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Product intros keep lip care lively.

NEW YORK -- The sales figures in recent months for the overall skin care category may not exactly be cause for celebration, but the margins in the lip care segment appear to be holding up well, with two companies launching new products.

Clio Designs recently unveiled Mwah, named after the popular teen texting cipher for "kiss."

Not to be outdone, Blistex has brought out Nurture & Nourish, which aims to promote healthy lips, and Lip Vibrance, a tinted, long-lasting balm.

Brian LaMontagne, Clio's director of new product development, says: "Mwah is the hip, new lip range for young women that is not just fresh-looking, but also a great product--in terms of formulation, quality and price. Unlike other lip products geared to the young women demographic, the Mwah lip-conditioning slider is 99% natural and is made in our 100% solar-powered factory in Southern California.

"It is formulated with cutting-edge chemistry, such as mango seed butter and macadamia nut oil, it is never tested on animals, and it is packed in a brand and a vessel that is bold, innovative and yet still quite practical."

He adds that categories such as lip care products are important to drug chains because of the high level of impulse-buying involved. As for marketing Clio products, LaMontagne says the company has "focused like a laser on our demographics and is obsessing over them both in the print world and in the social media one."

Blistex's Nurture & Nourish aims to provide a balance between a healthy approach to lip care with everyday indulgence. Noted for their moisturizing and antiaging benefits, grape-seed oil and olive oil form the basis of the ingredients. Other elements include gogi extract, copper, zinc and vitamin E.

Company spokesman Christi Fatigato says: "The combination of these ingredients delivers a soft, conditioning formula that imparts a lush sensation during and after application. You have to feel it to believe it." The Lip Vibrance balm brings a touch of glitter to the mix, adding a subtle, but noticeable, amount of color and shimmer to the balm's moisturizating and protective properties.
Lip Balm/Treatments

                           TOTAL DOLLAR SALES* $650 mil. (+15.7%)
                           DRUGSTORES $215.5 mil. (+12.1%)

                             Market     Dollar sales   Dollar sales
LEADING BRANDS **            share         (000)         % change

Burt's Bees                   14.8%        $31,821       +  7.4%
Chapstick Classic              8.6%         18,425       +  3.3%
Carmex                         7.0%         15,053       + 10.8%
Maybellins Baby Lips           6.7%         14,519       + 31.4%
Eos Evolution of Smooth        6.7%         14,390       + 36.3%
Blistex                        4.6%          9,908       +  1.5%
Revlon ColorBurst              4.5%          9,641       - 13.0%
Private Label                  4.2%          9,004       -  5.4%
Chapstick Moisturizer          3.7%          7,886       +  9.5%
Eos Evolution of Smooth        3.0%          6,525         N/A

                           TOTAL UNIT SALES * 293 mil. (+9.3%)
                           DRUG STORES 79.3 mil. (+5.2%)

                           Avg. price    Unit sales     Unit sales
LEADING BRANDS **           per unit       (000)         % change

Chapstick Classic               $1.88         9,809       +  1.0%
Carmex                           1.60         9,410       +  3.7%
Burts Bees                       4.25         7,484       +  0.4%
Private Label                    1.47         6,122       - 12.2%
Blistex                          1.78         5,552       -  0.5%
Chapstick Moisturizer            2.02         3,906       +  8.4%
Eos Evolution of Smooth          3.78         3,811       + 34.1%
Maybelline Baby Lips             3.95         3,679       + 29.3%
Vaseline Lip Therapy             1.90         2,514       + 42.1%
Blistex Lip Medex                1.80         1,989       +  3.6%

* Total of drug stores. supermarkets, discount stores,
military commissaries, and selected club and dollar stores.

** in drug stores only.
Source: IRI For the 52 weeks ended January 26, 2014.
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Title Annotation:BEAUTY CARE REPORT: Cosmetics & Fragrances
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Mar 17, 2014
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