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Raising the Bar in Laboratory Quality ...

A2LA boasts over 35 years of experience in the quality assurance industry and offers unique accreditation options for clinical laboratories. Organizations may choose the Platinum Choice Clinical Accreditation Program, which combines CLIA requirements and ISOl 51 89:201 2 in a single assessment. A2LA's Platinum Choice program is the only one in the world that offers domestically-recognized accreditation to CLIA requirements as well as internationally-recognized accreditation to ISO 15189:2012. Options for CLIA or ISO 15189 accreditation individually are also available. Contact Amanda McDonald at 240.575.7486 or Larnell Simpson at 301.644.3231.


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Leawood, KS 6621 1-2672

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AAFP Proficiency Testing is a full-service program that helps POLs, clinics, and hospitals maintain laboratory excellence and regulatory compliance. AAFP-PT offers a variety of flexible, customizable modules and other educational products, including the POL Microscopy Atlas. Superior technical assistance and customer service provided. Participants can earn 12 CME credits.


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Santa Clara, CA 95051

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Affymetrix' tools for translational research enable whole-genome analysis through singlegene validation across diverse clinical sample types, including FFPE. Our solutions for gene expression, miRNA, genotyping, cancer or constitutional cytogenetics, copy number, immunoassay, and flow cytometry analysis provide an integrated view of the gene, protein, and cell for faster translation of discoveries in research to applications for personalized medicine. Our CytoScan[R] Dx Assay is the first and only FDA-cleared whole-genome blood test to aid physicians in identifying the underlying genetic cause of developmental delay, intellectual disability, congenital anomalies, or dysmorphic features in children.


10700 West Higgins Rd. Suite 150

Rosemont, IL 6001 8

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Established in 1939, AMT has become one of the nation's premier certification agencies for clinical laboratory practitioners and other allied health professionals. AMT provides certification for Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Laboratory Assistants, Laboratory Consultants, Phlebotomy Technicians, Medical and Dental Assistants, Allied Health Instructors, and Medical Administrative Specialists. AMT offers continuing education online and in print, an annual conference, local state societies and a host of other benefits to certified members.


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Traverse City, Ml 49686

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American Proficiency Institute (API) offers high quality proficiency testing services for over 18,000 hospital, clinic, and physician office laboratories. API's latest feature called DataDirect allows laboratories to use their own laboratory information system (LIS) or middleware to transmit proficiency testing results directly to API, a process that revolutionizes external quality control measures for clinical laboratories! API is accepted by CAP, TJC, CMS, COLA and state regulatory agencies. Visit www. for more details.


5198 W. 76th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55439

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For more than 50 years, ARKRAY has been a global leader in urinaiysis and clinical diagnostics and offers a broad product portfolio including urine chemistry, A1C, molecular diagnostics, and blood glucose monitoring systems. ARKRAY products have a proven history of high quality and reliability and ARKRAY provides unprecedented service through after-the-sale support, operator training and continued education courses.


ARKRAY is leading the future of urinalysis with the AUTION HYBRID AU-4050, a fully automated analyzer that integrates proven urine chemistry and flow cytometry technology. Standardize workflow on the smallest footprint in the industry. This efficient, easy to use analyzer provides high quality results and improved bacteria detection for better patient outcomes.


54 Loveton Circle MC: 654

Sparks, MD 21152

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The BD Diagnostics portfolio delivers industry leading productivity and efficiency by giving our customers the freedom of choice to select the appropriate systems and menu to meet their specific needs and operate those systems in a manner most aligned with their work flow needs from mass screening assays to testing many different tests in a single run. With systems offering high to moderate throughput to meet any laboratory can meet their testing requirements. The BD MAX[TM] and BD Viper[TM] Systems deliver the least hands on time and zero reagent preparation of any Molecular system, which equates to ease of use and cost savings.


250 South Kraemer Blvd.

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Moving Your Lab Forward

Laboratories around the world rely on Beckman Coulter to help advance and optimize their labs by making workflow easier. Beckman Coulter's instruments, systems and tests help streamline processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and speed the delivery of results. For more than 75 years, Beckman Coulter has been a global leader devoted to providing solutions to laboratories of all sizes--offering a broad portfolio of chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, urinalysis, automation and information systems. Beckman Coulter is, and always has been, singularly devoted to moving science, innovation and the lab forward.

Blood Banking

The Beckman Coulter PK7300 builds on the industry established reliability and productivity of its predecessors and offers the very latest technological advances. The PK7300 delivers proven performance that, for the past generation, has tested the majority of the blood supply in North America.

