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Product Showcase.


S Series Flowmeters are capable of precision measuring in low liquid or gas flow rate ranges from 13-100 ml/min to 2000-10,000 mil/min. Readings are repeatable to [+ or -] 0.5% full scale for gas and [+ or -] 0.2% in liquid. Measurements are displayed on a 3 1/2 digit LCD with a 0-5 VDC output provided for recording data. McMillan Co., Georgetown, TX 78627.

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Compact, Low-Flow Pumps

Masterflex L/S compact, low-flow variable-speed drive offers higher flow rates and reversible capabilities at an economical price. Delivering flow rates from 1.8 to 560 ml/min, pump is ideal for fluids needing to be pumped at a higher rate with limited workspace. Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL 60061.

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Enhanced LIMS

Enhanced LIMS Nautilus 2000 RI provides a fully integrated XML based import/export module; extended statistical calculation functionality; enhanced workstation security; and Windows 2000 and Windows Terminal Server support. Approximately 150 minor enhancements and bug fixes are included in the release, LabSystems, Beverly, MA 01915.

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Online Measurement/ Control Products

Newly opened online store at features over 100,000 process measurement and control products that can be ordered directly over the internet. Thermocouple and RTD probes, temperature measurement and control instruments, pressure transducers and load cells, as well as DAQ products are available. Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT 06907.

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Membrane Osmometry

Membrane Osmometer is a precise and reliable system for the measurement of the average molecular weight Mn of polymers, soluble in aqueous or organic solvents. Line also includes the Vapor Pressure Osmometer for the average molecular weight of polymers and the osmolality of aqueous solutions and the Cryoscopic Osmometer for determining molar masses in benzolic solutions. UIC Inc., Joliet, IL 60434.

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High Speed Weighing Sensors

Two compact, force restoration weighing sensors easily can be incorporated into any equipment design that requires rapid, accurate weight measurements. Both units have a unique beamless design which yields readabilities as fine as 0.1 mg with a fast response as low as 80 milliseconds. Scientech, Inc., Boulder, CO 80303.

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Laboratory Presses

New 16-page, full-color catalog contains complete specifications of more than 50 standard model hydraulic presses. The presses are available in manual and automatic versions with 12 to 100 tons clamp pressure for a wide variety of testing, development and pilot production needs. Custom designs are also available. Carver, Inc., Wabash, IN 46992.

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Digital Stirrer

Compact Digital Stirrer features Stirlight Four-Digit Speed Display, ergonomic handle, brushless DC motor, sealed housing and through shaft. Lighter and more compact than firm's high torque stirrers, it can be used in any area of the lab including in fume hoods and enclosed workstations. With push of a button, display lights up to show product settling patterns. Caframo Ltd., Wiarton, Ont. CN N0H 2TO.

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Headspace Autosampler

Model 4632M Headspace Autosampler mounts directly on top of almost any gas chromatograph. It features a 32-position tray, 6-place thermal equilibration oven, and a magnetic gripper for accurate and reliable vial transfer. It has a unique heated valve design. OI Analytical, College Station, TX 77842.

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Miniature Check Valves

Plastic check valves in the 695 series, offered in nylon or polypropylene, are suitable for almost all liquids and aggressive chemicals. They feature a stainless steel ball and spring, under one pound cracking pressure, and horizontal and vertical installation capability. Specialty Manufacturing Co., St. Paul, MN 55127.

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Explosion-proof Scale

The PMA7500-X Explosion-Proof Scale has a bright, easy to read, adjustable LCD; 7.5 kg capacity with a readability of 0.1 g, stainless steel weighing pan that is resistant to all types of chemicals; and a toggle key that can switch from grams to parts or grams to pounds. A dual range model at 0.05 g for 1000 g is available. Sartorius, Edgewood, NY 11717.

