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Now Available: AES67 Interoperability For Audio Over IP Signal Transport. Mar 6, 2018 306
Edgewater Networks launches EdgeMarc 2900 Series. Jun 9, 2017 325
Edgewater Networks launches EdgeMarc 2900 Series. Jun 9, 2017 335
Rivet Networks releases E2400 with Advanced Stream Detect 2.0. Brief article Aug 6, 2015 242
Rivet Networks releases E2400 with Advanced Stream Detect 2.0. Brief article Aug 6, 2015 256
Fortinet Enhances Retail offering With Presence Analytics as Part of Connect and Secure Solution. Brief article Aug 20, 2014 165
Fortinet announces 3 new high-performance application delivery controllers. Brief article Apr 2, 2014 157
Fortinet announces 3 new high-performance application delivery controllers. Brief article Apr 2, 2014 145
New AudioCodes session border controller supports up to 16,000 sessions. Brief article Jan 15, 2014 132
Fortinet launches 'Connected UTM' platform. Brief article Jan 14, 2014 164
Cisco adds another player in the carrier routing system family. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 185
Cisco adds another player in the carrier routing system family. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 188
Acme Packet Palladion brings real-time, end-to-end management, and analytics to enterprise networks. Brief article Mar 19, 2013 145
Cisco enhances collaborative capabilities. Brief article Mar 12, 2013 171
TTTech announces availability of a high-speed 20 Mbit/s TTP product line. Brief article Jan 23, 2012 181
Sectra announces Panthon security solution for Android. Brief article Nov 10, 2011 110
EMCO Releases a Free MAC Address Scanner Utility for Windows. Sep 25, 2011 497
Coraid introduces EtherFlash solution. Brief article Aug 29, 2011 216
SANRAD releases V-Switch XL for high-speed storage. Brief article Jul 19, 2011 158
Napatech unveils four-port 10G adapter. Brief article Jun 28, 2011 101
Airvana unveils new EV-DO Radio Node Controller technology. Brief article Jun 28, 2010 206
Bell Turbo Hub now available for portable Internet access. Brief article May 27, 2010 145
New Imperva virtual security appliances available. Brief article May 18, 2010 152
Bigfoot releases new high speed network interface card. Brief article May 11, 2010 196
Acme introduces new session border controller. Brief article May 11, 2010 194
Acme introduces new session border controller. Brief article May 11, 2010 196
Matrix42 announces new IT appliance. Brief article Apr 21, 2010 114
Cisco unveils 'Security Without Borders'. Mar 2, 2010 464
Accedian solutions deployed by Vector in Auckland network. Brief article Jan 20, 2010 181
Security runs in family. Herrmann, Michele Brief article Jan 1, 2010 107
Array introduces Array SPX800 Universal Access Controller. Brief article Aug 5, 2009 189
Layer Zero Solutions seen at Cisco Live 2009. Brief article Jun 29, 2009 150
Array introduces APV6200 series application delivery controllers. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 250
Rim Release New BE-Server 5.0. Brief article May 4, 2009 217
Cisco announces new TelePresence products. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 220
Mark Logic and MOSS connect. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 267
Astaro introduces Astaro Command Center hardware appliance. Dec 4, 2008 310
Expand launches two optimisation devices. Brief article Oct 20, 2008 174
Nynex bases expanded network on VT iDirect systems. Brief article Oct 20, 2008 171
Shunra Software Releases Powerful Testing Package Reducing Root Cause Discovery Time from Weeks to Hours. Aug 12, 2008 670
ClusterMirror. Brief article May 1, 2008 134
PineApp introduces PineApp Lawful Interception product. Brief article Apr 22, 2008 181
ZombiCop introduced by PineApp. Brief article Apr 14, 2008 254
Power over Ethernet Access Point introduced by Edimax. Brief article Oct 5, 2006 194
Waleli develops GSM doorbell. Brief article Oct 5, 2006 211
Babble introduces Web Calling toolbar. Brief article Jul 24, 2006 205
Portable data collection gets a whole new boost. Jul 1, 2006 356
Nortel introduces Business Continuity System 3000. Brief article Jun 21, 2006 173
Critical Links adds Network Access Control to edgeBOX. Brief article Jun 20, 2006 159
Vonage UK and D-Link introduce Voice Terminal Adapter for Vonage subscribers. Brief article Jun 2, 2006 141
NetEvidence launches Application Insight. Brief Article Mar 13, 2006 152
Cisco introduces new unified communications system. Brief Article Mar 10, 2006 156
Buffalo Technology introduces products to DLNA guidelines. Brief Article Mar 2, 2006 223
Multiple input device interfaces. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 93
Funkwerk introduces elmeg T484. Brief Article Dec 8, 2005 159
Aventail unveils EX-2500 appliance. Brief Article Nov 15, 2005 215
OnInstant releases OnCore! communications tool. Brief Article Nov 22, 2004 122
New Ethernet network adapter ships from Intel. Brief Article May 4, 2004 114
Navini Offers WiMax Instant Service Provider Footprint. Apr 15, 2004 429
