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Processing and Quality of Foods, 3 vols.

PROCESSING and QUALITY of FOODS. Vol 1 386 pages with index, price: 52.00 [pounds]. Vol2318 pages with index, price: 48.00 [pounds]. Vol3379 pages with index, price: 51.00 [pounds]. Edited by P Zeuthen, J C Cheftel, C Eriksson, T R Gormley, P Linko and K Paulus. (UK: Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd)

These three volumes form the Proceedings of the final seminar of COST 91 bis that was held in Gothenburg in October 1989. As readers will remember, COST (Co-operation in Science and Technology) has been useful for scientific and technological collaboration amongst nineteen European countries since its introduction in 1971.

COST 91 bis took as its title the Effects of Processing and Distribution on the Quality and Nutritive value of foods. This event was divided into three subgroups - HTST processing, Food biotechnology and Chilled foods. Thus, the Proceedings have been published in three separate volumes, Volume 1 covering HTST through to the third one on chilled foods.

In view of the area covered there is no real way of describing the contents of these books in detail but a selection of the titles of the various papers given indicates the topics discussed.

Volume 1 contains papers entitled Swedish views on COST; HTST processing - scientific situation and perspectives of the industry; Nutritional aspects on HTST treatments; Using near infra red radiation and microwaves for bread baking - technology and quality; Aseptic processing and packaging of food; New aspects of vitamin stability during HTST processing and subsequent storage; Industrial viewpoints on extrusion cooking; Kinetics of starch derivatization by extrusion- cooking; Residence time distribution in twin screw extruders with different sizes; Evaluation of processing intensity during extrusion cooking of field beans through physical-biochemical modifications and changes in nutritive value; and Preparation of cheese analogues by extrusion cooking.

Volume 2's selection runs; Introduction - food biotechnology - avenues to healthy and nutritious products; Study on proteolysis, lipolysis and aroma development by some thermophilic wild strains, using synthetic substrates and in yogurt prepared from sheep's milk; Influence of fermentation on the phytic acid content of conventionally produced bread; Detoxification of aflatoxin B1 in feeds by Rhizopus oryzae in solid state; Controlled fermentation of cucumbers; The effect of lactic acid fermentation of cauliflower by L(+)-lactate producing lactobacilli; Molecular genetics; and Solid state fermentations and food production.

Volume 3 carries titles like: Introduction and conclusions; Pathogenic bacteria in chilled foods; Modelling for shelf-life and safety; Heat transfer in food chilling; Safety and shelf-life of chilled pasteurized foods; Some effects of modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging in combination with anti-oxidants on quality and storage life of ready-to-use chilled apple slices; Long distance transport of chilled fish; Laboratory tests of domestic refrigerators; and Application of intermittent temperature treatments and carbon dioxide shocks for storage of Fino lemon.

The above selection of the titles of the papers published gives some idea of the contents of these three books.
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