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Processing equipment and services.

Stork's FIXIT Concept

The FIXIT concept has been developed for processors operating continuous sterilizers that, because of their age, are coming to the end of their useful lives. When purchased, these machined were intended to handle a particular size of container but modern marketing departments may demand rapid change, which is just not possible with such a setup.

To provide more flexibility, Stork Amsterdam BV have developed FIXIT (Flexibility Increase Extra Investment Trajectory), and it coffers considerable flexibility.

Such a system can be applied to their Unicon Hydromatic steriliser. By simply adding towers, one can arrange for over-pressure application, the extra safety of hydrostatic cooling to prevent container deformation or for increased throughput. Even the infeed is flexible but fuller details can be discovered by talking to Stork Amsterdam International of 4 Hercies Road, Hillington, Middlesex, tel: 0895 51621.

Pizza Cutter and Loader

D C Norris & Co (Engineering) Ltd have introduced a pizza cutter and loader. This patented unit allows for a complete pizza to be placed in position under the cutting head and a holding tray is placed below.

The unit is activated by pulling down a guard which automatically starts the cutting operation. Depending on the cutting pattern, the 4, 6 or 8 pieces are automatically deposited in the tray below. The cutting blades are cleaned by a stripping arrangement as they return to the 'rest' position.

More information about this stainless steel pneumatically operated machine comes from Norris at Industrial Estate, Great Gransden, Sandy, Bedfordshire, tel: 07677 515.

Swissvac's New Horizontal FFS Machines

Swissvac (GB) Ltd, the sole UK distributor for Mecaplastic, are now marketing a newly designed range of their horizontal form-fill-seal thermoforming machines.

Subject to the pack size being used, the Meca 320,420 and 540 can operate at speeds up to 25 machine cycles a minute. An easy clean touch panel control is mounted at operator height but the main adjustments for the controls and switches are protected behind guarding to prevent accidental alteration.

Upper and lower film reels are held in place by expanding air shafts that allow reel changes to be made in the minimum possible time.

Readers wanting further information should contact Swissvac at Unit A, Marish Wharf, St Marys Road, Langley, Berkshire, tel: 0753 546777.

Non Invasive Flow Switch

Blackwater Powder Systems Ltd have launched a non invasive bolt-on flow switch that is able to detect solids flow within chutes and pneumatic conveying lines, say the company of Lea, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, tel: 098 981 821.

This unit is based on the principle of detecting high frequency sounds generated by friction or impact. At the frequencies involved, sound waves pass readily through solids but are strongly attenuated by air. As a result, this flow switch is immune to interference.

Keystone's Hygienic Valves

Keystone's new range of heavy duty stainless steel butterfly valves and actuators offer bubbletight shut-off and a bi-directional capability. These quarter-turn valves have a body machined from 316 stainless steel and the one-piece wafer thin disc/stem assembly is electropolished to give it a mirror finish. Top and bottom PTFE stem bushes are incorporated to increase reliability, and the seats are replaceable on-site if necessary.

Designed with either screwed or butt weld connections, these valves are intended to satisfy the most hygienic conditions.

For further information one should contact the Flow Control part of Keystone United Kingdom at 91 Meiklewood Road, Glasgow, tel: 041-810 3121.

Pastry Manufacturing Lines

Fully automatic pastry lines with a range of features and production capacities are the latest from Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd of 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel: 0727 43136. These lines are suitable for the manufacture of products like puff pastry, Danish pastry and short pastry. Designed by Doge of Italy, they have production capacities that range up to 3000kg per hour.

Built on a modular basis, each lines comprises several machines to suit the product being made. A typical line might include extruding, laminating, sheeting and depositing machines between the initial dough preparation stage and final make-up table.

Addition to Reddish Saville Range

Reddish Savilles have added DS4 to their range of neutral detergent disinfectants. Widely used in the industry for manual or circulation cleaning in lightly soiled areas, DS4 will be manufactured at their Cheadle Hulme plant.

DS4 was formerly produced as Basol DS4 by Gramos Chemicals who, like Reddish Savilles, operate under the Laporte Plc umbrella. The Gramos food and beverage range has now been incorporated into that of Reddish Saville and is now available from this latter company of Duke Avenue, Stanley Green, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire, tel: 061-485 6166.

Protection for Digitron Unit

Digitron Instrumentation Ltd have developed a rubber protection jacket, known as BT2000, that is intended for their portable instruments. It was recognised that such instruments can lead a rugged life and thus protection could help.

