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Product Showcase.

Innovative techniques, systems and equipment designed to save time and money

The Snaptite system from Clock Spring is a versatile and effective pipe repair method for externally corroded and/or mechanically damaged pipe. The system is rated for service up to 500 psi. Intended to be used for small diameter lines such as process, gathering and distribution piping, the system consists of applying a proprietary load-transferring filler into defect(s), then "snapping into place" eight concentric, high strength composite split sleeves. The slevees are bonded with a patented, fast curing, two-part adhesive.

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Uponor's new All-Coat Anodeless Riser provides a cost-effective solution for the prevention of corrosion on the riser. Factory installed valves and Polyethylene pigtails up to 100' in length provide for an easy, reliable installation. This design is manufactured to meet the most stringent design specifications in the gas industry.

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Mercer Valve Company Inc., offers a complete line of conventional and pilot operated safety relief valves. Featuring our patented "Auto seat technology[R]". A unique soft seated design allows the valve to relieve several hundred times and still maintain accurate set point and 0% leakage, for additional information please contact us at: 405-495-6533, Fax: 405-495-8728 Toll free: (800) 833-6402

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Murphy Bros., Inc. has modified its large rigs to save job time for its clients. Two dual line installations of 12-inch and 16-inch lines, 1,650 and 1,950 feet long were installed in record time. Two 1,700 foot long drilled crossings were installed in one week. Murphy Bros., Inc. is a full service pipeline contractor.

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By Ground Specialties, Inc. Thaws over 1" per hour and only needs a 20# LP tank! These 3'x5" or 4'x5' portable units weight less thank 140 lbs and use Infrared heat. Perfect for underground utility work and grave sites. Out thaws the competition!! Phone 866.983.5557 Or Fax 320.983.555

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Denso Protal 7125 Denso's Protal 7125 is a liquid coating intended for use where a quick cure is required at lower substrate or ambient conditions such as during winter applications or colder operating temperature pipelines. The coating has a fast cure and can be back filled in 2 hours at 14 [degrees] F (-10 [degrees] C). It exhibits excellent cathodic disbondment results at 77 [degrees] F (25 [degrees] C). It is used for coating girth welds, rehabilittion, tie-ins, boring applications, repairs to FBE, fitting and fabrication. For more information on Protal 7125 or other Denso pipeline coatings call 888-821-2300.

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When a compressor check valve fails, production stops and systems are subject to costly damage. Check valves from Hoerbiger are chosen more than any other in the industry for their quality and reliability. Hoerbiger check valves can accommodate pulsating or constant flow as well as providing low pressure drop. Valves have non-alarming closing action and install vertically, horizontally or inclined. Call 954-974-5700 for the Hoerbiger service center nearest you, or visit our website:

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Introducing Conoco Hydroclear[TM] Lubricants

Gathering, processing, and transmission companies can rely on Conoco's new, full line of HYDROCLEAR[TM] lubricants, specially formulated for natural gas engines, turbines and compressors. HYDROCLEAR[TM] Lubricants are made from pure, hydrocracked base oils, which makes them virtually free of contaminants that cause breakdown.

Circle #115

Conoco Inc. * P.O. Box 4784 Houston, TX 77210-4798 * Made in U.S.A.

Horizontal Boring Machine by Laney Machine

The Laney 4DT-111 is self-contained and powered by a 4 cylinder turbo Caterpillar engine that makes 111 horsepower. Power is transferred through a 5 speed Eaton Fuller transmission, and the machine has 41,450 lbs. of thrust and 17,150 lbs. of pulling power. The 4DT-111 is 16 feet long by 2 feet wide and weighs 4,600 lbs. The 4DT-111 is capable of boring diameters from 3-to-42 inches up to 500 linear feet.

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Two operations with one Brown Bear machine. Brown Bear Corp., P.O. Box 29, Corning, IA 50841, 515/322-4220 fax: 515/322-3527

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R. W. Lyall & Company has just released its newly designed line of LYCOFIT[R] 2" IPS and 4" IPS Mechanical Tapping Tees. Both models are available with 112" CTS through 1-1/4" CTS outlet sizes, and use the same widely accepted LYCOFIT[R] Mechanical Fitting design that has proven to be much stronger than the PE pipe. All models are available with LYCO[R] Excess Flow Valves. All LYCOFIT[R] Mechanical Tapping T economical main to service line connections.

