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A NARX Model Reference Adaptive Control Scheme: Improved Disturbance Rejection Fractional-Order PID Control of an Experimental Magnetic Levitation System. Alimohammadi, Hossein; Alagoz, Baris Baykant; Tepljakov, Aleksei; Vassiljeva, Kristina; Petlenkov, E Report Aug 1, 2020 11579
Combined Integrating Control Based on Dynamic Optimization Estimation. Chen, Angang; Ren, Zhengyun; Fan, Zhiping; Feng, Xue Report Jul 31, 2020 7004
Numerically Efficient Fuzzy MPC Algorithm with Advanced Generation of Prediction--Application to a Chemical Reactor. Marusak, Piotr M. Report Jun 1, 2020 8136
Performance Assessment of Predictive Control-- A Survey. Domanski, Pawel D. Report Apr 1, 2020 10970
Visualization for batch operations. Jun 4, 2018 599
Influence of Online Identification Methods on the Nonlinear Process Control. Macku, Lubomir; Novosad, David Report Jan 1, 2018 2760
An Output Instruction Based PLC Source Code Transformation Approach For Program Logic Simplification. Ghosh, Arup; Qin, Shiming; Lee, Jooyeoun; Wang, Gi-Nam Report Sep 1, 2017 8540
Real-time location at your service: location data has its place: helping virtualize process control in high-mix, high-volume assembly operations. Gould, Lawrence S. Editorial May 1, 2016 883
RPA speeds loan documentation. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 319
Nonfragile Robust Model Predictive Control for Uncertain Constrained Systems with Time-Delay Compensation. Jiang, Wei; Wang, Hong-li; Lu, Jing-hui; Qin, Wei-wei; Cai, Guang-bin Report Jan 1, 2016 5524
Evolutionary Stages Of Data Center Controls. Beaty, Donald L.; Quirk, David Column Jul 1, 2015 2034
Adaptive intelligent manufacturing control systems. Yerofeyev, Sergey A.; Ipatov, Oleg S.; Markov, Sergey A.; Potekhin, Vyacheslav V.; Sulerova, Angelin Report Jan 1, 2015 3399
Remote diagnostics surveillance improves fiscal assurance. Stappert, Karl Oct 1, 2014 1417
Software conversions: the rocky road much traveled: updates, upgrades don't have to be headache-riddled milestones. Barlow, Rick Dana Report Aug 1, 2014 5519
A diverted or stolen prescription has been signed in your name. what do you do now? Jain, Shailesh Report Jul 1, 2014 609
Porosity measurements and analysis for metal additive manufacturing process control. Slotwinski, John. A.; Garboczi, Edward J.; Hebenstreit, Keith M. Report Jan 1, 2014 15164
Recognition of process disturbances for an SPC/EPC stochastic system using support vector machine and artificial neural network approaches. Shao, Yuehjen E. Report Jan 1, 2014 5413
Model predictive control of piecewise affine system with constrained input and time delay. Liu, Zhilin; Liu, Lutao; Zhang, Jun; Yuan, Xin Report Jan 1, 2014 5103
Quality management for the analytical phase of sample processing control: Part 2. Plaut, David; Davis, Deena Aug 1, 2013 1627
The research of the basic channel control process of petroleum distillation and development of dynamic models/Pagrindiniu naftos distiliavimo sistemos kanalu valdymo procesu tyrimas ir dinaminiu modeliu sudarymas. Likhavitski, Vitaliy Report Apr 1, 2013 1551
Basic developments of quality characteristics monitoring. Sorooshian, Shahryar Report Jan 1, 2013 5574
Attitudes to instrumentation. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 149
Manufacturing process modeling and application to intelligent control. Mears, M. Laine; Mehta, Parikshit; Kuttolamadom, Mathew; Montes, Carlos; Jones, Joshua; Salandro, We Report Mar 22, 2012 3620
Applying attribute process control algorithm to specific learning outcomes. Khan, Hamid Report Jan 1, 2011 6318
