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Induction Furnaces

Advances in technology have created nearly unlimited possibilities for induction furnace systems. ABB melting systems can be matched to specific meltshop requirements with precision and flexibility that were never before possible. Developments in solid state electronics have resulted in more compact systems, greater ease of maintenance and component interchangeability.--ABB Asea Brown Boveri, Inc.

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Precision Ceramics

Products offered include ceramic furnace linings; bottom-pour ladles and crucibles; stopper rods and nozzles; quick change-out Host/Crucible Systems; low thermal mass kiln furniture; thermal shock-resistant setters; and other prefired shapes for the superalloy, investment casting and nonferrous industries. The company specializes in unique, close tolerance shapes in a variety of compositions.--Blasch Precision Ceramics

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Carbon Raiser

Petroleum coke grade EC-101 offers typical 0.06% sulfur content and a nitrogen level of 0.025%. This grade provides a low-cost substitute for graphite in many carbon raiser applications. Sizing is 3/8 in. x 80 mesh or to custom specifications. Packaging includes forty 50# bags per pallet and bulk bags. Shipment originates at a plant in Nova, Ohio. Other carbon and graphite raisers also are available.--Graphite Sales, Inc.

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Coreless Induction Furnaces

A complete line of coreless furnaces for ferrous and nonferrous metals is offered including Pacer power supplies and Magne-Com computer control. Melting units include AM PAC coreless melting systems, Magne-Melt till-type furnaces, steel case furnaces, and Swinger lift and rotate furnaces. Guidelines for selecting proper equipment are covered in the brochure.--Ajax Magnethermic Corp.

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Ladle Heater

The Gaylord Hot Shot 400 FS Ladle Heater is a self-contained unit complete with its own blower, high-efficiency burner, flame safety with UV scanner, electric gas solenoid, gas regulator and spark ignition. This unit is designed to effectively cure or preheat ladles up to 1500 lb. Custom units are also available.--Gaylord Foundry Equipment, Inc.

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Aluminum Melting,

Holding & Filtration

Hi T.E.Q. offers a complete line of molten metal processing furnaces including crucible, dry hearth, wet bath verberatory, low-energy holders, electric launders, degassing and filtration furnaces. Units are available in gas, propane and electric models.--Hi T.E.Q., Inc.

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Steel Shell Furnaces

Inductotherm Corp., the world's largest manufacturer of induction melting systems, has published a comprehensive new booklet describing the advantages of its heavy steel shell, coreless induction furnaces. The booklet describes the furnaces' advanced coil design, high electrical efficiency and rugged mechanical strength. Included are furnace cut-away views and illustrations of furnace engineering principles.--Inductotherm Corp.

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Auto-Pour Furnace

Improving casting quality can be simply a matter of changing the way of pouring. A Junker pouring furnace, the world's largest, was recently installed at a major automotive foundry. Because this furnace is equipped with a floating device in the pouring spout, refilling the furnace while pouring does not affect pouring accuracy. More than 150 pouring curves can be stored and recalled automatically.--Junker/Disamatic, Inc.

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Precision Ceramics

MPH provides a complete line of low-energy, nonferrous melting and holding furnaces and molten metal handling products along with an unparalleled customer service program. The brochure describes the company's full range of products, from aluminum die-casting systems and crucible/pot furnaces to labor-saving accessories such as automatic ladlers.--MPH, A General Signal Company

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Induction Furnaces

Pillar offers a complete line of quality induction furnaces, high-power frequency converters and associated diagnostics capable of communicating by modem. Pillar also has a new Autopour system that combines a coreless induction heating coil with a controlled vacuum for maintaining a fixed head of metal above a pouring nozzle.--Pillar Industries, Inc.

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Induction Furnaces

Inductotherm Corp. has introduced an induction power unit for batch melting that can apply melting power to one furnace and holding power to a second. The VIP(R) Dual-Trak(TM) is designed to maximize the efficiency of "butterfly" batch melting. The unit is available in a variety of sizes and frequencies.--Inductotherm Corp.

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Environmental Brochure

Ashland Chemical is making available to U.S. foundries a new brochure that describes in detail the environmental requirements related to the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act. The brochure includes sections about Urban Air Quality, Hazardous Air Pollutants, Permitting and Enforcement as well as emission worksheets.--Ashland Chemical, Inc.

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High-Velocity Core Drying

Fostoria Industries' cost-effective, low-maintenance dryer was developed in response to the increased use of waterborne core washes. The dryer eliminates moisture in 1-2 minutes. Electric and gas-fired models are available for batch or continuous operations. Temperature and air velocities are user-serlected.--Fostoria Industries, Inc.

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Coldbox Gas Generation

The Gaylord Liquid Catalyst Converter gassing/purging system for the phenolic urethane (amine) coldbox process pumps catalyst directly from the shipping container. Other features include: precise metering of required amine; no inert gas or heat tapes required; and easy installation on new or existing core machines. Numerous sizes are available.--Gaylord Foundry Equipment, Inc.

