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Produce World's 50 percent reduction in water consumption.

The UK's largest grower and supplier of fresh vegetables, Produce World, has cut its water consumption by half at its Sutton Bridge site.

Water meters have been fitted to all of the site's potato washing lines and a new 180m3 cold water storage tank has been installed.

In its war against waste, Produce World constantly reviews procedures and they found savings could be made by installing the water meters.

The site previously had a 120m3 tank that was becoming difficult to maintain and had a high maximum daily demand at 360m3 per day.

In December 2011 Produce World Sutton Bridge used 350,000 litres of water over two days and 1.6m litres during its peak seven day period.

In December 2012 the meters were installed so Produce World could understand when water consumption was as its highest. Thanks to the meters, Produce World learnt how to manage these high-use periods and installed new valves on the potato washers to minimise water loss and improve spray bars and washdown hoses.

Water usage was once again reviewed and the data revealed that over the same seven day period in 2012, Produce World's peak water consumption was 160,000 litres, saving more than half on the year previous, with a total water usage of 980,000 litres.

Katie Stark, General Manager at Produce World Sutton Bridge, says: "As industry leaders, Produce World continuously looks at avenues to work smarter. We take waste very seriously and do all that we can to reduce it as much as possible. To see such an impact after only a few months following the meter and water tank installations is great news for Produce World, Sutton Bridge."

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Date:May 1, 2013
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