Clinical Automation

When it comes to maximizing laboratory operations, choosing the right solutions--and the right partner--is crucial. With proven expertise in analyzing laboratory test processes, we collaborate with you to understand your requirements and to create flexible solutions that meet your evolving needs. No matter what your level of throughput, Beckman Coulter can help your lab improve workflow, productivity and reliability at every step.

Clinical Information Systems

Our clinical information systems allow you to standardize your love to manage and monitor multiple instruments, including automation, chemistry, special chemistry, immunoassay and hematology, to rapidly deliver high-quality, verified diagnostic results all from a single workstation. To ensure that your laboratory remains competitive with the latest workflow enhancements and technology improvements, Beckman Coulter's comprehensive support packages offer coverage throughout the lifetime of your clinical information system.

General Chemistry

Beckman Coulter offers the broadest line of random access chemistry analyzers, regardless of your throughput, workflow or menu requirements. Our AU chemistry systems are designed across the entire spectrum of testing environments: from small- to medium-sized hospital laboratories to high and ultra-high volume core hospital and commercial laboratories. Whatever your needs, the AU family of analyzers are built upon a reputation of high reliability and true standardization. UniCel DxC clinical systems offer the right blend of high performance, operational simplicity and workflow efficiency. Our broad line of hybrid analyzers, the UniCel i class integrated systems, combine chemistry and immunoassay testing in a single analyzer.


With solutions for mid- to high-volume hematology analysis anaylzers, including the DxH 600 and DxH 800 hematology analyzers and DxH SMS slidemaker stainer. The DxH 600 and DxH 800 feature advanced technologies, including high-definition signal processing and multi-angle light scatter technology, which produces 10 times more data than traditional hematology analyzers, and software and innovations in hematology testing that help improve quality of results and maximize efficiency.


Helping shape the future of disease management we offer an extensive immunoassay menu and continue to focus on developing new markers that will fulfill unmet patient care needs. We also offer a range of scalable instrument solutions including the high-throughput UniCel Dxl 800, mid-volume UniCel Dxl 600 and user-friendly Access 2. All of these systems feature easy-to-use assay reagent packs, software and supplies.


Beckman Coulter's IRIS urinalysis products feature a cutting-edge approach to automated urine Diagnostics Division microscopy from Iris International for the detection of particles in urine, called digital flow morphology. But IRIS urinalysis isn't just about microscopy. The IRIS product portfolio includes a range of urine chemistry solutions, from easy-to-read visual strips to fully integrated chemistry and microscopy solutions.

Beckman Coulter, the Beckman Coulter logo, Access, AU, Dxl, DxH, PK and UniCel are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. and are registered with the USPTO. IRIS is a trademark of IRIS International, Inc. and is registered with the USPTO.


5889 Oberlin Dr., Suite 101

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Freelite[R] assays, for the quantitation of free light chains in serum, are now recommended in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN Guidelines[R])for use in the initial diagnostic workup of multiple myeloma and related disorders, and by the International Myeloma Working Group for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma. Nephelometric and turbidimetric assays available on multiple platforms.


* Nephelometric and turbidimetric kits

* Single dilution RID kits


* Automatic antigen excess check

* Automated rerun and autodilution capability

* Air mixing system

* Dual compartment reaction cuvettes

* Hot water wash

* Bi-directional interface


* Freelite[R] serum free light chain assays, IgG subclasses (IgGl -lgG4), IgG, IgA, IgA Subclasses (IgA 1 -lgA2), IgM, IgD, Acid Glycoprotein, Albumin, Albumin CSF, AntiStreptolysin O, (1.2-Microbulin, Ceruloplasmin, CH50, Cystatin C, C3c, C4, Cl inactivator, Haptoglobin, IgA CSF, IgG CSF, IgM CSF, Prealbumin, Tetanus toxoid plasma screen (RUO), Transferrin


* To measure functional activity of T. toxoid IgG/ Gl, S. pneumoniae lgG/G2, H. influenza IgG, and Diphtheria IgG


* IgG and IgG subclasses, IgA and IgA subclasses, IgM, IgD, B-2-M, CRP, Kappa, Lambda

* Transferrin, Haptoglobin, Alpha-1 -antitrypsin, Antithrombin III, Albumin, Prealbumin and Fibronectin

* Plasminogen, Fibrinogen, ATIII and Protein C


* For Cl inactivator, Clq, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, CH50, Factor H, Factor I, Human Complement Functional Assays (Total and Alternative)


* CH50 Classical Complement Pathway


* For Total Immunoglobulins (IgG, M, A), IgG and IgA subclasses, Paraproteins and Functional Immunoglobulins


* 1300+ Polyclonal, monoclonal, affinity purified, human adsorbed and species-specific antisera and conjugates (FITC, PEROX, ALKPHOS, BIOTIN)


