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Product stewardship.

The new technology that has been recently introduced to the ag marketplace, and that which is on its way, is truly revolutionary. It has allowed crop yields to thrive, in spite of what Mother Nature has thrown its way, be it drought, insects, fungus, or other pestilence.

However, we believe industry-defined regulatory clearances must be received before owners ever release the technology in the market, despite how superfluous some of those regulations may be.

We understand the need for companies to achieve a return on their research investments as quickly as possible. If not handled properly, though, product recalls, settlements and loss of markets can occur. These can play out as financial disasters. Unfortunately, one only needs to go back a few short years and study the Starlink/corn tortilla case and the toll it took on its owner.

Just this year alone, we have had the GMO-rice "contamination" plus a corn trait that has yet to be approved by Japan, which is the largest U.S. export customer. Assurances are being made that crops being raised will be properly handled and sold only into approved uses. Let's hope for the sake of the owners, their investors, the producers and the consumer that is the case.

Lynn Henderson

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Title Annotation:FOR OPENERS
Author:Henderson, Lynn
Publication:Agri Marketing
Date:May 1, 2007
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