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Low Temp Freezers

The 700 Series Low Temperature Freezers have a temperature range of -10 C to -40 C and combine storage protection, temperature stability, and easy operation to accommodate a variety of biological applications. Chest freezers are available in 3.0, 6.7, 12.7, and 20.0 cu. ft. capacities and the uprights are in 13.0 and 17.3 cu. ft. capacities. Forma Scientific, Inc., Marietta, OH 45750.

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Powder Tester

Model PT-N Powder Characteristics Tester provides seven mechanical measurements and three supporting measurements of dry bulk powders. It improves the handling, efficiency, and accuracy in the testing of bulk properties of dry powders. The model complies with ASTM D6393-99. Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, Summit, NJ 07901.

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Glassware Washer

Microprocessor-controlled, floor model Heinicke 1500 Series Lab Glassware Washer offers a thermal disinfection setting of 180 F and requires only 5 sq. ft. of floor space for the full glassware washing and drying system. It has a digital control package for 3 preset heavy, medium and light cycles and 3 preset temperature settings of 131 F, 149 F, and 180 F HOTPACK, Philadelphia, PA 19154.

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Optics & Instruments

Comprehensive selection of optics, instruments, optomechanical hardware, nanopositioning devices, lasers and machine vision products makes up nearly 10,000 items in catalog. In addition to over 600 new products, an optics guide and tutorial and applications information is included. Melles Griot Photonics Components, Irvine, CA 92606.

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Stereo Microscope

ZoomMaster 65 stereozoom microscope system delivers clear, bright, paffocal stereo images for a wide range of applications. Zoom mechanism is infinitely adjustable with 0.7X to 4.5X zoom range. Detents in mechanism provide ideal setting for reproducing previous results as well as measurement calibration. Prior Scientific, Inc., Rockland, MA 02370.

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Spill Containment

VERSI-DRY Lab Soakers absorb up to 1050 ml of liquid per square meter for safer and more efficient spill containment. Provided in dispenser packs, rolls and mats, the absorbent has a waterproof, chemical resistant polyethylene backing that also grips surfaces and equipment. Nalge Nunc International Inc., Rochester, NY 14625.

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Thermal Analysis

The company's full line of rheometers and thermal analysis instruments includes the AR1000/500 Rheometer. This model is designed for use with solids in torsion analysis. Among software products offered are the Rheology Advantage with flow, creep and oscillation and the Thermal Advantage packages. TA Instruments, Inc., New Castle, DE 19720.

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ISFET pH Meters

Line of four pH meters and ten probes is based on rugged ISFET sensor technology. Meters constantly monitor and display the status of the probe and the estimation of its remaining life. There are probes for routine applications, a series that tests to 105 C in aggressive samples, and a temperature and chemical resistant line for difficult samples. Sentron, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

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Research Products

Catalog 2000/01 has more than 2600 pages of research products. It features lab supplies, equipment and instruments, plus specialized sections for chromatography, life science, safety, tissue culture and chemicals. Color-coded table of contents, comprehensive indices, and information on ordering, service, warranties and return policies are included. Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA 15275.

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Electrochemistry Meters

Aplus meter line includes models for pH, ISE, DO, and conductivity. Easy to use, the meters make accurate and reproducible measurements. New software and new probe technology enhances meters. Orion Research, Inc., Beverly, MA 01915.

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Flow Meters & Controls

Illustrated, full color catalog details volumetric flow meters, digital pressure and EPC models, portable flow meters, turbine and liquid flow meters, volumetric mass and liquid control devices, digital pressure gauges and controllers, and a variety of valves. Alicat Scientific, Inc., Tucson, AZ 85712.

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Environmental Rooms

Environmental Rooms/Stability Chambers reproduce and closely monitor any environment with a precise combination of humidity, temperature and light. The rooms can be multi-temperature or constant temperature. Microprocessor based controls provide accuracies to 0.15 C. Modular construction simplifies set-up or relocation. Norlake Scientific, Hudson, WI 54016..

