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Perfect Commerce Inc., a provider of supplier relationship management (SRM) solutions, has added a series of new product features and extensions that it says significantly enhance its suite of on-demand SRM solutions.

The Kansas City, Mo.-based firm has added new levels of functionality to its Event Manager, including supplier self-registration, automated multistage event support and streamlined collaboration and delegation functions for use by both buyers and suppliers.

Perfect Commerce has also added a Search Manager, a hosted solution that provides "rich product selection and comparison tools for online catalogues, along with seamless integration back into existing purchasing or procurement systems," the company said in an announcement.

By connecting an existing search procurement system from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor, companies can make product comparisons and create automated buying lists. Perfect Commerce says its solutions can reduce overall purchasing costs by more than 15 percent, cut transaction costs 75 percent and significantly enhance buyer-supplier relationships.

John Jung, Perfect Commerce's chief operating officer, said in an interview that the company offers "leveraged procurement, which is especially valuable to mid-sized companies." The solution also provides spending analytics that can be related to specific suppliers, he said, and offers a central, corporate level of control as well as something for people in the field.

CEO Sandy Kemper notes that Perfect Commerce's ability to do invoice presentment is critical to its effectiveness. Customers can create a purchase order electronically and capture SKU numbers and other relevant information without having to reply on manual replication.

The company's Open Supplier Network claims 140 Global 2,000 customers, 160,000 users and 8,000 suppliers, with particularly strong presence in such verticals as: banking; finance and insurance; pharmaceuticals; energy, oil and gas; transportation; diversified manufacturing; high technology; telecommunications; consumer packaged goods; chemicals; automotive; engineering and construction; government; hospitality; and retail.

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