We understand this protective jacket will fit their thermometers, hygrometers and absolute versions of their P200 manometers. To discover how you protect your portable instruments, contact Digitron at Technology House, Mead Lane, Hertford, tel: 0992 587441.

Hethon Volumetric Feeders in UK

Hethon volumetric feeders are being introduced to the UK and Ireland by Spirflow UK (Machinery) Ltd, who have been appointed exclusive agents by the Dutch manufacturers.

Two models are available with adjustable feed rates from 0.03 to 112 and 0.3 to 1500 litres per hour. The special feature of these units is their flexible hopper walls made of corrosion-resistant modified polyurethane, and a gentle massaging action is applied to the outside of these walls by a pair of paddles. This technique ensures material is fed into the delivery screw with uniform bulk density in every flight. Compaction and bridging of the material are prevented and the action does not cause degradation of the product, we are assured.

For ease of cleaning, the screw and nozzle are easily removed but complete specifications can be discussed with Spiroflow at Upbrooks, Clitheroe, Lancashire, tel: 0200 22525.

Nixon Agents for Martin Belt Cleaners

Nixon Systems Ltd of Unit 3, Little Health Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, tel: 0203 638131 have recently been appointed as the sole UK distributors for the conveyor belt cleaning systems made by the American company Martin Engineering.

As readers will be only too well aware, belts carrying food products need to be kept clean but unfortunately they don't always stay clean in use. The Martin Co have been in existence for half a century and now specialise in the provision of belt cleaning systems to ensure that belts are kept clean.

Controller for Grain Drying

We are assured that the automatic control of continuous drying of cereals reaches a higher level of microprocessor-based intelligence with Carier's AMC system, which was developed in conjunction with the Silsoe Research Institute.

Their Advanced Moisture Control owes its accuracy to the frequency of sampling, the large sample taken and the sample analysis and control algorithm. Relying on trends in measured moisture, rather than averages, proportional control provides a rapid response whilst avoiding over-reaction to misleading individual measurements, they tell us.

A printer provides a record throughout drying but the fullest details should be discussed with Carier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd of at East Street, Braintree, Essex, tel: 0376 21102.

Conti-Screen Separator

Technitex Ltd have successfully developed their Conti-Screen self-cleaning screener separator so that is is suitable for continuously separating large volumes of solids from liquids.

Polypropylene brushes or alternatively vanes are rotated continuously inside screening elements that can be made up in woven stainless meshes, perforated plate, wedge wire, etc. Depending on the fluid's viscosity, aperture sizes down to 10 microns and up to 10mm allow large flow rates but all this can be checked by contacting the company at Wavertree House, 18 High Street, Thame, Oxfordshire, tel: 0844 213165.

Belt and Roller Conveyor in One Frame

Systems Sovex 21 has been specially designed by Sovex Marshall, a Division of Linvar Ltd, to resolve the problem of incorporating belt and powered rollers in a common side frame. The same outer frame width and section depth now accommodate the company's belt and roller conveyors directly interfacing with each other in any combination of straight to curved and horizontal to inclined sections.

This whole system is modular and the full details can be obtained from the makers at Barkby Road, Leicester, tel: 0533 769181.

Removing Odours and Blockages

The classic way to cure a blocked drain is to pour bleach or disinfectant down it. This action kills the bacteria present but naturally kills off any |natural' bacteria as well.

Now, the BioProductions UK research and development team take a different view of this problem. Years of experience has taught them the naturally occurring bacteria should be reinforced to overcome the problem of odours and blockages.

Natural bacteria work rather slowly so Bio-Productions have developed a range of safe, enzyme-based products that speed up the process of digestion. By this means, any blockages are broken down quickly and washed away with waste water. Their BioMix and Bio-Clear products contain bacteria which ensure total digestion is achieved, so removing unwanted clinging organic residues from pipework safely and without odours.

Readers who recognise such a problem, should the developers at Kent Bridge Farm, Horns Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent, tel: 0580 752462.

4-Beam Food Grade Sensors

Milk and its products are subject to regulation specifying fat levels. Now, whilst historically fat levels have beeE measured by laboratory analysis, it can be now be done continuously, in-line.

To achieve this, the Food Grade 4-Beam sensor is used with the MEX-3 suspended solids transmitter to monitor and control such parameters as milk spills/loss and CIP operations. In tandem with the BTG MEX-3 suspended solids/turbidity meter, the FG sensor offers in-line accurate fat content information.

