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The Vector family of industrial diesel engines consists of 8-, 12-, and 16-cylinder models. The engine features the V-type cylinder configuration with four valves per cylinder and high-pressure common-rail injection system. Each model is turbo-charged, aftercooled and intercooled. IVECO MOTORS Call 800-441-6180



Three new lines of AC motors are offered in aluminum and cast-iron frame configurations. Each features a die-cast copper rotor and stator designs. The rotating assembly incorporates anti-friction bearings, polyurea-based grease, balanced rotor and precision-machined mating surfaces. Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. Call 800-441-6180



For traction and industrial applications, Switched Reluctance (SR) motors and drives deliver full-rated torque at low-speed operation. Motors use magnetic attraction to produce torque on the rotor.The SR rotor has no magnets or windings, but is a piece of shaped iron, offering an arrangement of diametrically opposite poles and inter-pole gaps. The switched reluctance motor controller employs IGBT switching technology to continuously, consecutively switch the phase currents on and off, so rotor poles continually chase the current.LeTourneau, Inc. Call 800-441-6180



The CARB toroidal-roller bearing functions as a non-locating bearing in large electric motors (125 hp and above). It is suitable for coupled and belted loads. This bearing can adjust for axial expansion of the shaft internally, and accommodate misalignment. A roller design broadens applications to coupled motors. SKF USA Call 800-441-6180



Industrial engine models from this manufacturer use the latest clean technology. Models include three six-cylinder engines: the DB58TIS, DE08TIS and the DE12TIS. In addition, 12 diesel generator engines, in compliance with current U.S. EPA emission requirements, are available for the prime- and continuous-power markets. Daewoo Heavy Industries

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Publication:Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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