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Product/service codes index.

In the Alphabetical Listing Section of this directory you will find company names and contact information followed by a "product/service" line and a listing of numbers. These numbers refer to the individual product or service categories.




M - Manufacturer V - Value-Added Reseller S - Service Provider C- Computer Software Developer See Pages 16-17 for Product/Service Codes

3P Marketing Group, Inc.


Products/Services: 46,59,60

Other: VoIP & WiFi Go-To-Market Strategies

3PV - Third Party Verification (S)


Products/Services: 173,123,130,134

5by5 Networks (V,C)

510-732-5581 x260

Products/Services: 7,49,53,109,166


A-propos (C)


Products/Services: 51,54,104,171

Other: Software Development

AbleTel, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134



Products/Services: 55,130,133,134,135



Products/Services: 52,53,76,142,159

ACI Telecentrics, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,133,134,135,145

Aculab (M)

+44 (0) 1908 273800

Products/Services: 31,78,113,167,170

Aculab (M)

850-763-9281 x111

Products/Services: 31,78,113,167,170

Advanced Data-Comm (S)

301 Data Ct.,

Dubuque, IA 52003

Contact: Mitch Quade


Products/Services: 130,133,134

Other: Inbound/Outbound/CRM

Outsourcing with Advanced Data-Comm allows you to partner with professionals committed to your success. We use the latest tools to predict customer behavior and influence buying decisions. From detailed analysis to product awareness, we deliver Peace of Mind Customer Care.



Products/Services: 61,72,109,130,135

Ai-Logix, Inc. (M)

Corporate Park III

580 Howard Ave.

Somerset, NJ 08873


Products/Services: 26,44,49,123,165

Ai-Logix, Inc. designs and manufactures the finest CT integration and call recording products. Our hardware and software products are used by developers worldwide to provide CT solutions for call centers, public safety recording, financial institutions, service observation and more.

AIM Technology (C)


Products/Services: 136

Other: Contact Center Analytics

Alorica Inc. (S,C)


Products/Services: 47,53,61,130,135

Alpine Access, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 71,130,131,132,135

AltiGen Communications (M)

510-252-9712 x321

Products/Services: 20,31,49,115

Other: IP Phones

Altitude Software (C)

+351 21 412 9800

Products/Services: 7,22,49,109

Amae Software (S,C)


Products/Services: 46,47,151,166

Other: Enterprise Customer Feedback Collection and Reporting

AMCAT Software (M)


Products/Services: 47,56,57,150,166

Amcom Software, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 1,49,70,71,147

Amdocs ClarifyCRM (S)


Products/Services: 53

American Express Incentive Services (S)


Products/Services: 97

Amtech Marketing, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 46,98,143,156,157



Products/Services: 95,106,107,159,160 (S)


Products/Services: 1,107,147,166,170

AnswerNet Network (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134,61

APAC Customer Services, Inc. (S)

6 Parkway North Center,

Deerfield, IL 60015

Contact: Sue Millspaugh


Products/Services: 46,130,132,133,135

APAC Customer Services, Inc. is a leading provider of customer interaction solutions for market leaders in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and logistics. APAC partners with its clients to deliver custom solutions that enhance bottom-line performance. Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, the company employs about 14,000 people and maintains 39 customer interaction centers across the nation.

Applied Media Technologies Corp. (S)

727-531-3105 x137

Products/Services: 129

Aradiant Corp. (S)


Products/Services: 71,94,130,131,135

Arista Corp. (V)


Products/Services: 33,35,40,138,149

Artisoft (C)


Products/Services: 7,1,20,25,27

ASA Solutions, Inc. (S,C)

8040 E. Morgan Trail, #21

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Contact: Sally Arnold


Products/Services: 13,46,147,149

ASA Solutions, Inc. is a fullservice provider of consulting and support services including interactive voice response (IVR), speech recognition and text-to-speech applications, computer-telephony integration (CTI), Web services, design and development, solutions integration, project management, support services and staffing. ASA has written IVR applications for companies worldwide including financial institutions, public utilities, telecommunication/cable, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and more.

ASC telecom L.P. (M,S)


Products/Services: 123,136,151

Aspect Communications (C)

1310 Ridder Park Dr.,

San Jose, CA 95131


Products/Services: 7,49,136,166,171

Aspect Communications is the world's largest company focused exclusively on contact center solutions, and the only one that unifies workforce, information and communications to deliver exceptional customer service. The Aspect brand is trusted by more than 75 percent of the Fortune 50, and more than 3 million customer sales and service professionals worldwide rely on Aspect's mission-critical business communications solutions.

asplanned ltd (S)


Products/Services: 13,128

Other: Movement, Management and Maintenance of Office Furniture

Audiocom (V,S)


Products/Services: 2,3,4,5

Avaya (M,C)

211 Mt. Airy Rd.,

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Contact: Jonathan Varman


Products/Services: 7,22,57,115,166

Avaya's Customer Interaction Suite includes Contact Management, SelfService, Proactive Contact and Operational Effectiveness with Avaya's contact center software. includes: multichannel predictive routing across voice, e-mail, Web-based communications; compliant outbound dialing; speech-based selfservice with Voice XML/IP support and consolidated real-time reporting. The Avaya IP Office, a high performance telephony/data server for small/medium businesses, is an IP or circuit-switched PBX and supports integrated contact centers and other communication applications.


Bandwidth Place (S)

403-670-9991 x702

Products/Services: 103,124,126,127

Other: Data and Voice Services Broker

Barbados Investment Development Corporation (S)

800 Second Ave.,

New York, NY 10017

Contact: Ezra Catwell


Products/Services: 145

The BIDC is the economic development agency of the Government of Barbados responsible for promoting and facilitating the establishment and expanslon of business enterprises in Barbados. This agency also serves as administrator of the country's attractive industrial incentives program. BIDC in North America is particularly active as an advisor to clients with interest in outsourcing or establishing companies in Barbados in the areas of information communications technology, in particular call centers.

Barber Consulting (S)

126 Ocean Blvd.,

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Contact: Kathryn Barber


Products/Services: 46,122,157

Since 1989, Barber Consulting has provided call center and direct response consulting to leading companies. Offerings include end-to-end assessment, strategic, operations and financial planning, on/off shore outsource management, training for sales, retention, customer service, team building and management, performance improvement and executive coaching.

BenchmarkPortal, Inc. (S,C)

805-614-0123 x36

Products/Services: 13,46,157

Other: Benchmarking

BeVocal (S)


Products/Services: 19,131,163,170

Other: Virtual Call Center

Big Sky Technologies, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 52,94,159,160,166

Blakey Services (S)


Products/Services: 117,131

Other: OLAP, Pay-as-use Services

Blue Pumpkin (C)


Products/Services: 22,46,136,171

Other: Performance Management/Workforce Optimization

BPA International (S)

The Cedarhurst Center

445 Central Ave.

Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Contact: David Blackwell


Products/Services: 123,134,135,136,151

BPA provides outsourcing of call monitoring and coaching designed to provide a flexible resource. Through the web site data and recordings are supplied that provide a complete picture of call quality. Measurement and feedback processes are unique, objective and based on over 15 years of research and experience in the area of performance development.

