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High-speed label dispenser automatically removes backings


A high-speed electro-static discharge safe label dispenser, the HLD-2000, dispenses more than 130 labels per minute. It automatically removes

backings to deliver a ready-to-apply label to the operator, saving time and eliminating waste. The dispenser is easily adjustable to accommodate any roll up to a maximum diameter of 7 inches. Label lengths from 0.59 to 3.95 inches can be accepted. Overall dimensions are 4.5 by 5.5 by 8.5 inches making the unit compact enough for most workstations. ASG . 216-486-6163. .

Doors stand up to high winds


For warehousing or distribution facilities at risk from severe weather, the TKO CruiserWeight dock door is impact resistant and durable, protecting products and equipment within the building. The door panels are certified to positive pressure up to 57.3 pounds per square foot and negative pressure up to 68.3 pounds per square foot. The CruiserWeight panels ride on spring-loaded retractable steel plungers within ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) track. When the door is impacted, the spring-loaded plungers retract, allowing the panel to knockout and minimize door and track damage.TKO Dock Doors . 877-408-6788. .

AC lift truck offers operator efficiency and comfort


Simple to learn and easy to operate, the 4700 series of four-wheel,

sit-down electric lift trucks is maneuverable and responsive. The operator compartment is roomy with intuitive, ergonomic controls. To fit most any operator, the semi-suspension seat adjusts for back tilt, operator weight and lumbar support. A tilt steering wheel is included as standard equipment. The lift trucks are available in a variety of capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds, and 36- or 48-volt configurations. Raymond . 800-235-7200. .

PC-based materials handling control system features graphical HMI


With added flexibility for fast, accurate, and efficient materials

handling, the BOSS system now features a built-in networked graphical human machine interface (HMI). Other new features include multiple processor capabilities, and support for a variety of I/O platforms. The system is a complete PC-based control solution that lets distribution center managers direct and measure the productivity of their materials handling system. It combines productivity monitoring tools, machine control, data collection, system diagnostics and HMI into a single software package. The Boss HMI provides client-server capability that runs on Windows XP, Linux, Solaris, QNX, AIX, HP-UX, and Mac OSX. FKI Logistex . 877-935-4564. .

Economical lifting solution


The Max-M22 medium-duty lift table incorporates features of a more

rugged lift table at a lower cost. With a 2,200 pound capacity, the Max-M22 has trapped top and bottom scissor arms, built-in safety bars, a one horsepower 115-volt motor, and a magnetic backed control box. Lift Products . 262-860-1895. .

Pick-to-light system eliminates zones


The Pick-MAX system is a pick-to-light system that is capable of capturing the ID of pickers as they complete picks, improving productivity by eliminating efficiency robbing zones. The system provides a hands-free

interface that does not require pickers to push a button to complete a pick. This point and pick capability is provided by the Pick-MAX system's patented Watch-Me device. This is an identification unit worn on the wrist. The lightweight device identifies each picker to the Pick-MAX modules during a pick or put. This device provides picker accountability for every pick in the system and eliminates the need for picker logon and logoff functions. The rechargeable Watch-Me requires no zone balancing or order profiling and eliminates

bottlenecks. Innovative Picking Technologies , 262-567-6525, .

Rugged, affordable bar code printer


Housed in a rugged metal case, the PD41 bar code printer combines rugged design and functionality. The PD4's low price allows companies to place printers everywhere on-demand label application is needed. The printer can produce variable-data labels continuously at six inches per second. It can take industry-standard eight-inch label rolls of labels and 18,000 inches of ribbon, reducing printer downtime. The printhead can easily be replaced without using any tools. Intermec . 800-347-2636. .

Floor-level Palletizer


The A-680 series palletizers are compact, floor-level infeed machines,

typically used for end-of-line applications. Three distinct models, the A-680, A-680R, and A-681, provide speeds up to 60 cases per minute. Sixteen standard arrangements allow the case infeed, the pallet feed, and the load discharge to be configured to any layout and make efficient use of floor space. FKI Logistex . 877-935-4564. .