* Serum and plasma standards, controls, purified immunoglobulins and serum proteinsenza IgG, and Diphtheria IgG


4040 Pike Lane

Concord, CA 94520

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Biocare Medical provides a full line of IHC and molecular pathology products for cancer and infectious disease diagnosis. Biocare's portfolio includes novel and established primary antibodies for many tissue types. Our automated IHC instrumentation, including the ONCORE[TM] and intelliPATH[TM], increase throughput and provide intuitive tools, especially when paired with the HiPath Pathology imaging solution. Innovations like our RISH[TM] products make ISH accessible to every laboratory. Stable and vivid IHC chromogens are available in brown, black, red, green, and blue. MACH[TM] detection polymers provide sensitivity and low background for IHC. Biocare has received multiple awards for product quality, service and support.


100 Rodolphe St

Durham, NC 27712

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Advancing Diagnostics to Improve Public Health

bioMerieux provides diagnostic solutions (reagents, instruments, software), which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety.

bioMerieux's products are used for diagnosing infectious diseases and providing high medical value results for cardiovascular emergencies and cancer screening and monitoring. They are also for detecting microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

As a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for 50 years, bioMerieux is present in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors.


4000 Alfred Nobel Dr.

Flercules, CA 94547

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For over 60 years, Bio-Rad has played a leading role in the advancement of scientific discovery and healthcare by offering a broad range of products for the life science research and clinical diagnostics markets.

Quality Control: Bio-Rad leads the way for clinical laboratories with a portfolio of 3rd party quality controls and data management software solutions to facilitate effective quality testing, analysis and compliance for hundreds of the most widely used diagnostic instruments. Our comprehensive menu of quality control products span analytes for immunoassay, TDM, chemistry, cardiac assessment, immunology, hematology, diabetes, infectious disease and more.

Additional Products & Services Provided:

* Blood Bank Testing

* Clinical Microbiology

* Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathy Testing

* HIV Testing

* Automation Platforms: BioPlex[R] 2200 System, EVOLIS[TM] microplate system.

* Infectious Disease and Autoimmune Assays


575 N. Patterson Avenue, Suite 430

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Carolina Liquid Chemistries (CLC)--WE MAKE STARTING YOUR LAB EASY. Looking to start a lab? Upgrade? CLC specializes in laboratory set-ups. We are available to start or upgrade your lab. CLC sells: chemistry, hematology and immunochemistry analyzers, and more. CLC offers the small, inexpensive CLC480/Biolis24i and BS200 bench top instruments to the "state of the art," mid-size CLC720. CLC continues to sell bar-coded reagents for use on Synchron and Olympus AU instruments. CLC is an FDA regulated, ISO Certified repackager/relabeler.


9500 Euclid Ave. L-15

Cleveland, OH 44195

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At Cleveland Clinic Laboratories, we recognize the results we turn out are pivotal in a patient's life. Coupled with the interpretive skills of more than 100 pathologists, our new state-of-the-art building allows us to develop cutting-edge, clinically impactful tests for improved laboratory diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring.

With a menu of more than 2,400 tests we serve clients from around the corner and across the world, providing busy clinicians with the most-appropriate test, rapid turnaround, affordability and superior customer service. We offer centers of excellence in molecular pathology, hematopathology, thrombosis and hemostasis, microbiology, and subspecialty services in anatomic pathology.

Rely on the specialists at Cleveland Clinic Laboratories to provide expert diagnosis, second opinions and subspecialty consultation.

Trust in Cleveland Clinic Laboratories for everything you need in a reference lab.


PO Box 529

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

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Clinical Software Solutions has been in the business of providing a variety of software products and services for healthcare facilities since 1987. CLIN1 solutions vary from Laboratory Information Systems to HL7 Interfaces, Pharmacy, RIS, EHR/EMR, Intervention Management and Web Portal options. Intuitive screens with color coded fields aid the user to accomplish their daily tasks with ease and efficiency. Industry standard SQL server technology assures that your information is secure but accessible where and when you need it. We believe healthcare software should be robust and easy to use and we provide the tools and capabilities you need to succeed.


9881 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 215

Columbia, MD 21046

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COLA Resources Inc. (CRI[R]) is a leading provider in education and consultative services for health care professionals aimed at promoting excellence in the performance and delivery of laboratory medicine. CRI fosters a culture of quality patient care through continued education geared to all levels of allied health professionals. Courses are available through an online educational portal, and live educational events including the Symposium for Clinical Laboratory Professionals, webinars and workshops. With the release of the CMS/CLIA Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) interpretive guidelines, CRI offers an extensive IQCP Educational Program designed to assist health care professionals develop and implement a diversified IQCP, tailored to the Quality Management needs of all clinical laboratories. CRI is an approved provider of CME and PACE[R] continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel, Division of Medical Quality Assurance at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, and the California Division of Laboratory Science, Department of Laboratory Field Services.