Choice of variant of manufacturing process with estimation of cost production. Chwastyk, Piotr; Kolosowski, Mariusz Report Jan 1, 2011 1476
Model for improving the process approach to achieve strategic goals in insurance companies: the Croatian case. Peronja, Ivan; Veza, Ivica; Krolo Crvelin, Anita Report Jan 1, 2011 1754
Modelling of diagnostic and technological processes. Winkelhoeferova, Martina; Tupa, Jiri Report Jan 1, 2011 1201
Inferential closed-loop control of particle size and molecular weight distribution in emulsion polymerization of styrene. Vafa, Ehsan; Shahrokhi, Mohammad; Abedini, Hossein Report Dec 1, 2010 9055
Influence of the process parameters of an intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruder on the morphology and notched Izod impact strength of PBT/ABS/MGE blends. Ambrosio, Jose D.; Larocca, Nelson M.; Pessan, Luiz A.; Hage, Elias, Jr. Report Dec 1, 2010 5760
Statistical process control applied to additive manufacturing enables series production of orthopedic implants. Ljungblad, Ulric Report Jan 1, 2010 1854
Online simulation-based process control for injection molding. Johnston, Stephen P.; Kazmer, David O.; Gao, Robert X. Report Dec 1, 2009 6306
Integrated power and automation systems: future trends for pipeline system efficiency. Vasel, Jeff Oct 1, 2009 2662
Process modeling for quality in order-handled manufacturing system. Cikotiene, D.; Bargelis, A. Report Jan 1, 2009 5557
Development of a process chain for grinding and subsequent laser beam polishing of quartz glass components. Hecht, Kerstin; Bliedtner, Jens; Mueller, Hartmut; Schmidt, Thomas; Steinbauer, Christoph; Rost, Mat Report Jan 1, 2009 1315
Electric discharge machining process control. Popa, Marcel Sabin; Contiu, Glad; Preja, Dan; Pop, Grigore; Tirla, Andrei Report Jan 1, 2009 1269
Connections between PLC for real process simulations. Malounek, Petr; Pivonka, Petr; Chomat, Ludek Report Jan 1, 2009 1442
The joy of Six: if you want to use Six Sigma to boost the quality of your business, you must first measure existing processes and then seek ways to improve them. Hargreaves, Ben Mar 19, 2008 1405
Model based predictive control using neural network and fuzzy logic. Balaji, V.; Vasudevan, N.; Maheswari, E. Report Feb 1, 2008 1878
Workflow engine for enterprise process: system integration via XML Web service. Kamolvej, Pobsit; Sirisuk, Phaophak; Tungchitipunya, Kolasak Report Aug 1, 2007 2261
Automated programming of nc-machines: evolution of shopfloor programming. Ficko, Mirko; Pahole, Ivo; Balic, Joze Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1736
Modeling of control loop in production sheduling and inventory level control process. Gjeldum, Nikola; Tufekcic, Dzemo; Veza, Ivica Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1582
Direct implementation of control algorithms from simulation environment into PLC. Miksanek, Vojtech; Pivonka, Petr Report Jan 1, 2007 1234
Using cutting tools durability in optimizing concentrated fabrication system flow simulation. Minciu, Constantin; Gandila, Sanda; Anghel, Florina Report Jan 1, 2007 1353
Wireless embedded application for automation systems. Popescu, Cornel; Culea, George; Bucur, Ion Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1305
Integral transport as function of cargo distribution optimization. Rados, Jerko; Rados, Bozica; Zovak, Goran Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1259
Comparison of nolinear system prediction by artificial neural networks. Samek, David Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1731
An attribute repeatability & reproducibility study. Simion, Carmen; Bondrea, Ioan Report Jan 1, 2007 2008
Process, process, process. Forger, Gary Column Feb 1, 2005 426
