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Articles from Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science (April 1, 2007)

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[[alpha].sub.1A] adrenergic receptor regulation of seizures & neurodegeneration. Lichter, Jessica A.; Knudson, Christopher A.; Jurgens, Chris W.D.; Carr, Patrick A.; Perez, Dianne M 480
A new assay for the quantification of biofilm. Sule, Preeti; Carr, Nathan J.; Pruss, Birgit M. 593
Academy officers and committees. 188
Adrenergic receptor mediated suppression of seizures: [[alpha].sub.2] adrenergic receptors inhibit epileptiform activity via a synapse specific mechanism. Jurgens, Chris W.D.; Doze, Van A. 462
Adsorption dynamics of alkanes on carbon nanotubes: a molecular beam scattering study. Funk, S.; Burghaus, U. 359
Agenda for Business meeting Thursday April 12, 2007 4:30. 368
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor inhibition of hippocampal CA3 network activity: agonist structure-activity relationships. Goldenstein, Brianna L.; Xu, Ke; Green, Kristan M.; Pribula, Jacquline A.; O'Brien, Jasmine J.; Davi 472
Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor activation inhibits epileptiform burst discharges in the rat hippocampal CA3 region. Nelson, Brian W.; Davis, Kylie L.; Xu, Ke; O'Brien, Jasmine J.; Pribula, Jacquline A.; Boese, Sarah 619
An activity-dependent change in ciliary neurotrophic factor expression in the rat magnocellular neurosecretory system. Askvig, Jason; Watt, John 664
An initial study of the influence of magnesium ion on the fluorescence lifetime of NADH bound to ALDH2. Hovde, Jeffrey R.; Gonnella, Thomas P.; Picklo, Matthew J.; Hossain, and Khwaja G. 325
Analysis of gonadal development in atrazine exposed Ambystoma mexicanum, the axolotl. Cabarle, Kenneth C.; Blackhawk, Dwight K.; Beachy, Christopher K. 374
Analysis of protein binding in the MLL translocation breakpoint region. Super, Heidi J.; Anderson, Alysa L.; Aldrich, Aileen 500
Burrowing in the coral cobra (aspidelaps lubricus). Wickum, BobbiRae; Thuen, Brock; Deufel, Alexandra 745
Characterization of adrenergic receptor subtypes in rat hippocampal neurons using real-time single cell RT-PCR. Xu, Ke; Jurgens, Chris W.D.; Hillman, Kristin L.; Porter, James E.; Doze, Van A. 607
Constitution of the North Dakota Academy of Science. 3702
Developing hybrid peppers: Capsicum annuum L. 'Hungarian Hot Wax' X Capsicum annuum L. 'earliest ace sweet' for zone 3B hardiness. Robinette, Jennifer R.; DeMarey, Deborah M.; Kutkla, Frank 618
Directory of members. 2633
Disruption of bean root cell membrane potentials by hydroquinone. Seil, Joshua E.; Grundstad, Morgan L.; Keller, Christopher P. 491
DNA cleavage in vitro by DNA topoisomerase II in the AF4 Gene translocation breakpoint region. Olander, Ashley L.; Lepp, Cheryl A.; Super, Heidi J. 468
Effect of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetric acid on cell proliferation of human lung fibroblasts. Jorde, Erica L.; Blunck, Bridget M.; van Gijssel, Hilde E. 572
Effect of chlorophenoxy herbicide on development and growth of Drosophila melanogaster during multi generational exposure. Gienger, Heidi M.; Blunck, Bridget M.; van Gijssel, Hilde E. 556
Endocrine disrupting effects of atrazine on the Drosophila melanogaster. Ost, Tiffany J.; DeLorme, Andre W. 629
Factor V Leiden genetic variant in an American Indian population. Nadeau, Melanie; Dorsam, Sheri T.; Davis, Jacob; Gourneau, Levi; Vallie, Jordan; Best, Lyle G. 771
Life history of the tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum, in Northwest North Dakota. Poitra, Michael; Cabarle, Kenneth C.; Blackhawk, Dwight K.; Henry, F. Drew; Entzel, Judd; Beachy, Ch 445
Microwave-assisted synthesis of N-vanillylformamide. Bobylev, Mikhail M.; Keller, Brent D. 182
N-/ISO-butane on anatase (001) thin film: a surface chemistry study. Goering, J.; Kadossov, E.; Burghaus, U. 383
Non-flagellar phenotypes of Yersinia enterocolitica flagellar mutants. Townsend, Megan K.; Gibbs, Penelope S.; Pruess, Birgit M. 564
Notes for the 99th Annual Business meeting. 362
Novel determination of phytate by ion chromatography in wild rice and diet composites. Dahlen, G.M.; Zito, C.A.; Canfield, W.K. 315
Past presidents and the locations of the annual meeting of the North Dakota Academy of Science. 525
Plant community dynamics in one meter plots surrounding the western prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara) over a three-year period. Bryson, Amanda; Alexander, Bonnie 581
Population analysis of unionid bivalves in the Sheyenne River. Tompkins, Trevor J.; DeLorme, Andre W. 721
Recruiting American Indian participants for a genetic epidemiologic study. Nadeau, Melanie A.; Best, Lyle G. 291
Resurrecting forgotten fossil mussels of British Columbia. Hartman, Joseph H. 759
Role of the C3 transient receptor potential channel in rat supra optic nucleus. Bollimuntha, Sunitha; Watt, John A.; Singh, Brij B. 243
Schedule of presentations. 239
Schedule of presentations. 595
Schedule of presentations. 329
Statement of financial status. 302
Testing the effects of atrazine on the flat-headed mayfly (Stenacron sp.). Stack, Rachel M.; DeLorme, Andre W. 836
The effect of atrazine on thyroid hormone induction of metamorphosis in the axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum. Beachy, Christopher K.; Cabarle, Kenneth C.; Crites, Charles; Crites, Leah; Clarkson, Pam 428
The effect of lycopene on the expression of connexin MRNAS and proteins. Sticka, Samuel; Seekins, Josh; Greff, Tracy; Rice, Erin; McLain, Jill; Wolf, William; Burgess, Lynn 422
Transient Receptor Potential Cannonical-1 is associated with lipid raft domains of submandibular gland cells. Rauser, Kristina; Pani, Biswaranjan; Singh, Brij B. 363
Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor--1 contributes to the proliferative capacity of T cells by regulating the phosphorylation pattern of the anti-tumor factor Ikaros. Van der Steen, Travis; Garg, Lohit; Benton, Keith; Meinhardt, Steven; Dorsam, Glenn 395

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