Circle #118

The CCI Severe Service Choke utilizes Drag[R] velocity control technology and solid tungsten carbide trim to solve the world's most difficult choke problems such as erosion, excessive noise and vibration levels, while in the process of reducing costly maintenance and lost production time.

Circle #119

PGI International's ThermoSync[TM] thermowell and RTD probe provide the most accurate pipeline gas temperature measurement system available. It reduces the ambient temperature effects on flow calculations, thus providing greater accuracy and minimizing unaccounted errors. ThermoSync measures the true gas temperature with little influence from changing pipe temperatures. Try measuring as flowing at 70 [degrees] F with an ambient pipe temperature of 100 [degrees] F. Do you think the measurement will be accurate? Not a chance! Visit or call 713-466-0056 for more details.

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Uponor offers a complete line of Pre-Fabricated Meter Sets capable of reducing your installed cost and future maintenance cost associated with new service installations. The superior corrosion resistance results from the same electrostatically applied, fusion bonded power coating process that is currently used on Uponor's Anodeless Riser product line.

Circle #121

WEAR & CORROSION PADS by Clock Spring Company, L.P.

Clock Spring uses two full encirclement wraps of a fiberglass composite bonded to the pipe with a patented adhesive that eliminates crevice corrosion and pipe wear at pipe supports for any size diameter pipeline up to 56".

Tel: 281.590.8491 Fax: 281.590.9528

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A New Dimension in Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles

ODG - the world's leading manufacturer of amphibious all-terrain vehicles is introducing the CENTAUR, an engineering breakthrough, designed specifically to transport crews and equipment over long distances in remote and difficult terrain. The CENTAUR combines many of the features you find on tracked vehicles, trucks, ATVs, snow machines and small boats and puts them into one versatile off-road machine, - 1-800-298-1118.

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Bullhorn is American Innovation's low-cost, reliable system for remote monitoring, data collection and control. Bullhorn checks inputs from equipment remotely and provides notification of alarm events by fax, page and / e-mail, all for a low monthly service fee.

Circle #124

Oil Storage Tank Design & Analysis

TANK designs and evaluates welded steel oil storage tanks in accordance with API Standards 650 and 653. TANK calculates shell course thickness for new tanks and allowable liquid height in existing tanks using either the variable point method, the one-foot method, or the method defined in API 650 Appendix A. TANK also performs many other tasks defined in these standards. Visit to download a working demo or contact COADE at 800/899-8787.

Circle #125

Ciscan's Sure Seal Protection System provides a high quality, safe and fast method of pipe pre-heat, shrink sleeve application, and hydrogen removal. Sure Seal produces uniform heat around the entire circumference of the pipe for consistent results at every joint. Visit Ciscan's web site at for more details.

Circle #127

Distribution Construction Company

We provide our customers with horizontal directional drilling systems that offer: Power and Speed; Fast, efficient setup; Broad range of pipe types and sizes; Quality on-site management; A skilled and knowledgeable workforce; The right con-struction equipment. Our resources are designed to meet the full spectrum of the industry requirements. We have established our reliability as a cost-effective solution in the field of directional drilling.

Circle #128

Pipeline News offers the latest contract information for the underground construction industry. Designed for pipeline & utilities contractors, the newsletter includes information on hundreds of jobs, at a fraction of the cost of other publications. It features Contracts Let, New Jobs, and a huge Future Jobs section. Also included are contact names, office and field office addresses, phone and fax numbers and job bid dates. It is necessary for any company who wants to keep up with the pulse of the industry.

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A new custom catalog from PFERD INC. and their subsidiary, The PFERD Milwaukee Bush Company, presents a full line of quality, abrasive and wire brush hand tools specifically for pipeline weld preparation, cleaning and finishing tasks, Over 130 individual products are covered in this 12 page buyers guide. The product categories include stringer bead, kont and encapsulated cup brushes, mini-grinder wheels and cups, scratch, duber and welder's tooth brushes, pipliner grinding and cut-off wheels, pipeline files, cones and plugs.