System for automated modular fixtures design. Vukelic, DJ.; Hodolic, J. Technical report Jan 1, 2005 1322
Casting moulds production on the basis of 3DP models. Waraczynski, B.; Weiss, E.; Weiss, Z. Technical report Jan 1, 2005 1040
Pre-reflow, inline, 3-D inspection: the smart choice for your application? Tan, Doreen Nov 1, 2003 2136
Plant control evolution. (Technology Update Information). Piszczalski, Martin Mar 1, 2002 701
South African liquids network updated with process control solution. (Improving Efficiency, Cutting Cost). Scheel, Holger Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 1227
Williams -- Texas Gas Transmission cuts operating costs with HMI/SCADA system. (SCADA Technology). Bailey, Richard; Williams, Chuck Holcomb Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 1138
Turnkey solutions. (Services). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 135
Why Fluid Dynamics Matters for Display Design in Process Control: Commentary on Bennett and Malek. Vicente, Kim J.; Ethier, C. Ross Sep 22, 2000 1902
Machining the Future. Elowsky, Jackie Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 603
Fuzzy-neuro ideas could help processors. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 296
There Is More to Monitoring a Nuclear Power Plant than Meets the Eye. Mumaw, Randall J.; Roth, Emilie M.; Vicente, Kim J.; Burns, Catherine M. Mar 22, 2000 12449
Instrumentation Manufacturers Join Forces. Mar 1, 2000 145
On the Cutting Edge. CASTLE, TIMOTHY J. Feb 1, 2000 3324
Managing TEOS Effluents. Gu, Youfan Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 672
Process Control Software. Jan 1, 2000 121
Jaguar-powered SPC charting. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 546
Innovations In Melt Blowing. Holliday, Tom Dec 1, 1999 1548
DCS vs. PLC. Wert, Kent Sep 1, 1999 1483
Bus stop. Hoch, G. Jeffrey May 1, 1999 841
Power protection in industrial settings. Nacke, Brad Mar 1, 1999 1431
Counting calories: controllers and software from FMC accurately account for heat-up and cool-down times in sterilization, for greater efficiency. Madl, Linda Feb 1, 1999 561
For better process control start with simulation. Ogando, Joseph Jan 1, 1999 1325
Profile control of plastic sheet in an industrial polymer processing process. Liang, Yue; Kurihara, Kazurou; Saito, Kunio; Murakami, Hiroyasu; Kumagai, Kunio; Ohshima, Masahiro; Oct 1, 1998 3127
Fieldbus technology gives your data a ride. Marshall, Jim; Matt, Jean Claude Sep 1, 1998 928
PlantWeb. Hargreaves, George W. Jun 1, 1998 1108
Operations management system integration and SAP ... a matter of design. O'Neill, Karen Jun 1, 1998 771
X-ray vision looks inside your plastics. Sherman, Lilli May 1, 1998 1710
More than maintaining: maintenance of advances in process control at Intat. O'Meara, Patrick May 1, 1998 1929
Particle analyzers keep processes in control. Masi, C.G. Feb 1, 1998 2634
It's what we do. Studt, Tim Editorial Jan 1, 1998 333
A formal specifications maturity model. Fraser, Martin D.; Vaishnavi, Vijay K. Dec 1, 1997 4571
Low-cost process controls for injection, extrusion, blow molding. Ogando, Joseph Nov 1, 1997 549
How application domains define requirements for the Grid. McRae, Gregory J. Nov 1, 1997 4527
Process control tips for a phenolic urethane nobake foundry. Otte, J. Alexander, Jr. Oct 1, 1997 2734
The economic design of control charts when there are dependent process steps. Yang, Su-Fen Jun 1, 1997 4037
The C sub pk index and its confidence intervals. Greenwich, Michael; Chen, Hwah Nien Jun 1, 1997 4271
Control & monitoring. Ogando, Joseph May 1, 1997 1304
Process control comes out of the coast. Masi, C.G. May 1, 1997 2534
