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Costs of mandatory cannabis testing in California. Valdes-Donoso, Pablo; Sumner, Daniel A.; Goldstein, Robin S. Report Sep 1, 2019 4893
SAFETY FIRST: Electrical safety test vendors packing value-adds into solutions. Hockett, Mike Mar 1, 2019 2270
ON THE ROAD TO TESTOPS: Transforming how test & measurement data is shared. Farnham, Kaelly Mar 1, 2019 1081
Adaptation of the human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT) to Animal-Product-Free Conditions. Edwards, Alexander; Roscoe, Lottie; Longmore, Christopher; Bailey, Fiona; Sim, Bushra; Treasure, Car Report Sep 22, 2018 7071
Testing Vaginal Irritation with the Hen's Egg Test-Chorioallantoic Membrane Assay. Palmeira-de-Oliveira, Rita; Machado, Rita Monteiro; Martinez-de-Oliveira, Jose; Palmeira-de-Oliveira Report Sep 22, 2018 6472
NAIC to Produce Group Capital Calculation for Field Testing. Harman, Thomas Sep 1, 2018 341
Scalability, cost, flexibility drive innovation from DC to mmWave. Nelson, Rick Jul 1, 2018 3828
From reed relays to matrices, products adapt to customer needs. Nelson, Rick Jul 1, 2018 2197
Key trends driving the need for more semiconductor system-level testing. Bhalla, Anil Jul 1, 2018 2423
Nondestructive memory BIST for runtime automotive test. Pateras, Stephen Jul 1, 2018 1318
Attorneys react to fatal autonomous Uber accident. Franz, Thomas Mar 28, 2018 861
Consumer Product Testing Co. Hosts NJEDA Chief. Dec 1, 2017 135
New test points help contain growing test costs. Mayer, Jeff Nov 1, 2017 2035
From In Vivo to In Vitro: The Medical Device Testing Paradigm Shift. Myers, Dayna Kerecman; Goldberg, Alan M.; Poth, Albrecht; Wolf, Michael F.; Carraway, Joseph; McKim, Report Sep 22, 2017 16071
IIVS: Institute for In Vitro Sciences Advancing Science & Animal Welfare Together. Conference notes Sep 22, 2017 285
Early assessment of medical devices in development for company decision making: an exploration of best practices. Markiewicz, Katarzyna; van Til, Janine; Ijzerman, Maarten Report Apr 1, 2017 6207
ChipMOS selects Xcerra test cell for high-volume MEMS test. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 254
Quality compliance testing starts with quality test fixture. Chang, Jae-yong Jun 1, 2016 845
A unified framework for representing product validation testing methods and conducting reliability analysis. Wei, Zhigang; Start, Michael; Hamilton, Jason; Luo, Limin Report May 1, 2016 7726
Consumer Product Testing Co. Inc. Mar 1, 2016 437
Consumer Product Testing Co. Inc. Feb 1, 2016 438
Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc. Dec 15, 2015 370
Quiet, please! Engineers test products inside the world's most silent rooms. Maldarelli, Claire; Crane, Cody Nov 1, 2015 819
Paint manufacturer AkzoNobel to invest nearly [pounds sterling]1m in test plant at Felling site; The multinational paint manufacturer will produce coating resins for product testing with a view to manufacturing. Sep 2, 2015 325
Paint manufacturer AkzoNobel to invest [pounds sterling]956,000 in test plant at Felling site; The multinational paint manufacturer will produce coating resins for product testing with a view to launching a scaled-up commercial venture. Sep 1, 2015 221
Pursuing efficiency from wafer to system. Nelson, Rick Aug 1, 2015 2029
Summarization based on product review using intrinsic and extrinsic domain relevance. Jayabharathy, J.; Subathra, S.; Srinivasan, B. Report Jun 1, 2015 3556
Piecing together EMC compliance. Nelson, Rick Mar 1, 2015 2363
Consumer Product Safety Commission Held Workshop on Consumer Product Testing Burden Reduction Strategies. May 14, 2014 604
xG Technology, Autonomous University ink product testing agreement. Apr 14, 2014 174
xG Technology, Autonomous University ink product testing agreement. Apr 14, 2014 162
xG Technology, Autonomous University ink product testing agreement. Apr 14, 2014 174
Consumer product testing company Company overview Mar 1, 2014 436
Mental Zone LLC Initiates Product Testing for MZ COACH[R]; Introducing the First of a Kind Web Based Coaching Portal on Golf's Mental Game. Feb 27, 2014 395
Consumer product Testing company Company overview Feb 1, 2014 444
Independent third party testing key to network performance. Nov 1, 2013 961
Makeup makeover. Brief article Oct 28, 2013 139
DCL steps up product testing. Feb 6, 2013 187
Consumer product testing company Company overview Feb 1, 2013 445
Consumer retorts: when everybody's a critic, what's the role of a professional reviewer? Kleman, Kimberly D. Essay Jan 1, 2013 1754
Geometrical tolerance stack up techniques. Sahani A.K.; Jain P.K.; Sharma, Satish C. Report Jan 1, 2013 4647
