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THE DRYTEL 1025 oil-free vacuum pumping system from Alcatel Vacuum Technology offers simple one-switch, compact design. It can operate between atmospheric pressure and [10.sup.-5] tort. A maximum pumping speed of 16 cfm makes this pump ideal for small chambers, cryostats, and load-locks.

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Jan 1       318
Feb 1       395
Mar 1       321
Mar 20      295

consist of Alcatel, Applied Materials
Inc., BOC Group, FEI Co., Helix Technology
Corp., INFICON, MKS Instruments
Inc., Pfeiffer Vacuum, SAES Getters
S.p.A., Thomas Industries, Varian Inc.,
and Veeco. (Changes noted are from
Jan. 1)

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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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