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Packaging Products

Illustrated Buyer's Guide offers a wide array of laboratory packaging products. Among various sections are glass and plastic bottles; closures and caps; container cleaning services; cans; and specialty shippers for hazardous or infectious materials. Products can be supplied in Convenience Packs designed for laboratory use or in bulk packs. Qorpak, Bridgeville, PA 15017.

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Deep Ledge Utility Carts

Deep Ledge Utility Cart for laboratory use requires no tools for assembly. The 3" deep ledge contains product and spills. The polymer shelves are corrosion proof and easy to clean. Available cart sizes are 20" x 30" or 26" x 36" in both 2 and 3 shelf models. InterMetro Industries Corp., Wilkes Barre, PA 18705.

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Calibration Test Weights

Information booklet answers pertinent questions often asked regarding calibration test weights. Among many topics discussed are: how to choose the correct weights for each weighing device; which class of weights is required for specific applications; and how to maintain certification for the test weights. Heusser Neweigh, Concord, CA 94520.

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Oil-Less Compressors

Both oil-less and oil-lubricated compressors and vacuum pumps are offered. The company also can build exact prototypes according to specifications of the individual customer within several days at no additional cost. Compressors are built of the finest components available. JunAir, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

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Solvent Storage

The Protector Solvent Storage Cabinet can support firm's fume hoods and it safely stores and vents solvents and other highly flammable liquids in the laboratory. Made of durable dual-wall epoxy-coated steel with a 1 1/2" air gap, it includes an epoxy-coated shelf. Cabinet widths are 24", 30", 36" or 48" with one or dual doors. Labconco Corp., Kansas City, MO 64132.

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Rotary Vane Pump

C2 Series Rotary Vane Pump is designed for chemical plasma applications. It features chromium oxide coating on all bearing surfaces; oil degassing: N2 bubbler system; Viton seals; and stainless steel parts. With a range from 8.8 to 42.4 cfm, this model is ideal for processes with aggressive and corrosive gases. Alcatel Vacuum Technology, Inc., Hingham, MA 02043.

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Ultrapure Water

NANOpure Diamond Type I Ultrapure Water System can incorporate up to five different technologies in the same system. Technologies include distillation, deionization, filtration, RO, UV oxidation, and adsorption. The system features volumetric dispensing of between 250 ml and 60 liters of ultrapure water. Barnstead/Thermolyne, Dubuque, IA 52001.

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Co Polymer Gloves

Proprietary Polycoated synthetic material has a soft feel, conforming fit and durability that rivals natural latex. Powder-free, ambidextrous, polyvinyl chloride glove is ideal for general purpose lab applications. It is manufactured without the use of chemical accelerators known to cause skin reactions, SAFESKIN, San Diego, CA 92130.

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Rotary Vane Pumps

M series innovative double stage rotary vane pumps, for applications in the rough and medium vacuum range, feature pumping speeds of 5 to 10 [m.sup.3]/h. An integral magnetic coupling design ensures that the pumps are hermetically sealed. They also include a high speed, high vacuum safety valve. Pfeiffer Vacuum, Nashua, NH 03063.

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Portable Lead Tester

Scanning Analyzer HSA-1000 provides low ppb lead measurements in-house, inexpensively without need for trained technicians. Staff members follow step-by-step instructions for sample digestion and a simplified anodic stripping voltammetry technique to obtain total-recoverable-lead values that satisfy the requirements of the federal Lead and Copper Rule. Test yields readings in three minutes. HACH Company, Loveland, CO 80539.

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Autosampler Syringes

A wide selection of syringes for HP 7683 and 7673 GC autosamplers features total syringe volume ranges from 0.5 ul to 100 ul. Syringes are available in liquid-tight and gas-tight models. Three different needle gauges are offered to optimize performance for split/splitless, on-column, packed column, Merlin Microseal and standard septum injections. Hamilton Co., Reno, NV 89520.

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Handheld IR Thermometer

Model 42425 Handheld Infrared Thermometer measures non-contact surface temperature from 14 F to 662 F with 0.1/1 degree resolution. The laser pointer targets the measurement area. A Type K thermocouple input is used for IR surface emissivity verification. Extech instruments Corp., Waltham, MA 02451.

