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Production orders for whom?


It is a matter of bitter record that two PTM MNAs from tribal areas, whom I do not want to name, had sometime back led an armed attack on army check post in North Waziristan for getting some arrested persons forcibly freed and demanding withdrawal of the army from there instead of being appreciable and grateful to the men in khaki for restoring peace and tranquillity enabling the people returning to their homes and living there in peace and with comfort. They were arrested for this gross unlawful activity and are facing the law while behind the bars.

It is a matter of bitter record also that some political leaders of the opposition parties had not wasted time voicing their support for the arrested PTM MNAs without uttering even a single word to condemn their act of taking law into their own hands and without realizing and appreciating the fact that indulging in anti-State activities like the duo did was unlawful and opposing the government was a different matter.

The opposition leaders are clamouring, demanding and exerting pressure on the NA Speaker for issuing the production orders for the two arrested PTM MNAs. But while showing sympathy for the unlawful MNAs, they are forgetting the fact that merely demanding issuance of production orders for someone behind the bars, the needful cannot be done. Someone has to submit in writing thus owning the unlawful and anti-State acts of the arrested legislators and only then the NA Speaker may dilate upon this. The NA Speaker, a couple of days back, had already said that he has so far not received any communication in this regard from anyone. Those demanding arrested legislators' production orders should reduce their sympathy in writing and let people at large know how lawful they are, please.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 26, 2019
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