Manage multiple servers. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 135
Workgroup switch. Dec 1, 2003 129
IEEE Standard 802.16 sets stage for growth of Metropolitan Area Networks. (The Commercial Market). Feb 1, 2002 262
FastComm announces priority enhanced Internet/Intranet access. Mar 25, 1997 519
Gandalf Announces Major Performance Upgrade Of Award-Winning Xpressconnect 5250i Multiprotocol Edge Router - Product Offers Levels Of Compression And Encryption Unmatched In Industry. Mar 25, 1997 559
ActionTec announces DeskVoice 33.6 kbps voice/fax/modem. Mar 12, 1997 520
ZNYX Optimizes Fast Ethernet Switching for High-Performance Servers; New RAINswitch Delivers Gigabit-Per-Second Performance; First scalable switch optimized for servers in medium-sized networks; Innovative five-level design improves network availability, performance and integrity; Four-channel Fast Ethernet switch with 1 Gbps server link for US$ 1799. Mar 4, 1997 566
SPEEDLAN 5, 10 Mbps Wireless Interbuilding Connectivity. Feb 26, 1997 412
Digital Link Adds In-Band Management Functionality to its Highly Successful Solo Family of Products; New Capability Enhances Versatility, Cost-Effectiveness Of Solo T1 and Solo 56/64 DSU/CSUs. Feb 18, 1997 781
Digital Link Introduces Powerful and Economical T1 CSU; New CSU Offers Complete Network Monitoring, In-Service Diagnostics and Network Protection. Feb 18, 1997 550
Larscom's ATM Inverse Multiplexer Successfully Completes Beta Testing at Worldcom Inc; IMUX-A45 is Now Available for Production Quantity Shipments. Feb 14, 1997 507
Accton's New Fast SwitcHubs Deliver Optimal Performance for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. Feb 14, 1997 547
Wang to Showcase Healthcare Solutions at HIMSS; Will Preview Web-Enabled Physicians' Workstation, Announce Strategic Partnerships. Feb 13, 1997 450
WebRamp with Analog Ports and "EasyIP" Makes it Easier, Less Costly than ever for Smallest Businesses to Grow Via the Internet. Feb 4, 1997 609
Hypercom adds support for video traffic using cost-effective frame relay. Feb 4, 1997 257
Ascend's New GRF 1600 Establishes New Benchmark for IP Switching; At 10 Million Packets/Second, Switch Delivers Contention-Free, High-Speed Throughput for Today's Capacity-Constrained Internet Backbones. Feb 4, 1997 973
Carrier Access Corp. announces feature-rich M1-3 Access Multiplexer. Jan 31, 1997 689
SEEQ Announces Production Availability of Two New Four-Port Ethernet MAC Controller ICs. Jan 31, 1997 539
The Virtual Office Becomes a Reality with Gandalf's XpressAnywhere. Jan 30, 1997 961
Larscom Adds Ethernet LAN Port to Management Options for Orion 200/400/800. Jan 21, 1997 326
MRV Communications announces DirectIP Switching. Jan 21, 1997 440
Interphase Corporation Announces First Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Product; Product Introduction Marks the Company's Entry into xDSL Market. Jan 16, 1997 866
Performance announces first DSL gateway to simultaneously support cap and DMT line cards and scaleability for up to 500 modems. Jan 16, 1997 1136
U.S. Robotics Adds More Than 60 ISPs, Bringing To 100 The Number Supporting x2 Technology For 56 Kbps Internet And Remote Access. Jan 6, 1997 2378
U.S. Robotics Enhances Network Management For TOTALswitch LAN Switching Hub. Dec 23, 1996 906
Ascend Announces MultiDSL Strategy and First Complete Line of DSL Products, Links with MFS for Roll-Out of New Internet Service. Dec 9, 1996 1473
MADGE ANNOUNCES NEW FAST ETHERNET SWITCHING MODULES FOR ITS AWARD-WINNING LANSWITCH HUB; New Modules Offer Next-Generation Backbone Functionality, Boost 100BASE-T Port Density. Dec 2, 1996 795
Adaptec "Lightning" Strikes Fast Ethernet Market; Four-port ANA-6944A with new Adaptec Duralink software makes great holiday gift for your mission-critical servers. Dec 2, 1996 633
Sentient Networks Unveils New Class of Access Switches; First to Offer ASAP@; Products offer breakthroughs in scalability, flexibility and price-performance. Dec 2, 1996 1177
Boca Research Markets 33.6 Kbps Game Business Modem -- The Ultimate Tool for Professionals' Business and Entertainment Needs. Nov 18, 1996 723
Boca Research develops networking products for the retail market. Nov 18, 1996 645
Computone Announces ISDN BRI Support for the PowerRack. Nov 18, 1996 501
NETGEAR Adds FA310TX Fast Ethernet Card to Family of Cost Effective Networking Products; Customers Enjoy 10 or 100BASE-T Functionality at 10BASE-T Prices. Nov 18, 1996 454
Computone Introduces the Power RackPort, The World's Fastest Multi-Port Serial I O Solution - 921.6 Kbps! Nov 18, 1996 421
Computone Introduces The PowerSurfer, The World's Fastest ISDN Modem - 921.6Kbps! Nov 18, 1996 460
Winnov Debuts First Complete PC Notebook H.324 and Internet Videoconferencing Solution at COMDEX; Winnov Introduces Videum Traveler and VideumConf Traveler for the Exploding PC Notebook Computer Market; Shipping Begins in February. Nov 18, 1996 806