Custom vacuum lifters


Built using standard off-the-shelf components and supplied fully assembled, electric-powered vacuum lifters minimize service requirements and downtime. They are built for a range of applications with frames up to 20 feet long and as many as 50 individual valve-operated vacuum cups to support large, heavy loads. Anver . 800-654-3500. .

Rugged wash cabinet


With all stainless steel construction, wash cabinets a redesigned for

long-lasting dependability in battery charging rooms. The rollers' stainless steel shafts rotate in the bearing frame, eliminating roller bearings in the harsh cleaning environment of the wash cabinet. The two-panel door makes these cabinets fit into areas with overhead obstructions as low as nine feet. The door is easy to maintain and the multi-directional air and water nozzles allow for adjustment for a variety of batteries. Materials Transportation Company . 800-433-3110. .

Lightweight but durable radio remote control


Housed in a super-tough polymer case, the MLTX wireless remote radio

control is one-half the weight of previous transmitters. The durable MLTX is available as a pre-engineered, off-the-shelf system or can be customized to meet customer needs. The synthesized transmitter offers the flexibility of up to 7 levers, 6 toggles and 5 speeds. Magnetek Material Handling . 800-288-8178. .

Ergonomic, heavy-duty lift platform


An ergonomic solution that allows operators to adjust their work height to limit reaching, the Titan 1538 is a heavy-duty 1,000 pound capacity, dual operator lift platform. Features include independent push-button control of dual platforms, hand rail, telescoping connecting ramp, perimeter bellows guard and safety foot guards. Several standard options are available to meet application needs. Green Valley Manufacturing . 217-864-4125. .

Cargo bumpers for forklifts


Fork-Kushions cargo bumpers for forklift trucks are mounted directly

to the upright face of the fork using permanent mounting brackets. The cushions slide directly into the brackets. Installation is easy. There are five styles to choose from--satisfying different materials handling applications. The ultra soft model offers dense cushioning for fragile handling while the soft is best suited for lightweight material and the medium is considered to be all-purpose. The cut-resistant and maximum-impact models are designed for extremely heavy objects such as steel coils. Kastalon . 800-527-8566. .

Extend voice-directed distribution


Vocollect Voice for Handhelds extends voice-directed distribution beyond intensive, full-time use to other applications where voice adds value. It also provides the option of having full-time voice-only users and voice-enabled handheld users operating seamlessly under one roof using a single warehouse software connection, a single user and device management console, and the same standard applications. It includes an industrial speech recognizer, text-to-speech, dialog engine, communications to host link, and deployment management link. Vocollect . 412-829-8145. .

Automation software platform for data distribution


The iFix 4.0 software platform provides comprehensive monitoring, control and distribution of plant-wide data. The extendable architecture

features device discovery and automated configuration capabilities supporting the Siemens S7 PLC, with support for Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PLC networks and other OPC sources. Customers can access tag details, trend variables, and enterprise data through hosted portal displays. It delivers connectivity to SCADA nodes through terminal services. GE Fanuc . 800-433-2682. .

Lift table features 50-inch vertical lift


A 3,000-pound capacity lift table has a 60 x 84 inch platform and a

50-inch vertical lift. The lift table is equipped with a powered deck extension that moves laterally. Other features include non-slip rubber matting on both the platform and extension deck and a double-acting hydraulic cylinder to power the extension deck. Pentalift Equipment Corporation . 519-763-3625. .

Pick-to-light system installs easily


With horizontal and vertical mounting options, the Pick2Light can be

used on any size bin. External t-slot mounting aims to reduce damage and does not restrict bin size. A variety of sensor heights is available, based upon bin contents. The Pick2Light system uses only two screws for installation and adjustment and offers 360-degree visible LEDs. SICK . 800-325-7425. .

Zero-pressure accumulation system adjusts easily


EZLogic Accumulation is a zero-pressure conveyor accumulation system

featuring ease of installation, operation and maintenance. EZLogic

automatically adjusts the conveyor's zone length to accommodate the length of the carton being conveyed. In singulation mode, longer cartons are easily and efficiently conveyed, providing better control of boxes increasing carton throughput, accumulation density, conveyor efficiency and system flexibility. Hytrol Conveyor . 870-974-5642. .

