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Processing of Poultry.


Edited by G C Mead One on the major success stories of the postwar years has been the enormous growth in the poultry industry and the consumption of products from that industry. In the last four decades, the industry has moved from being essentially farm-based to one of very organised production and processing. There are side effects to this state of affairs. The purists would argue that along the way we have lost some of the taste, succulence and general goodness of poultry, hence great efforts are now being made to improve total product quality. As consumer expectations rise and they can afford to pay more for their food, the value-added concept has come into being and no longer is the business based merely on least cost production.

In the area of primary processing and further processing huge changes have occurred and much of this business is now highly mechanised. As noted earlier, these massive changes have not always been to the advantage of product quality. A major issue is the association of fowl stocks with infections that can sometimes be transmitted to the human population. All this revolves around hygiene in the processing areas.

This text records and discuses the advances made by inviting a dozen authors and the editor to examine certain aspects. This they have done and the titles of their contributions are: Quality requirements in the modern poultry industry, Stunning and slaughter, Technological developments in preslaughter handling and processing, Chilling, freezing and thawing, Influence of processing on product quality and yield, Hygiene problems and control of process contamination, Microbiological criteria for poultry products, Further processing of poultry, Utilisation of turkey meat in further-processed products, Developments in enrobed products, and Treatment and disposal of processing wastes.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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