Circle #130

General Physics Corporation-GP Your competitive advantage is directly related to the effectiveness of your people. GP improves that effectiveness through training and workforce development. Whether you're gearing up for your Pipeline OQ or just need to improve your quality and safety through management systems and engineering, GP can implement the best solution for your company. Two ways to get in touch: Email or call our hot-line at 1-888-843-4784

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Horizontal Boring Machines by LANEY MACHINE

The Laney AH400 Power Unit has a 4 cylinder turbo Caterpillar diesel engine that makes 11 horsepower, and weighs 2,700 lbs. Power is variable speed and is transferred through a 5 speed Eaton-Fuller transmission to the drill pipe. The AH 400 has approximately 17,000 lbs. of thrust and weighs 1,100 lbs. The AH 400 is 11' 3" long and 29" wide and is capable of boring 3" to 36" holes up to 300'. This machine can handle 5' or 6' drill pipe.

Circle #132

McJunkin's Gas Products brochure highlights their procurement expertise and high-performance gas distribution and transmissions products including: pipe, meters and valves to couplings, fittings, tees, cathodic protection products and hundreds of accessories and parts. McJunkin offers you a sureway to shrink your purchasing cycle and reduce your inventory.

Circle #133

Cellemetry[R] Data Service

Cellemetry[R] Data Service is a wireless data network offering comprehensive coverage throughout North America. Using Cellemetry, solutions providers provide wireless remote monitoring and measurement products for industries including, oil, gas, water, wastewater and energy management. For more information visit

Circle #134

Hutchinson Calculator #1

Solves both high and low pressure problems involving gas, air, petroleum liquids, and water. Resulting data includes:

* initial pressure

* pressure drop

* volume

* pipe size

* final pressure

* daily/hourly quantities

* length of line

* specific gravity

Instructions also include pressure tables showing Gauge Pressure and corresponding Absolute Pressure Squared (P/14.4)2, Temperature Pressure Corrections. For more information contact Sheila Coats at: (281) 558-6930 Ext. 10.

Circle #335

UCT 2002

Scheduled for Jan. 15-17 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the annual event completed it's seventh year sellout of exhibit space, and early registration figures indicate another large boost in attendance.

For more information on attending or exhibiting, contact Shannon Langford, UCT 2002, P.O. Box 219368, Houston, TX 77218-9368, (281) 558-6930 ext. 17, or FAX (281) 558-7029.

Circle #336

Safety Training on Compact Disc, versatile program covers all the basics. Safety is no accident ... and training is what makes the difference. DCA's Employee Safety Orientation gives you the tools you need to get the job done effectively and professionally. Photographs, graphics, stereo sound, lessons in English and Spanish, a narration feature that will read the material aloud, and powerful administrative program that tracks all test results--this program has it all. (214) 680-0261

Circle #392


Valve Technician Certification training software from Sealweld[R] Corporation, the experts in pipeline valve maintenance. Qualify your operators to safely eliminate leaks on valves in-service and under pressure. Extend valve service life by commissioning with proven ValvePro[R] procedures.
United States 1.800.237.0564
Canada 1.800.661.8465

Circle #139

Bill Harbert International Construction, Inc. provides ourClients' high quality solutions for their pipeline crossing needs. Design, installation, inspection and consulting for remote International projects worldwide. Leaders in the industry, qualified and experienced staff, excellent well-maintained equipment.

Circle #140

VACUWORX International, Inc. offers a unique lifting unit, the RC-10 or RC-12, to safely, quickly and economically handle concrete and concrete coated steel pipe with no damage to the pipe coating or bevel. This pipe lifter can be outfitted to any type of crane, pipelayer or excavator. Pipe lifting capacity is 26,000 pounds with special designs reaching 60,000 pounds. SABRE International Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a distributor of VACUWORX products. For the distributor in your area, contact VACUWORX International at Phone: (918) 438-9875 or Fax: (918) 438-9895

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