By using the turbidity meter, it is possible to monitor insoluble solids, pulp material and cloud on the clarification, blending, evaporation and reconstitution processes. This allows automatic adjustment for in-line solids measurement in juice processing.

These sensors are marketed by BTG Inc of the USA but their UK address is BTG United Kingdom Ltd, 26 Breakfield, Coulsdon, Surrey and the man to contact there is Mike Malmgren.

Robeflow Fondant Enrober

Unitherm Stainless Steel Ltd have introduced the Robeflow. This unit is a fondant enrober made from stainless steel, designed to enrobe sponge cakes with fondant icing and give a uniform covering. They tell us it eliminates air bubbles and carries over the minimum of fondant.

Unlike the usual chocolate enrobers, fondant does not build up on the wire belt because this unit incorporates rollers, each with their own scraper, to convey the cakes to be enrobed. The fondant itself is kept at the correct temperature by use of a water-jacketed holding tank and by using pipework that is thermostatically temperature controlled. To ensure good hygiene, any fondant falling from the enrobed cakes is removed and not carried on down the conveyor.

Fondant flows from the enrobing head via two large diameter rollers that remove air bubbles and provide an even curtain of fondant. To remove excess fondant, warm air is directed on to the enrobed cakes but all these details can be discussed with the company at Bailey Road, off Ashburton Road West, Trafford Park, Manchester M17, tel: 061-848 8954.

Plastics pH Measurement Unit

ChemLab Scientific Products Ltd have introduced the new Unifet pH meter that uses an all-plastic probe. Mounted in the tip of the probe is a small field-effect transistor, thermistor for temperature measurement and a reference cell. With this unit, accurate measurements can be made on a single drop of sample. The meter is programmed to remember its buffer values, which are user-selected, can be calibrated for either one or two points and can measure to one or two decimal places. The display read-out can be in pH units or in millivolts, show the temperature of the solution being measured and automatically temperature compensate the results.

The probe does not have to be kept moist, so it is suitable for all types of field work. Complete details can be obtained from CSP at Construction House, Grenfell Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex, tel: 04024 76162.

Duramate Solid Polyester Belting

Duramate solid polyester conveyor belting is now available exclusively in the UK from Charles Walker & Co Ltd of PO Box 1, Bingley, West Yorkshire, tel: 0274 560211.

Duramate, from the Globe International range, comes in four thicknesses and two grades of hardness. Its tough solid construction is ideal for handling foods in the most arduous applications. Because it is solid, the edges cannot fray and there are no plies to delaminate. The material is impervious to most chemicals or solvents and has good resistance to fungal or bacterial growth.

In its |soft' form, 2.5mm thick Duramate is capable of negotiating a 50mm pulley, whilst, in its harder form, it can be specified in thicknesses of 1.5, 2 and 3mm. Widths can be up to 1850mm in a single piece.

New Agitator for Groen Kettle

D C Norris & Co (Engineering) Ltd, the UK and Irish agents for the Groen range of equipment, tell us they have a new helical screw secondary agitator for their INA/TA processing kettle. The combination of this screw auger secondary agitator with the INA/TA's patented inclined scraping agitator makes it very suitable for cooking and cooling products containing delicate solids or products with floating or sinking particulates.

The helical screw secondary agitator gently conveys high viscosity and high density product from the less turbulent mixing zone up into the path of the side-scraping primary agitator.

For the fullest details, Norris can be contacted at Industrial Estate, Great Gransden, Sandy, Bedfordshire, tel: 07677 515.

Stewart Gill to Partner Schierholz

Under an exclusive partnership agreement, Stewart Gill is adding the Schierholz power and free overhead conveyors and electrified monorail systems to its range. This is the first time the German manufacturer's conveyors have been available through a UK supplier.

With these power and free conveyors, systems are available to suit loads from chickens right through to cattle or from vegetables to salad products. They include a number of hoists and lifting tables. Dedicated electronic control and monitoring equipment is also being offered for Schierholz conveyors, with on-screen graphical mimics linked to a non contact electronic carrier identification system.

Full details are available from the UK company of 87-89 Farnham Road, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 75115.

Information System from Best

Best Inspection Ltd of Little Forge Road, Park Farm North, Redditch, Worcestershire, tel: 0527 517283 have brought out a management system that offers a means of maximising the information gathering facilities of their checkweighers and graders.