A fresh batch. Parlin, Sandy May 1, 1997 511
A modular approach to CIM: build your own process monitoring system. Ogando, Joseph Feb 1, 1997 577
The use of probability limits for process control based on geometric distribution. Xie, M.; Goh, T.N. Jan 1, 1997 3637
Asymmetric control limits of the x-bar chart for skewed process distributions. Wu, Zhang Dec 1, 1996 3671
A longitudinal study of the effects of ecological interface design on skill acquisition. Christoffersen, Klaus; Hunter, Christopher N.; Vicente, Kim J. Sep 1, 1996 9219
Critique of 'A longitudinal study of the effects of ecological interface design on skill acquisition' by Christoffersen, Hunter, and Vicente. Maddox, Michael E. Sep 1, 1996 1824
Response to Maddox critique. Vicente, Kim J.; Christoffersen, Klaus J.; Hunter, Christopher N. Sep 1, 1996 2238
Process technology. Sep 1, 1996 555
One personal computer combines web gauging & extrusion line control. Knights, Mikell Aug 1, 1996 824
Online pattern-based part quality monitoring of the injection molding process. Woll, Suzanne L.B.; Cooper, Douglas J. Jun 15, 1996 6607
Failure mode and effects analysis: an integrated approach for product design and process control. Teng, Sheng-Hsien; Ho, Shin-Yann May 1, 1996 7008
The quiet crusade. May 1, 1996 2637
Steel industry gets sensitive. Chase, Victor May 1, 1996 2162
A survey of advanced control of polymerization reactors. Embirucu, Marcelo; Lima, Enrique L.; Pinto, Jose Carlos Feb 1, 1996 9677
Control of a chaotic polymerization reactor: a neural network based model predictive approach. de Souza, Mauricio B., Jr.; Pinto, Jose Carlos; Lima, Enrique L. Feb 1, 1996 5039
The road to lean repetitive batch manufacturing: modelling planning system performance. Burcher, Peter; Dupernex, Simon; Relph, Geoffrey Feb 1, 1996 4202
Time-based competition: literature review and implications for modelling. Hum, Sin-Hoon; Sim, Hoon-Hong Jan 1, 1996 6504
Better processing through automation. Valenti, Michael Cover Story Jan 1, 1996 2988
Do PC-based CNC controls keep their promises? Fuchs, Oliver Dec 1, 1995 1309
Distributed control: another choice for multi-station loading systems. Ogando, Joseph Oct 1, 1995 2230
Optimal process variance under Taguchi loss. Mukhopadhyay, Samar K.; Chakraborty, Debopam Sep 1, 1995 3675
Towards TQM using kaizen process dynamics: a case study. Gondhalekar, Shrinivas; Babu, A. Subash; Godrej, N.B. Sep 1, 1995 6086
Towel maker cleans up. Sep 1, 1995 824
Detection of skewness shift. Wu, Zhang Jul 1, 1995 3072
Implementing kanbans within high variety/low volume manufacturing environments. Stockton, D.J.; Lindley, R.J. Jul 1, 1995 4176
Supervisory control. Apr 15, 1995 839
A process incapability index. Greenwich, Michael; Jahr-Schaffrath, Betty L. Apr 1, 1995 5324
Process adjustment when using EWMA charts. Wiklund, Stig Johan Feb 1, 1995 6805
Why all the buzz about CANbus? Ogando, Joseph Nov 1, 1994 895
Tuchenhagen merger announced. Aug 29, 1994 91
Process control. Hales, Lynn B.; Ynchausti, Randy A.; Barron, C. Lee Jul 1, 1994 4383
The seven deadly sins of process improvement. Brache, Alan P. Jun 1, 1994 2943
Control performance as a unifying concept for process control teaching and learning. Marlin, Thomas E. May 1, 1994 1356
Process control. Brewis, Tony May 1, 1994 2744
Snap-together technology for easy systems integration. Keating, Ed; Davids, Scott E.; Houck, Daniel T. Cover Story Apr 1, 1994 1323
Programmable logic controllers meet smart transmitters.... Wenstrup, Robert A. Apr 1, 1994 1993
Process control of mold coatings assures safety and efficiency. Penko, Tom Apr 1, 1994 1401
Using SPC in the coreroom. Shrikhande, Vinay Mar 1, 1994 463
