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Production chart.


TITLE/DISTRIB            PRODUCTION              DIR.

The Cellar               Paramount Insurge,      Dan Trachtenberg
Paramount Insurge        Bad Robot Prods.

The Dressmaker           Screen Australia,       Jocelyn Moorhouse
                         Film Victoria

I Saw the Light, aka     Ratpac Entertainment,   Marc Abraham
Hank Williams biopic     Bron Studios

Idol's Eye, aka Hubris   CC Cinema,              Olivier Assayas
                         Benaroya Pictures

Mechanic: Resurrection   Millennium Films/Nu     Dennis Cansel
                         Image, Winkler Films

TITLE/DISTRIB            CAST                 START   LOCATION

The Cellar               John Goodman, Mary   10/20   New Orleans
Paramount Insurge        Elizabeth Winstead

The Dressmaker           Kate Winslet,        10/17   Melbourne
                         Liam Flemsworth

I Saw the Light, aka     Tom Hiddleston,      10/16   Shreveport, La.
Hank Williams biopic     Elizabeth Olsen

Idol's Eye, aka Hubris   Robert De Niro,      10/22   Toronto
                         Robert Pattinson

Mechanic: Resurrection   Jason Statham,       10/13   Thailand
                         Tommy Lee Jones

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