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Product watch: new and notable products.

IntelliStore from StorageTek--Highly Automated, Highly Intelligent

StorageTek introduced a new disk-to-tape offering, IntelliStore, calling it "the only truly intelligent enterprise data archive solution on the market today". IntelliStore offers SMEs a self-protecting, self-healing and self-migrating archive solution with tier management and automated compliance, data protection and data management aimed at greatly reducing labor costs related to administration. Another key feature of the IntelliStore archive: a policy-based technology refresh capability that ensures that all archived data is stored in a currently recoverable format, regardless of when the data was created.

IntelliStore is currently available at a starting price of $75,000 for four TB of storage and $9,000 per additional TB. The IntelliStore archive is also available with a tape component, allowing the archival capacity to be scaled significantly at a low cost.

Tandberg Data Launches World's First 1U LTO Autoloader

Tandberg Data announced an addition to their StorageLoader product line, an LTO-2 tape autoloader that fits in a 1U rackspace. The LTO2 StorageLoader uses Tandberg's half-height LTO-2 drive to deliver up to 3.2 TB of compressed storage and a 173 GB/hr transfer rate. It includes up to eight data cartridges stored in two removable magazines to facilitate safe loading and easy transport for off-site storage. The major elements of the unit can be replaced in the field without removing the autoloader from the rack, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

The LTO2 StorageLoader is the highest-density tape autoloader currently available and is available as a turnkey solution with three-year warranty for $4,499 MSRP.

Diligent's ProtecTIER Data Protection--Protecting More Data, More Effectively

Diligent Technologies announced a highly scalable disk-based data protection solution, ProtecTier, at Gartner's PlanetStorage in June. ProtecTIER is a software data protection platform that runs on a standard enterprise server and connects to any standard Fibre Channel disk array to form a highly scalable target. ProtecTIER features Diligent's revolutionary factoring technology HyperFactor, which reduces disk space requirements by a factor of 25 or more.

ProtecTIER leverages the HyperFactor capacity optimization technology to only store new information from backup to backup, which enables the extreme disk space savings claimed by Diligent. HyperFactor also utilizes a fine-grained index of archived data stored entirely in RAM to find data matches with zero disk I/O, enabling high data throughput. The first access module to the platform is the ProtecTIER VT, Diligent's virtual tape solution for open systems. Processing power, connectivity and storage can be scaled independently, supporting up to 1 PB of physical capacity, or roughly 25 PB of effective capacity. Currently available in selective release, Diligent's ProtecTIER Platform is priced between $40,000 and $190,000, depending on the configuration.

Pillar Data's Axiom Storage System--Integrated SAN/NAS With Highly Intelligent QoS

Pillar Data Systems raised the curtain on its long-awaited entry into the enterprise storage market after four years of R & D and $150 million in funding from Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison's Tako Ventures. The Pillar Axiom storage system, combines SAN and NAS capabilities in a single platform as well as application-specific QoS on a single storage pool. Capacity and performance can be scaled without additional software licensing fees and data is tiered at the individual disk level.

The Pillar Axiom consists of three independently-scalable components: the Slammer storage controllers, Brick disk modules and the Pilot storage management software. Each Slammer supports four processors in an active-active configuration with up to 24GB cache memory. The storage Bricks contain RAID controllers and SATA or Fibre Channel disk drives. Axiom's unified approach and modular, high-volume components allow the Pillar Axiom to function as a highly-intelligent and fully-scalable storage solution at a low cost. For example, a 12 TB Pillar configuration costs $100,000, compared with a 6 TB EMC Clariion for $400,000.

Njini's Information Asset Management Suite For Business Data Valuation

New player Njini aims to expand upon ILM concepts with its Information Asset Management (IAM) suite, announced at Storage World Conference. The software aims to identify the real business value of data so that it can be managed effectively across different storage tiers. njiniENGINE, the heart of the software suite, assigns metadata to a data object at its point of origin. This metadata, derived from the content of the data object, is what allows the rest of the IAM suite to identify the business value of the data and control where it should be stored, for how long, its access privileges and number of kept copies.

The njiniENGINE is available now, as well as njiniENCOUNT, which uses the metadata assigned by njiniENGINE to maintain the correct number of each data object kept, whether that means replication or deduplication. njiniENROLL, a hierarchical storage management application based on the njiniENGINE and njiniENFORCE, the data retention compliance application, are scheduled for the first half of 2006. The final component of the suite, njiniENCOUNT, is a metadata search tool and scheduled for the second half of 2006.

FalconStor Expands VTL, Adds CDP Functionality

FalconStor expanded its VirtualTape Library (VTL) software package, adding a tape-based backup model and a new continuous disk-based backup model. The VirtualTape library takes advantage of the speed of disk-based backup and consolidates the management of storage services. With the addition of Continuous Disk Backup (CDB), the VTL journals incoming information and provides application-aware snapshots. CDB also enables users to initiate certain file-level or disk-level recovery procedures, taking some burden from the shoulders of IT administration.

JMR's 4U, 42-Drive SATA Solution: The ORCA

JMR announced the industry's highest density storage solution in the ORCA Storage System, cramming 16.8TB into 4U of rack space. Each individual ORCA can be daisy-chained, allowing for a petabyte of storage in only a half-dozen standard 40U racks. Power supplies and fans are triple-redundant and the ORCA features a triple-active Multi-Parity RAID controllers supporting both SATA and Fibre Channel disk drives.

The ORCA Storage System is available now, starting around $40,000 for a 16TB configuration.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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