325 Waukegan Rd

Northfield, IL 60093-2750

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(Country Code: 001)


The College of American Pathologists is the global leader in laboratory improvement programs, including accreditation, proficiency testing/external quality assurance (EQA), and continuing education programs, all of which provide laboratories with a comprehensive view of their quality process with insight, knowledge, and peer-based educational coaching. Supported by the scientific expertise and commitment of the world's largest board-certified pathologist organization, the CAP partnership fosters collaboration and builds confidence that CAP-accredited laboratories deliver the most reliable test results to ensure accurate patient diagnoses. The CAP's Laboratory Improvement Programs, initiated 65 years ago, currently have customers in more than 100 countries, accrediting 7,600 laboratories and providing proficiency testing to 20,000 laboratories worldwide. The CAP's 650+ proficiency testing/EQA programs provide the greatest range of assessment options from routine testing to testing using the most complex, cutting-edge emerging technologies.


10715 Red Run Blvd., Ste. 101

Owings Mills, MD 21117

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CompuGroup Medical US (CGM), developer of CGM LABDAQ[R] Laboratory Information System (LIS) and CGM LABNEXUS[R] Laboratory Outreach Solution, has added a new patient portal module to its portfolio to help you reap higher productivity gains. Our new patient portal module will allow patients the opportunity to access their laboratory results with ease. CGM LABDAQ LIS is a completely customizable solution and has the most placements of any LIS in the nation with over 2,800 installations. This best-in-class solution has also been implemented in several pain management testing facilities. CGM 1ABDAQ assists providers with the interpretation of drug testing results by automatically determining whether results are either consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications. CGM LABNEXUS Laboratory Outreach Solution is a cloudbased solution that helps laboratories meet the increasing demand for physician EHR integration. With our web portal, you can simplify the way laboratory data is shared. Choose to open the door to limitless growth opportunities for your reference laboratory. Learn more at www.


841 Mountain Avenue

Springfield, NJ 07081

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DRG International, Inc., established in 1970, is the leading supplier and manufacturer of ELISA medical diagnostic test kits for clinical and research applications worldwide.

Our major product line covers the full range of hormones used in gynecology and obstetrics, diabetes and endocrinology; as well as FDA approved salivary hormone tests and infectious disease and tumor marker panels for diagnostic and R&D purposes.


* AMH (EIA-5738) (Infertility)

* 25-OH Vitamin D (EIA-5396) (Bone Health)

* PLGF (EIA-4529) (Prenatal Supervision)

* Active RENIN (EIA-5125) &

* Aldosterone (EIA-5298) (Hypertension)

* DRGHepcidin-25 Bioactive (EIA-5258) (Iron Metabolism) "The gold standard in Hepcidin measurement & 20 Int'l Patents"

* DRG[R]Hybrid XL (HYB-5252) (Random Access Analyzer) "Evolution of the Revolution"

To learn more about the DRG[R], please visit our website at


11331 Valley View Street

Cypress, CA 90630

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Focus Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures and distributes molecular and immunology products worldwide. Focus Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic test development for infectious diseases, which include: Simplexa[TM] Flu A/B & RSV, Simplexa[TM] HSV 1 & 2 Direct, Simplexa[TM] C. difficile Universal Direct, HerpeSelect[TM] type-specific serology, West Nile Virus, DxSelect[TM] IFA and ELISA kits. An exclusive global distribution agreement with 3M brought the Integrated Cycler and Simplexa[TM] molecular chemistries to the marketplace in 2009. Simplexa[TM] Direct kits are run on the 8-well Direct Amplification Disc and Simplexa[TM] Universal Direct Kits are run on the 96-well Universal Disc; both types of kits are sampl e-to-answer and provide results in about an hour.


10 Avco Rd

Haverhill, MA 01 835

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Hatfield Laboratory Furniture and Laboratory Tables offer a modular design that allows you to configure your laboratory to meet your requirement. Traditional steel casework, islands or hanging cabinet we offer it all. Featuring sound deadening doors and drawers, stainless steel pulls and hinges our drawers offer 90 percent extension slides with 150 pounds capacity. Cabinets are offered in three heights, sitting, mid-height and standing. All cabinets feature leveling glides, removable rear cabinet panels allows access to utilities. Hatfield offers 10 standard powder coat paint color choices for the cabinets. We offer multiple work surface choices. We also offer economical laboratory tables with hanging cabinets to offering a truly modular ergonomic design.


