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Production Wine Analysis.


By Bruce W Zoecklein, Kenneth C Fugelsang, Barry H Gump and Fred S Nury.

The idea of this text is to help readers gain an understanding of the commonly used procedures of analysis for wine or juice. It deals with the analyses as they should be carried out in a production laboratory. Practical considerations are what this book is all about, because these analyses are shown to be important in the total context of the winery.

Each chapter provides a consideration of theory and application, so that detailed laboratory procedures are enumerated, and concludes with special precautions that need to be observed for the analysis in question. There are also problem-solving sections in some chapters.

The four sections carry titles: Sampling, fermentation and production analysis; Microbial stability; Chemical stability; and Remedial actions. These are subdivided into Fruit quality and soluble solids; Alcoholometry; Extract; Hydrogen ion (pH) and fixed acids; Volatile acids; Carbohydrates - reducing sugars; Phenolic compounds and wine colour; Oxygen, carbon dioxide and ascorbic acid; Sulphur dioxide, Sulphur containing compounds; Other preservatives - sorbic acid, benzoic acid and dimethyldicarbonate; Wine microbiology; Tartaric acid and its salts; Copper; Iron and phosphorus; Nitrogenous compounds; Fining and fining agents; Correction of tartrate instabilities; and Removal of copper and iron - the Hubach analysis.

The book concludes with three appendices on chromatographic techniques, laboratory reagent preparation and laboratory media and stains, followed by a lengthy bibliography.
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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