BT Conferencing (S)


Products/Services: 44,130,131


Call Compliance (S)

90 Pratt Oval, 1st FI.

Glen Cove, NY 11542

Contact: Phyllis Gorham


Products/Services: 173,55,117,133

Other: Do-Not-Call Automatic Blocking and Compliance CCI's patented, award-winning TeleBlock system is the first and only product that automatically screens and blocks outbound calls against selected Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Fax lists on telephone carrier level. No additional hardware or software requirements. No login or logoff necessary. Fully compatible with all calling equipment. (S)


Products/Services: 96,98,99,145,157

Calltrol Corp. (C)

877-673-6284 x124

Products/Services: 49,56,57,58,150

Castel, Inc. (M)

100 Cummings Ctr., Ste. 157H

Beverly, MA 01915

Contact: Walter Elicker

978-236-1000 x634

Products/Services: 22,30,57,113,146

Castel, Inc. develops, markets, implements and supports a suite of open, CTI-focused contact management capabilities that communicate on a peer-to-peer basis with the public switched telephone network for precise, timely call handling. DirectQuest, Castel's patent-pending solution, consists of a set of modular software solutions for inbound call distribution, outbound dialing and inbound/outbound call blending. These modules can be implemented individually or as integrated components for full-featured call handling.

CCC Interactive Corp. (S)

600 Jefferson St., 5th FI.

Houston, TX 77002

Contact: CJ Johnson


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134,135


CCC Interactive is a leading provider of comprehensive customer relationship management and eCRM solutions. Our reputation has been built on exceptional quality, service, responsiveness and flexibility. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies in the energy, financial services, telecommunications and technology industries.

Center Partners (S)

4401 Innovation Dr.,

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Contact: Martha Lanaghen


Products/Services: 13,130,131,132,133

Center Partners is a division of WPP Group pic., one of the world's premier communications companies with revenues exceeding $7 billion. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Center Partners provides a broad spectrum of call center services for clients based in North America and overseas. Whether you want to partner on an existing program, test a new program, or just add flexibility, security and room to grow--we can help.


CenterForce Technologies, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 51,53,136,171

Other: Best Time to Call Software

Centrepoint Technologies Inc. (M)

888-332-9322 x123

Products/Services: 20,25,100,104,115

CH Consulting (C)


Products/Services: 46,110,133,150,171

Chordiant Software, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 53,107,111,109,114

Cintech Solutions (C)

513-731-6000 x2642

Products/Services: 7,6,12,22,72

CITEL Technologies (M,C)


Products/Services: 18,20,31,104,115

ClientLogic (S)


Products/Services: 55,61,130,132

Other: E-mail/Chat Services

CobbleSoft International Ltd. (C)


Products/Services: 46,54,95,107,111

Collaboration Technologies (C)


Products/Services: 7,57

Colwell & Salmon Communications, Inc. (S)

24 Computer Dr. West,

Albany, NY 12205

Contact: Denise Knaack

518-482-1596 x423

Products/Services: 66,130,132,133,135

Colwell & Salmon is a recognized leader providing global, Web-enabled inbound and outbound teleservices, channel marketing programs, market

research and back-office BPO, both domestically and globally. We provide a commitment to quality and expertise in B-to-B high-tech and specific B-to-C segments and have developed an offshore model that is unique to the industry. Contact us for a consultation or quote.

CommuniTech (V)

888-795-7222 x478

Products/Services: 91,93,92,104

Computer Telephony Solutions (C)


Products/Services: 7,49,72,123,166

Concerto Software (M,C)

6 Technology Park Dr.,

Westford, MA 01886

Contact: Candace Berman


Products/Services: 7,22,57,73,166

Concerto Software, Inc. is a proven and reliable provider of contact center solutions that help companies better manage customer interactions via voice, e-mail, the Web and fax. With its financial stability, talented people, innovative technology, more than 20 years of experience and 100 percent focus on the contact center, Concerto Software is a trusted partner to companies across the globe.

Conjoin (C)

781-275-3180 x7832

Products/Services: 53,107,114,142,150

Connoisseur Teleservices (S)


Products/Services: 130,133

Contact America


Other: Call Center Outsourcing Services

Contact America (S)


Products/Services: 130,131,132,133,135

ContactCenters, Inc. (S)

34 Benford Dr.,

Princeton Jct., NJ 08550-1328

Contact: Vijay Aluwalia


Products/Services: 46,130,133

Other: Global Outsourcing / Offshoring

We help our clients grow faster and become more profitable by helping prioritize, select and implement outsourcing projects that yield high returns. Our clients become more competitive by improving quality, reducing costs and responding faster to market conditions. Our size, speed, accessibility, cross-functional expertise, project management discipline and business networks enable us to deliver superior returns faster.

Convedia Corporation (M)


Products/Services: 44,160,166

Other: Media Server

Convergys (S)

201 E. Fourth St.,

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Contact: Teresa Williams


Products/Services: 11,51,53,114,135

Convergys provides customer management for leading companies worldwide, helping them transform their customer relationships into a competitive advantage. Services include: e-services, customer care, inbound/outbound campaigns, direct response, account management, technical support, IVR, market research, database marketing services and billing.

Copia International, Ltd. (C)

1220 Iroquois Ave.,

Naperville, IL 60563

Contact: Sales


Products/Services: 27,73,79,82,84

Copia International, Ltd., established in 1987, is a publisher and developer of high-quality, high-performance business fax, voice and e-mail software. Constantly striving to bring enhanced solutions, Copia has integrated with the Artisoft TeleVantage Telephone System to offer true business automation.

CosmoCom (C)

121 Broad Hollow Rd.,

Melville, NY 11747

Contact: Sales


Products/Services: 7,22,104,109

Other: Unified IP Contact Center

CosmoCom is the leading provider of network-hosted contact center and contact center on-demand platforms to the world's major telcos. Don't bother with the hassle and cost of in-house contact center deployment; instead, subscribe to a contact center on-demand service offered by your telco. For more information, please visit CosmoCom at

Creative Marketing Strategies, Inc. (S)

15 E. Centre St.,

Woodbury, NJ 08096

Contact: Randy Reitz

856-384-1111 x2408

Products/Services: 130,133,134

Other: Political

CMS specializes in the financial, telecommunications, insurance and political industries for business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs. We provide an experienced account development team of account management, data programmers and support staff to develop programs that will generate the best results for our clients.