1010 East Victory Drive

Savannah, GA 31405

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Phone: (912)272-5802

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Healthpac has 33 years in developing and deploying robust, highly efficient closed loop processes and procedures designed specifically for laboratory billing. Current clients include private lab facilities, billing companies, and medical practices of all specialties. The State Labs of Texas, Florida, & South Dakota selected Healthpac to automate their billing processes!

We communicate, via bi-directional HL7 messaging to any LIS, EHR, and health information system and will custom design software to meet specific billing requirements. We guarantee reduced costs and increased collections by "Eliminating Healthcare Revenue Leakage".

Please contact to schedule a personalized product demonstration..


10210 Genetic Center Drive

San Diego, CA 92121

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Phone: (858)410-8000



Hologic, Inc. offers premium diagnostic products that utilize the latest technology for molecular testing, cervical cancer screening, cytology preparation and prenatal testing. Hologic continues to expand its diagnostic offering with superior automation platforms, an extensive menu of molecular tests for infectious disease and world-class blood screening products.


9825 Goethe Rd. Suite 350

Sacramento, CA 95827

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GFMD Ltd., represents all of the IMMUNO CONCEPTS products.

Image Navigator[R] Automated Microscope

Image Navigator[R] is a system that will organize and simplify your Antinuclear Antibody testing. It automatically scans the slides, captures fluorescent images of ANA results for patient samples, and displays them for the Medical Laboratory Scientist to review. The software divides the images into "possible negatives" and "possible positives" for the MLS to review and confirm. Comprehensive review of the results allows the MLS to assign multiple patterns, order and read titers, order additional testing, and generate a variety of reports within the Image Navigator[R] software. The Image Navigator[R] can be interfaced with an LIS if desired. Autoimmune FastTrack Series The Autoimmune Fast Track series, AFT2000[R] and AFT3000[TM], are reliable pipetting robots that automate the entire line of Immuno Concepts' slide and Elisa based assays. Their precision, accuracy and tracking capabilities come together to minimize errors, optimize traceability and provide consistent results while freeing the technologist up to perform other tasks. The instruments' easy set-up, walk-away operation, and minimal maintenance required on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are features that save even more time in the lab. Each AFT2000[R]/ AFT3000[TM] system is customized based on the customer's needs, and thoroughly checked to ensure that liquid pipetting is accurate and precise.


* Fluorescent ANA

* Colorzyme[R] ANA

* Fluorescent HEp-2000[R] ANA

* Colorzyme[R] HEp-2000[R] ANA

* Fluorescent DNA

* Colorzyme[R] DNA




* RELISA[R] ENA Single Well Screen

* RELISA[R] ENA Multi-parameter Characterization kit (Sm, RNP, SSA, SSB, Scl-70, JO-1)

* RELISA[R] Cardiolipin Screening Kit (IgG, IgM, IgA)

* RELISA[R] Cardiolipin Semi-quantitative (IgG, IgM)





* On-line tutorial

* Pattern Atlas

* Physicians' Pocket Guide

* Patient Sample Interpretive Training Series (PSITS)

* FITC--QC Slide[TM]


11150 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 302

Reston, VA 20190

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information

Toll Free: (888) 411-2851

Phone: (703) 435-6700

Fax: (703) 435-6717



Committed to healthcare workers' safety, ITL specializes in design, manufacturing and marketing of safety biological sample collection and transfer devices and medical procedure kits. ITL's line of microbiology safety ancillaries include products for performing subculture processes, such as the Safety Subculture Unit, for needle-less blood culture bottle sampling. ITL's general laboratory and clinical safety ancillaries include a range of SampLok[R] safety tube holders and adapters for blood sample collection, specialized Needle Guards for blood donor and dialysis patient needle safety, TiMO[TM] tube management organizer for safe handling of test tubes, and integrated safety systems used extensively for whole blood, plasma collections and patient phlebotomy procedures.


170 South Seneca Springs Way, Suite 105

Star, ID 83669

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information

Toll Free: (800) 457-6687

Phone: (208) 377-4800

Fax: (208) 377-4900



For nearly 30 years, KRONUS has provided specialized immunoassay test kits to medical professionals at the world's most respected laboratory facilities. Please contact us directly with any questions, requests or comments that you may have. We warmly welcome the opportunity to learn how KRONUS can be of assistance in meeting your laboratory's immunoassay test kit needs.


The KRONUS Acetylcholine Receptor BINDING and BLOCKING Autoantibody test kits utilize an I125 receptor preparation containing both fetal and mature (adult) acetylcholine receptor subtypes. The presence of both receptor subtypes (a feature not found in conventional AChRAb assays) increases the diagnostic sensitivity of the assay, as certain patient sera may preferentially bind to the mature receptor type.