Groupe Sagem Announces U.S. Version of ISDN Boards for Windows 95 Computers; 'Plug and Play' Boards for Personal Computers Target SOHO Market. Nov 18, 1996 685
Uniden breaks price barrier with new CDPD modem; low-cost UniData product family makes debut at COMDEX. Nov 18, 1996 547
Integrated Micro Solutions Introduces ATM Addition to the Multimedia Family; Significant step taken to accelerate the adoption of ATM at the workgroup level. Nov 15, 1996 456
AMQUEST Announces 33.6 Modem with Rockwell Intl. AudioSpan Technology -- Premium Features Include Simultaneous Voice and Data, Caller ID, Full-Duplex Speakerphone and Voice Mail --. Nov 15, 1996 551
Motorola introduces 33.6 Kbps PC Card authentication modem. Nov 15, 1996 864
TDK Systems Introduces Internationally Certified Combination 33.6 Kbps V.34 Fax Modem and Ethernet LAN PC Card; The Global Networker combines high-speed Modem LAN performance and certified multi-country fax modem compatibility. Nov 15, 1996 819
Boca Research Unveils Low-Cost Set Top Device...First PC Enhancement Company to Enter Internet TV Market. Nov 15, 1996 1075
AltiGen Products Used to Develop Telephony Networking Platform for Mobile Workgroups; Breakthrough Platform Provides Mobile Workgroups with Integrated Wireless Telephony, Messaging and Internetworking Capability. Nov 14, 1996 538
Engage Ships WAN Router with Three Integrated T1 Fractional T1 DSU CSUs. Nov 13, 1996 450
Mitac confirms first shipment of consumer internet access appliance. Nov 13, 1996 246
New Book Offers "12-Step Program" for Building Corporate Intranets; Book from BSG now Available in Bookstores Everywhere. Nov 13, 1996 612
U.S. Robotics Unveils First Live, Public Demonstration of x2 56 KBPS Technology at COMDEX. Nov 13, 1996 823
Adaptec Bites Into Apple Macintosh ATM Market; ATM adapter line offers broadest OS support in ATM industry. Nov 13, 1996 498
PairGain introduces new xDSL megabit access products. Nov 13, 1996 1174
Diamond Multimedia Debuts Supra Video Phone Kit for Mainstream PC Users; Diamond's Desktop Video Phone Kit to Be Shown at Comdex; Gives Users an Affordable Video Conferencing Package for Use Over Plain Old Telephone Lines and the Internet. Nov 12, 1996 1074
Industry's most advanced Web Teleconferencing product launched by ConnectCall. Nov 12, 1996 648
Global Village Communication. Brief Article Nov 11, 1996 131
AM Communications Inc. announces the SIMS product. Nov 11, 1996 297
Winnov First to Bring to Windows NT 4.0 Videoconferencing for Under $500; VideumConf Pro First Complete Desktop Videoconferencing System To Support Windows NT 4.0 at a Breakthrough Price of $499! Nov 11, 1996 542
Ascom Timeplex enables customers to Interwork Link 2+ and Synchrony Networks for cost efficient Hybrid Networking. Nov 11, 1996 427
Mobility Plus Connectivity Means Freedom: Texas Instruments Adds Wireless Networking to livegear Accessory Product Line. Nov 11, 1996 1167
3Com Expands Intranet Solution Set of Products with New Line of Small Office Routers. Nov 11, 1996 950
Mylex Introduces First Remote RAID Management Software Allowing Online Expansion and OEM Customization; Global Array Manager 2.05 Enables RAID Storage Capacity Increases Without Network Down-Time and Allows OEMs to Create Their "Own" Software. Nov 11, 1996 820
i-Planet Blasts into Orbit; Empowers Small Mid-Sized Organizations via Unique Internet Communications. Nov 10, 1996 1045
Announcing the new SimpleStation. Nov 7, 1996 227
Executone adds integrated communications server to computer telephony arsenal. Nov 7, 1996 479
Dayna announces new plug and play 10BASE-T workgroup switch priced at $100 per port. Nov 6, 1996 520
Orckit Communications announces the first shipment of its ORvision II ADSL commercial units. Nov 6, 1996 1223
3Com Offers High-Speed 33.6 Connections With Next Generation Lan+Modem PC Card; 3Com's EtherLink III LAN+33.6 Modem PC Card (PCMCIA) Delivers High-Bandwidth Dial-up Network Access to Mobile Users. Nov 4, 1996 838
Solectek Announces 10MB SEC Wireless Bridge. Nov 4, 1996 590
Global Village enters PC Windows modem market with industry's first 33.6 Kbps fax modem that is also a standalone speakerphone. Nov 4, 1996 917
New CardBus Technology for Portable PCs Equates PCI-Based Desktop Performance; Xircom Commits to New Technology; Ships Industry-First CardBus 10 100 Ethernet Adapter. Nov 4, 1996 659
Samsung Introduces New Family of Highly Integrated, Smart Power Switch Devices; High integration lowers part count, cost in many applications; Wide lead pitch of 3.81 mm assures 800 volt operation without arcing; Provides on-chip overload and thermal protection, and high efficiency. Nov 4, 1996 506
Ascend Announces Java-Based Configurator for Popular Pipeline Family of Remote-Site Bridges and Routers; Free Utility With Graphical, Point-and-Click Interface Is Distributed on Ascend's New Pipeline Companion CD-ROM. Nov 4, 1996 639
Mitel introduces a new category of computer peripheral delivering true desktop computer telephony integration. Nov 4, 1996 1273