Protective packaging for superior cushioning


Easy-to-use protective packaging conforms to the shape of any product,

even irregular and hard to package items without abrasion or scratching. PAD LOC is ideal cushioning for computer monitors, power tools, electronic items, machined parts and fragile items. Ready-to-use pads are available from stock, so no special machinery is required. The pads eliminate the cost and storage of component materials required for foam-in-place products. The reusable pads can be used for blocking, bracing, and as moldable cushions for wrapping and stuffing. Storopack . 800-827-7225. .

Safety netting helps comply with OSHA


Knotted nylon netting protects people and equipment from falling objects from overhead conveyors, open floors, scaffolding and warehouse storage racks. Safety netting helps comply with OSHA standards for handling, movement and storage of materials. It is designed to be lightweight and flexible at all temperatures, while providing maximum strength and protection. Manufactured from durable, high-strength nylon in diamond or square mesh construction, safety netting is available in mesh sizes from ½-inch to 4-inch and have rated capacities up to 17,400 foot-pounds. Pearl Weave Safety Netting . 800-732-7566. .

Solution for lift truck leaks


Stored on a forklift, the Fork Truck Pak handles onsite spills resulting from accidents. Because spills and hydraulic leaks generally occur

during traveling, the portable pack includes absorbent sox and pads, cleaning up to a 3-gallon spill and covering more than 10 square feet. With adjustable straps, it can be mounted to the roll cage of a fork lift and fits all sizes. Packaged in a tough, reinforced polyethylene sack, the Fork Truck Pak features an easy-open zipper and is available in universal or oil-selective configurations. Andax Environmental . 800-999.1358. .

Shipping container for temperature sensitive products


The TimeSaver 24 is a pre-qualified shipping container conforming to

ISTA 7D summer and winter weather shipping conditions using the same packout configuration. It is reusable and designed to maintain a critical two to eight degree temperature range for up to 24 hours. The TimeSaver series of shippers includes 48-hour and 72-hour versions. TCP Reliable . 732-346-0295. .

Compound angle flow rack feeds parts


Designed for use at workstations, assembly points, machine loading

posts, kitting locations, and other point-of-use part locations, a compound angle flow rack is sloped lengthwise from the load end to work-area end for gravity-fed container flow. A second angle cants the conveyor surface toward the worker for ergonomic positioning and to naturally flow loose parts to the lower front corner of the container for easier picking. Creform . 800-839-8823. .

Mechanical work positioner lifts loads


With a compact design that distributes loads evenly over four oversized casters that roll over thresholds and uneven floors, the Lift Stik is a versatile lifter transporter. Lift is achieved by a powered, continuous chain in Lift Stik's single mast. The narrow mast design provides visibility. A hand-held push-button remote allows the operator to lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit at dual speeds for safe, efficient control. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero drift and no possibility of hydraulic leaks. The battery-charged indicator is mounted centrally on the ergonomic push handle in direct view. Presto Lifts . 800-343-9322. .

VLM increases storage density


The Lean-Lift vertical lift module (VLM) stores up to 2,200 pounds per pan with standard heights up to 50 feet and unit payload capacities to 88,000 pounds. With a programmable reconfiguration of pans, three-inch minimum shelf spacing, and pan widths from 33 to 128 inches, the Lean-Lift allows greater storage density. Hanel . 412-787-3444. .

High-speed, space-saving AS/RS


The MSS II high-speed automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)

has an average cycle time of 20 seconds and is designed for high-volume picking operations. Its speed can eliminate the need for accumulation conveyor lanes--saving space, system complexity and cost. The high-density storage buffer can easily be expanded to increase capacity. The MSS II can accommodate a variety of small- to medium-size items in boxes or totes. The speed makes the MSS II efficient for short-term storage or for fast-moving items in an automated distribution environment. It can also be used in factory automation applications as a work-in-process buffer. Daifuku America . 801-359-9900. .