Based on an IBM-compatible PC running specially written software, their system provides a central point for the collection of production results, such as batch, shift data and statistical information, from checkweighers. The type of information collected might include line performance details like throughput, weight and tare check details and the results of manual samples.

All the information gathered by the system is subjected to a limit-checking process with warning and action limits defined by the user against individual items. When these limits are exceeded, they are identified by the system.

APV Baker's new Centrifugal Pumps

APV Baker have brought out a range of sanitary centrifugal pumps designed to cover a wide range of duties. Their design incorporates a patented volute pumping chamber that results in greatly reduced energy consumption for specific duties whilst minimising noise levels.

Known as W-pumps, this range features a self-cleaning seal that guarantees extended life as well as reducing the risks of leakage.

All these pumps has been designed for cleaning-in-place applications and are made with materials that satisfy the American 3-A standard. Being modular in design, these come in a number of variants but such detail can be discussed with the makers at 14 Hansard Gate, West Meadows Industrial Estate, Derby, tel: 0332 31155.

Measuring Film Weight on Metal

A new version of the portable M175 film weight gauge includes a number of enhancements to make it easier to use and give improved data transmission.

The Mark 2 gauge, from CMB Engineering Automation and Controls of Prescott Drive, Warndon Business Park, Worcester, tel: 0905 755588, is a hand-held cordless unit that allows high speed measurement of the film weight on a metal plate. We are told the gauge provides a read-out in less than 2 seconds and accuracies are better than 1 percent.

The unit is fully portable but, whilst it is within range of the base station, readings may be sent via infra red beam for printing out or onward transmission to a host computer. This transmission range has been increased by making the infra red beam directional, we understand.

Rapid Yeast and Mould Detection

Traditional analytical techniques for checking moulds and yeasts can take up to 7 days but, by using a new cell in the Malthus 2000 unit, this timescale can be reduced to less than two days.

This cell is filled with a base solution plus the sample, and then incubated on the automated microbiology analyzer, which measures the changes in electrical conductance brought about by the absorption of carbon dioxide. Such a system also provides opportunities for data processing but the full implications of this latest idea should be discussed with Radiometer Ltd at The Manor, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, tel: 0293 553538.

'Sandwiched' Mixes Transported

Disc-in-tube conveyor/elevators in effect carry powders or granular materials in a series of separate compartments. With the aid of two or more tube-mounted inlets, this feature is now being exploited by the makers, Entecon Ltd, to enable proportioned 'sandwiches' of different materials to be transported and delivered 'intact'.

Initially, the concept has been applied to their twin-tube, double-bend S- type conveyor/elevator. Continuous infeed of different materials, at say three or four points in series, is closely controlled and matched to the linear speed of the discs on the tensioned wire rope within the tube.

If this sounds an interesting concept, why not contact the company at London Road, Blackwater, Camberly, Surrey, tel: 0276 32436.

Dispenser for FIBCs

Spiroflow UK (Machinery) Ltd of Upbrooks, Clitheroe, Lancashire, tel: 0200 22525 have launched a loss in weight dispenser for the controlled discharge of powders from a bulk bag (FIBC). They tell us that high accuracy is attained by suspending the complete system, including the discharge conveyor, on loadcells.

Dustfree operation is assured as, by means of a fork lift truck, the FIBC is hung from the top beams of the unit and its bottom outlet sealed within the hopper beneath. A liner tensioner is provided for use with lined bags to ensure a smooth bore passage is retained whilst emptying the container. Material can fall from the hopper into the integral discharge conveyor of the Spiroflow rotating spiral-type, which has a capacity up to 12 tonnes an hour.

This conveyor is provided with reverse-flow cleaning facilities, and the end-cap at the bottom of each conveyor is held in place by quick-release clamps. The delivery end is fitted with a telescopic discharge chute so the unit may be adapted to suit downstream equipment of different heights.

Midbrook Couplings and Fox Eductors Now from Procol

Procol Solids Control Equipment Ltd have announced a marketing agreement with Midbrook Couplings Inc and Fox Valve Development Corp, both of the USA.

Previously, such equipment was being marketed in the UK by March Systems Ltd.

Midbrook manufacture an extensive range of pipe couplings, sight glasses and quick-assembly 'gripper' couplings for use in positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems. Fox manufacture solids conveying eductors.

The full range of these items of equipment is now available from Procol at Cawley House, Canal Street, Nottingham, tel: 0602 501200.
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