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Production and Packaging of Non Carbonated Fruit Juices and Fruit Beverages.


Edited by D Hicks. 397 pages with index. Price; 72.00 [pounds]. (UK: Blackie & Son Ltd).

Consumption of fruit juices and indeed fruit-containing beverages has increased greatly in the last few years. The pressures of the marketplace have ensured that the number of such products on offer has also increased.

This text provides a reference to this whole business. To achieve the breadth of information required, an international team of contributors review the industry, beginning with growing the crop right through to the distributor and dealing with the chemistry, analysis and packaging on the way.

The basic chapters carry titles Processing of citrus juices; Chemistry and technology of citrus juices and by-products; Authentication of orange juice; Tropical fruit juices; Growing soft fruit for juices and beverages; Equipment for extraction and processing of soft and pome fruit juices; Apple juice; Grape juice processing; Juice enhancement by ion exchange and adsorbent technologies; Non carbonated fruit-containing beverages; Nutritional value and safety of processed fruit juices; Packaging systems for fruit juices and non carbonated beverages; Legislation controlling production, labelling and marketing; and Production, consumption and flavour preferences.

The text is enhanced by some illustrations and the various contributors provide references to further reading. As can be seen, this is a fairly comprehensive book covering a subject that is very much a growth area. In fact, so much so that' cheating' is not unknown hence the current interest in juice authentication.
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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