Counterbalanced AGV has small wheelbase


The counterbalance fork AGV design provides a maneuverable vehicle in a compact platform. With the smallest wheelbase on the market, this vehicle can handle heavy loads in the tightest space. The HK30/F low lift model has a vehicle capacity of 3,000 pounds and a standard lift height of 40 inches. The HK20/FH high lift version expands the application range with a 1,800 pound vehicle capacity and standard lift height to 40 feet. HK Systems . 800-424-7365. .

Palletize 200 cases a minute


Able to handle up to 200 12-pack cartons a minute, the Formula VG palletizer maximizes efficiency and throughput. It conveys cartons rather than pushes them to minimize product damage. The touch-screen display simplifies operation with enhanced graphics, and minimum effort is required to reset and clear out of tolerance conditions. High-maintenance items have been eliminated from the Formula VG for easier access to devices and enhanced diagnostics. Individual takeup and hollow-shaft gear motors are used whenever possible. Von Gal Palletizers . 800-542-6570. .

Ergonomically safe vertical carousel


With command-driven rotating shelves that move up or down, a vertical

carousel delivers items at an ergonomically safe and convenient access window. Helping to recover up to 75% of floor space, the carousel is available in a variety of heights, depths and widths. Ergonomically designed, all items are stored and/or retrieved within the golden zone for operator comfort, safety and accessibility. All maintenance is completed from the front access panel, allowing side-by-side or back-to-back configuration of multiple units. Remstar International . 800-639-5805. .

Conveyor available in a variety of turns


Driven by tapered pulleys, the model TS1500-140 belt curve conveyor

provides a positive flow of product by means of a black monofilament belt with PVC top and a urethane guide strip. The conveyor can transport a variety of products and is available in 45[degrees], 60[degrees], 90[degrees], and 180[degrees] turns. Adjustable floor supports are also available. Transnorm System . 972-606-0303. .

Lift deck AGV handles pallets and racks


A lift deck type automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is designed to handle

pallets and racks. A hydraulic lift extends or retracts to lift or lower the load. The load is transferred to and from stands, which can then interface with conveyors, AS/RS, and other automated material handling equipment. Standard loads are up to 8,000 pounds. FMC Technologies . 888-362-3628. .

Universal pallet HAS fire resistant technology


With improved safety in materials handling operations, the Universal

Pallet reportedly is a cost-effective alternative to upgrading warehouse

sprinkler systems to meet fire code requirements. The pallet also provides extra strength with racking capacity up to 2,800 pounds. A ventilated top deck with ergonomic hand-holds facilitates easy lifting. Flame Edge Technology provides flame retardancy. The bottom deck is easily replaced if damaged using simple tools. Buckhorn . 800-543-4454. .

Lightweight, aluminum pallet


A four-way aluminum pallet is manufactured to meet custom size requirements. These long-lasting repairable and reusable pallets do not become brittle, splinter, crack or fail. They are impervious to extreme temperatures,

contamination, corrosion and pests. The aluminum construction meets stringent fire codes and is often eligible for insurance premium discounts. Rhino Pallets . 218-846-2900. .

Crossdock solution offers quick and accurate weights


Synergy Cross Dock 3.0 software interfaces directly with scales and

several of the supplier's industrial computers. This enables the use of existing data when reweighing freight and eliminates the need for additional hardware on the forklift to interface to the scale. Reweighs can be sent to the carrier's host in real time via the 802.11 B/G wireless connection on the unit. Glacier Computer . 603-882-1560. .

MS/RV stores and retrieves pallet loads


The operator-driven mobile storage and retrieval vehicle (MS/RV) combines the space efficiency and productivity of an AS/RS with the flexibility and economy of a turret-type forklift. This very narrow aisle (VNA) vehicle maximizes order picking operations--storing and retrieving pallet loads up to 4,000 pounds. It offers bi-directional travel at up to five mph while simultaneously raising or lowering loads at vertical speeds up to 120 feet per minute. Jervis B. Webb . 248-553-1220. .