Cisco Delivers High-Performance Firewall for Internet and Intranet Access; Cisco PIX Firewall now available with enhanced network security and reliability. Nov 4, 1996 772
American Phoenix Group, Inc. and Tetherless Access Limited Announce Low Cost Wireless Internet for Developing Economies. Nov 1, 1996 715
LanOptics announces T-SwitchPro first customer shipments. Oct 31, 1996 459
Tetherless Access Limited -TAL- and American Phoenix Group -APHX- Announce Low Cost Wireless Internet for Developing Economies. Oct 31, 1996 708
Sony Electronics enters desktop videoconferencing systems market. Oct 30, 1996 669
MTI introduces the new low cost 8300 RAID Array host-based RAID for Windows NT. Oct 30, 1996 400
Alcatel Telecom cross connect packs a punch for PCS operators -- perfect for mobile switching requirements. Oct 29, 1996 633
RADVision announces standards-compliant H.323 H.320 gateway. Oct 29, 1996 629
PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS ANNOUNCES FIRST IEEE 1394-1995 COMPATIBLE AUDIO VIDEO LINK LAYER CONTROLLER TARGETING CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MARKET; Philips Controller Optimized to Link Consumer Set-Top Boxes, Digital VCRs, Camcorders and Other Peripherals Directly to Professional Computer Products. Oct 28, 1996 545
Cisco Announces New Modular Internet Intranet Routers That Deliver Simple and Affordable Businesses Connectivity; Cisco 1600 series routers deliver flexibility and expandability in a modular design. Oct 28, 1996 1015
Cisco Systems Optimizes Networking for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses; Introduces extended network system linking remote users and Internet access to high-performance LANs on one manageable platform. Oct 28, 1996 901
New Collaborates technology from VideoServer delivers maximum multipoint video and audio performance for both high-end and desktop conferencing systems. Oct 28, 1996 506
VideoServer delivers conference management for service providers. Oct 28, 1996 397
VideoServer unveils The Conference Room for Intel ProShare Conferencing Video System 200. Oct 28, 1996 640
Pericom Announces 5V 3.3V Full Swing Analog LANSwitch; LANSwitch200 Accommodates Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring, 100VG-AnyLAN and ATM Standards with Higher Performance and Full Signal Integrity. Oct 28, 1996 394
New Media introduces high-performance Ethernet LAN adapter with full duplex architecture. Oct 28, 1996 811
VPNet Introduces First Products Designed to Enable Cost-Effective, High-Performance Virtual Private Networks; New Products Protect Sensitive Data over Public Networks and Intranets while Optimizing Throughput. Oct 28, 1996 1123
TranSwitch Launches Four Channel Framer for E1. Oct 25, 1996 530
Dialogic Announces New GammaLink ISDN Computer-based Fax Board; The GammaLink CPi 200 BRI Fax Board Provides Previously Unavailable Inbound Routing Capabilities to European Market. Oct 25, 1996 798
TYAN Computer Announces Combo 33.6Kbps 128Kbps ISDN Modem. Oct 25, 1996 392
VTEL announces SmartVideoconferencing vision of "smart" products for easy videoconferencing. Oct 24, 1996 697
Dialogic and Omtool Advance Computer-Based Fax in Windows NT Market; Users of Advanced Technology Gain Powerful Choice for Network Implementations in Windows NT Environment. Oct 21, 1996 566
3Com Introduces Advanced Security Solution for Intranetworking; Company Strengthens Intranet Solution With Feature-Rich, NCSA Certified Router-based Firewall. Oct 21, 1996 1037
Farallon Ships Next Generation Netopia ISDN Modem To Double Performance and Reduce Installation Time. Oct 21, 1996 1040
Madge Delivers New Standards-Based, Scalable Video Networking Infrastructure Products; New Suite of Video Networking Equipment Designed To Help Customers Integrate Video With Their Data Networks: The Next Strategic Business Application. Oct 21, 1996 1084
Computone and NewCom Announce Development of World's Fastest ISDN Modem. Oct 18, 1996 587
Fiber Optic Assemblies Are Solution For Transferring Data With No Interference Or Lost Data. Oct 18, 1996 262
ADC Kentrox announces fast Frame Relay;. Oct 17, 1996 622
Network Service Providers to Profit from Cisco's Bundled Solutions; Cisco Announces First in Family of Single Vendor CPE Solutions for Network Service Providers, ISPs, and Resellers. Oct 16, 1996 598
Rhetorex Software Broadens Market for Computer Telephony Developers; RealCT Simplifies CT Application Development on Windows NT Platform; Lowers Costs and Speeds Delivery to Customers. Oct 16, 1996 486
HP's Distributed Emulation Supports Hitachi SH7040 Series Microprocessors. Oct 15, 1996 602
3Com Corporation Conducts Landmark Performance Test of ATM and LAN Emulation for Large Scale Networks; "Mother Of All Tests" or "MOAT", Demonstrates Powerful Scalability, Bandwidth and Robustness in Largest Ethernet-To-ATM Network Ever Tested. Oct 15, 1996 1019
I-Cube Announces Low-Cost ATM Switching Solution. Oct 14, 1996 519
Global Village delivers first 33.6 Kbps modem for the Macintosh that is also a standalone speakerphone. Oct 14, 1996 1001
