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Process Engineering in the Food Industry - 2, Convenience Foods and Quality Assurance.


PROCESS ENGINEERING in the FOOD INDUSTRY - 2, Convenience Foods and Quality Assurance. Edited by R W Field and J A Howell. 213 pages. Price: 41.00 [pounds]. (UK: Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd)

This book forms the Proceedings of a conference held in April this year. The subject of the event was Engineering Innovation in the Food Industry: its role in quality assurance. The event was organised by the Food and Drink Subject Group of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and held at the University of Bath. Contributions published in this volume represent the majority of the full papers presented at the conference.

Section 1 of the text carries the title Processing of convenience foods and its eight chapters are entitled: Temperature uniformity after reheating in domestic microwave ovens; Product design for microwave reheating; Microwave pasteurization of prepacked sliced ham; Mathematical modelling of the ohmic heating process; Optimisation of quality factors for foods thermally processed in rectangular containers; Single drop depositors - an aid to consistent production of chilled ready meals; Cooling systems for ready meals and cooked products; and Consumer handling of chilled foods.

Section 2 is entitled Control, related aspects and quality assurance; its chapters are entitled: Quality assurance aspects of CIP systems; Process and CIP integration for quality assurance in food plants; The mechanisms of food fouling and their implications for fouling-resistant heat exchanger design; The flow of wet particulate food solids from storage vessels; Bubble size measurement in an aerated visco-elastic food fluid; Using robotics to improve quality in poultry processing; Monitoring lean meat quality; and Quality assurance: considerations arising in the processing of coated fish and meat products.
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Date:Sep 1, 1990
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