Shipment consolidator module links trading partners


InfoChain's express consolidator module links consolidators with buyers, vendors and factories worldwide. The software automates the receiving process at consolidator locations and helps assure compliance with C-TPAT requirements for tracking goods. Delivery information is available to the consolidator at the time that cartons leave the factory floor, and an automatic notification tells the consolidator when a shipment has been sent. Avery Dennison . 313-580-0931. .

Labeling software has Windows-like appearance


EasyLabel 5.5 Platinum software monitors a file directory or TCP/IP

port and automatically prints labels whenever a compatible XML file is received. The upgraded RFID Wizard makes it easy to create RFID labels. Support for Department of Defense 64-bit and 96-bit encodings and the Gen2 RFID tag type were added to the Wizard. EasyLabel 5.5 will no longer function without a hardware protection key. Tharo Systems . 800-878-6833. .

Expanded line of hopper-front containers


Hopper-front containers are now available in more than 2,200 standard

sizes and more than a dozen colors. Sizes of the containers range from 4 inches to 65 inches in length, and capacities range from 25 to 150 pounds. The containers maximize cube due to their zero draft and are ergonomically designed to maximize pick rate. Containers can be ordered in basic plastic, heavy-duty plastic, and ESD material and can be used for carousels, flow racks, shelving, production and storage. Flexcon . 973-467-3323. .

Programmable door controls are easy to use


A user-friendly, field-programmable door control, the i-COMM now comes

standard with most Rite-Hite door models. The i-COMM has a diagnostic text readout stating real-time status. It also displays system errors and troubleshooting tips that help eliminate necessary service calls. Door function modifications are programmable by operators with a menu driven list of options. Variable speed drive is optional, but not required for functionality, increasing reliability and decreasing acquisition and potential service costs. Rite-Hite . 800-285-5956. .

Low-volume palletizer


The No-Lift semi-automatic palletizer is designed to reduce worker

fatigue and eliminate potential injury from lifting and stacking boxes onto shipping pallets. Boxes come from an in-feed conveyor and are easily positioned on the ball transfer table forming a layer. Once a layer is full, the operator simply pushes a button and the No-Lift stacks the boxes and lowers the pallet for the next layer. Full pallets are removed with a lift truck and replaced with an empty pallet. The No-Lift raises the pallet to the correct height to begin again. Powell Systems . 765-884-0613. .

Voice system eliminates paper


The hands-free, eyes-free voice-based system removes paper from processes in warehouses and production facilities. The system is hardware independent and the user can choose from a variety of male and female human voices. The VOXter, which is used in combination with the speech recognition

solution, is a solid, portable, dedicated voice computer, operating on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 for Pocket PC. Inther Integrated

Systems . 847-516-8255. .

Hydraulic trough dumper


Quick discharge of materials into elevated hoppers or processing equipment is possible with a hydraulic trough dumper. Features include a 60-degree discharge angle for non-free flowing materials, a 304 stainless steel bucket with polished welds, a 2,000 pound lifting capacity and washdown construction for wet environments. Material Transfer & Storage . 269-673-2125. .

Tilt to 85 degrees


Part racks and containers can be tilted up to 85 degrees with these

tilters, which improve the ergonomics of loading and unloading operations. The tilt deck is rotated from zero to 85 degrees by two hydraulic cylinders. The tilter is air powered. Air Caster . 217-877-1237. .

Electro-lifting magnet with greater lifting capacity


The 58 inch diameter SLS Super Loadstar electro-lifting magnet features sold cast case construction. The lifting magnet has high lifting capacity and duty-cycle for enhanced operation. The magnet also provides for a cooler operating temperature for extended service life. Ohio

Magnetics . 800-486-6446. .

Palletizer handles delicate products


The HL8000 high-level palletizer provides high-speed performance coupled with careful handling capabilities to stack the most delicate beverage products packaged in cases, trays and fridge-friendly packs. The soft turning conveyor section uses variable frequency drives to carefully arrange beverage cases for palletizing. The modular layer accumulation sections handle up to 150 cases per minute while palletizing 12-pack beverage cases in 16-case patterns. A variable-speed, servo-driven hoist provides precise control while obtaining high speeds and protects products from damage. Columbia Machine . 800-628-4065. .