Cisco Systems Breaks New Ground in Managed, Fast Ethernet Hubs; Stackable product family provides unmatched configuration flexibility and scalability. Oct 14, 1996 666
SeeQuest Video Conferencing Introduced; Real-Time Video Conferencing on a Single Telephone Line. Oct 14, 1996 559
NetEdge's next-generation, scalable ATM products enable service providers to expand their service offerings. Oct 14, 1996 1019
BCB Launching PC Talk at Comdex. Oct 9, 1996 495
Asante Announces Development of High Speed Pre-Press Network VAR Channel. Oct 9, 1996 488
Digicom Systems Introduces Ruggedized Modem; New Industrial Modem from Digicom Designed for Business-Critical Applications. Oct 8, 1996 432
Ascom Timeplex enables cost-efficient network access for remote locations. Oct 8, 1996 640
Phasecom's New Broadband Bridge Cable Modem Will Help MSOs Tap Into Major Growth Market For Private Data Networks Over Cable. Oct 8, 1996 624
Madge Delivers the Latest in High-Performance PCI Adapters. Oct 8, 1996 863
Network Peripherals Delivers Next Generation FDDI Network Adapters For Sun Ultra and Netra Platforma. Oct 7, 1996 670
ASCEND EXPANDS PRODUCT LINE TO REACH HOME MARKET FOR ISDN DIAL-UP TO THE INTERNET; New NetWarp Family Of Internet-Ready Terminal Adapters Deliver Low-Cost, Easy-To-Use ISDN Connectivity. Oct 7, 1996 375
3COM Drives Down the Cost of Switching to the Desktop; New SuperStack II Desktop Switch delivers bandwidth boost for intranets, web, multimedia and power applications to the desktop with real-time PACE support at $120 per port. Oct 7, 1996 1147
ACS Innovations accelerates to 33.6Kbps with new software upgradeable, plug-n-play compatible high-speed data fax voice modem. Oct 7, 1996 946
RadioMail Corporation Releases Wireless Internet Access Solution for CDPD Carriers. Oct 7, 1996 509
Case Technology announces layer 3 VLAN with cut-through performance for MatchBox Ethernet switch. Oct 4, 1996 826
Applied Voice Technology Releases Major Upgrade of PhoneXpress, Its Voice and Call Processing System for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations. Oct 3, 1996 865
TI's TMS320C54x DSP In Next Generation InvisiLink Codecs. Oct 3, 1996 239
SCSI limits shattered with new high speed, high performance channel extender. Oct 3, 1996 651
Xircom announces new family of 33.6 PC Card modem products; offer increased performance and broad international connectivity; new features include rugged MiniDock connector system. Oct 1, 1996 1095
Connectware competitively prices CELLerity ATM PCI "mini" Network Interface Card. Sep 30, 1996 577
Global Village Sets a New Standard for Value-Priced, Full-Featured 33.6 Desktop Macintosh Modems; New Affordable Solution Delivers Fast, Easy Internet Access for Mac Users. Sep 30, 1996 463
Diamond Multimedia Announces New Faxmodem for Simultaneous Sharing of Voice and Data; Affordably-priced for SOHO Professionals, the SupraExpress 336 Sp with ASVD Includes Built-in Speakerphone for Hands-Free Collaboration on Projects. Sep 30, 1996 1377
Best Data Products introduces new Macintosh 33.6 Kbps fax data modems. Sep 30, 1996 349
ADC Kentrox Rounds-out PACESETTER Access Router Family; Announces industry-first HDSL remote access router. Sep 30, 1996 778
RADCOM Introduces Portable Cell Generator for 155 Mbps Throughput -- provides full line utilization. Sep 27, 1996 484
Best Data Products to bundle "Get Connected" CD-ROM with new 33.6 Kbps modems; new Internet, communication and productivity software suite takes full advantage of new high performance modems. Sep 26, 1996 388
Lantronix expands mini-hub family with 16-port LMR16TA; hub offers the lowest per port list price on the market. Sep 25, 1996 473
Intel's New NetportExpress PRO 100 Print Server Makes Network Printing Connection to Fast Ethernet Workgroups Easy, Makes Network Printing "Wired for Management". Sep 24, 1996 680
Expanded Hypercom switching capability makes consolidation of data, voice and video traffic easier, less expensive; "Passthru" technique works with existing routers. Sep 24, 1996 763
Best Data introduces five new 33.6 kbps modems for the small office home office. Sep 24, 1996 414
BBN introduces unparalleled service level guarantee for Internet backbone connectivity; Unveils new high-capacity, high-performance nationwide Internet backbone engineered for 99.9% availability. Sep 24, 1996 952
Adaptec Now Offers Industry's Broadest Fast Ethernet Product Family of Network Adapters; "Cogent by Adaptec" makes worldwide debut. Sep 23, 1996 1024
Latitude Announces New Enterprise Conferencing System; MeetingPlace Release 3.0 Adds Capability to Network Multiple Conference Servers. Sep 23, 1996 841
Bandai Digital Entertainment bundles Motorola 28.8 modem with Pippin @World Internet TV appliance. Sep 23, 1996 884
Interphase announces industry's first combined ISDN and leased line PCI adapter; Synaptel's Syncard Adapter provides powerful WAN access for PCI-based servers. Sep 20, 1996 517
Philips Consumer Electronics to ship Internet TV Terminal to retailers Sept. 19. Sep 19, 1996 423