* Radioimmunoassay Kits, 25, 50 and 100 Tubes


* Radioimmunoassay Kits, 12 and 24 Tubes


* ELISA Kit, 96 Wells

* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 100 Tubes IA-2 AUTOANTIBODY (IA-2Ab)

* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 100 Tubes INSULIN AUTOANTIBODY (IAA)

* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 100 Tubes THYROID


* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 100 Tubes THYROID PEROXIDASE AUTOANTIBODY (TPOAb)

* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 100 Tubes TSH RECEPTOR ANTIBODY (TRAb)

* ELISA Kit, 96 Wells

* Radioimmunoassay Kits, 60 and 120 Tubes

* Coated-Tube (CT) RIA Kits,

60 and 120 Tubes




* Radioimmunoassay Kits, 50 and 100 Tubes


* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 25 Tubes!


* ELISA Kit, 48 Wells!

* IFA Kit, 100 Fields!


* Radioimmunoassay Kit, 25 Tubes!


* ELISA Kit, 48 Wells!


* ELISA Kit, 96 Wells!


* ELISA Kit, 96 Wells!


* ELISA kit, 96 wells!


* ELISA kit, 96 wells!


* ELISA kit, 96 wells!

([dagger]) For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.


5995 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Phone: (404)841-6650

Fax: (810)821-7896



McKesson, a Fortune 14 corporation with over 35 years of laboratory information solution experience and world-class support, is committed to helping your organization improve patient safety, productivity and profitability. McKesson Lab[TM], an integrated solution for all laboratory settings, automates the entire laboratory process: order entry, point-of-care specimen collection, specimen management, analytic operations, information distribution, and financial and business performance management. The solution suite also includes McKesson Blood Bank[TM], McKesson Lab[TM] Specimen Collection, McKesson Lab[TM] Outreach, Lab, McKesson Lab Financials[TM] and our newest offering: McKesson Lab[TM] Analytics providing an intuitive dashboard with extensive drill-down capabilities for laboratory operations management.


8463 154th Ave. NE

Redmond, WA 98052

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Toll Free: (855)895-9197

Phone: (425) 895-9197



Micronics, Inc. develops innovative products for near patient, blood typing and infectious disease molecular tests. The ABORhCard[R] is an FDA 510(k) cleared device that provides simultaneous detection of ABO and Rh in a closed single test system for educational and informational use. It is not for use for blood bank processing of blood products, for determining RFID status for the purpose of administration of Rh immunoglobulin, or for screening purposes prior to transfusion. The PanNAT[R] System is a small, fully automated easy-to-use portable molecular instrument being developed for use in any healthcare setting.


4705 Decatur Blvd.

Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Toll Free: (866) 647-2847

Fax: (317) 856-3685



MiraVista Diagnostics draws on over 30 years of antigen testing services. MiraVista Diagnostics is dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, high-quality testing, Monday thru Friday, with rapid turn around time. Services offered by MiraVista Diagnostics:

* MVista Antigen Detection Testing:

* Histoplasma Quantitative, Coccidioides Quantitative and Blastomyces Quantitative.

* Antibody testing: Aspergilus IgG, and Histoplasma, Blastomyces, Coccidioides, & Aspergillus by Immunodiffusion.

* MVista Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Itraconazole by Bioassay.

* Other Antigen Detection Testing: Platelia Aspergillus Galactomannan, Fungitell (1->3) B-D Glucan antigen detection. Cryptococcal Antigen by Latex Agglutination.


3 Hutton Centre Drive

Santa Ana, CA 92707

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Phone: (800) 633-1352x2077

Fax: (440) 337-1180



For over 40 years, MP Biomedicals, LLC has been a leading global supplier for laboratories, providing a broad range of Diagnostics, Life Science, and Fine Chemical products. With competitive pricing, superior quality, and proven performance, our products are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. The MP Biomedicals' Diagnostics Division product portfolio is comprised of quantitative and qualitative assays for: Drugs of Abuse, Infectious Diseases, Endocrine Hormones, Biogenic Amines, Cardiac Markers, Tumor Markers, and Newborn metabolic disorders. Our methodologies include: Western Blots, Rapid Tests, ElAs, and RIAs. Additionally, we offer bulk antibodies, antigens and isotopic tracers. Contact MP Biomedicals today to explore your diagnostics options.


24 Birch Street Building B

Milford, MA 01757

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Toll Free: (800) 345-1514

Phone: (508) 473-1500

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Since 1976, Psyche Systems has delivered products that help laboratories of all sizes run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Psyche's e.Outreach, EMR Internet Interface, MicroPath, WindoPath AP system, Clinical LIS, and SBB blood bank software deliver a completely integrated solution for all areas and types of laboratories. Psyche's products are fully integrated or stand-alone and support full automation, integration with instruments, clinical and back-office systems, Outreach and Meaningful Use initiatives.