RFID starter kits


SmartTrack RFID smart labels and thermal-transfer printer ribbons are

the key components of this RFID starter kit. Labels are pressure-sensitive,

provide a choice of 96-bit read/write RFID inlays and come in three sizes: 4 x 2 inches, 4 x 4 inches, and 4 x 6 inches. One thermal-transfer printer ribbon and a roll of 500 pressure-sensitive labels without RFID inlays for set up and calibration are also included. Weber Marking Systems . 800-843-4242. .

Pick-to-light with inventory management software


Pick-to-light technology controlled by FastPic Inventory Management

Software can greatly increase productivity and throughput of pick and put applications. Pick-to-light and FastPic inventory software allows multiple orders to be batched simultaneously for increased throughput. Pick-to-light directs operators to stock items by visually indicating where picking is needed. Batched picks are arranged in order, requiring less travel time by the operator. The system virtually assures that correct items are selected, reducing picking errors. FastPic software includes a variety of supervisory reports and options that provide an added level of inventory management, control and security. FastPic Systems , 800-897-8379, .

Linear motors eliminate mass and inertia


Direct-drive linear motors shed the rotary-to-linear conversion iron

of positioning stages like ballscrews and belt drives to reduce mass and inertia leading to more dynamic performance. The external feedback encoder is eliminated by new integral position sensing technology: encoder elimination can cut motor price in half. The elimination of the external encoder also removes the need for motor/encoder alignment when building the motor into automation equipment. Copley Controls . 330-666-8174. .

Five-fold plate wrap increases longevity


With a five-fold positive plate wrap to ensure consistent performance

throughout a battery's life, C-Line batteries deliver consistent power and a longer life. The five-fold wrap reduces the shedding of active material. A tapered-grid design maximizes the cross-sectional area for greater current handling capability, higher battery capacity, and maximum long-life capacity. The grids are reinforced to prolong conductivity. The plate support system and sediment notches combine to increase reliability. A self-leveling bridge spreads material evenly at the bottom of the cell to prevent short circuits. C&D Technologies . 215-619-2700. .

Low-level order pickers


The "P Series" of low-level order pickers is based on the P-Type chassis and is designed for picking orders from first and second levels in warehouse racking. Two base versions of the lift trucks are available, with the driver position fixed (for picking at first level) or rising (for picking at second and sometimes third levels). Both can be supplied with either low- or high-lift forks to suit the type of picking regime adopted and the nature and volumes of the products to be picked. Atlet, Inc. 714-701-4949. .

Vehicle-mount computer has large screen


The 8530 vehicle-mount computer features a display with expanded graphical interface capabilities. Based on the Advanced Intel XScale/CE.NET

platform, the computer features a large full-screen measuring approximately

10.4 inches. This large screen enables users to take advantage of the powerful, on-screen virtual keyboard giving enhanced functionality in certain applications. The large display is readable in sunlight and can be used with the supplier's peripherals and accessories. A separate keyboard is available as an option. Psion Teklogix . 800-322-3437. .

Read linear and 2-D bar codes


The MAH200 universal bar code reader automatically discriminates between all major 2-D matrix and linear bar code symbologies. The readers

incorporate a dual-path, optical system, a 1.3 million pixel CMOS sensor and a 400 MHz processor. Their reading system supports high-density matrix codes and larger low-density linear codes and high-speed omni-directional decoding. The bar code readers are available in handheld, gun handle and presentation-stand form with cabled, batch and cordless versions. Pepperl + Fuchs . 330-486-000. .

Easy-to-install handrail system


The handrail is an easy-to-install system for pedestrian walkways,

loading docks, production areas and assembly lines. The handrail is ideal for elevated in-plant offices, work platforms, balconies, stairs, equipment crossovers, landing areas and mezzanines. It is engineered to meet all building codes including uniform and point load requirements. The handrail features a patented intermediate railing connection that simplifies installation and allows for quick expansion of handrail sections. Cubic Designs . 800-826-7061. .
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