CRM Teleservices Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 16,54,130,133,136

CRMXchange (S)


Products/Services: 9,43,45,105,157

CrystalVoice Communications, Inc. (S,C)

805-899-4260 x2132

Products/Services: 104,107,109,140,163

CTI Direct LLC

305-263-6746 x2103

Products/Services: 6,13,26,27,48

Cummins Power Rent (M)


Products/Services: 71,137,138,141

Customer Feedback Solutions, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 22,46,47,53,73

Customer Relationship Metrics (S)


Products/Services: 46,97,136,151

Other: Customer Feedback Measurement

Customer Synergy Solutions LLC (S)


Products/Services: 46,136,156,157

Other: Call Center Business Processes

Cyber City Teleservices (S)


Products/Services: 130,131,132,134

Other: Back-Office Processing Services


Data Collection Resources (M,C)

80 Caisson Rd.,

Colchester, CT 06415

Contact: Lori Fratilla


Products/Services: 123,151

Other: Agent Evaluation and Screen Capture

DCR, a leading provider of quality monitoring solutions, pioneered affordable solutions and is credited with challenging the belief that recording solutions must be expensive and proprietary. Customer Experience Monitoring Suite (C.E.M.S) optimizes contact center performance offering random and total record, agent evaluation, screen capture, record on demand and e-learning solutions.

Data Square, LLC (S)


Products/Services: 46,55,117

Other: Data Mining, CRM, Data Warehousing, Strategic Analysis

Data-Tel Info Solutions (C)

500 W. Southern, Ste. 16

Mesa, AZ 85210

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 53,57,123,150,166

xSELLerator, our fully-blended inbound, outbound, and Web-bound call center solution, includes an advanced predictive dialer, ACD and interactive voice response functionality, text-to-speech tools, Web chat, and numerous other features that will allow your agents to effectively implement your CRM and telemarketing initiatives. Utilizing industry standard hardware, coupled with an open architecture, xSELLerator allows for interoperability with many existing call center software applications.

Dees Communications (M)


Products/Services: 15,123,137,140,164

Delta Protocol Test Solutions (M,C)

215-657-5270 x138

Products/Services: 24,104,136,146,162

DialResults (C)

888-839-3613 x219

Products/Services: 49,57,150,166

Other: Call Center Software


Dictaphone Corp. (M,S)

3191 Broadbridge Ave.,

Stratford, CT 06614-2559


Products/Services: 123,136

Other: Workforce Relationship Management; Quality Monitoring

Dictaphone is a leading provider of recording, monitoring and Workforce Relationship Management (WRM) solutions for contact centers. Dictaphone's ContactPoint Workforce Relationship Management solution optimizes agent performance by helping contact centers hire and retain the best agents, assess them fairly and consistently and empower them with the right training and rewards.

Digisoft (M)

212-687-1810 x105

Products/Services: 49,53,57,143,150

Digital Speech Systems, Inc. (M)

972-235-2999 x114

Products/Services: 1,123,136,159,161

Do Not Call Protection (S)


Products/Services: 46,56,79,150

Other: Do Not Call Compliance

Document Sciences Corporation (C)


Products/Services: 173,142

Other: Correspondence Software, Variable Data Publishing Software

DPAC Technologies Corp. (S)


Products/Services: 149

DPD International (C)

714-695-1000 x212

Products/Services: 53,73,77,78,142

Dynamic Instruments (M)

858-278-4900 x1212

Products/Services: 123,140

Other: Quality Evaluation Grading Software


eAssist Global Solutions (C)


Products/Services: 22,73,106,107,111

EasyIVR (S,C)


Products/Services: 131,133,160,161,166

eCoast Sales Solutions (S)


Products/Services: 47,52,130,133,142

Edgil Associates (C)

978-251-9932 x245

Products/Services: 87

eGain Communications Corp. (C)


Products/Services: 22,73,111,109,114

Electronic Technical Services, Inc. (M,C)


Products/Services: 56,57,58,150,166

Elix (S,C)

514-768-1000 x2323

Products/Services: 49,104,147,149,166

eMicrophones, Inc. (V)


Products/Services: 92,104,161,170

Employment Technologies Corporation (S)


Products/Services: 14,46,96,98,152

empolis North America (M)

1 New England Executive Park,

Burlington, MA 01803


Products/Services: 95,105,107,111,114

empolis provides Knowledge Management solutions for supporting high value, complex products. The empolis Service Lifecycle Knowledge Management system features unique domain-specific search capabilities and knowledgebase development for technical assistance centers, field service and customer self-service. Typical rollouts are completed in 90 days or less, and result in immediate benefits from faster and more accurate problem resolution.

enGenic Corp. (S,C)

604-639-6391 x101

Products/Services: 160,166,162,163,165

Enterprise Integration Group


Products/Services: 46,143,147,149,166

Envision Telephony (C)

615 Second Ave., Ste. 400

Seattle, WA 98104


Products/Services: 123,156,171

Envision develops agentfocused technologies that provide for the success of the enterprise through the people who make every customer contact count: contact center agents. The product line includes Envision[TM] Workforce Management, Envision[TM] Quality Monitoring, Envision[TM] eLearning and Envision[TM] Logging.

Envox (M)


Products/Services: 49,166,162,163

EnvoyWorldWide, Inc. (S)


Other: Notification and Alerting Services

Epicor Software Corp. (C)

8100 SW Nyberg Rd.,

Tualatin, OR 97062

Contact: Greg Horton


Products/Services: 53,95,105,111

The Clientele Group of Epicor delivers highly regarded CRM solutions that allow businesses to better communicate, track and build relationships with customers. Offering both CRM and internal help desk solutions, Epicor solutions deliver high-level functionality to small to midsized enterprises.

EPMContact (S)

+574 3897013

Other: Contact Center

EPOS Corp. (M)


Products/Services: 111,147,159,166,170

ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) (M)


Products/Services: 20,21,104,115,161

etalk Corp. (C)


Products/Services: 53,114,123

eTelecare International (S)


Products/Services: 94,130,133,134,135

Excendia (M,C)


Products/Services: 7,30,95,159

Other: Access to Microsoft Outlook by Phone

Executive Communication Systems


Products/Services: 24,28,31,164

Other: Voice Recording Equipment, Quality Assurance Management Software

EximSoft Technologies (S,C)


Products/Services: 75,114,142,144

Other: Smart Card Solutions

Expert Tele-Services, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 13,46,130,133

Expertcity, Inc. (S)

5385 Hollister Ave.,

Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Contact: Chuck Massanari


Products/Services: 94,106,107,109,140

Go ToAssist is a Web-based screen sharing solution that enables full remote desktop sharing with mutual mouse and keyboard control, chat, Web page push and file transfer. It works with firewalls and dial-up connections, plus there is no installation on end-user machines.

