, they took their existing dairy trifle, removed all the fruit and doubled the sherry content.

These recipe alterations have been matched by better packaging, and the frozen trifle now comes in a strong re-usable clear container that remains quite rigid after thawing, and has a simulated cut-glass look for better customer appeal on display.
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