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Articles from Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science (January 1, 2014)

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"Saccharomyces sapiens": N-terminal RFA2 phosphorylation of human-yeast fusion proteins. Wilson, Timothy; Herauf, Anna; Ghospukar, Padmaja; Dailey, Kaitlin; Haring, Stuart J. Author abstract 222
A novel in situ method of catheter-associated biofilm formation. Barnharst, Tanner; Fisher, Nathan Brief article 310
Abscisic acid and control of leaf expansion by Indole-3-acetic acid in Arabidopsis? Keller, Christopher P.; Zerr, Jakob R.; Wagner, Samuel L.; Roise, Amanda M.; Heuschele, Jo; Cohen, J Author abstract 775
Academy officers and committees. List 158
All that is gold does not glitter? Herbarium samples and DNA phylogeny. Lee, Hye Ji; Shipunov, Alexey 315
Bacterial population structure of a gasification cooling tower. Sem, Kelli; Striefel, Brian; W.Lepp, Paul 452
Characteristics of hydrocarbon migration, from source to pool, Birdbear formation, Williston Basin. Engleman, Benjamin L.; Hartman, Joseph H.; LeFever, Richard D.; LeFever, Julie A. Author abstract 773
Characterization of novel Rfa1 interaction with YNR071C using yeast-two hybrid method in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Severson, Amber L.; Piya, Gunjan; Dailey, Kaitlin M.; Haring, Stuart J. Report 304
Characterization of RPA-protein interactions and their dependence on the phospho-mimetic state of the N-terminus of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rfa2. Mueller, Erica N.; Piya, Gunjan; Severson, Amber L.; Haring, Stuart J. Author abstract 407
Corticotropin-releasing factor mediated epileptiform activity in the entorhinal cortex: roles of [CRF.sub.2] receptors, PKA pathway & cation channels. Kurada, Lalitha; Cilz, Nicholas I.; Yang, Chuanxiu; Lei, Saobo Author abstract 557
Diagenesis and oil production of the Duperow formation in Southwestern North Dakota. Shurtliff, Kyle Author abstract 636
Editor's notes. Bilski, Jerzy; Lepp, Paul Editorial 380
Environmental toxicology and coal fly ash chemical composition. Hecker, Garrett; Bilski, Jerzy 510
Examining the zoonotic potential of swine toque teno viruses. Effertz, Karl; Ramamoorthy, Sheela Author abstract 302
Identification of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia genes that protect against phagocytosis using a high-throughput amoeba assay. Mahdi, Osama; Fisher, Nathan Author abstract 320
In search of the rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) in North Dakota. Dodson, Thomas A.; Wieland, Louis M.; DeLorme, Andre W. Brief article 257
Late Triassic North American continental mollusks--thoughts on distinctive assemblages seemingly worlds apart. Lindenberg, Connor; Hartman, Joseph H. 687
Measurements of light pollution in the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Decker, Michelle; Brevik, Corrine Brief article 296
Minutes of the North Dakota Academy of Science: annual business meeting 2013. Lepp, Paul 472
Past presidents and the locations of the annual meeting of the North Dakota Academy of Science. List 554
Preliminary analysis of the continental molluscan faunule from Devils Pocket, Kootenai Formation, Central Montana. Beske, Janelle; Hartman, Joseph H.; Krause, David W.; Rasmussen, Donald L. Report 670
Preliminary assessment of first occurrences of cretaceous continental molluscan taxa in the Western Interior of North America. Hartman, Joseph H.; Illies, Matthew Report 561
Recovery of a restored native cutthroat trout population after watershed renovation. Burgad, Aaron; Williams, Casey; Kruse, Carter Brief article 240
Schedule. Calendar 928
Seasonal differences in survival among Enterohemorrhagic E.coli (EHEC) on pre-harvest lettuce. Tyagi, Deepti; Sherwood, Julie S.; Bergholz, Teresa M. Author abstract 394
The characterization of Rfa interaction with Csm3, Mrc1, and Tof1. Dailey, Kaitlin; Haring, Stuart J. Author abstract 326
The N-terminal phosphorylation domain of Rfa2 is essential but its phosphorylation is dispensable in S. cerevisiae. Ghospurkar, Padmaja L.; Severson, Amber L.; Haring, Stuart J. Author abstract 322
The Riverdale "Long Core"--a useful resource for the study of the Cannonball Formation, North Dakota. McCollor, Donald. P.; Hartman, Joseph H. Report 639
Toxicological analysis of coal fly ash (FA) used as plant growth media. Trace elements from Group IV: titanium (Ti) and zirconium (Zr), from Group V: vanadium (V), and from Group VI: chromium (Cr) and molybdenum (Mo). Haggarth, Cody; Meyer, Brandon; Bilski, Jerzy 437
Using mussel population data as an indicator of stressors in the Sheyenne River. Hernandez, Josue N.; Wieland, Louis M.; DeLorme, Andre W. Brief article 271
Zooplankton, stocking density, and Waleye survival in ponds at Baldhill National Fish Hatchery. Doll, Amy; Williams, Casey; Eversman, Kurt; Demuth, David 351

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