2005 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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Toll Free: (800) 624-8380

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Quantimetrix, a family business since 1974, has been handcrafting world-class, ready-to-use laboratory qualify control products for urinalysis, general chemistry, special chemistry, and whole blood. We've earned a trusted reputation for superior quality and great customer service. Our product portfolio includes: Dipper[R], Dropper[R], Dropper[R] Plus, QuanTscopics[R], and Dip & Spin[R]. They are compatible with most major laboratory and POCT analyzers including Siemens, IRIS, Beckman Coulter, Roche and many more. Our Lipoprint[R] System is the only test that measures LDL & HDL subfraction cholesterol and is used in clinical & research laboratories providing useful information in the risk assessment for atherosclerotic disease.


515 Industrial Boulevard, Bardane Industrial Park

Kearneysville, WV 25430

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Toll Free: (866) 4Randox

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Randox Laboratories has been at the forefront of clinical diagnostics for over three decades. Our extensive product portfolio includes the RX series of clinical chemical analyzers, high quality reagents with over 100 disease markers, Biochip Array Technology, the Acusera range of quality controls and calibrators and the Acusera 24.7 program.


511 Lobo Lane

Little Elm, TX 75068

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Toll Free: (888) 703-1010

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The VanishPoint[R] blood collection set (BCS) is a novel safety blood collection device that features automated in-vein --retraction, which virtually eliminates exposure to the contaminated needle. The unique design has integrated finger grips that allow for handling ease. The automated needle retraction is activated by depressing a retraction trigger located near the finger grip area, allowing for easy one-handed activation, without changes in hand position, while reducing the risk of inadvertent activation. In addition, the needle retraction automatically clamps the tubing, reducing the risk of exposure to blood. This product is not made with DEHP or PVC.


9115 Hague Road

Indianapolis, IN 46256

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Toll Free: (800) 981-8863

Phone: (317) 521-2000


Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Roche is the world's largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, infectious diseases, inflammation, metabolism and neuroscience. Roche is also the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management. Roche's personalized healthcare strategy aims at providing medicines and diagnostic tools that enable tangible improvements in the health, quality of life and survival of patients. In 2013 Roche had over 85,000 employees worldwide and invested over 8 billion Swiss francs in R&D. The Group posted sales of 46.8 billion Swiss francs. Genentech, in the United States, is a wholly owned member of the Roche Group. Roche is the majority shareholder in Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan.


P.O. Box 468

Newton, NC 28658

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Toll Free: (800) 257-5101

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* Laboratory automation solutions

* Benchtop instruments

* General labware

* Blood and specimen collection, including the S-Monovette[R] enclosed multiple-sampling blood collection system


5400 Tech Data Drive

Clearwater, FL 33760

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Toll Free: (800) 763-8352

Phone: (727) 789-0100

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SCC Soft Computer is at the forefront of laboratory, genetics, outreach, and blood services information systems software development and offers full suites of Web-enabled laboratory and genetics information system solutions. Since 1979, SCC has designed, developed, and delivered powerful integrated clinical information management system solutions to hospitals, large IDNs (integrated delivery networks), and laboratories.


4 Hartwell Place

Lexington, MA 02421

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Phone: (781) 652-7800

Fax: (800) 762-6311



Sekisui Diagnostics is committed to improving patient's lives by providing innovative medical diagnostics to physicians and laboratories. We develop, manufacture, and supply over one billion tests each year through our global commercial network. Our product lines include clinical chemistry and coagulation systems and reagents as well as infectious disease rapid tests, LINE immunoassay and ELISA kits. In addition we offer enzymes and specialty bio-chemicals to the global healthcare market.


363 7th Ave, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10001

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Toll Free: (855) 290-0001

Phone: (212) 290-0001



SoftTech Health's LabQMS[TM] is the first software designed especially for Healthcare Labs featuring:

* Document Control: With the most feature-rich Document Control system available for clinical labs today, the LabQMS[TM] will improve productivity across your lab by saving time, reducing risk, and cutting waste.

* Accreditation Management: Enable compliance with CAP, JCAHO and others in a fraction of the time. Slash your time to manage accreditation, and facilitate automatic compliance with document control regulations.

* Quality Management: SoftTech Health's Quality Manager includes automated Online Forms, Equipment Manager and more everything you need to manage your Lab's quality processes faster and more cost-effectively.


250 S. Williams Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85711

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information

Toll Free: (800) 748-0692

Fax: (520) 901-9449



Sunquest is the market leader in the laboratory, delivering diagnostic information technology and outreach solutions designed to fulfill the business objectives of today's healthcare leaders. Sunquest is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that deliver quality diagnoses, optimize efficiency, improve patient safety, and respond to a changing market.