Component-based formal modeling of PLC systems. Wang, Rui; Guan, Yong; Liming, Luo; Li, Xiaojuan; Zhang, Jie Report Jan 1, 2013 5034
Consumer Product Testing Company. Company overview Dec 1, 2012 392
Kinesis Survey Technologies Partners with StartSampling for Comprehensive In-Home Product Testing Services. Company overview Nov 29, 2012 594
Charting the design-and-test future. Nelson, Rick Editorial Nov 1, 2012 583
Sandia National Laboratories Awards iBeta Quality Assurance Mobile Biometric Product Testing Contract. Oct 17, 2012 388
Testing of over 3m CNG cylinders Govt to allow private testing. Brief article Aug 31, 2012 169
Virtual virtues: many different industries now use simulation techniques to test products without the time and expense of creating real prototypes. Jun 1, 2012 977
Tipping point: testing group MIRA has invested in what it believes is the first of a new kind of test rig to monitor vehicle roll-overs. Pullin, John Jun 1, 2012 1049
Developing a rugged military test instrument. Blake, Russell G Nov 1, 2011 1934
The erosion product catcher testing in the flow of combustion products with the use of thermophoresis effect/ Erozijos produktu gaudykles tyrimai degimo produktu sraute panaudojant termoforezo efekta. Abraitis, R.; Blazevicius, E.; Abraitis, D.; Bockus, S.; Ciuplys, A. Report Nov 1, 2011 3634
Testing times: environmental test is the vital business of ensuring that the products we buy work in the way we want them to. Nov 1, 2011 1307
Field-to-lab testing improves wireless designs. Vadakkuppattu, Vivek Technical report Sep 1, 2011 2550
Consumer Product Testing Co.: 35 years of excellence in testing. Jun 1, 2011 612
Shake, bake, and boom tests verify performance. Lecklider, Tom Technical report May 1, 2011 2539
Homemade bullet testing. Campbell, Bob Apr 1, 2011 605
Kyec Yuan lands IDMs' contracts. Liu, Ken Brief article Dec 31, 2010 276
NI adds features to TestStand. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 235
Outsourcing lean quality for manufacturing efficiency: shortening your overall production cycle time with rapid microbial screening offers significant financial benefits, whether in-house or outsourced. Sturgill, Tina M. Report Sep 1, 2010 1367
Addressing the challenges of legacy system upgrades. Garza, Rick Aug 1, 2010 1684
Maintaining immunity to changing EMC standards. Lecklider, Tom Aug 1, 2010 2557
Innate intelligence; products will increasingly be designed with a built-in test capability, which will call for more standardised test architectures. Pullin, John Jun 1, 2010 752
Going the distance; simulation tools are changing the job of durability engineers as they seek to ensure that cars are built to last as long as they're supposed to. Bickerstaffe, Simon Jun 1, 2010 1511
Sense of urgency; carmakers are reducing development times, putting extra pressure on test houses. Improving sensor technology would mean that test houses could acquire more data, streamlining development cycles. Scoltock, James Mar 1, 2010 991
Grant enables product testing firm to up its X-ray specs. Feb 8, 2010 346
Accelerating inhaled product testing. Report Jan 1, 2010 2513 finds that many probiotics don't deliver listed ingredients. Jan 1, 2010 692
Circuit breaker: testing and then more testing--that's how Land Rover ensures that its SUVs can cope with crossing rivers, the Outback, a few laps of the Nurburgring or even the m25. Bickerstaffe, Simon Sep 22, 2009 1493
Polymer Diagnostics Inc. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 129
Measurement of the tensile and yield strength of boiler steels by small punch and tensile test methods/Aurukatlateraste tombetugevuse ja voolepiiri mootmine kuuliga surumise ning tombekatse meetodil. Klevtsov, Ivan; Dedov, Andrei; Molodtsov, Artjom Report Jun 1, 2009 2420
Semiconductor Test's Active Evolution: once the standard, passive thermal management solutions for semiconductor testing will soon have to make way for thermoelectric advances. Magill, Paul A. Jun 1, 2009 1008
Consumer Product Testing Company. May 1, 2009 93
The sweet smell of ethical scents: the glamorous allure of a heady perfume has proved irresistible to consumers around the world for decades. But behind the chic brand names and celebrity endorsements, what are the current ethical credentials of an industry that, not so long ago, routinely tested its products on animals? Lambert, Victoria May 1, 2009 1474
Finger paint text. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 126
The heat is on: climatic testing can mean the difference between products surviving or failing in the real world. But customers need to be educated in the nuances of the process to get the most benefit. Scoltock, James Mar 1, 2009 1075