Eyebill Interactive Solutions (S,C)

+359 88 287 556

Products/Services: 11,49,116


Firstwave Technologies, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 51,52,53,136,142

Flash Horizon Inc. (M,S)

905-238-7080 x103

Products/Services: 11,20,30,31,115

FlexSolv (S,C)


Products/Services: 7,20,46,49,163

Forum Communications International (M)

972-680-0700 x1601

Products/Services: 44,71,104,109

Other: Emergency Collaboration / Conferencing

FrontRange Solutions, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 53,55,95,114,142

Fused Solutions (S,C)

51 Main St.,

Potsdam, NY 13676

Contact: Chuck McGee


Products/Services: 94,95,111,135,171

Fused Solutions is an industry leader in call center technology and help desk services. Since 1995, Fused Solutions provides both hosted and licensed solutions for several market verticals, including Internet and application service providers, technology equipment manufacturers and corporate IT shops. Built on KnowPlex, a multitenant, trouble-ticket/CRM application, Fused Solutions offers modular products and services for providing custom call-center solutions for your organization.


Gematech, Inc. (M,S)


Products/Services: 8,71,151

Other: Virtual Call Center, Voice Recording

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. (C)

2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.,

Daly City, CA 94014


Products/Services: 22,49,167,163,171

Genesys' integrated suite of open, infrastructure-indepdendent solutions enable businesses to deliver more consistent, cost-effective communications with their customers by intelligently routing incoming interactions based on business rules, individual customer knowledge, overall business value, agent skill sets and companywide business processes.


GiveMePower Corp. (C)


Products/Services: 13

Other: Computer Aid Design/Vector Graphics Software

Givex Corporation (S)


Products/Services: 46,139

Other: Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

GL Communications Inc. (M)

301-670-4784 x114

Products/Services: 24,152

Gordon Kapes, Inc. (M)


Products/Services: 24,113,138,140,152

Gryphon Networks (S)


Products/Services: 12,23,54,117,150


Hamilton Contact Center Services (S)


Products/Services: 130,133,135

Harte-Hanks (S)


Products/Services: 55,61,63,130,133, Inc. (M,S)


Products/Services: 44,93,92

HeartMath LLC (S,C)


Products/Services: 46,96,97,136

Help Desk NOW (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,142

High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 43,46,99,149

Other: Help Desk and Call Center Consulting Services

HigherGround Inc. (C)

818-591-3133 x295

Products/Services: 12,123,151

Other: Liability Recording, Agent Evaluation

HotShotTools (C)


Products/Services: 46,47,53


IEX Corp. (C)


Products/Services: 7,46,53,73,171

Impact Learning Systems (S)


Products/Services: 154,155,156,157

Other: Call Center Blended Learning Products

InfoCision Management Corp. (S)

325 Springside Dr.,

Akron, OH 44333

Contact: Todd Grable


Products/Services: 46,130,131,133,134

InfoCision is the nation's premier contact center and agency with more than 20 years experience in commercial and nonprofit marketing. Our superior quality means unbeatable results that deliver long-term customer relationships. We provide inbound customer care, outbound sales and a full menu of e-commerce solutions.

Infographics UK Ltd. (V,C)

+44 (0) 1592 750677

Products/Services: 53,95,114,142

infoUSA (S)

5711 S. 86th Circle,

PO Box 27347

Omaha, NE


Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 55

infoUSA is the leading provider of sales and marketing support for products for all types of businesses, from small mom & pop shops to large corporations. The company complies the world's finest databases of 14 million U.S. businesses and 200 million U.S. consumers, and 1.2 million Canadian businesses and 12 million Canadian consumers under one roof in Omaha, NE. The products derived from these databases include sales leads, mailing lists, diskettes, 3x5 sales leads cards, business directories, DVD & CDROM products, mapping products, and also delivery of data on the Internet.

Initium Technology (V)


Products/Services: 46,53,54,76,105

Innovative Marketing Strategies, Inc. (S)

11350 Tomahawk Creek

Pkwy., Ste. 200

Leawood, KS 66211

Contact: Mark Lambert


Products/Services: 54,144,173

IMS provides a wide range of integrated direct marketing solutions in telecommunications, political, publishing and financial services. Our goal is to become the partner of choice in the industry by providing a personal touch to our clients and their customers.

Inova Corp. (M,C)


Products/Services: 5,47,97,136,149

Insights & Solutions (S)


Products/Services: 46,64,66,67,136

InstantService (S)


Products/Services: 74,106,107,111,109

Integrated Document Technologies (V,S)


Products/Services: 114

Interaction Metrics (S)

503-230-4898 x1

Products/Services: 136, 151

Other: E-mail Monitoring Services

Interactive Marketing Solutions (S)

1120 Avenue of the

Americas, 14th fl.

New York, NY 10036

Contact: IMS client services


Other: Do-Not-Call Compliance Interactive Marketing Solutions, a subsidiary of the Direct Marketing Association, was organized in 2001 to help direct marketers comply with the requests of consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited marketing material via mail, e-mail and/or telephone. IMS manages a database of nearly 15,000,000 consumers and the "do not call" lists for the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wyoming.


interlinkONE, Inc. (C)

978-694-9992 x34

Products/Services: 52,53

iSKY (S)

800-351-5055 x4314

Products/Services: 13,22,117,130,133


Kall8 (S)


Products/Services: 63,127,151,159

Kanisa, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 95,105,107,111,114

Knowlagent (C)


Products/Services: 14,156

Other: Agent Performance Management Software


Left Bank Solutions, Inc. (C)

11777 San Vicente Blvd.,

Ste. 710

Los Ageles, CA 90049

Contact: Chuck Ciarlo

310-207-6800 x201

Products/Services: 171

Left Bank Solutions' Monet Workforce Management System is a complete end-to-end demand forecasting and agent scheduling solution for small and mid-sized contact centers. Extremely affordable, this innovative technology product delivers features normally found only in large enterprise systems costing 10 to 20 times more. Monet is the sophisticated, affordable soluton for efficient forecasting and agent scheduling in the real world.

LIMRA International (S)


Products/Services: 96

Linktivity, a Division of Converging Technologies (C)


Products/Services: 47,95,107,109,140

LiveTime Software, Inc (C)


Products/Services: 95,111,114

Other: Technical Support

LocusDialog (C)


Products/Services: 1,147,166,170

LumenVox LLC (C)

3615 Kearny Villa Rd., Ste. 202

San Diego, CA 92123

Contact: Chris Lotspeich

858-707-0707 x202

Products/Services: 166,162,163,170,168

LumenVox is a privately held telephony company with over 18 years of experience in voice- and speech-driven applications. The company is one of the first to develop an affordable, easy-to-use suite of speech recognition software for any business.

