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Product innovation awards: Healthcare Design is excited to present the winners and participating companies from our third annual.


Hank Adams, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, Senior Vice President, Global Health Director, HDR

Carolyn BaRoss, ASID, I IDA, LEED AP, Principal, Firmwide Healthcare Interior Design Director, Perkins+Will

Jody Barry, VP of Facilities and Construction, Adventist Care Centers

Sam W. Burnette, AIA, EDAC, Principal, ESa

Sheila F. Cahnman, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, President, JumpGarden Consulting LLC

Christine Hester Devens, I IDA, LEED AP, EDAC, Associate Principal, Interior Project Designer, AECOM

Mary Frazier, AIA, LEED AP. Principal, EwingCole

Jocelyn Lum Frederick, FAIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED BD+C, Principal, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

Natalie Miovski Hagerty, AIA, LEED AP, EDAC, SSGBC, Director of Facilities Planning and Design, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Walter Jones, AIA. LEED, EDAC, SVP of Campus Transformation, MetroHealth System

Julie Kent, EDAC, Director, Facilities Planning & Integration, Trinity Health

Andrew Quirk, Senior Vice President, Skanska

Joan Saba, FAIA, FACHA, Partner, NBBJ

Janet H. Sisolak, Director, Strategic Facility Development, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jocelyn M. Stroupe, CHID, EDAC, 11 DA, ASID, Principal, Director of Healthcare Interiors, CannonDesign

Gary L. Vance, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, Planner and Architect, Vance Consulting

We assembled a jury of industry leaders to review 28 entries; the jury narrowed them down to the top products in the competition and then determined from there which would receive the gold, silver, and bronze awards. Entrants not only had to supply images and product descriptions, but had to persuade the jury that their product was the most innovative among the rest. Our judges were impressed with what they saw; we hope you will be, too.

The following pages highlight our three winners and include a Product Gallery that offers information on all the products seen by the jury in this year's competition. All content for the product profiles and advertisements in this special supplement was provided directly by the competition participants and was not reviewed by the editors of Healthcare Design.

SilentPac[TM] Lever Dampening Disc.

Product Introduction Date: November 2016

Submitted by: Accurate Lock & Hardware

(203) 348-8865

The SilentPac[TM] Lever Dampening Disc serves the healthcare design industry by reducing noise throughout facilities and helping to improve the overall patient experience. Noise reduction in hospitals has become an important focus, with hospitals wishing to help patients sleep better and heal faster, and increase HCAHPS scores.

The complete quiet package is the Accurate 9100Q mortise lock combined with the SilentPac[TM] which can reduce decibel levels from 95 dBA, of a standard Grade 1 mortise lock, to 55dBA. It is also available with other Accurate locks including the 9100, 8800, 8500, and 9500 series to fit specific entryway requirements. Accurate also saw a need to provide the SilentPac[TM] for other manufacturers' mortise locks and trim, making it an ideal solution for retrofit scenarios.

When the SilentPac[TM] is installed, you don't see it. It is attached to the mortise lock and then installed in the door underneath where the rose/ lever are attached. This allows facilities to embrace noise reduction without compromising aesthetics.


* This is a clever and very practical solution to a pervasive problem, and I appreciate that it canise used for both retrofit and new installations. It's hidden when installed and yet would make a significant impact on mitigating the noise problem for patients, and also caregivers in on-call rooms.

* Noise on our nursing units is a huge issue and the door latch is a big culprit. This product appears to ; reduce the noise in a very effective manner that small silencers are unable to do.

* Addresses noise control related to hardware and doors in a simple manner.

Verge with WashBar Technology

Product Introduction Date: November 2016

Submitted by: Bradley Corp.

(800) BRADLEY.

The Verge with WashBar Technology is a completely touchless all-in-one handwashing system constructed of a single piece of chrome-plated stainless steel that houses all handwashing elements. With its Clean, Rinse, Dry touch-free activation, the WashBar's LED lighting and icons visually guide users through the handwashing process.

One of its greatest impacts--specifically within healthcare environments--is improving cleanliness and reducing germ contamination in public restroom areas. The Verge with WashBar eliminates germs via restroom touchpoints that can be spread visitor to visitor, or visitor to patient. In addition, the Verge basin is made of Evero natural quartz, which is a non-porous material, and is a single-molded unit without any cracks and crevices that attract germs. The faucet in the WashBar will automatically run for 5 seconds if it has not been used for 24 hours, so that stagnant water is drained from the piping system and flushed with water to reduce and prevent growth of bacteria.

The WashBar dryer works in tandem with the bowl to keep water in the basin, thereby reducing splashes on the user, floor and walls to minimize slipping. The accessible, user-friendly design facilitates handwashing for those with mobility challenges.


* Integration of water/ soap/dryer into one location is quite unique and solves a number of problems inherent with the handwashing process. Keeps all functions in one location, confining water and any associated spray from hand dryer at the Sink; also like the faucet's feature that automatically runs after sitting idle for a period of time, reducing the risk of bacteria build up,

* I like the all-in-one concept! The benefit of reducing paper towel use; drips on the floor and ADA clearance issues make this a very innovative idea!

* The auto flush when not used within 24 hours is an essential feature to help mitigate the risk of legionella development in faucets not regularly used.


Product Introduction Date: April 2016

Submitted by: Amico Mobility

(877) 462-6426

The Amico GoLift is the most compact ceiling lift in its class, weighing less than 10 lbs. In an effort to address infection control requirements, we incorporated smooth edges and rounded corners on our ceiling lift, carry bar and hand control. The GoLift includes all metal gears and state-of-the-art battery technology that allows the caregiver to safely transfer a patient weighing up to 700 lbs on a single lift. The unique quick connect design of our trolley adapter allows for easy installation and service. Furthermore, our patent pending GoLift can adapt to any existing track in your facility with ease.

Amico also created the Patient Lift Pendant (PLP), which allows the GoLift to be integrated into the arm of our Boom/ pendant system, typically seen in an OR or ICU setting. This solution features a constant charge to the lift, while removing the traditional conflict of a ceiling lift and booms combination as well as improving workflow. Installed as a single structure, the Patient Lift Pendant increases much-needed real estate in the ceiling to allow for installation of additional medical equipment. This also results in installation cost savings for the healthcare facility.


* The 10-lb weight of the GoLift motor is a significant benefit to purchasing fewer motors and installing them easily to accommodate patient specific needs. This allows the capital budget to install rails in all patient rooms, but purchase a percentage of motors that can be moved between rooms as needed.

* Integration of the GoLift motor onto booms in operation rooms, trauma rooms, and intensive care rooms will directly contribute to safe patient movement where staff are required to move unconscious and semi-conscious patients.

* The compact size, clean appearance, and ability for this lift to be mounted to the ICU/OR boom are all appealing features of this product.
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