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Portable pH Meter

New portable pH meter. Model 99500 Millennium has many advanced features that are of great benefit to the user: microprocessor based functions, calibration confirmation, automatic temperature compensation and automatic buffer recognition. For more information on this product, other products and services that AST offers, visit their web site at Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. Danvers, MA 01923.

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GC Autosampler

The CP-8400 AutoSampler for gas chromatographs uses dual and duplicate injection technologies to achieve improved conformational analysis and greatly improve sample throughput. New 100-sample model can be used in any application requiring liquid injections into a gas chromatography injector. Either two identical or two different samples can be injected into two injectors. Varian, Inc., Walnut Creek. CA 94598.

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HPLC Detector

Low cost, light scattering instrument for absolute polymer and biopolymer characterization. miniDAWN Tristar can be coupled to any HPLC system. It also can be used off-line in microbatch mode for determining absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers directly, without column calibration or reference standards. Wyatt Technology Corp., Santa Barbara, CA 93117

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Galaxy line of microcentrifuges withstands the rigors of continuous duty, is cold room compatible and exceptionally quiet. Model 16 has a maximum speed of 14,000 rpm/ 16,000 xg and is ideal for DNA work. Low cost Model 7 has a top speed of 10,000 rpm/7200 xg and is useful for quick spins and microfiltration.. VWR Scientific Products, West Chester, PA 19380.

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Compact Circulator

Ministat CC circulator provides precise heating and cooling from -25 C to 120 C. Reservoir volume of 1.2 liters allows for fast heating and cooling rates. Standard features include programmable controller, digital and analog interface, visual and audible alarms, and connection for external temperature sensor. CARON Products and Services, Marietta, OH 45750.

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Molecular Biology Grade Ethanol

Enhanced product line for molecular biology now includes both 95% (190 proof) and 100% (absolute, 200 proof) benzene-free non-denatured alcohol. It is use tested for nucleic acid precipitation. The molecular biology grade ethanol has no detectable Dnase, Rnase or Nickase activity. Sigma Aldrich, St. Louis, MO 63103.

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Water System & TOC Monitor

In-Line TOC monitoring capability is now available for Milli-Q Water Polishing Systems. This allows for the continuous measurement of the organic purity of the water during production and allows the detection of dissolved organic substances at the ppb level. Using a combination of mixed bed ion exchange resins and synthetic activated carbon, TOC levels of 10 ppb or below are achieved. Millipore Corp., Bedford, MA 01730.

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Ion Chromatograph

DX-600 IC System features technologically advanced pumps, columns, suppressors, detectors and Just-Add-Water technology. All components are controlled with PeakNet 6 data management software. The system provides the highest level of sensitivity and reproducibility as well as the lowest noise for isocratic and gradient ion chromatography. Dionex Corp., Sunnyvale, CA 94088.

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Moisture Analyzer

IR-30 Moisture analyzer utilizes infrared heating and precision weighing for quick and accurate moisture determination. It measures moisture of solids content in range of samples from powders to liquids. Combination of internal balance and IR drying produces results in 5 to 15 minutes. Denver Instrument Co., Arvada, CO 80004.

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Pulsed Discharge Detector

Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector extends the capabilities of the popular HP 6890 GC. The D3-1-HP Detector is literally plug-and-play. The PDD is non-radioactive, non-destructive, highly sensitive and universal. Response is linear over a wide range, and MDQs for most compounds are in the low ppb range. Valco instruments Co., Inc., Houston, TX 77255.

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FTIR Fuel Analyzer

Fox F60000 FTIR Fuel Analyzer can measure large variety of oxygenates in real world fuels and at same time report benzene, octane, aromatics, olefins, RVP and D86 properties. All these properties can be obtained with one sample analysis. MIDAC, Irvine, CA 92614.

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