Lynk Software, Inc. (C)

480-998-1933 x42

Products/Services: 52,53

Other: Complaint Tracking


Maximizer Software, Inc. (C)

604-601-8000 x8298

Products/Services: 47,53

MEDFONE Nationwide Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 44,130,133,135

Other: IVR

MERA Networks, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 20,21,30,104,166

Meyer Assocs. Teleservices (S)


Products/Services: 52,66,80,102,133

Mindfabric (C)

408-615-7778 x223

Products/Services: 51,53,107,111,114

Mitel Networks (M)


Products/Services: 20,45,107,166,171

MsourcE Corp. (S)


Products/Services: 16,111,130,132,133

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. (M)


Products/Services: 29,31,104,113,115


NativeMinds (C)


Products/Services: 53,95,111

NEC America, Inc. (M)


Products/Services: 12,20,21,159,160

NetCentrex (C)


Products/Services: 20,30,104,107,166

NetLedger (S)


Products/Services: 11,52,76,142

Other: Accounting

NetLert Communications Inc. (C)

800-669-7076 x321

Products/Services: 7, 101, 106

Other: Real-time and Historical ACD Reporting

Netopia Inc. (S,C)


Products/Services: 94,106,107,109,140, Inc. (S,C)

206-448-2690 x1

Other: Online Satisfaction Measurement Technology and Services

Network Direct, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 13,46,130,133,135

NeverQ/Inter Telemedia (S,C)


Products/Services: 19,45,100,108,129

NextiraOne (V)


Products/Services: 20,23,46,149,164

NICE Systems (C)

301 Rte. 17 North, 10th Fl.

Rutherford, NJ 07070


Products/Services: 173,51,123,136,147

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leader of solutions to capture, store and analyze company-to-customer phone calls and agent screen activity to provide enterprise business intelligence organization-wide for business performance improvement. NICE provides performance management solutions for quality monitoring, compliance and risk-management recording, call center analysis, e-learning, customer feedback and more.

Nobel Ltd. (S)

5759 Fleet St., Ste. 210

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Contact: James Siminoff

800-986-6235 x6080

Products/Services: 31,104,124,127

Other: Lowest Rates for U.S. and International Call Centers

Through its proprietary alldigital network, Nobel supplies telecommunications connectivity for both inbound and outbound centers located in the U.S. and internationally. Typical centers save more than 30 percent off their current telecommunications spending. Trade references are available upon request.


Noble Systems Corporation (C)

888-866-2538 x300

Products/Services: 7,57,72,107,166

Nortel Networks (M,C)


Products/Services: 7,20,25,166,170

NSON Opinion Research (S)


Products/Services: 66

Nuasis (S)

408-350-4900 x000

Products/Services: 22,47

Other: IP-based Contact Center Software


O'Currance Teleservices (S)

1785 S 4130 W, Ste. O

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Contact: David Meine


Products/Services: 130

O'Currance Teleservices is a premier provider of inbound telemarketing products and services. It is the leader in the telemarketing industry in its ability to close the sale. Our agents are given extensive training on each product they sell. We are committed to our sales agents. We hire the best sales agents, provide a positive working environment where we motivate and reward their performance. O'Currance has the very best team working to represent your company.

Octasic (M)


Products/Services: 146,149,169,165

Other: Voice Processors (Echo Cancellation, VQE and VoIP/VoATM Packetization).

OKS-Ameridial Worldwide (S)

800-445-7128 x260

Products/Services: 118, 130, 133, 135

Oncontact Software (C)


Products/Services: 51,53,86,95,142

One-to-One (S,C)

217-398-6245 x121

www.1 to

Products/Services: 72,74,73,107,135

Onyx Software (C)


Products/Services: 51,52,53,107,142

Optimum Communications Group, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134,135

ORC ProTel, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,133,134,135


866-853-2650 x1240

Products/Services: 11,52,130,135

Other: Customer Information Systems

OSC Teleservices (S)

806-747-2474 x4216

Products/Services: 125,126,130,132,135



Products/Services: 95,144,153

Other: Voice Biometrics, PBX Security

Overseas Service Solutions (S)


Products/Services: 46,130,133,135,145


PacificEast Corporation (S)

800-665-8400 x321

Products/Services: 68,117,120,122,150

Packeteer, Inc. (M,V)

408-873-4400 x4490

Products/Services: 24,136

PC Telecom Corp. (V)

32 Taugwonk Spur, Ste. 2A

Stonington, CT 06378

Contact: Kevin Yorio

860-536-1199 x204

Products/Services: 11,12,13,14

Other: Switching PC Telecom is the #1 source for your telecommunications needs. Backed by years of experience, an enormous inventory, and a winning team with groundbreaking service, we help operators save money by supplying them quality, warranty-based, refurbished telecom infrastructure equipment, and purchasing their no longer needed surplus telecom inventory to recover some of their capital investment. Call PC Telecom today.

PDS Inc. (V)


Products/Services: 46,56,57,58,150

Pegasystems Inc. (C)

617-374-9600 x6369

Products/Services: 142,171

Other: Business Process Management Software

Pepitone Worldwide (S)


Products/Services: 46,136

Other: Productivity Improvement, Managerial Systems, Job Design

Phase 2 Solutions, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 11,130,133,166

Other: Multimedia / Video Production for Corporate Communication

PictureSez (S)


Products/Services: 46,52,53,102,111

PIKA Technologies Inc. (M)


Products/Services: 26,44,78,123,165

Plantronics (M)


Products/Services: 91,93,92

PowerHouse Consulting (S)

360 - 5, Route 101 West,

Pine Tree Place

Bedford, NH 03110

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 46,149

Other: Telecom Assessments, Information Technology Assessments PowerHouse is a management consulting firm with a strategic focus on contact centers and telecommunications technology.

PowerHouse offerings provide clients with complete and unique solutions for their specific business challenges. Services include management consulting, strategic planning, contact center solutions, information technology assessments, custom learning/training resources, telecommunications consulting, telecommunications assessments, procurement/project management, systems integration and IT infrastructure services.

Precision Response Corp. (S)

8151 Peters Rd., Ste. 4000

Plantation, FL 33324

Contact: Angela Brown


Products/Services: 53,130,132,133,135

Precision Response Corporation (PRC) manages customer relationships for some of the world's leading corporations. PRC is a trusted outsourced provider of inbound and outbound teleservices, e-mail management, employee care, IVR, Web services and fulfillment, each fully integrated with PRC's proprietary CRM technology to maximize service and quality.


#355 FD Roosevelt Ave., Ste. 404

Hato Rey, PR 00918


Products/Services: 145 Once your company decides to get established in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) remains by your side every step of the way, with services that will assist you and your company throughout the way. Be it in the marketing, design, infrastructure, or in the area of permits and regulations, PRIDCO will support your company in every way possible. PRIDCO has special departments, staffed with savvy professionals, who will support, counsel and assist you in various aspects.

