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Processing Fruits: Science and Technology, vol. 1, Biology, Principles and Applications.

Fruit consumption has enjoyed unprecedented growth during the past ten years, with consumers eating more fruit as they learn about the many health benefits attributed to fruit constituents, such as the importance of dietary fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and the many phytochemicals present in fruit. The variety of fruits said for extended periods of the year means that many tropical fruits previously considered to be exotic and expensive are now commonly consumed as fresh produce, or used as ingredients in juice blends, snacks, baby foods and many other processed foods. Advances in fruit processing technologies may seem less obvious, but with the introduction of "fresh-cut", nearly fresh fruit preparations, a shift has occurred from traditional methods of preservation to irradiation to extend shelf-life and the introduction of modified atmosphere packaging. To answer public demand for more fruit, manufacturers are using more fruits as value-added ingredients in forms ranging from fruit concentrates to more sophisticated preparations.

Chapter titles are: Classification, Composition of Fruits, and Postharvest Maintenance of Quality; Thermal Processing of Fruits; Juice Processing; Enzymes in Fruit Juice and Wine Industry; Fruit Preserves and Jams; Refrigerated and Controlled Modified Atmosphere Storage; Fruit Freezing; Drying of Fruits; Ionizing Radiation for Preservation of Fruits; Microbiology of Fruit Products; Direct Food Additives in Fruit Processing; Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Inspection and Sanitation; Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables; Grades, Standards and Food Labelling; Residual Management in Fruit Processing Plants, followed by a detailed subject index.
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Date:Dec 1, 1996
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