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Articles from Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science (April 1, 2015)

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A multi-trait mixed-model for genome-wide association study in barley population. Li, Qiang; Yang, Yarong; Zhong, Shaobin Author abstract 174
Academy officers and committees. Brief article 185
Acetamide as a solvent in the rapid synthesis of N-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)formamide. Collins, Joel A.; Falkenberg, Mitchell A.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Brief article 289
Acetoacetic acid impact on bacterial biofilms among a variety of strains. Murphy, J.M.; Horne, S.; Pruss, B.M. Author abstract 440
Arikara Room schedule of presentations. Table 546
Bohr revisited: model and spectral lines of helium. Peterson, Christian 481
Cocaine photo-affinity analogs bind in the substrate binding pocket of the dopamine transporter. Krout, Danielle; Dahal, Rejwi Acharya; Pramod, Akula Bala; Sharma, Babita; Tomlinson, Michael; Foste Author abstract 463
Combining phytoremediation of coal fly ash (FA) and agronomic biofortification. Tangen, Justin; Hone, Shannon Dawn; Langedoux, Richard; Bilski, Jerzy 631
Combining phytoremediation of coal fly ash (FA) and biofuel production. Hone, Shannon Dawn; Tangen, Justin; Langedoux, Richard; Bilski, Jerzy 614
Computational study of the properties of chlorinated carbon nanotubes. Henderson, Bryan; Kilina, Svetlana Abstract 182
Constitution of the North Dakota Academy of Science: founded 1908, official state academy 1958. 3719
Continued sleuthing of problematic continental Molluscan taxa--the cretaceous Dakota formation. Hartman, Joseph H. 785
Corpus luteum (CL) vascularity and function during the estrous cycle in sheep treated with arginine and fed different plane of nutrition. Bass, Casie S.; Kaminski, Samantha L.; Redmer, Dale A.; Grazul-Bilska., Anna T. Report 958
Determine the efficacy of vacuum steam pasteurization to inactivate Salmonella PT30, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, and Enterococcus faecium on low moisture foods. Shah, Manoj; Sherwood, Julie; Graber, Kari; Bergholz, Teresa Abstract 333
Editor's notes. Haring, Stuart; Schmidt, Bryan 426
Effect of alkyl side group on interactions between conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes. Gifford, Brendan; Kilina, Svetlana Abstract 308
Effect of dry-rolled corn processing and distiller's grain inclusion rate on rumen pH, volatile fatty acids, ammonia concentration and in vitro methane production. Doscher, Faithe E.; Ruch, Megan C.; Kirsch, James D.; Dahlen, Carl R.; Rahman, Shafiqur; Borhan, Md Report 486
Effects of auxiliary substituents on optical properties of bipyridyl platinum (II) bisstilbenylacetylide complexes: DFT study. Jabed, Mohammed A.; Kilina, Svetlana Abstract 173
Effects of exogenous abscisic acid on indole-3-acetic acid-induced leaf growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. Zerr, Jakob R.; Keller, Christopher P.; Heuschele, Jo; Cohen, Jerry D. Report 723
Effects of realimentation on umbilical blood flow, fetal and placental measurements, and birth weight in nutrient restricted pregnant ewes. Vasquez, Manuel; Swanson, Kendall; Vonnahme, Kimberley Author abstract 373
Electronic and optical properties of core/shell [Pb.sub.16][X.sub.16]/[Cd.sub.52][X.sub.52] (X=S, Se, Te) quantum dots. Tamukong, Patrick K.; Mayo, Michael L.; Kilina, Svetlana Brief article 205
Exploring the evolutionary history of a novel trait in Sepsidae. Melicher, Dacotah; Bowsher, Julia H. Brief article 108
Extraction and concentration of caffeine from artificial saliva for GC/MS analysis. Mayhew, Johanna; Winbum, Naomi Report 141
Fabrication of highly fluorescent graphene quantum dots using L-glutamic acid for in vitro/in vivo imaging and sensing. Wu, Xu; Zhao, Julia Xiaojun Brief article 299
Genetic variation of root and stalk traits for drought resistance in early maturing maize (Zea Mays L.). Sharma, S.; Carena, M.J. 284
Impact of pre-breeding vaccination with modified-live or inactivated viral vaccines on subsequent reproductive performance in crossbred beef females. Crosswhite, Mellissa R.; Neville, Bryan W.; Rodgers, John C.; Seeger, Jon T.; Dahlen, Carl R. Author abstract 462
Increased role for large conductance, calcium-activated K channels (B[K.sub.Ca]) in endothelium-dependent relaxation of nitrate tolerant mesenteric arteries. Sane, Mukta; Mughal, Amreen; Sun, Chengwen; O'Rourke, Stephen Author abstract 314
Investigation of the oxygen-producing enzyme chlorite dismutase. Heskin, Alisa; Geeraerts, Zachary; Lukat-Rodgers, Gudrun S.; Rodgers, Kenton R. Author abstract 366