Primus Knowledge Solutions (C)


Products/Services: 53,73,106,108,114

Product Line, The (S)

720-374-3700 x3717

Products/Services: 61,110,130,133,135

Profitech Technology & Trade PVT. LTD. (V)


Products/Services: 46,66,98,139,149

Prominence Networks (S)

732-203-9750 x12

Products/Services: 24,104


Prosodie Interactive (S)

8411 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Ste. 300

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351

Contact: Jim Blakely


Products/Services: 19,52,130,133,159

Prosodie is an ASP that develops hosted interactive voice response (IVR) customer relationship services, e-commerce Web services, enhanced communications and alerting services, highcapacity voice message broadcasting and call center technology solutions, such as virtual ACD, predictive dialing and business intelligence/analytics.

Pulse (M,C)

905-695-3500 x420

Products/Services: 10,30,56,104,166



529 Main St., Ste. 204

Charlestown, MA 02129-1104


Products/Services: 53,54,69,171

Other: Address Verification Software

Are you forcing your customers to S-P-E-L-L it out? QuickAddress, from QAS, automatically generates a complete, accurate address from just a few keystrokes. The results? Savings of up to 20 seconds per call, better customer relations and higher profits. Please visit, call (888)727-8330 or e-mail for your FREE trial version.

Quadstone (C)


Products/Services: 51,53

Qualte (S)


Products/Services: 52,94,107,111,114


Rainmaker Systems, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 55,117,130,133

Other: Services Contract Renewals

ResponseTek Networks (S)


Products/Services: 13,19,114,136

Other: Experience-based Management

RightNow Technologies, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 53,73,106,111,114


15 Campus Blvd.,

Newtown Square, PA 19073

Contact: Clark Hausmann


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134,135

Established in 1983, RMH is a pioneer in developing outsourced customer care solutions. With 11,500 dedicated employees and 14 strategically located domestic and international contact centers, RMH helps leading corporations optimize quality, price and satisfaction in building customer relationships.

Rockwell FirstPoint Contact (M,S)


Products/Services: 7,22,29,49,140

Ron Weber and Assocs., Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134,135

RSVP Call Center Service (S)

888-872-7787 x331

Products/Services: 130,131,132,134,135


SandCherry, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 17,107,146,163


3999 West Chester Pike

Newton Square, PA 19073

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 53,76,142

mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) empowers companies to deliver customer value--and achieve profitable growth. The solution connects front- and back-office functions into a single, customer-centric operation. And enables collaboration across the value chain by providing access to relevant, personalized information from multiple data sources and business processes. mySAP CRM is the only CRM solution that connects your employees, partners, processes, and technology in a closed-loop customer interaction cycle. So you can convert prospects into first-time buyers. And first-time buyers into long-term customers.


Saratoga Systems (M)


Products/Services: 53

SAS Institute Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 51,52,53,114,136


847-843-4134 x338

Products/Services: 7,8,14,46,150

Seagull Software (C)

404-760-1560 x0

Products/Services: 111,149

Other: Legacy Integration; Terminal Emulation; Legacy Extension

Selway Group, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 87,130,132,133,134

Seneca Corp. (S)


Products/Services: 53,94,95,130,143

Sennheiser Communications (M)


Products/Services: 92

Sento (S,C)


Products/Services: 53,130,132,133,135

SER Solutions, Inc. (C)

21680 Ridgetop Cir.,

Loudoun Tech Ctr.

Dulles, VA 20166

Contact: Maria Suarez


Products/Services: 31,173,49,57,147

SER Solutions has provided contact center solutions since 1989. Technical quality and reliability are the hall-marks that have made SER a contact center industry leader. SER continues to be a breakthrough leader with Call Processing System, our compliant outbound call management system, and SERTAINTY and SERTIFY, our automated quality assurance solution.



Products/Services: 6,20,23,26,27

Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) (S)


Products/Services: 9,171

SOFTEL Communications, Inc. (S,C)


Products/Services: 46,49,149,166,170

Sonexis (M)


Products/Services: 44,109

Source One Communications (S)

17 State St.,

New York, NY 10004

Contact: Dave Shapiro


Products/Services: 71,130,132,133,135

Source One Communications is a global outsourced provider of customer contact center programs. Specializing in near-shore and off-shore solutions, we provide high quality/lower cost inbound, outbound and internet contact center services for many Fortune 1000 organizations across several industries. We currently have operations located in New York, Toronto, London, Johannesburg, Sydney and Manila.

Spectrum Corp. (M)


Products/Services: 7,5,140

Other: Wallboards, IP Wallboards

SpitFire Dialers (M,C)

800-859-5924 x200

Products/Services: 56,57,58,150,169



Products/Services: 11,111,114,135

Other: Web-based Time Sheets

StarTek (S)

100 Garfield St., #100

Denver, CO 80206

Contact: Diane Stille


Products/Services: 130,132

StarTek, a leader in the teleservices/contact center industry, serves a client list of elite Fortune 500 clients. StarTek has received recognition for excellent performance by Forbes, Fortune, Business Week and is a member of the Inc. Hall of Fame. Ranks #1 in quality, cost reduction, ramp-up speed for numerous clients.


STR-SpeechTech Ltd. (S,C)


Products/Services: 166,167,162,163

Stratasoft, Inc. (C)

6401 Southwest Fwy.,

Ste. 201

Houston, TX 77074

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 7,53,56,57,107

Stratasoft, Inc. is the developer of StrataDial.VC2 -Virtual Contact Center, which is a set of essential telephony applications, including outbound predictive dialing, inbound automatic call distributor, voice mail and an auto attendant on an open standards-based, application-ready platform.

Strategic Advertising International LLC (S)


Products/Services: 46,59,60,66

Strategic Computer Support, Inc. (C)

800-727-4155 x338

Products/Services: 7,46,47,57,107

SupportSoft (C)


Products/Services: 95,105,106,107,111

Surado Solutions, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 47,52,53,95,142

SureFIND Telephone Data Products (M)

126 Ocean Blvd.,

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Contact: Joel Barber


Products/Services: 122,121,120,117,130,48

SureFIND delivers next-generation, premium quality phone append, RPA and reach-enhancement products that improve callable list size, file penetration and performance. SureFIND offers real time, online and batch access along with high-speed delivery and turnaround options for medium and large-scale deployments.

Symon Communications, Inc. (M,C)

500 N. Central Expwy.,

Ste. 175

Plano, TX 75074

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 5,53,72,95,171

SYMON specializes in real-time reporting, messaging and alerting systems along with an advanced infrastructure for consolidating real-time information. SYMON also provides revolutionary Web-based workforce management solutions. Symon products use the latest technology including web andwireless capability, bringing you both value and affordability. Our products help thousands of companies daily to understand their business in real-time and communicate important information for successful operation.