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Sand Transporter

Plug Flo(TM) energy-saving pneumatic sand transport systems are backed by 25 years of experience. Sand is pushed in slugs at ver low velocities without the excessive pipe wear and sand pulverization found in conventional systems. This system does not require fluidization or boosters to move a material through a conveying pipeline.--Alb. Klein Co., Inc.

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Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

Fluid bed sand cooler systems are designed to ensure consistent return sand temperature and moisture content. Patented drilled decks evenly distribute air into the sand bed for efficient heat transfer, while vibration-aided fluidization mixes the sand to eliminate hot spots. Special hooded designs minimize dusting, and an optional scalping section is available.--Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

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Continuous Mixers

Eagle's Dual Model Mixer is a unique solution to problems encountered with well-mixed "first sand" discharged from a mixer. Advantages include: dust-free mixing, an isolated control/pump cabinet, a recirculating pump system, PLC control, and foundry rugged design.--Eagle Foundry Services, Inc.

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Vibratory Sand Mixer

Without resorting to rotating parts (such as wheels, augers, screws, or paddles), the Klein Vibratory Mixer efficiently mixes or coasts granular materials such as sand with liquids and powders. In this compact, easy-to-use unit, sand can be mixed to high tensile strengths and scratch hardness with less resin.--Alb. Klein Co., Inc.

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Sand Conditioning/Reclaiming

A patented rotary processing system can clean, separate, reclaim, crush, classify, dry or cool while conveying. When adapted to product requirements, the system guarantees increased productivity and profitability. Advanced rotary technology eliminates dynamic reaction, stress cracks, special foundations and drive limitations and lowers installation, operating and maintenance costs.--Didion Mfg. Co.

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The GMD Thermo-Scrubber Thermal Sand Reclaimer processes almost all foundry sands for core room reuse and for new sand replacement. This system reduces new sand cost, reclaims/recycles a natural resource and minimizes waste with guaranteed results.--GMD Engineered Systems, Inc.

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Fabric Filters

GMD manufactures a complete line of shaker, pulse and cartridge-style fabric filter collectors. Units are available in a wide range of filter areas. The modular construction offers flexibility in sizing for optimum installation.--GMD Engineered Systems, Inc.

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Hazardous Dust

Treatment System

GMD's Totally Enclosed Treatment Syste, (TETS) uses RMT's EDAP system to chemically re-act with heavy metals to render baghouse dust nonhazardous. The GMD Powder Injector Nozzle (PIN) mixes the dry reactant powder in the exhaust duct before the baghouse.--GMD Engineered Systems, Inc.

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The patented BLASTIC(R) shotblast wheel increases productivity by up to 50% and comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Complete wheels as well as separators, scalping drums and other components are also available as replacements to upgrade existing equipment. All custom-designed BLASTEC blastcleaning machines come with the BLASTEC wheel.--BLASTEC, Inc.

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Advantages of DTC polydrum blastcleaning include gentle turning of workpieces in a polygonal-shaped drum, higher cleaning capacity than conventional systems, and short loading and unloading periods. Blastcleaning of mixed production runs is possible. Blast wheels are located directly above the workload to focus the abrasive streams on the castings. Compact space-saving design easily integrates into batch or continuous production lines.--Disamatic, Inc.

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Vibrating Drum

The General Kinematics Two-Mass vibrating drum combines two-mass, subresonant, natural-frequency vibratory action with infinitely variable stroke and drum-type material motion. The vibrating drum achieves exceptional operating efficiency and end product consistency for a number of applications including shakeout, lump reduction, blending, separation, agglomeration and many more.--General Kinematics Corp.

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Lubrication Systems

LubeCon specializes in automatic lubrication systems and lubricants that will extend the life of foundry equipment components such as conveyors, shotblast pins and links, roller chains, slides and guides, and mold car systems. The electronically controlled systems consistently dispense thin-film/dry-film molydisulfide lubricant from a central reservoir in the exact quantities precisely to points of wear.--LubeCon Maintenace Systems, Inc.

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Applications include green sand and nobake systems, flask cleaning, core knockout, and shot separation. Two-mass Natural Frequency shakeouts are custom-designed to efficiently separate sand and castings in high-pressure automatic mold lines. Experienced engineers help select proper size, deck type and vibratory action required for specific applications to protect casting quality while removing sand.--Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

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Graphite Products

A brochure describes 26 graphitic platics and ramming mixes offered by Chicago Fire Brick. Technical data and short descriptions of typical product applications are presented.--Chicago Fire Brick Co.

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& Fireclay Brick

This brochure offers detailed technical data on Chicago Fire Brick's complete line of extra-high-alumina, high-alumina, high-duty and super-duty fireclay brick. The information will help companies choose the right product for their unique applications and requirements.--Chicago Fire Brick Co.

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Refractory Products

for Aluminum Furnaces

This brochure contains detailed technical information on Chicago Fire Brick's castable, plastic and brick products for applications within the aluminum melting furnace. Photographs show the results of a "cup test," comparing the use of a special nonwetting additive to that of a traditional refractory product.--Chicago Fire Brick Co.