Lactoferrin function in reducing and oxidizing environments. Brock, Hannibel; Schmidt, Bryan Author abstract 252
Late gestation supplementation of distiller's grains plus solubles to beef cows: impacts on mammary blood flow, colostrum and milk production, and calf weights. Kennedy, V.C.; Mordhorst, B.R.; Gaspers, J.J.; Stokka, G.L.; Bauer, M.L.; Swanson, K.C.; Vonnahme, K Author abstract 656
Localization pattern of progesterone receptor (PGR) AB in sheep placenta during early pregnancy. Bairagi, Soumi; Grazul-Bilska, Anna T.; Borowicz, Pawel P.; Reynolds, Lawrence P. Abstract 539
Maternal nutrition and embryonic survivial: nutrient transporters in bovine utero-placental tissues on days 16 to 50 of gestation. Crouse, Matthew S.; McLean, Kyle J.; Reynolds, Larry P.; Dahlen, Carl R.; Neville, Brian W.; Borowic Author abstract 830
Meadowlark Room schedule of presentations. Table 375
Minutes of the North Dakota Academy of Science: annual business meeting 2014. Schmidt, Bryan 549
NDSU center for protease research core biology facility supports regional biomedical research. Wang, Tao; Sibi, Mukund Brief article 247
Novel sequences of the C-reactive protein gene among an American Indian population. Best, Lyle G.; Haack, Karin; Martin, Candelaria; Falcon, Gilbert; Keplin, Kylie; Cole, Shelley A. Abstract 416
Past presidents and the locations of the annual meeting of the North Dakota Academy of Science. List 556
Pathogen sensing triggers early upregulation of NLR, which primes later effector triggered immunity response in barley. Solanki, Shyam; Brueggeman, Robert Abstract 461
Phenotypic divergence between two refuge populations of the endangered Pahrump poolfish (Empetrichthys latos). Westen, Natasha M.; Goodchild, Shawn C.; Stockwell, Craig A. Author abstract 328
Phenylethylamine can be used for prevention and treatment of bacterial biofilms. Irsfeld, Meredith; Home, Shelley M.; Stafslien, Shane J.; Pruss, Birgit M. Author abstract 334
Rapid synthesis of N,N'-(4-chlorobenzylidene)-bis-formamide. Olson, Samuel W.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Brief article 229
Rapid synthesis of N,N,N-tri(4-t-butylbenzyl)amine. Park, Shin Young; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Abstract 315
Rapid synthesis of N,N,N-TRI-(1-naphthylmethyl)amine. Lee, Hye Ji; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Abstract 321
Rapid synthesis of N,N-di-(4-chlorobenzyl)formamide. Richardson, Ann E.; O'Keefe, Kowan T.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Author abstract 317
Rapid synthesis of N,N-dipiperonylformamide. Bell, Melissa A.; Gillis, Nevin L.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Abstract 311
Rapid synthesis of N-(2-hydroxybenzyl)acetamide. Dockter, Kaylee A.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Author abstract 308
Rapid synthesis of N-(4-chlorobenzyl)-N-methylformamide. O'Keefe, Kowan T.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Abstract 233
Road unevenness measurement: a new method with in-pavement sensors. Zhang, Zhiming; Deng, Fodan; Xie, Yanmei; Huang, Ying Abstract 566
Schedule--Friday. Calendar 207
Schedule--Saturday. Table 104
Small molecules adsorption on graphene: a kinetic approach. Sivapragasam, Nilushni; Chakradhar, Ashish; Abeyratna, Tilan; Burghaus, Uwe Abstract 226
Synthesis and characterization of chiral [C.sub.2]-symmetric bimetallic zinc complexes of amido-oxazolinates: active initiators for asymmetric copolymerization of C[O.sub.2] and cyclohexene oxide. Abbina, Srinivas; Chidara, Vamshi K.; Bian, Shi; Ugrinov, Angel; Du, Guodong Author abstract 224
The ecological impact of flooding: a study of tree damage. Chrisman, Brandon; Rabe, Allison; Ivens, Ranelle; Lopez, Sarah; Shipunov, Alexey Abstract 384
The tropical roach Blaptica dubia as a novel surrogate host for Francisella tularensis. Eklund, Bridget; Fisher, Nathan Abstract 338
Themira biloba novel appendages mating experiment abstract. Nash, Sean Brief article 116
Theoretical approach to energy transfer in silicon quantum dots and enhanced on-time blinking. Dandu, Naveen; Kilina, Svetlana; Kilin, Dmitri Abstract 220
Theoretical modeling of quantum efficiency of hydrogen-passivated silicon nanostructures. Mihaylov, Deyan; Kryjevski, Andrei; Kilin, Dmitri Author abstract 251
Three genetic variants may not be associated with asthma among American Indian Children. D., Jerome; A., Parisien; Best, L.G. Author abstract 314
Using IMRE and ANOVA to select microRNAs for predicting prostate cancer recurrence. Wang, Qi; Yang, Yarong; Guo, Bin Abstract 176

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