Synergy Solutions, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,134


TantaComm (M,S)

402-331-8522 x412

Products/Services: 123

TargetVision (C)

121 Victor Heights Pkwy.,

Victor, NY 14564


Products/Services: 5,97

Other: Visual Communication Systems TargetVision, a division of Symon Communications, specializes in solutions to reach agents and other employees with the right message, at the right moment, over the right medium. We feature a complete portfolio of software and hardware to author, collect, analyze and report real-time information and other content that promotes positivity and productivity.

TC Kokua, LLC (S)


Products/Services: 94,130,132,133,135

TechExcel, Inc. (C)

800-439-7782 x5

Products/Services: 47,53,95,114,142

Technion Communications Corp. (S)

954-721-1994 x1291

Products/Services: 55,130,132,133,136

Technology for Business Corp. (C)


Products/Services: 1,49,106,108

Other: Custom and Packaged CTI/IVR Software

Technology Marketing Corp. (TMC) (S)

1 Technology Plz.,

Norwalk, CT 06854

Contact: Sales dept.


Products/Services: 43,59,118,154,155,

TMC is the world's leading Information resource in the call center and Internet telephony industrys. TMC publishes Customer Inter@ction Solutions and Internet Telephony magazines, plus online publications Planet PDA, BiometriTech, Alternative Power and more.

Telacquire Marketing Group Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,131,132,133,134

Telcom FX (M)


Products/Services: 12,166

Other: IVR Custom Applications

Tele-Interpreters (S)


Products/Services: 46,112,132

Other: Foreign Language Translation Services

Telecom, Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,133

Other: Call Center, Telecommunications, Teleservices

TeleDirect International, Inc. (C)

17255 N. 82nd St.,

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Contact: Dean Brown


Products/Services: 53,57,142,143

Other: Customer Campaign Management Software & Services

TeleDirect enables proactive sales and customer service campaigns through our integrated campaign management and predictive dialer solution. This scalable solution, called Liberation 6000, allows organizations to reduce staffing costs, increase agent production and optimize campaign effectiveness, while complying with all regulations.

TeleManagement Search (S)


Products/Services: 98


80 Triangle Center,

Bedford Hills, NY 10598

Contact: Dick Penn



Products/Services: 130,133,134,135,151

TELEMARKETING CONCEPTS offers a full range of call center services. We perform inbound, outbound and e-commerce services from the U.S. and Philippines. We are specialists in the small business and home office market-place. Our b-to-b expertise includes office equipment, advertising/directory sales, publications, local and long distance. Our consumer experience is in home shopping, continuity products, credit cards and benefit club.

TeleMessage (S,C)

978-263-1015 x224

Products/Services: 77,150,159,160,166

Teleperformance USA (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,135

Telephony@Work, Inc. (C)

4225 Executive Sq., Ste. 600

La Jolla, CA 92037

Contact: Lance Fried

888-854-4224 x273

Products/Services: 7,22,107,140,146


CallCenter@nywhere solution offers the industry's only menu-driven alternative to custom programming and systems integration for contact centers of all sizes, with validation coming from over 35 industry awards and successful deployments at Fortune 500 companies and top-tier carriers offering Telephony@Work powered hosted services at scale. This comprehensive, browser-based multimedia ACD solution includes all media types and delivers skills-based routing, quality monitoring/recording, blended predictive/preview dialing and the industry's lowest cost-of-ownership as validated by university research.

TelePlaza (S)


Products/Services: 9,43,46,98,145

Telerx (S)


Products/Services: 130,131,132,133,135

TeleSynergy Research (USA), Inc. (M,C)

408-470-4700 x220

Products/Services: 7,20,44,57,107

Teloquent (C)


Products/Services: 7,22,49,72,166

Telrex (C)

425-827-6156 x109

Products/Services: 7,1,104,151

Other: Computer/Internet Transaction Monitoring Software

Teltronics, Inc. (M)

941-753-5000 x7315

Products/Services: 20,24,25,44,109

Telvista (S)

19111 Dallas North Pkwy., Ste. 250

Dallas, TX 75287

Contact: Steve Kuntz


Products/Services: 46,130,132,135,147

Telvista offers innovative, high-quality customer care solutions ... each specifically designed to improve satisfaction, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. A complement of proven resources and creative individuals who become your champions--every contact, every day. The winner of numerous industry awards for quality and customer service, Telvista provides outsourced business process solutions to both domestic and international customers. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a strategically located network of contact centers through-out the United States and Mexico, Telvista offers a broad range of professional consulting services.

The Call Center School (S)

568 Grant Hwy.,

Lebanon, TN 37090

Contact: Penny Reynolds


Products/Services: 13,46,155,156,157

The Call Center School provides a full range of education and training solutions to call center professionals. Students can choose from instructor-led training, Web seminars, e-learning curriculum or private customized courses. Our training and consulting services cover all aspects of call center management, including site selection and design, work-force planning, forecasting and scheduling, technology assessment and implementation, performance measurement, coaching and training, and strategic planning.

The Rankin Group, Ltd. (S)


Products/Services: 59,102,117

Tigerpaw Software (C)

402-592-4544 x3110

Products/Services: 47,53,54,55,171

TIXS Inc. (V,S)

905-564-8575 x205

Products/Services: 15,18,51,123,140

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. (M)

949-583-3000 x3717

Products/Services: 20,21,159,161,166

TouchPoint Centers International (S)

+305 461 6100

Products/Services: 61,130,132,133

TouchStar Software (C)

3025 S. Parker Rd., Ste. 925

Aurora, CO 80014

Contact: Tiffany Kreinbrink


Products/Services: 7,49,57,147,166

TouchStar Software provides the easiest to use, most reasonably priced predictive dialing solution available. TouchStar provides graphical, real-time productivity reporting. TouchStar notifies supervisors of performance problems and provides management tools such as agent monitoring, live coaching, text messaging and digital call recording.

Touchtone Corp. (S,C)

800-786-8663 x2813

Products/Services: 47,52,53,142

Other: Marketing Automation Software

Tricom Teleservices LLC (S)


Products/Services: 54,130,131,132,133

Tripp Lite (M)


Products/Services: 138

Trivium Systems Inc. (C)

877-439-9338 x320

Products/Services: 12,53,142,150,153

TTC Marketing Solutions (S)


Products/Services: 130,133




Products/Services: 145

UniPress Software (S,C)

800-222-0550 x924

Products/Services: 24,94,95,107,111

Unveil Technologies (C)

781-890-7333 x105

Products/Services: 111,147,166,163,170



Vanguard Communications Corp. (S)


Products/Services: 46

VegaStream (M)

+44 1344 784900 x909

Products/Services: 31

Verint Systems (M)

330 South Service Rd.,

Melville, NY 11747

Contact: Steve Kaden


Products/Services: 51,123,147

Other: Call Recording Solutions

Verint Systems is a leading global provider of intelligent recording and analytic solutions for contact centers. Verint solutions deliver critical business insights to decision makers companywide, empowering the enterprise to enhance the quality of every department that touches its customers. Headquartered in Melville, NY, Verint is powered by 900 dedicated professionals across the globe and a worldwide customer care network. Today, companies In 50 countries rely on Verint for actionable intelligence to enhance performance and profitability.

