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Production begins from Su Vu Vang field off Vietnam.

J. Ray McDermott, S.A. set a benchmark in the industry for fabrication, completion and delivery of a 15,500-metric ton float-over deck in 22.5 months. Delivery to the Cuu Long Joint Operating Company (CLJOC) of Vietnam allowed production to begin ahead of schedule from the Su Tu Vang (Golden Lion) oil field.

Comprised of a jacket, float-over topsides, pipelines, umbilicals, PLEMS and living quarters for 66 people, the Su Tu Vang Central Processing Platform (CPP) is a fully integrated EPCI project. This project boasts development of an eight-pile almost cuboid jacket and optimization of a construction-friendly float-over deck with unique design challenges that were overcome by the expense of the joint J. Ray-CLJOC project team. The CPP is designed to process 100,000 bopd. The output from the field is expected to be approximately 65,000 bpd. The remaining capacity of Su Tu Vang CPP will be used to process production from the Su Tu Den (Black Lion) North East oil field, scheduled to commence in 2010.


Upon the contract award in March 2006, the first steel cutting ceremony for the deck took place on Sept. 28, 2006 and within just 22.5 months, the deck was ready to sail, 100% mechanically complete, commissioned onshore and with no carryover work.

"We are proud to have delivered another project that has enabled first-oil ahead of schedule; this is the second and most challenging project in collaboration with CLJOC since the start of our relationship in 2001 with the Su Tu Den project," said Scott Cummins, vice president and general manager of J. Ray's Asia Pacific operations.

Cuu Long JOC is a Vietnamese joint operating company consisting of PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of PetroVietnam (50%); ConocoPhillips (UK) Cuu Long Limited (23.2%); Korea National Oil Corp. (14.2%); SK Energy (Korea--9%); and Geopetrol Viet Nam SA (Monaco--3.5%), for the purpose of exploration and production in Block 15-1 off the coast of Vietnam.

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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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