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Crucibles & Refractories

Engineered Ceramics manufactures crucibles and refractories for induction melting and other foundry applications. High-quality, 88%-alumina materials withstand the toughest applications of temperature, thermal shock and mechanical stress. Specialized shapes for proprietary processes are available at low cost with quick delivery. Other products and formulas are also available.--Engineered Ceramics, A General Signal Company

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Fibrous Ceramics

This company manufactures high-performance, high-temperature fibrous ceramic thermal, electrical and structural insulation products. Fiber types offered include zirconia, alumina and alumina silica. Product forms include: bulk fiber, powders, cements, hardeners, felts, cloths, papers, boards, cylinders,

ceramic composite shapes, and engineered insulation assemblies in standard and custom shapes. Heating elements and accessories are available.--Zircar Products, Inc.

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Arc-Spark Spectrometers

Angstrom offers the Polyvac line of optical emission spectrometers. All systems are custom built to users' specific needs, with options for both manual and automatic operation. A standard software package including SPC and charge addition routines are included in all systems.--Angstrom, Inc.

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Pump Calibration

The Flo-Calibrator provides an environmentally friendly means of calibrating mixer pumps. There are no liquid resins or contaminated containers to dispose of. The mixer is calibrated as sand is mixed. It also eliminates operator contact with resins.--Eagle Foundry Services, Inc.

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Vacuum Spectrometer

The GVM-514 spectrometer, coupled with its new extended software and data system, provides a user-friendly operating system for the complete analysis of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, tool steel, and copper, nickel and cobalt alloys. The optical fiber interface from the spectrometer to the data system provides the user with the necessary flexibility and speed for today's applications.--Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

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Spectrometer Systems

The Angstrom S-2000 Digital Readout System is a low-cost solution to arc-spark spectrometer problems, completely replacing existing readout electronics with a compact, stable and advanced readout package.--Angstrom, Inc.

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Nondestructive Testing

K.J. Law nondestructive testing equipment for ferrous and nonferrous metals is available as stand-alone instrumentation or as automated systems for in-line production testing. Verimet(R) and Hentschel Instruments(TM) perform eddy current testing for alloy heat treatment, case depth, surface defects and more. Digital Brinell and Rockwell-type testers are also available.--K.J. Law Engineers, Inc.

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Environmental Services

The Lester B. Knight Environmental Services Lab specializes in the unique problems encountered with foundry industrial hygiene and the analysis of solid waste, water and air samples. The lab, accredited by AIHA, provides TCLP testing and routine analysis for quartz, cristobalite, heavy metals and organics.--American Foundrymen's Society, Inc./Environmental Services

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Engineering & Consulting

The Harry G. Mouat Co. offers a wide range of services, including consulting, engineering, manufacturing, and construction and project management. The company has long been recognized for its strong engineering capabilities and innovative concepts for meeting today's foundry needs.--Harry G. Mouat Co., Inc.

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Engineering Services

Whatever the metalcasting problem, the American Foundrymen's Society technical staff can help solve it. With experts from all areas of foundry practice, the AFS technical staff provides, assistance in the technologies of iron, aluminum, copper-base, steel, sand, core/mold binders, investment casting, engineering, plaster mold, foundry audits, tooling and environmental concerns.--AFS Engineering Services

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Computer Programs

Developed specifically for the foundry industry, AFSoftware is available for charge calculations, expert systems, gage repeatability and reliability, gating, graphing, materials selection, production scheduling and control, risering, statistical design of experiments, statistical process control, solidification and weight estimates.--American Foundrymen's Society, Inc./AFSoftware Service

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Research &

Testing Facilities

The Cast Metals Institute offers fully equipped research facilities staffed with metal casting professionals. Capabilities include melting, pattern-making, green sand molding, no-bake molding and coremaking, investment casting, expendable pattern casting, metallography, nondestructive testing, mechanical testing, scanning electron microscopy, spectrometry and sand testing.--AFS/Cast Metals Institute, Inc.

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Conveyors & Feeders

Natural Frequency vibrating conveyors include mold dump, transfer, casting accumulator/cooler, sorting, counterflow sand, sorting and radial. Feeders are illustrated in preheat systems as well as in sand, casting and scrap handling. Loose belt liners sand sticking. Engineering services are offered for lab and field testing, supports, layouts and matchups to on-line equipment.--Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

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Lamberton manipulators are foundry proven to rugged and highly reliable. With capabilities to 8800 lb, all models feature force-feedback control. Typical applications include shakeout, shotblasting, riser removal, sorting and grinding.--Lamberton Robotics, Ltd.

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Flaskless Mold Handlers

Transferring, rollover and closing of flaskless airset molds and cores becomes a simple operation with this equipment. The simple design combined with rugged construction provide the user with an economical means of material handling.--Eagle Foundry Services, Inc.

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