Virtual Causeway (S)


Products/Services: 66,132,133

Vision X Inc. (S)

213-637-1300 x6024

Products/Services: 130,132,133,135,140

Vocalcom (C)


Products/Services: 7,13,49,56,104

Vocent Solutions Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 95,147,163,170

Other: Voice Biometrics

Vodavi Communications Systems (M)


Products/Services: 1,21,104,115,160

VoiceLog (S)


Products/Services: 123,134,151,166

Other: Call Recording Solutions

VoiceLogger, Inc. (M)


Products/Services: 123

VoxMedia Consulting, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 46,147,166,170

Other: Voice User-Interface Design, Voice Application Prototyping


WebDialogs, Inc (M,S)


Products/Services: 108,109

WebSurveyor (S)

703-481-9326 x501

Other: Online Surveys

Weikert & Co., LLC (S)


Products/Services: 46,117

Other: Business Broker

Welch Group, The (S)

3095 Promontory Peak Dr.,

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Contact: Brent J. Welch


Products/Services: 173,46,130,133,143

The Welch Group is led by its founding partner, Brent Welch. Welch's extensive experience includes leadership of many of the country's leading contact center service agencies. Complete consulting and training services ranging from operations and compliance to strategy and technology are available.

West Corp. (S)

11808 Miracle Hills Dr.,

Omaha, NE 68154

Contact: Mark Frei


Products/Services: 130,131,133,135,147

West Corporation is one of the nation's premier providers of customer contact solutions, specializing in customized inbound, outbound, interactive, Internet, collections and conferencing services. Our customer contact solutions help you acquire new customers while increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of your current customers.

WhisperWire (C)


Products/Services: 53,86,142

Other: Interactive Selling System

White Pajama (S,C)


Products/Services: 7,19,52,74,107

WinShark Limited (C)

+44(0)23 8062 9179

Products/Services: 47,53,95,142,171

Witness Systems (C)


Products/Services: 53,107,111,123

Other: Business Performance Optimization, Performance Analysis, e-Learning

WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd (S)


Products/Services: 87,130,133,135

Other: Business Process Outsourcing


XFER International, Inc. (V)

800-438-9337 x4204

Products/Services: 25,26,27,31,53

Xten Networks, Inc. (M,C)

604-878-0440 x5

Products/Services: 44,104,107,115,163

Xtrasource Inc. (S)


Products/Services: 130,132,133,135

Other: Outsourced CRM - Acquisition, Service & Technical Support/Helpdesk Solutions


Yakima County Development Association


Products/Services: 145

Young America Corporation (S)


Products/Services: 130

Other: Consumer Promotion Fulfillment


Z-Firm LLC (C)


Products/Services: 62,77,79,142,167

Zeacom, Inc. (C)


Products/Services: 7,49,72,108,160
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9. Associations 44

10. Audiotex Software 44

11. Billing 44

12. Call Accounting 44

13. Call Center Design/
 Facilities Management 44

14. Call Center Simulation/
 Testing Software 44

15. Caller ID Equipment 44

16. Collection Agencies 44

Communications Systems 46

17. AIN/Telco Platforms

18. Centrex

19. Communications ASP

20. IP-PBX

21. Key Systems

22. Multichannel
 Contact Center

23. Network Integration

24. Network Management/

25. PBXs

26. PC-PBX Hardware

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28. Reconditioned Phone Systems

29. Routers

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Computers 46

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43. Conferences
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Conferencing 46

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46. Consulting 46

47. Contact Management
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49. CTI Software

51. Customer
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54. Database Management 50

55. Database Marketing 50

Dialing Equipment 50

56. Auto-Dialers

57. Predictive Dialers

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62. Fulfillment Software

63. Lead Tracking

64. Mailing House Services

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70. Directory Services 52

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74. E-mail Management ASP

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96. Employment Testing

97. Motivation Products &

98. Recruiting

99. Temporary Help

100. International Call Back 54

Internet Products &
Services 54

101. Instant Messaging

102. Internet & WWW
 Marketing Svcs.

103. Internet Service Provider

104. Internet Telephony

105. Portals/Search Engines

106. Text Char Software

107. Web Call Center Software

108. Web Callback Products

109. Web Collaboration/
 Shared Browsing

110. Web Design/Hosting

111. Web Self-Service Solutions

112. Interpreter Services 54

113. ISDN Hardware/
 Software 56

114. Knowledge Management
 Software 56

115. LAN-Based Telephony 56

116. Least-Cost Routing
 Systems 56

List Products/Services 56

117. Database Marketing/

118. Direct Mail Lists

120. Online Databases

122. Telephone Number
 Look-Up Services

123. Logging & Monitoring 56

Long-Distance 58

124. Common Carrier

125. Directory Assistance

126. Reseller

127. Toll-Free (800/888)

128. Office Ergonomics/
 Furniture 58

129. On-Hold Products/
 Services 58

Teleservices Agencies 58

130. Inbound Teleservices

131. Interactive 800/900 Service

132. Multilingual Teleservices

133. Outbound Teleservices

134. Third-Party
 Verification Services

135. Web-based Services

136. Performance Analytics 62

Power Protection 62

137. Power Control/

138. UPS (Unint. Power Supply)

139. Premiums/Incentives 62

140. Remote Access/
 Capabilities 62

141. Rentals/Leasing/
 Financing 62

142. Sales Force
 Automation 62

143. Scripting Services/
 Software 62

144. Security 62

145. Site Selection/Economic
 Development 62

146. Simultaneous
 Voice/Data 62

147. Speech- & Voice-to-Text
 Recognition 64

149. Systems Integration 64

150. Telemarketing
 Software 64

151. Telephone Monitoring
 Services 64

152. Testing Products/
 Services 64

153. Toll-Fraud Detection 64

Training 64

154. Audio Cassettes

155. Books/Workbooks

156. Interactive/
 Computer Training

157. TSR/Management
 Training Services

159. Unified Messaging 64

Voice Messaging

Products 66

160. Integrated

161. Voice Mail

Voice Products 66

162. Application Generator

163. Application Software

164. Data/Voice Line

165. Hardware

166. IVR Products

167. Text-to-Speech Conversion

168. Tool Kits

169. Voice Board Products

170. Voice Recognition

171. Workforce Management
 Software 66

173. Compliance Technologies &
 Solutions 68

172. Other 68
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