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Proceedings of the PMR Conference, vol. 14.

Proceedings of the PMR Conference, XIV (Villanova, Pennsylvania: Augustinian Historical Institute,1989). 276 pp. ISSN 0272-8710. No Price given. The volume contains Edward A. Synan, |Chaos and order in Thomism'; Allan Back, |Ibn Sina on the individuation of perceptible substances'; Celia M. Chazelle, "To whom did Christ pay the price? the soteriology of Alcuin's Epistola 307'; Wanda Cizewski, |Tribuli et spini: some twelfth-century interpretations of the problem of physical evil'; David M. Colon, |Martin Luther, the Devil and the Teufelchen: attitudes toward mentally retarded children in sixteenth-century Germany'; Barbara Evans, "| Me prolubiis risum tegil regia vestis": symbolic inversion and tropes in portraits of little people in the late Cinquecento'; James Hala, "|For she is tikel of hire tale": word-play in the Lady Mede episode of Piers Plowman B'; David G. Hale, "'The glose was gloriously writen": the textuality of Langland's Good Samaritan'; Craig L. Hanson, |Religious minorities in Palaelologan Constantinople: Patriarch Athanasius I and the Jewish community in the reign of Andronicus II'; Maghan Keita, 'Scholarship as a global commodity: African intellectual communities in the medieval and Renaissance periods'; Judv Kem, |Jean Lemaire de Belges' Illustrations de Gaule et Singularitez de Troye: revising medieval versions of the Trojan legend'; Anthony lo Bello, |The commentary of Albert on Euclid's elements of geometry'; Alexander T. Pocetto, OSFS, |Love and critical thinking in the writings of Francis de Sales'; Philip Pulsiano, |The scribes and Old English gloss of the Eadwine's Canterbury Psalter'; and Kirsten Wolf, |A translation of the Latin fragments containing the life and miracles of St Porlakr along with collections of lectiones for recitation on his feast-days'.
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Publication:Medium Aevum
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1992
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