Mechanical testing systems provide simple quality control, product testing. Dec 22, 2008 246
Many drug trials never published; results are often biased, incomplete or unavailable. Ehrenberg, Rachel Dec 20, 2008 720
Extended analyzer capabilities blur distinctions. Lecklider, Tom Oct 1, 2008 3071
Satellite testing demands RF link emulation. Cagney, Michael Oct 1, 2008 1636
Lab data is just part of the picture. Ganapathy, Nirmala Oct 1, 2008 737
Low-cost imports mean business for test firms. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 290
Time is money: with more and more products having to comply with EMC regulations, it's important for test-houses to make optimum use of their facilities. The alternative is to find lower cost alternatives to full chamber testing. Honeywill, Tristan Sep 1, 2008 1065
Products must prove efficacy. Brief article Aug 18, 2008 191
Keep an eye on direct-to-consumer testing. Feero, Greg Aug 1, 2008 678
Crossdocking on the rise. Kator, Corinne Jun 1, 2008 344
Glossed over: nail salon workers and cosmetic consequences. Barnes, Erin May 1, 2008 1146
Are we there yet? Army pushes forward with troubled scout helicopter. Wagner, Breanne Apr 1, 2008 1755
Prescription for a cure: does the FDA's draft guidance adequately manage advisory committee members' conflicts of interest? Kellogg, Ian J. Mar 22, 2008 14035
Devil in the detail: from bespoke rigs to a consultancy role, one lab explains why its physical testing philosophy works. Cunningham, Justin Mar 19, 2008 757
Simulating everything: if virtual prototyping is the way forward, what does that mean for people engaged in physical testing? Pullin, John Mar 1, 2008 785
FDA Fast Track and Priority Review programs. Thaul, Susan Table Feb 1, 2008 2911
Tough talk: the importance of headset reliability. McGrogan, Joe Jan 1, 2008 630
Kiss and make-up: a need for consolidation of FDA and cosmetic industry regulation programs. Mason, Deborah E. Jan 1, 2008 10134
Consumer Product Testing Co.: one-stop shopping. Dec 1, 2007 462
Manual 55, International Consumer Product Testing Across Cultures and Countries. Aug 1, 2007 94
Material testing: weathering the storm: a properly designed weathering testing program enables manufacturers to achieve their product goals efficiently and productively. Quilter, Kerry Aug 1, 2007 2891
Sunscreen efficacy up for scrutiny. Jul 16, 2007 358
Testing of air leakage and heat loss characteristics of commercial door assemblies. McGowan, Alex; Jutras, Robert Report Jul 1, 2007 5918
Implementing change on the test floor. VanNewkirk, John May 1, 2007 3090
IEEE P1581 Working Group releases white paper. Brief article May 1, 2007 139
To innovate you have to determine value: numerous statistical techniques are available to assist you in developing new products, but first you have to determine if your new product actually has value. Studt, Tim Jan 1, 2007 1100
Comparative study on the testing of textile materials used in the automotive industry. Coman, Diana; Neagu, Ioan Report Jan 1, 2007 1347
Dynamical behaviour analysis of energetic transformers using DIgSILENT program. Spoljaric, Zeljko; Penic, Josip; Valter, Zdravko Report Jan 1, 2007 1287
Verification and testing protocol for differential flow meters. Kelner, Eric; Burkey, Russell; Reid, Eric Jul 1, 2006 2229
EPA pesticide-testing rules don't protect the vulnerable, critics say. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Apr 1, 2006 921
What do you think? Testing your idea with a focus group. It's not just for large companies. Hromadka, Erik Feb 1, 2006 1108
Merck KGaA v. Integra: more answers than questions? Burchfiel, Ken Case overview Jan 1, 2006 4418
Merck vows to contest Vioxx suits. Nov 21, 2005 760
European IT managers believe products and systems are launched with insufficient testing, says LogicaCMG. Brief Article Sep 29, 2005 253
European Union. Brief Article Sep 15, 2005 123
The laboratory notebook: answering important questions about quality. Green, Robert Sep 1, 2005 1275
Congressional hearing examines ways to bolster drug safety through FDA. Frieden, Joyce Apr 1, 2005 525
Finnish regulations increase animal testing - claim. Brief Article Oct 2, 2003 154
Hired kitchen at short notice. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 150
Microsoft Takes a Second Crack at iTV. Murphy, Kevin Jul 22, 2003 433
Meet the crunch bunch. May 1, 2003 365
College job experience: influences career choice. Howard, Suzanne Interview Feb 1, 2003 509

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