Will you take the risk of oil in the air supply? Feb 1, 1994 1143
Keep experiments on track with a process controller. Masi, C.G. Feb 1, 1994 807
Process control: tensile testing. Lobenhofer, Roy Jan 1, 1994 899
Effectively using Gage R&R and measurement systems variability. Volkmar, Alan P. Nov 1, 1993 1442
Increasing the flexibility of process control: intelligent programmable process controllers and specialized software are enabling operators to switch process lines to accomodate different products with the touch of a button. Valenti, Michael Oct 1, 1993 3682
Process monitoring with 'smart' RGAs. Comello, Vic Sep 1, 1993 1065
Checking the pulse of metalforming. Lorincz, James A. Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 1097
Control software puts machines in charge. Puttre, Michael Sep 1, 1993 2661
Doing DCS the right way. Sperber, Bob Mar 1, 1993 1272
News in composite materials, processing and recycling. Monks, Richard Feb 1, 1993 1009
Blown film autogauging: does its performance justify the price? Ogando, Joseph Cover Story Feb 1, 1993 3728
Danish process control. Nov 1, 1992 451
How do you justify your control systems? Sperber, Bob Oct 1, 1992 1803
FDA moves ahead on pasteurization controls. Sperber, Bob Oct 1, 1992 1161
Controlling your energy budget. Pindus, Gerald Aug 19, 1992 574
Advanced extrusion control technology. Kramer, William A. Jul 1, 1992 1595
Using process control charts to reduce production times. Schneider, John R. Apr 1, 1992 1180
Probabilistic assessment of safety-critical software: Why and how? Laprie, Jean-Claude; Littlewood, Bev Column Feb 1, 1992 2184
beyond JIT and TQM lies flow management. Eade, Robert Feb 1, 1992 1095
Concurrent design brings out the best in CAE. Austin, Colin Dec 1, 1991 2458
Pre-finishing v post-finishing. Hughes, George Dec 1, 1991 763
Process control: the CIM solution. Valenti, Michael Aug 1, 1991 2535
Declarative control architecture. Kohn, Wolf technical Aug 1, 1991 7273
Further up the ladder of control. Menough, Jon Apr 1, 1991 1862
'Profitable' process control. Frankenfield, Jay Nov 1, 1990 1028
Catalyst/RPE: a manufacturing blockbuster? Aug 20, 1990 733
Buyers' guide to gravimetric controls. De Gaspari, John buyers guide Aug 1, 1990 2246
Process control takes command. Betts, Kellyn S. Jul 1, 1990 3164
Automate vacuum processes without starting all over. Studt, Tim Jul 1, 1990 1208
Green sand system controls. Schulze, W.E. Jun 1, 1990 1312
Modeling takes the guesswork out of industrial processes: university computer scientists develop programs to help industry get the most out of its machinery. Katauskas, Ted Apr 1, 1990 2160
User-programmable process monitoring now in a low-cost package. Feb 1, 1990 1314
Understanding insulating properties of permanent mold coatings; although mold coating application involves many complex factors, recent research has produced information that may make process control feasible in this area. Chiesa, Franco Dec 1, 1989 782
SPC for small to medium foundry's sand system. Nov 1, 1989 2140
An integrated process manager for the test laboratory. Lindholm, Scott; Muller, Ralph C. Sep 1, 1989 680
Process control education: are we teaching the right stuff? Cluett, Will Sep 1, 1989 1673
Specifications: the bane of buyer and seller. Jul 1, 1989 1371
SPC software: ready when you are. Jun 1, 1989 3165
Quality control in the new environment: QC materials; an ideal control closely simulates patient specimens, is stable, and comes in large homogeneous lots. Lawson, Noel S. Jan 1, 1987 2728
SPC for zero defects. Miller, Paul C. Jun 1, 1985 3531
Quality parts are as simple as SPC. Hutchinson, Ron Jun 1, 1984 1801

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