With more than 30 years of experience, Sunquest continues to be the chosen partner for more than 1700 laboratories and over 300,000 end users worldwide. Sunquest serves the global marketplace with reliable technology for mission critical applications, enabling providers to deliver optimal care across their network.

Sunquest has redefined the lab, empowering its partners to turn results into knowledge.


577 Aptakisic Road

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information

Toll Free: (800) 379-7639



Whether you analyze a few or a few thousand samples a day, you can count on Sysmex to deliver automation that helps optimize your workflow, maximize your resources, and make your lab more competitive. We deliver hematology, coagulation and urinalysis instrumentation and information management systems that help labs - big and small - meet the challenge of meeting greater testing demands with fewer resources.

Hematology Systems: Sysmex's history of more than 40 years in hematology has resulted in a full range of analyzers with proven reliability - from the compact pocH-lOOi to the fully automated Lavender Top Management[R] system. With the Sysmex[R] XN-Series, you now have the advanced technology and integrated automation to perfectly match your workload, clinical parameters and informatics needs to your lab's needs.

Sysmex WAM Select[TM] is a middleware software solution that enhances control over hematology workflow and results management for small to medium-sized clinical laboratories desiring greater efficiency and standardization.

Scalable Automation: Sysmex delivers fully integrated automation solutions for hematology. This approach gives your laboratory the ability to manage >90% of all EDTA tube testing. Lavender Tube Management[R] allows you to integrate slide making/staining, tube sorting and on-demand HbAlc testing. Coupled with Sysmex WAM[TM] Decision Support Software for the Clinical Laboratory, Sysmex automation solutions deliver standardization, productivity, and speed.

Information Systems: Sysmex WAM[TM] Decision Support Software for the Clinical Laboratory brings rules-based intelligence to hematology. Discipline-specific rules enable you to take autovalidation and paperless processing to a higher level. The quality control module consolidates results from multiple analyzers and multiple sites. Specimen management tracks tube current and final locations and allows you to send in-lab receipt information directly to the LIS. Management reports help you improve quality control, optimize workflow and position your lab for future growth.

Automated Urine Particle Analysis: The Sysmex UF-lOOOi delivers the efficiency and quality to tackling labor shortages while addressing clinical needs. The Sysmex UF uses advanced fluorescent flow technology to automatically classify and enumerate formed elements, including bacteria, to streamline workflow, provide faster turnaround times and reduce labor costs.

As a global leader in clinical diagnostics, Sysmex delivers the hematology automation that help hematology laboratories become peak performing laboratories. Sysmex is helping to shape the future of clinical laboratory medicine. For more information about Sysmex solutions, visit when your clinical, operational and financial results count.


8432 - 45 Street NW

Edmonton, AB T6B 2N6

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Phone: (780) 468-0020 ext. 27

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The NEW ISOPLATER 180i is an AUTOMATIC PETRI DISH STREAKING MACHINE. It will load, streak and stack up to 80 pre inoculated petri dishes per hour. Automated spreading results in substantial cost savings with up to a 100% annual ROI. The ISOPLATER also increases productivity, improves isolation rates, standardizes streaking procedures and increases safety through HEPA filtered personnel protection. 25 YEARS PROVEN SUCCESSFUL HISTORY, more than 1 BILLION PLATES processed and were STILL STREAKING STRONG.


1025 Terra Bella Ave.

Mountain View, CA 94043

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Toll Free: (877) 714-1924

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Wako was established more than 90 years ago as a manufacturer and distributor of high quality laboratory reagents. Wako Diagnostics continues providing "best in class" chemistry reagents and unique automatable assays for diagnostic clinical use. As a dedicated OEM partner, we offer superior clinical chemistry reagents. Specializing in liver cancer risk assessment, Wako is a leader in automated assays and systems for serum biomarkers AFP-L3 and DCP.


P.O. Box 38

Raritan, NJ 08869

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information

Toll Free: (800) 286-2111

Phone: (908) 526-3744

Fax: (908) 526-2058



ZEUS Scientific is an in vitro diagnostic test manufacturer with over 35 years of experience developing and bringing to market innovative laboratory tests. ZEUS offers a broad menu of products across three methodologies: IFA, ELISA and multiplex (AtheNA Multi-Lyte[R]) with a focus on autoimmune disease, infectious serology and cardiovascular diagnostics. In addition, ZEUS offers full contract manufacturing and commercialization services to companies around the globe. The company complies with international standard ISO 13485 (2003), Health Canada Medical Device Regulations (SOR/98-282, May 7 1998), the FDA Quality System Regulations (FDA Quality System Regulation, 1996: 21 CFR 820) and the IVD 98/79/EEC.
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