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Producers moves forward.

Producers Moves Forward

Rice is consumed by more than one-half the world's population as a primary food source, and its popularity is increasing in the United States.

That's good news for Producers Rice Mill Inc. of Stuttgart, one of the country's leading rice cooperatives since 1943.

Producers buys long-grain rice from growers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.

With a network of 14 milling, receiving and storage facilities, Producers' membership has more than doubled in the past 10 years.

During the past four decades, Producers' annual sales have increased to more than $140 million with average bushels milled topping 25 million. Producers receives more than 650,000 bushels of rice per day during peak harvest periods.

State-of-the-art facilities incorporate modern design and technical advances with computerized blending, milling and parboiling. Producers can process more than 5,400 bushels of rice per hour.

As a processor of long-and medium-grain rice, parboiled rice and specialty seasoned products, Producers serves all major divisions of the food industry -- food service, retail, private label, export and industrial.

The company has moved increasingly into the growing food service and retail sectors with products such as Par Excellence parboiled rice mixes.

Producers processes more than 300 brands of rice for major food chains and food distributors in the United States and abroad. The company exports rice to about 55 countries.

A central distribution point with 70,000 SF of warehouse space allows Producers to efficiently ship products worldwide by truck, rail and barge.

The addition of a barge-loading facility on the Mississippi River, additional truck and trailer docks, additional rail sidings, expanded warehouse facilities and new packaging equipment have boosted Producers' ability to compete in the marketplace.

PHOTO : HAVING A RICE DAY: Producers Rice Mill Inc. of Stuttgart processes rice grown in Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Mississippi. The company ranks 20th in the state in annual gross sales.

PHOTO : MOVE IT OUT: Producers Rice Mill Inc. of Stuttgart ships its products by truck, rail and barge to markets worldwide.

Ruth Mitchell Arkansas Business Staff
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Title Annotation:Top 50 Private Companies in Arkansas; rice processing and distribution services of Producers Rice Mill Inc.
Author:Mitchell, Ruth
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:company profile
Date:Jul 8, 1991
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