Multi-Tech Systems announces further developments in its patent portfolio for DSVD modem technology. Sep 18, 1996 360
General Datacomm demonstrates the power of ATM and IP switching at Networld + Interop Fall 96; Demonstration of IP switching over ATM platform validates feasibility of IP quality of service for real-time applications. Sep 18, 1996 581
GDC unveils APEX-Strobos; Newest member of GDC APEX ATM family sets new standards for wide area ATM edge switches. Sep 18, 1996 868
GDC announces availability of market's first "anyband" multimedia multipoint server; GDC's APEX-MMS provides Narrowband, Wideband and Broadband Wide Area Multipoint Connectivity for Video, Audio and Data. Sep 18, 1996 721
Nuera Communications announces OEM package to add advanced voice support to routers, FRADs and other data devices; Portable Voice Module delivers industry's highest quality, most comprehensive voice support for frame relay, IP or TDM systems. Sep 18, 1996 668
Token Ring Intelligent Hubs with Fiber and Distributed SNMP Management. Sep 18, 1996 591
2.5 Gigabit Second Backbone Support With New ATM Voice Data Video Switching System. Sep 18, 1996 527
100 Megabit Ethernet Hub with Internet Browser Management. Sep 18, 1996 409
Fault-Tolerance for AS 400 Networks with new Multiplexer Star. Sep 18, 1996 387
Sun Microsystems Unveils Intranet Management Software Strategy; Industry-first Solstice solution for managing multiplatform intranets (including Windows NT) helps deliver promise of the web. Sep 18, 1996 877
Intel and Nokia Extend Internet with Open Short Messaging Technology. Sep 18, 1996 577
STB Velocity 3D Redefines 3D Accelerator Market; Aggressive Pricing Strategy and No-Compromise Performance Makes Velocity 3D the Leader in 3D Video Accelerator Category. Sep 17, 1996 552
General Signal Networks brings data center expertise to the server market with new high speed server to mainframe link. Sep 17, 1996 553
Accton Introduces Twisted Pair-to-Fiber Fast SwitcHub for 10 100 Mbps Links. Sep 17, 1996 539
CrossComm to introduce advanced ATM capabilities at Networld+Interop; Will also give first demos of new CrossLAN Exchange. Sep 17, 1996 859
Global Village announces first desktop wireless receiver; delivers up-to-the-minute news from the Internet to the desktop. Sep 17, 1996 797
RDC Networks Debuts LAN-to-LAN Wireless Link; Connects LANs in Remote Buildings at Distances to 10 Miles. Sep 16, 1996 420
SMC announces new Fast Ethernet strategy - SMC Connect 100. Sep 16, 1996 1080
SMC announces EZ Hub 100 - new Fast Ethernet Workgroup hub. Sep 16, 1996 604
SMC delivers next generation of Fast Ethernet Network Cards. Sep 16, 1996 925
SMC announces TigerSwitch 100 - new Fast Ethernet switch. Sep 16, 1996 632
Connectware introduces MPEG-1 playback solution for Sun SPARC and Sun-compatible workstations. Sep 16, 1996 530
Turn your PC into a 24-hour information alarm clock with AirMedia Live delivering breaking news and information hot off the Internet. Sep 16, 1996 888
Performance Telecom ships first 7 Mb s CopperAccel ADSL and PhoneLAN modems. Sep 16, 1996 638
VLSI Productizes "Oak" DSP Functional System Block for Wireless, Portable Communications Applications; 0.35 Micron Process, Low Power Consumption, 80 MIPS Performance Specs Target Mobile Communications. Sep 16, 1996 597
HP Responds to Gigabit Ethernet Standards with Fiber-Optic Transceiver Modules and IC; Physical-layer Interface Transceivers and IC for Connections up to 2km to be Qualified for Compatibility and Performance. Sep 16, 1996 924
LeeMah DataCom's BandWagon Remote Access Server Now Loads Itself. Sep 16, 1996 484
GALILEO TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCES AVAILABILITY OF THE FIRST SINGLE-CHIP FAST ETHERNET AND VG-ANYLAN SWITCH ICS; Revolutionary Network Management Capability Drastically Reduces Network Management Overhead & Significantly Reduces Costs. Sep 16, 1996 892
Galileo Technology Announces Full Production of GT-48001 8-Port Switched Ethernet Controller IC; Single-Chip Ethernet Switch To Make Repeater Hub Obsolete. Sep 16, 1996 991
ODS Announces Switched Ethernet Priced Less Than Shared Ethernet; Includes Fast Ethernet, ATM, Advanced Management, Fault Tolerance, and Security. Sep 16, 1996 1545
Fibre Channel Links New RAID Subsystem to Hosts. Sep 13, 1996 547
Cardinal Technologies Ships 33.6 Fax Modem with Voicemail and Speakerphone; Cardinal connects home and office users through the fastest and most efficient call management system available. Sep 11, 1996 903
Boca Research announces plans to ship 56 Kbps analog modems. Sep 11, 1996 575
Tivoli Systems announces availability of Tivoli Plus modules for AXENT, CyberSafe, and Vantive Solutions; Modules deliver high-value, ready-to-use integration of TME 10 and security, help desk solutions. Sep 11, 1996 876
TDK Systems Introduces DataVoice 3400 33.6 Kbps V.34 Data Fax Modem PC Card. Sep 11, 1996 639
Attachmate's RLN Remote Plus Enhances LAN Administrators' Productivity with Comprehensive Management and Support for Remote Users. Sep 10, 1996 894
Alteon Networks Demonstrates World's First Gigabit Ethernet Equipment; Pioneer In Ultra High-Speed Networks to Ship Gigabit Ethernet Multilayer Switch and Network Adapter Before Year End. Sep 10, 1996 1017
Franklin prepares to launch Cyclone. Sep 10, 1996 417
MADGE NETWORKS TO DEMONSTRATE MULTISERVICE NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES AT NETWORLD+INTEROP; Demonstrations Highlight Recently Announced MadgeOne Architecture; Include Video Networking, Voice-Data Integration, ATM, Ethernet And Token Ring Switching And Network Management. Sep 9, 1996 960
3Com Ships 100BASE-T4 Hub, Enabling Fast Ethernet Connections Across All Types of UTP Cable. Sep 9, 1996 665
Farallon Upgrades Netopia Internet Routers with Cost-Saving Features for ISPs, Workgroups and Telecommuters; New IPX Routing, Data-Over-Voice, Calling Number Authentication. Sep 9, 1996 1083
Sourcecom unleashes revolutionary broadband blueprint and products; BroadWave: setting the standard for broadband access networking. Sep 9, 1996 2200
Sourcecom boldly launches the first of a new breed of networking platform -- the BANC 6000 DSLAM-Plus. Sep 9, 1996 1193
New Compaq Netelligent Controllers, Switches and Modules Deliver Unmatched Price Performance and Ease of Use in Client Server Environments. Sep 9, 1996 1351
Acacia unveils industry's first Web-based graphical LAN switch management application; NovaWeb application extends the reach of switch management across the globe. Sep 9, 1996 516
Acacia unveils NovaSwitch 12000lx, industry's first Gigabit-ready stackable LAN switch; Newest member of NovaSwitch family extends Fast Adaptive Switching solutions. Sep 9, 1996 935
Cabletron unveils new MMAC-Plus Access switch platform for wiring closets; Delivers data center functionality to the wiring closet with a 50 percent price reduction and a 40 percent smaller chassis. Sep 9, 1996 791
Tekelec Adds Fast Ethernet Diagnostic Capability to its Chameleon Open Protocol Analyzer. Sep 6, 1996 520
Sourcecom provides industry's first broadband access networking implant; InnerWare G3 Broadband raises the bar on broadband services. Sep 5, 1996 644
Atalla Announces New PayMaster Internet Security Processor Designed to Accelerate Set Transactions Securely. Sep 5, 1996 508
TRICORD SYSTEMS INTRODUCES FIRST INTEGRATED HIGH-SPEED ATM NETWORK INTERFACE; Developed with FORE Systems, Inc., Tricord ATM PowerLink Eliminates Server Bottleneck. Sep 4, 1996 872
U.S. Robotics Ships ISDN Modem for Macintosh Market; U.S. Robotics Ships Courier for Mac Line; New ISDN and Analog Products Designed Specifically for Mac Environments. Sep 4, 1996 747
U.S. Robotics Announces Availability of New Enhancements for Courier V.Everything V.34 Modems; New Software Features Expand V.Everything Performance via Flash ROM; Now Bundled with Stampede Remote Client Software. Sep 4, 1996 611
U.S. Robotics Ships PC-Adaptable ConferenceLink CS1050; Conference Speakerphone Provides Full Duplex Audio for Multimedia Applications. Sep 4, 1996 640
MICOM's new V IP product family adds voice fax to enterprise IP networks; V IP connects phone fax systems to IP LAN WAN networks. Sep 3, 1996 812
Madge Networks Announces Major Enhancements to Industry's Fastest Token Ring Backbone Switch, Smart Ringswitch; Includes Transparent Bridging, Broadcast Control, Fiber, RMON and FDDI Support; Enables an Extremely Flexible Switching Solution for All Common Token Ring Environments. Sep 3, 1996 1129
ADC Kentrox Announces T3 E3, OC-3 Access Multiplexer; New broadband mux integrates data, voice and video on a single network. Sep 3, 1996 716
Ascend Announces Carrier-Class New Generation MAX TNT; Industry's Highest Capacity WAN Access Switch; MAX TNT Addresses Carrier, ISP, and Large Corporate Requirements for Greater Port Density, Scalability and Comprehensive LAN WAN Connectivity. Sep 3, 1996 1115
UB Networks Announces NetDirector@Web; The Most Comprehensive Web-Based Management Products for Network Management of Intranets; NetDirector@Web Delivers Intuitive Network Management Anywhere, Anytime. Sep 3, 1996 848
U.S. Robotics Brings Small And Mid-Sized Companies Advanced Remote Management Of Multi-Port Modem Systems; Remote Access Leader Ships Total Control Managed MP 16 For Ease of Network Management and Configuration From Remote Locations. Sep 3, 1996 754
eye2eye video conferencing introduces ground-breaking cost-effective application; simultaneous LAN and Internet transmission becomes affordable. Aug 30, 1996 330
New HP Logic Analysis Platform Protects Customers' Investment; Lowers Price, Adds Features to Logic Analysis System Frame. Aug 29, 1996 639
Vienna Systems unveils first multi-point, PSTN-to-Internet telephony solution. Aug 28, 1996 1104
Plaintree Introduces New High Performance Workgroup LAN Switch For TX/FX Environments. Aug 28, 1996 534
Polaris Communications Unites Mainframe Data And Web Technology With SNA Surfer; A Web Front End Processor For Internet Intranet Access Incorporating Polaris Channel Technology And Microsoft's Host Integration Products. Aug 28, 1996 674
Stampede ships innovative remote node accelerator software; Stampede TurboGold optimizes remote network access performance. Aug 28, 1996 628
Packet Engines Licenses MAC Technology for Gigabit Ethernet; Media Access Controller Speeds Time to Market; Customers MMC Networks, UB Networks, and XLNT Designs Expect to Develop Products More Quickly. Aug 27, 1996 787
Cisco Delivers Affordable Internet-Ready Access Routers to SOHO Customers; ClickStart now simplifies set-up and configuration of the Cisco 760 series. Aug 27, 1996 542
DPT Introduces Multi-Channel, Upgradable PM3334UW PCI-Ultra Wide SmartRAID IV Controller. Aug 27, 1996 751
SunRiver Data Systems changes name to Boundless Technologies. Aug 26, 1996 870
SunRiver Data Systems, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of SunRiver Corporation, Changes Name to Boundless Technologies; Simultaneous Launch of Network Computer Line Underscores Commitment to Network-Centric Solutions for Corporate Market. Aug 26, 1996 1013
Cisco Announces Single Solution for Branch-Office Connectivity; Stackable LAN switch has integrated WAN connection for enterprise networks. Aug 26, 1996 632
Eicon announces support for Novell's new IntranetWare; Eicon ISDN and WAN drivers to ship with IntranetWare. Aug 26, 1996 533
HP Delivers Unsurpassed Performance in New Stackable Switching Hubs; Provides New Levels of Flexibility and Scaleability at Low 10Base-T Prices. Aug 26, 1996 1149
EDITOR SUMMARY: Aug. 26 Announcements; New Products from HP Reduce the Cost, Complexity of Networking. Aug 26, 1996 405
Madge Networks Solutions Partners Program At a Glance. Aug 26, 1996 411
OnStream Breaks Down ATM Barriers to Entry, Extends Cost-Effective ATM WAN Services Access to Smaller Locations. Aug 26, 1996 944
New HP Modules Provide Comprehensive Connectivity for New and Existing Workgroups. Aug 26, 1996 1017
"Thin-Client" Boundless NC combines capabilities of PCs with advantages of terminals. Aug 26, 1996 942
FlowPoint Introduces Two New ISDN Bridge Routers and Reduces Prices Across Entire Product Line; New Routers Provide POTS Line Features for Europe and Japan -- IPX Now Included Standard with All Router Bridge Models. Aug 26, 1996 680
Clarion's M10 High Speed Ethernet Wireless Transceiver granted FCC Part 15 A Certification; New 10 megabit per second transceiver 'impressive' (ICM, early user). Aug 26, 1996 567
U.S. Robotics Announces New "PPP COP" for Increased Remote Access Performance; U.S. Robotics First to Perform PPP Processing in Modem DSP Engine; Results from Integrated Design and Ten Years of DSP Expertise. Aug 26, 1996 642
New Adaptec Ultra Kit Offers Plug-and-Play 20MB sec SCSI Transfer Rates. Aug 21, 1996 346
Things keep getting smaller! The Software Group announces single-slot Frame Relay subsystem with integrated CSU DSU. Aug 21, 1996 317
InterNex, Trancell Introduce Low-cost, Turnkey ISDN Internet Access Solution for SOHO Workgroups; New hardware services bundle provides simple-to-use, high-speed solution. Aug 20, 1996 828
FastComm adds ADSL HDSL high-speed local loop option to FRAD products for fast Internet access via frame relay; Demonstration planned for Networld-Interop in Atlanta. Aug 20, 1996 492
Cisco Delivers Cost-Effective Fast Ethernet Solution to Branch and Regional Office Environments. Aug 20, 1996 629
U.S. Robotics Introduces ISDN Analog Multi-Port System That Makes Existing Remote Access Servers ISDN-Capable; Remote Access Market Leader Ships MP 8 I-Modem and MP 16 I-Modem, Providing ISDN and Analog Connectivity in One Device. Aug 20, 1996 681
Eicon announces DIVA Pro 1.0, providing ISDN solutions to corporate Intranets and the Internet for SOHO users. Aug 19, 1996 480
HP Introduces Industry-Leading Monitoring Solutions for Controlling Service Levels in Switched and Token-Ring Environments; New Solutions Offer Users Aggressive Price Performance. Aug 19, 1996 880
New company, Acclaim Communications, launches industry's first fully integrated Frame Relay Access Device; Series 3000 offers integrated, multi-protocol Frame Relay support. Aug 19, 1996 606
Rapid City Communications Formed; Startup's Gigabit-Speed 'Intranet Switches' Will Target Multimedia Applications. Aug 19, 1996 530
Acclaim Communications takes network connectivity to new level with EtherWAN Access Switch. Aug 19, 1996 608
The Software Group rolls out Next-Generation SNA Emulation; WanWare SNA for SCO scores win People's Republic of China. Aug 19, 1996 373
Telebit ships two new analog and ISDN remote access products: MicaBlazer remote access server and the MICA Granite for NetBlazer; High-density, high-performance, low-cost digital modem remote access solutions for enterprises and ISPs. Aug 14, 1996 950
ADC Kentrox announces compact digital crossconnect system; new CrossPATH T1 Mini-DCS, with in-band SNMP, ideal for wireless and enterprise networks. Aug 13, 1996 590

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